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Recipes. By Arnauda’s little cooks.

INGREDIENTS: - a sheet of pastry - cream powder 300 grams - 500 cl. meringue milk - 500 cl. water - fruits: strawberries, bananas, peaches, pineapple, kiwi, etc ... - apple jelly PREPARATION: - Roll out a little puff iron - Make the cream: Put in a bowl, the meringue, water and cream powder, mix everything with a whisk until a smooth cream. - Put the cream: Put less than half of the cream over the pastry and put it in the oven at 165 degrees for thirty-five or forty minutes. - Once out of the oven, and cold is spread across the remaining cream, and fruit stands to taste. - Finally the heated apple jelly and fruit tart is painted with a brush.

Ingredients 1 Bagette ½ l of Milk 3 eggs

Preparation 1.- Break the egss in the one plate 2.- Pour the milk into another plate

3.- Cut the bagette into various pieces

4.- Dip the bread in the milk and then in the eggs.

5.- Fry in the hot oil

6.- If you like‌dib with the sugard and the cinnamon.

Ingredients 2 tablespoon olive oil 1 red bell pepper chopped 2 green pepper chopped 1 tomatoe minced 1 spring onion chooped 1 aubergine chopped 1 hamburguer, salt to taste. In a large fry pan heat oil over medium heat, cook red bell pepper, green peppers, augergine and spring onion, cook for 13 to 15 minutes and add tomatoe minced, cover and cook until done, 10 minute more or least. in other fry pan cook a hamburguer until browned.

Ingredients (for three people):      

A cup of rice 300 g. pork ribs or Chicken pieces. 3 blood sausage 100 gr chickpeas 6 garlic 1 tomato

Preparation: First, we fry the meat. After, we add one litre of water and chickpeas. We put salt to taste and food colouring. It boils for one hour. We put the rice into the clay pot. After, we add two and a half glasses of soup, the meat, chickpeas, garlic, blood sausage and a party tomato in half. We put in the oven at 180ºC for 45 minutes. Finally, we remove from oven and bon appetite.

INGREDIENTS -3 Carrots -3 Potatoes -2 Eggs -1 Onion -2 Boats of tuna -1 Boat of maize - Salt -2 Peppers -Mayonnaise

PREPARATION We peel the potatoes and the carrots. We put them in a pot with water and salt and boil then, during fifteen minutes. When they are boiled we put then en a big plat. We cut an anion in very small chunks and put it also in the plate. We put also two boats of tuna and one boat of maize. We boil two eggs, peel them and put them in the plate. We mix all the ingredients, we him put two big spoons of mayonnaise and decorate with the egg and the peppers. It put in the icebox two hours before serving.


3 medium or large red peppers 1/ 2k. of lean piecewise. 1/ 2k of rice. salt, oil, and saffron. 1 can crushed tomatoes. ELABORATION

We cleaned peppers with water and cut it up form a front. We put a pam on the fire with a little oil, add lean into pieces and enough salt. When we lean browned, add the tomato can and glass of water, and cook 10 minutes. Add a little saffron tomato, toos the rice and stir to mix everything well. We light the oven to 180º, withe heating, filleach pepper with rice mixture, lean and tomato, plugging the end with the lid of pepper we have cut to top. Finaly, we wrap each pepper with oil, put them in a baking tray and put in the oven for 1 hour and 30 minutes. After that time, remove from the oven, remove the foil and ready to eat. Bon appetit.

Ingredients for massa. - 180g of flour -One teaspoon and 1/ 2 the yearst -3 eggs middle -200g of brown sugar -100ml of olie oil -40g of unsweetend cocoa pawaler -120ml of semi-skimmed milk -One teaspoon of vanilla paste Ingredients for suttercream: -450g of sugar glase -115g of sutter -85g of unsweetened cocoa ponder -105ml of milk PREPARING: Mix the oil mith sugar, cam se dame by hand, it is not necessaru to ise the blander. Add then the eggs, one by one, amb beat until well blendad. Sift cocoa, flour amb yeast, amb incorporate it all to the mixture muhile beatig. When dry ingredients are arell dissolved in the dough pour the milk amb ado the vanilla. PREPARING BUTTER CREAM: Siening the icing sugar amb cocoa amb mixing them butter amb milk in a blunder. Mix for a least 3 minutes or until you ser amb buttercream mitli a similar texture an ice cream. Filled te pastry bag Finally you put into the pastry bag buttercream.

