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With the Granny, Beerd van Stokkum has incorporated a classic tradition into a contemporary product. The floating shelf is a nostalgic ode to grandmother’s cheerful domesticity. The graphical translation of lace into steel makes for a stylish design that looks good in various styles of interior. The Granny combines refined design with unexpected strength. This strength is essential, because having a length of 85 cm and a depth of 22.5 cm, it can carry a large amount of things. This makes it ideal for the elegant displaying of plants, (cook) books, pots and pans, tableware, children’s toys, bathroom stuff or even something like a flat-screen.

The Granny is available in two colours: black and bright white. The shelf is finished with a finely structured UV proof powder coating. As a result, the surface has a lightly grained feel to it and the colours have a deep matt look. The shelf is also very suited for outside use, a nice place to put pots of herbs and plants. When putting it up outside make sure you use stainless steel screws. Mounting / securing You can simply hang this shelf with the help of 2 screws. The Granny makes use of the so-called blind method of hanging, in which the screws are neatly hidden behind the supports.

Production: Made in Holland! All of our products are made in Holland / Europe. We therefore guarantee: - a fair and efficient production for workers and environment. - no unnecessary transportation pollution. - products with the highest quality that last long in a good condition. In the matter of ecologically friendly production we keep an eye on all the materials we use for our products. Detailed information can be found under the "specification button" of every product on my website.

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Granny wall shelf  
Granny wall shelf  

This is the “Granny” wall shelf as designed by Beerd van Stokkum. It’s a shelf recalling a classic tradition of grandmother’s shelf with a c...