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Beginner Basics For New Users - Covering Both Hardware and Software needs to get you started with SMART. (Recommended for first time users) Ink Aware / Capture Tool - Ink Aware: How to write on other applications, Capture, Save Capture Tool: Area, Window Selection, How to Capture from Curriculum / Outside Resources. Lesson Tool Kit A - Search Topics, Lesson Activities, Learning Games, How to Incorporate with Curriculum. Lesson Tool Kit B - Classroom Management, Tools, Name/Group Generators, Firecracker, Advanced Organizers. Tool Bar - Explore each Icon, Customization, Floating Toolbar, Demonstrate Tools with Online Curriculum.

Gallery A - Search Resources, Backgrounds, Picture FIles, How to Incorporate with Curriculum. Gallery B - Classroom Management (Timer), Interactive Manipulatives and Activities, My Content Drop Down Menu - Modify object, access advanced functions. Object Animation & Effects - Animation of Objects, Fill Effects, Line Style, Text Style. Transparency Screen -Demonstrate with online resources, and Other Features. Backgrounds & Themes - Ways to add a page, Organizing Files, Creating folders, Themes and Backgrounds. Customizing Tools -how to bring in the tools you use the most for convenient use.

And More...

Smart Friendly Websites - Come discover websites that can be run on the smartboard in the classroom. Organizing their SMART files - Organize your smart files in a way that is convenient and simple for the users. Finding SMART Content - Why recreate the wheel? There are hundreds of Smart lessons that live online. Let's find them! What's New in 10.7 - Come learn what is new with the current update to SMART Notebook. My Content - Learn how to Store Notebook pages, photos, pictures and animated .gif files from other applications, and insert them directly into a Notebook file. This function enables you to add objects to your own Gallery.

Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts - Use key combination and learn some tips and tricks to work smarter. Custom Number Generator - Find out how to customize the number generator found in SMART Notebook. Classroom Management - Learn how this tool can transform discipline and maintain order in an educational setting by creating classroom rules, track attendance, create seating charts, etc... Math Tools Demo - Create, explore and evaluate math concepts with the demo of SMART Notebook Math Tools. Come check it out! Links and Sounds - easily transition to websites or other files in your notebook. attach some sounds too! Smart Response -You have heard of them, now come play with them! Learn how you can incorporate the "Clickers" into your everyday routines.

Beginner Camp Description