INGREDIENTS: - Fresh Fruits ( Banana, kiwi, apple, orange and persimon) - Sticks to skewers PREPARATION TIME - 15 minutes IN PREPARATION - Cut your favorite fruits in diferents shapes and put in the skewer since the sticks are full.

Custard Royal. By VĂ­ctor V.

Ingredients: - A quart of milk - Two packets of custard Royal - Six tablespoons of sugar - Six cookies - Cinnamon Preparation: Heating milk, glass is melted in separate envelopes with milk, add the sugar to the milk and when it boils add the glass and stir for two minutes, pour into containers with cookies, sprinkle with cinnamon and let cool in the fridge.

INGREDIENTS (4 people): - 2 spoonfuls of olive oil - 1 onion - 1 red pepper - 1 green pepper - 2 filets of breast of chicken - 1 filet of veal - 2 packages of Chinese noodles - 1 glass of water - Salt HOW IS IT DONE? We cook the onion and the peppers cut to strips. We cut into pieces the chicken and the veal. We ripen to the taste, stop to fall the Chinese noodles to the frying pan together with the slightly fried one and add a water glass. We leave it to cook until the noodle is made. Already they are prepared to serve in the plate!

Ingredients 

1/2 pint of olive oil

2 bowls of rice (1lb. 5 oz. approximately)

5 bowls of fish broth

1/2 lb. of shrimps

2 mid-sized squids

2 lb. of mussels or clams

1 green pepper

1 red pepper

1 small can of peas

1 small onion

2 tomatoes


1 clove of garlic (optional)



Preparation Start to heat half of the oil and once warm toss the chopped onion. After 5 minutes, add diced tomatoes, without seeds and peeled. Let it braise about 5 minutes more, mashing the tomatoes with a skimmer. Strain it and throw it in the paella pan. In a pot, begin to cook in cold water the shells of the shrimps, reserving the tails. In another ladle cook the mussels with little water (well washed before with water and salt). As soon as the shells open up, take them away and take off the half that doesn't have the bug, reserving the other halves and straining for a very fine strainer the broth where they have cooked, as well as that of the waste of the shrimps. Add the rest of the oil to the paella pan. Throw the green pepper, cut to square pieces of half inch. Add the cut squid to ribbons or in fine hoops and the rice. Keep stirring with a wooden tablespoon, without letting it go brown. Throw salt, and the broth of the remains of fish, hot but not boiling. This is completed with

the 5 broth bowls. Shake the paella pan a little taking it by the handles so that it is broth flows all over. All this should be made to medium fire. Meanwhile, in a mortar mash a little bit of garlic (optional), the parsley and the saffron, with a little bit of salt so that it doesn't slip, and it wet it with a couple of soup spoonfuls of temperate water. Spill this mixture on the rice and shake again the paella pan. Incorporate now the shrimps tails and when the broth has reduced to the half decorate the paella with the red pepper cut to ribbons, the mussels and the peas. Let it cook about 20 minutes. Once the rice is cooked and the broth has reduced, retire the paella pan from the fire, on a wet cloth, leaving it rest for about 5 minutes. Serve it with some big clusters of lemon without peeling like decoration.

INGREDIENTS: - 300 gr. of strawberries. - 3 kiwis. - 100 ml of liquid chocolate. - A half of small melon. - Chocolate rainbow noodles. - 5 wooden skewers.

PREPARATION: First wash the strawberries and remove their green leaves. Peel and chop the kiwis. We take the skewers and put strawberries and kiwis as we want. Cut the melon in half and place it upside down on a plate and then punctured the skewers into the melon. Finally garnish with chocolate and chocolate rainbow noodles. Enjoy your meal.

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