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Technical Consultancy Program Directory of    Consultants

   

 





Need advice on farm planning, production or management? If you are a farmer with less than 10 years of farm management or ownership experience, this directory is designed for you.



Through the Technical Consultancy Program, NOFA-NY and Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture aim to provide beginning farmers with access to the technical support and encouragement that they need to succeed. The program facilitates short-term, technically focused consultations between new and experienced farmers and agricultural experts.

Liz and Brian Bawden Dairy Production (Cow); Organic Hay Production | (585) 271-1979 × 520 Liz and Brian Bawden have decades of experience with small-scale dairy farming. Brian, a third-generation farmer, has a special talent for analyzing and installing milking system infrastructure; both are able to teach about cow and calf health, often emphasizing homeopathic methods, from their experience with a 90-head herd (50 milking) of cattle. They have been Certified Organic since 2000, and were a featured farm in the Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance (NODPA) newsletter in 2006. Teaching/advising experience — Before farming, Liz worked in parks and nature centers as a naturalist, teaching about the environment. Both farmers have participated in mentorship programs; Brian has guided many other farmers through the installation of milk pipeline.

How it works Contact one of the farmers or agricultural experts featured in this directory by using the phone number or email address provided. Highlighted areas of expertise will make it easy to find the right consultant for you. You may contact any consultant in the directory for up to six hours of consulting per consultation topic—free of charge. You may contact the same consultant several times on the same topic; but beyond six hours cumulative, the conversation must shift to other subjects. Feel free to contact multiple consultants. Please note that this program runs through July 25, 2014. Hearing about your experience will help us improve our programming. Please visit the Technical Consultancy Program homepage to provide feedback: Read more about this program at:

Brian Bennett Animal, Meat and Egg Production; Processing and Handling (includes animal, horticultural and value-added products); Vegetable Crops; Woodlot Management | (585) 271-1979 × 531 Bittersweet Farm is a small-scale diversified organic enterprise run by Brian and Ann Bennett, who have 32 years of experience farming in colder zones of the Northeast. With the help of many students, the farm raises transplants and shoots in greenhouses, vegetables in 2 acres of fields and tunnels, as well as hay/feed for small herds of sheep, beef, horse, pigs, chickens and turkeys. Woodlot management for firewood, lumber and maple syrup add to the farm’s winter activities. Teaching/advising experience —We are regularly contacted by young inexperienced students regarding every possible method of producing food with no or very little money and inputs.

NOFA-NY and Stone Barns are not responsible for the information provided by consultants in this directory.



Mike Biltonen Farm and Orchard Planning; Fruit Production; GAP Certification; Labor Management; Soil Health | (585) 271-1979 × 521 Mike has been farming 30 years and is currently farm manager at Red Jacket Orchards. Know Your Roots has operated as both active orchard and farm consultancy for commercial orchardists. He operates it as a consultant outlet for large and small growers focusing on organic IPM, organic tree fruit production, nutrient management, Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) for Food Safety, and basic farming services for progressive-minded growers. Recently Mike has been offering consulting on permaculture practices. Teaching/advising experience — In 1991 Mike was Teaching Assistant of the Year at Cornell University, and he has taught other farmers through numerous workshops, training sessions and consultant services over the past 20 years.

Willy Denner and Claudia Kenny CSA Management; Equipment for Vegetable Production; Farm Planning; Soil Health; Vegetable Production | (585) 271-1979 × 523 Little Seed Gardens is a 97-acre farm in its 20th year of business, growing 15 acres of Certified Organic vegetables. Farmers Claudia and Willy focus on four-season growing in 7 unheated greenhouses, and keep Randall cattle and Suffolk horses for breeding stock. The farm sells at farmers’ markets, through CSA shares and wholesale accounts. Teaching/advising experience — Claudia and Willy teach on-farm apprentices, have participated as mentors in the NOFA-NY Journeyperson Program, and have been a known resource for knowledge about equipment, vegetable growing, winter greenhouse growing and whole-farm planning. They are particularly interested in (and capable of) helping new farmers bridge the gap from apprenticing or farm employment to independent farming.

