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Beginner Basics For New Users - Covering Both Hardware and Software needs to get you started with SMART. (Recommended for first time users) Ink Aware / Capture Tool - Ink Aware: How to write on other applications, Capture, Save Capture Tool: Area, Window Selection, How to Capture from Curriculum / Outside Resources. Lesson Tool Kit A - Search Topics, Lesson Activities, Learning Games, How to Incorporate with Curriculum. Lesson Tool Kit B - Classroom Management, Tools, Name/Group Generators, Firecracker, Advanced Organizers. Tool Bar - Explore each Icon, Customization, Floating Toolbar, Demonstrate Tools with Online Curriculum.

Gallery A - Search Resources, Backgrounds, Picture FIles, How to Incorporate with Curriculum. Gallery B - Classroom Management (Timer), Interactive Manipulatives and Activities, My Content Drop Down Menu - Modify object, access advanced functions. Object Animation & Effects - Animation of Objects, Fill Effects, Line Style, Text Style. Transparency Screen -Demonstrate with online resources, and Other Features. Backgrounds & Themes - Ways to add a page, Organizing Files, Creating folders, Themes and Backgrounds. Customizing Tools -how to bring in the tools you use the most for convenient use.

And More...

Smart Friendly Websites - Come discover websites that can be run on the smartboard in the classroom. Organizing their SMART files - Organize your smart files in a way that is convenient and simple for the users. Finding SMART Content - Why recreate the wheel? There are hundreds of Smart lessons that live online. Let's find them! What's New in 10.7 - Come learn what is new with the current update to SMART Notebook. My Content - Learn how to Store Notebook pages, photos, pictures and animated .gif files from other applications, and insert them directly into a Notebook file. This function enables you to add objects to your own Gallery.

Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts - Use key combination and learn some tips and tricks to work smarter. Custom Number Generator - Find out how to customize the number generator found in SMART Notebook. Classroom Management - Learn how this tool can transform discipline and maintain order in an educational setting by creating classroom rules, track attendance, create seating charts, etc... Math Tools Demo - Create, explore and evaluate math concepts with the demo of SMART Notebook Math Tools. Come check it out! Links and Sounds - easily transition to websites or other files in your notebook. attach some sounds too! Smart Response -You have heard of them, now come play with them! Learn how you can incorporate the "Clickers" into your everyday routines.

Beginner Camp Description  
Beginner Camp Description  

Description of the activities of Beginner Smart Camp