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STORYTELLING What’s Your Story?

Begum Kocabalkanlı

All Possible Nemo’s



Movie Diagrams The story of the space ‘‘Choice of building’’ Other Building Sample

A boy stands on a station platform as a train is about to leave. Should he go with his mother or stay with his father?

‘‘ As long as you dont choose everything remains possible. ‘‘

Infinite possibilities arise from this decision. As long as he doesn’t choose, anything is possible. Alehandro Aravena ELISE

Elise is his manic depressive öover and reprsented with blue colour as in the movie.

Pecha Kucha Daniel Libeskind JEAN

Jean is his safe lover and he never be happy with her. She is represented in yellow colour.

Childhood Memories


Anna, the love of his life, represented with rose color. With each choice they can be married, lovers, foe or never met

Workshop + Presentation




The story structured from the choices. Each colour represents one of is possible lovers a nodal points are the crucial point which he decides. With his each choice we see the ris which one he live.


never met


- Young journalist: Of all those lives, which one is the right one? in depression


and the grey cable, his relation to them. The se of other possibilities without knowing exatly

as family

OR ?

lovers foe

- Nemo Nobody aged 118: Each of these lives is the right one! Every path is the right path. Everything could have been anything else and it would have just as much meaning. Imagination of a 9 years old child who is faced with an impossible choice. ‘‘Should he go with his mother or stay

Experiences that is planned thorugh a circulation was exciting for us


The design aims to create a meeting point at all levels: between locals, between locals and tourists, between nature and town, between tourists and the overwhelming view with its plaza It was designed to evoke a level of spirituality, transforming the space not simply to be a museum but a space that would evoke an emotional response.

The Sacred Museum exists as telluric architecture, its volume hidden within the depths of the earth.

Cracks within its volume create lighting that penetrates into its depths.

Circulation considered as a continuous element. Starting from streets,taking to square, making users as a part of circulation,start to giving view ending with spaces

View terraces, acts as a circulation paths, Also follows the boundries of the existing landscape and creates harmony.

The angles that are created in the building gives referance to the surrounding nature.

The galleries act as a journey moving though the earth It exists like a cave, a sacred place of quiet reflection

Transforming a museum into a physical and emotional journey.

Black color emphasizes the focus. When you are o on the view terraces , circulating around the builng your focus is on the outside But when you go into the the sacred museum, everything becomes introvert.

Red color emphasizes the experience, While on the outside you were experiencing the view and the mountains, on the inside you experience darknes and falling lights.

LASCAUX IV Snøhetta + Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture


‘‘As a house it could expand’’

Simple thoughts not complex but a very powerful one

Educational experience of the prehistoric Lascaux cave paintings. Provided by creating, sequential spaces with mental transition through time and space.

‘‘They can design the other half’’

to channel peoples own building capacity.

Solution to 3s

The solution was very simple but unique. Intimate solution and sensitive perspective You dont always need crazy forms to fascinate?

In this project the linearity of the design was interesitng for us .Aso it has a distinct concept. But we like the first one the most so we continued with it.

Case 3:

‘‘Bring the community in the way of finding a solution.’’

‘‘ The force of life ’’

Inner core of architecture

DANIEL LIBESKIND Architecure and music

Art Works of modern and contemporary artists influenced by prehistoric cave art

18.36.54 House

Balance and soul

‘‘Drawing as a music’’ How can a house be a house of our times? Itself as a work of art Spaces should inspire

Military History Museum ‘‘history no in the past, its urgent’’ Take the past and create something new ‘‘We remember something real’’ Has to do with memory?

Trip to Nostalgia Our childhood cartoons

Tom and Jerry was the first cartoon that comes to our minds with its dynamic story line. ‘‘

Tom was the innocent and hot tempered one, whereas Jerry was the clever and sneaky one.

The things that makes us remember our good old days. Our CHILDHOOD CARTOONS.

Why we tell our story with the cartoons, is because, big part of our childhood consist from cartoons that reshaped our perspectives.

Despite we had all different childhoods in different places we had common feelings while watching them.

They don’t even need to talk

They redesign the modern inventions of today according to their timeline. Even they have elevators, camera , subway and television.. they always found a way to interpret and personalize them in a unique way that reflects the spirit of their cartoon

Pikachu was his head monster and best friend.

The gestures and their voices were so sweet and intimate that they can easiliy reflects you how they feel and create empathy with you.

‘‘Timeline which loves the jetix channel.’’ We think almost everybody remembers some of these cartoons like Inspector Gadget, cat&dog, , etc. When I was little i remember that i had so much and i think almost everybody has a favorite one.

Distint hairstyles and clothes

Fancy Make-ups and jewels

the clumsy inspector who is on the trail of his bigeest ennimie Dr. Claw.

. Despite the all gadgets he has, he never seems to be able to catch Dr. Claw, in fact, any success that Gadget have is often caused by his niece Penny and her dog.

WHAT WOULD I CHANGE? After seeing different presentations, i would want to change our way of presentation, since we were very excited, were talking to fast and trying to keep up and also we were only memorising our part. The way we present, should be like daily speak, like a dialoge between me an dilĹ&#x;ad.

Also we could have been more in touch with the audience and use our body language much more efficiently. We could use not only picture, also gif’s to reflect the spirit of the cartoon.

In our summer house, we would play with my sister in the garden. That place was a heaven for me. The trees were leading the path and the balcony was seing everywhere to achieve great control for my grandma

After played and get wet, we would hit the road for the sea. Since we were wet and excited, the road would pass faster than it already is.

After we reached to the see, my sister would scared me to go in and make fun. I always believe and thought that is scary underneath so i hesitate to go in.

When we got out of the see, our grandmother will be waiting us with nice smelly foods. So the same road becomes infinite hell for us. We thought that we could never reached the house.

After reaching to the house, she would always be prepared delicios food for us. From the balcony, the trees become a forrest and a huge mountain to me. They were all over the place and the house was united with the nature.



THE STORY OF THE SPACE Spatial Relationships


Francis D.K Ching

1. Space within a space 2. Interlocking Spaces 3. Adjacent Spaces 4. Spaces linked by a common space


The Bye Hause, John Hejduk



- Eye contact - Bringing the audience into the journey - Body language

Dream Nuttiness

If something you want doesnt happens. example of a distinct threshold

Spatial Organizations

‘‘ Dont be afraid of telling stories on you daily life too’’

1. Linear organization 2. Central organization 3. Radial organization 4. Clustered organization 5. Grid organization

Make meaningful repatitions Charisma:

Don M Stromquist Haus by FLW

Intimate: Tell you emotion Interested: Turn you body into the person you talk with Power: I will make this speech

Path - Spaces 1. Pass by spaces 2. Pass through spaces 3. Terminate in a space

Guggenheim or Ikea Ceremonial

Reptile brain

exhibitions empty space circulation circulation

Different thresholds inside the building

3 times at most

Macba, by Richard Meier ‘‘linear threshold’’


Listening without questioning. You should convience.

Emotional brain Questioning? If its true.

Neo-korteks The judging begins and got angry

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Yasar University - Architectural Storytelling by Melis Varkal Deligöz  
Yasar University - Architectural Storytelling by Melis Varkal Deligöz