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Book Description Park Reed is a bastard in every sense of the word. He hasn't always been this way. But after his heart was broken by the only girl he ever loved, being heartless gets him through the day and allows him to fill his nights with the nameless girls he has no intentions of seeing again. He now lives his life following the ever-growing list of “life lessons.”

Lucy Braden is everything Park is not. She’s sweet, caring, and an all-around nice person. She tries to follow Lucy's Rules to Live By every day.

When Park moves in with Jessie, which happens to be the floor below Lucy, Jessie's one stipulation: Lucy is off limits to Park. The problem with that is Lucy is determined to be a good friend to Park and see past the drinking and random girls to find the man beneath it all. The other problem: Park follows his own rules.

*This is a New Adult novel. Recommended for 17+ due to sexual situations, harsh language, and drug and alcohol use.

It is a companion novel to Sometimes Never, and many of its characters are in Park’s story. However, Before Now can be read as a stand-alone book.

Reviews Talk about angst...Park is damaged goods. His heartbreak over his exgirlfriend and what he considered betrayal by his bestfriend pushed him over the edge. He cared for NO ONE. He was a major slut that hated himself. He drank to oblivion and pushed everyone away. Seriously, this guy was so self destructive it was painful to read at times. Yet, despite all of that Lucy is drawn to him. He, of course, fights and represses any kind of affection for Lucy. Lucy, honestly, puts up with so much. She's the beautiful girl that desperately wants to help the emotionally damaged hot bad boy. Lucy stood her ground and would call Park out on his crap. No matter how much Park fought it, he was not able to reign in his feelings for Lucy and in those moments he became someone else: the guy Lucy cared about and believed in.

This being an angst fest, you know the inevitable final straw moment appears. And let me tell you your stomach will bottom out when it does. It's a train wreck. Poor Lucy. I wanted to hate Park and yell at Lucy to make him grovel while she dragged him behind a moving car. Luckily after all the emotional turmoil I endured I got one fabulous ending. The ending was not rushed at all. I was rewarded with several chapters of their love getting stronger, of Park making his life all about Lucy, and one awesome epilogue. Park 100% redeemed himself. At the end of it all, I was very satisfied with the book. :)

To download now please click the link below.

Before Now Kindle Fire