Jody Bolluyt and Jean-Paul Courtens CSA Management; Human Resources, Labor and Recordkeeping; Farm Planning; Soil Health; Vegetable Production | (585) 271-1979 × 522 Jody and Jean-Paul have been farming 15 and 25 years, respectively, at Roxbury Farm. Roxbury is an 1,100-member CSA farm which has taken the NOFA-NY Farmer’s Pledge. The farm provides customers with vegetables, fruit, winter vegetable shares, lamb, pork, beef and chicken. They are also passionate about their work with two land trusts to protect farmland and keep land and infrastructure affordable for farmers in perpetuity. Teaching/advising experience — This team of farmers is experienced with on-farm mentorship and teaching, has written and shared their vegetable production techniques through their website, and is most often asked about Biodynamic production, farm planning, CSA management, vegetable production and integrating livestock onto a vegetable farm.



Andy Fellenz Fruit Production; Good Agriculture Practices (GAPs) for Food Safety; Human Resources, Labor & Recordkeeping; Vegetable Production

Michael and Karma Glos Animal & Egg Production; Herb Production; Processing (animal and herbal products); Vegetable Production | (585) 271-1979 × 524 | (585) 271-1979 × 526

Andy has been farming 12 years on a Certified Organic (since 2005) vegetable and fruit farm. He markets the farm’s produce through an on-farm farmstand, 3 CSAs with 4 distribution locations (totaling 210 shares) and one farmers’ market. The farm sells eggs, honey and certified organic transplants from the greenhouses in addition to vegetables, fruit and herbs. Three small greenhouses and 6 high tunnels; a 1.5-acre apple, peach, plum and pear orchard; 1/3 acre of strawberries; 2.5 to 6 acres of vegetables and 500 row-feet of raspberries allow the farm to produce a steady succession of food to customers. Andy has a small flock of laying hens, several beehives and holds a NY Ag and Markets Nursery license.

Michael and Karma have been farming 17 years at Kingbird Farm. Michael and Karma raise Certified Organic plants, herbs, vegetables, pork, eggs, duck and chicken in addition to grass-fed beef (not Certified Organic). All animal reproduction is incorporated into the farm including layers, broilers, ducks, calves and pigs. The farm’s livestock production is also Animal Welfare Approved. Production is centered on 20 acres including greenhouses, pastures, crop field and livestock housing. They sell at the famous Ithaca Farmers’ Market and through an on-farm store, with a goal to provide food to customers within 30 miles of the farm.

Teaching/advising experience — Andy has participated in the NOFA-NY Mentorship Program, working closely with a beginning farmer through the first two quarters of 2013 discussing both growing methods and business questions. He has taught other farmers through on-farm presentations for NOFA-NY and Cornell Cooperative Extension, has spoken on a wide range of topics at conferences and workshops, and has been a consultant to other growers through formal consultation services and through follow-up after workshops and conferences.

Jason Foscolo Farm Business Structures & Legal Concerns | (585) 271-1979 × 525 Jason is the managing partner at a law firm that specializes in counseling regarding farming and food businesses. Jason is prepared to help new and beginning farmers with the knowledge they need to establish business entities, manage their risk through insurance agreements and supplier agreements and to assist with the purchase or lease of property. Teaching/advising experience — Jason is a regular host of food law workshops throughout the country, guest speaker at colleges and law schools on the subject of food policy, regulation and law. Farmers regularly seek the advice of the firm on real estate, tax law, food safety regulation, contract law and business law. 6

Teaching/advising experience — Karma has authored two books on poultry. The Northeast Beginning Farmer Project has recorded how-to videos at Kingbird Farm. They share quality information on their website, through on-farm employment of aspiring farmers, and they regularly teach as part of the Groundswell Center’s new farmer programs and speak at NOFA conferences.

Robert Hadad Cost of Production; Marketing & Community Relations; Vegetable Production | (585) 271-1979 × 527 Robert has been farming 25 years, both as owner of a small vegetable farm and now assisting at his wife’s cut flower farm and business. He is currently a Cornell Cooperative Extension Regional Vegetable specialist, assisting growers with pest and disease management, growing practices and marketing and business topics. Teaching/advising experience — Robert regularly presents at workshops and NOFA-NY conferences, having co-planned and presented at Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) trainings, Cost of Production trainings and more.


