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There are... alley An alley is a narrow road between buildings. ambulance An ambulance takes sick people to the hospital. art gallery You can see works of art at an art gallery.

There are... automobile An automobile is a car. avenue An avenue is a wide street. bank You can put your money in a bank for safe keeping.

There are... bridge A bridge is a structure over water, or over another thing that is difficult to cross. building A building is a structure built by people.

There are ... bus A bus is a large vehicle that can take many passengers to places. cab Cab is another word for taxi.

There are... car You can travel in a car. church Some people worship in churches city A city is a place where a lot of people live.

There are... crosswalk A crosswalk is a marked area on a street where it is safer to cross. elevator An elevator carries people and things up and down a tall building.

There are factory Many items, like cars, are made in factories. fire hydrant Fire fighters hook a hose up to a fire hydrant to get water.

There are fire truck Fire fighters on a fire truck help put out fires garbage truck A garbage truck picks up garbage and hauls it to the dump. house Some people live in houses.

There are... intersection An intersection is a where two or more things, like roads, meet. lane A lane is a small road.

There are... library Libraries have books, tapes, and computer programs. mail carrier A mail carrier delivers the mail. market We can buy things at a market

There are... motorcycle A motorcycle has two wheels and can go fassssttttttt! museum Museums exhibit art, historic objects, and scientific finds like dinosaur fossils

There are... neighborhood A neighborhood is the place where you and the people around you live. obelisk An obelisk is a tall, four-sided tower topped with a pyramid.

There are... stadium A stadium is a large building in which sports events are held. stop sign A stop sign is a traffic sign that tells cars to stop moving before they continue; it has eight sides.

There are... store A store is where we can buy things. street A street is a public road. town A town is a very small city.

There are... taxi People pay a taxi driver to drive them places. traffic light A traffic light directs traffic safely. Green means go, yellow means prepare to stop, and red means stop.

There are... train A train has an engine that pulls railroad cars along a track truck A truck is a vehicle that can carry big loads.

There are... urban Urban means relating to or located in a city. van A van is a truck used to haul people and things from one place to another.

There are... village A village is a very small town.

wall A wall is a side of a building or a room or a fence.


Todo lo que podemos encontrar en una ciudad