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Target group:

The focus of our research is based on the consumer’s behavior regards choosing Mikkeller’s beer. In general terms, specialty beer differentiates from one to other on the basis of taste and flavor. Craft brew consumers like sampling different type of beer from different breweries rather than mass-production brewed beer. The idea behind these preferences is that target audience constantly takes advantage of trying new flavors and for that reason Mikkeller’s microbrewery is well- positioned to build a unique and intimate consumer culture. People who drink specialty beer believe that it is adventurous and different compared to mass-made beers. Because of this belief, most craft beer drinkers describe themselves as being open-minded and unafraid to try new flavors. Traditionally beer has been known as a “guys drink.” According the Nielsen reports (, men make up over two thirds of the population of craft beer consumers; however, females are becoming more interested – in both ways, target consumer’s attitude and behavior reflects their choice to drink specialty beer versus other beers. In order to find out what people think about craft beers, we came up with some questions for them and the answers showed us that what touches gender of our target group – there are many more guys than girls who drink specialty beer and only minority care about the design on the bottle and label. However, the other part of target group states that the way beer is advertised attracts them. Moreover, since we are promoting Mikkeller’s beer during a skateboarding competition – target group will be people who come to the contests as spectators as well as participants of the contest, which will obviously consist of more guys than girls. Another fact worth mentioning is that Mikkeller’s brewery does not focus on a specific target group age-wise.

Jei visas personas jungia happiness, tai ir label turetu buti su tuo susijes.

Target group  
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