Elizabeth Henderson CSA Management; Farm Planning; Human Resources, Labor & Record-Keeping; Marketing and Community Relations; Vegetable Production | (585) 271-1979 × 529 Elizabeth has been farming 32 years on three different farms, most recently Peacework Farm, and for over two decades has been a policy advocate on topics ranging from GMO labeling to farm labor practices. She has produced organic vegetables and herbs for sales to a variety of markets over the years: food coops, restaurants, a growers’ marketing coop and CSA. Since 1989, when her farm started doing community supported agriculture, the CSA has grown from a small experiment to the main market of the farm. To provide a variety of vegetables and herbs every week for 26 weeks, the farm grows 70 different crops and about 250 varieties, and every CSA member helps out through a work shift during the season or as a member of the active core group. Teaching/advising experience — Peacework Farm hosted on-farm apprentices for many years, and Liz has personally mentored new farmers, in recent years through the NOFA-NY Mentorship Program. She has given many workshops on organic vegetable production and CSA, wrote Sharing the Harvest: A Citizen’s Guide to Community Supported Agriculture and co-authored Whole Farm Planning: Ecological Imperatives, Personal Values and Economics. She is regularly contacted regarding CSA, labor policies for new farms, succession planning, land trusts and farmland.

Benneth Phelps Business Planning, Financials and Farm Financing | (585) 271-1979 × 528 Benneth Phelps is a consultant through The Carrot Project, a non-profit connecting new farmers to funding and support. Her farmer-advisor role is made possible due to ten years of experience with vegetable, fruit and permaculture production and farm product marketing experience. She helps new farmers through their processes of generating and reviewing cash flow plans, reviewing and editing business plans, evaluating farm financing options and generalized decision-making around financing. She is also regularly contacted about land access decision-making, evaluating business profitability and conceptualizing the long-term farm direction. Teaching/advising experience — Benneth’s work involves teaching and advising new farmers on a constant basis. She is also a regular presenter to farmers and service providers at farming conferences.

Richard Wiswall Business Planning, Financials and Farm Financing; Farm Planning; Vegetable Crops Richard has been farming 32 years, growing Certified Organic plants and produce on 22 acres and in seven 96’ greenhouses at Cate Farm in Vermont (co-farmed by his wife and farmer Sally Colman and hired seasonal help). The farm supplies to co-ops, restaurants, and stores in Central Vermont and its products are marketed and sold through Deep Root Co-op to Boston and New York. Teaching/advising experience — Richard is regularly seen teaching conference workshops on anything from crop production to organizing the on-farm office to writing an enterprise analysis and balancing a farm budget. Richard’s book, The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook, is an example of his depth of knowledge for organic farming business practices, though Richard also consults about organic vegetable and crop production.



NOFA-NY Founded in 1983, Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY) is a statewide organization leading a growing movement of farmers, consumers, gardeners and businesses committed to promoting sustainable, local, organic food and farming. We provide education, assistance and support to regionally-based, sustainable farmers to help them thrive; educate consumers about the value in buying local, organic products; help consumers connect with regionally-based farmers; work to make local, organic food available to all people; and advocate policies that support a sustainable food and farm system. NOFA-NY plans farmer-to-farmer workshops and field days with beginning farmers’ needs in mind. These stand-alone events, along with the Technical Consultancy Program, Mentorship Program, On-Farm Education Directory, Journeyperson Program and Technical Assistance Helpline are all part of the suite of services for farmers at various stages in their farming careers.


The Growing Farmers Initiative at Stone Barns Center Through the Growing Farmers Initiative, Stone Barns Center seeks to increase the number of sustainable small and mid-size farms, especially in the Northeast. As our food system has shifted away from family farms, the face of farming in the United States has also changed. Since the 1940s, the percentage of American farmers over the age of 55 has grown from 37 percent to over 60 percent. The average U.S. farmer is now 57 years old, and farmers over the age of 55 own more than half the farmland in the U.S. Our intensive Apprenticeship Program, workshops, Technical Consultancy Program, National Young Farmers Conference, and the Virtual Grange ( are designed to equip the next generation of farmers with the knowledge and hands-on experience to create economically viable and ecologically resilient farm-business enterprises.


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June 2014 tech consultancy directory