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Issue 154 | August - September 2010


Peterborough & District Branch of CAMRA |

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Chairman’s Corner | 3

Chairman’s Corner


ello again from your local CAMRA team. As usual this issue is full of all the details in regard to this years Peterborough Beer Festival. Make a note of the dates, times of opening and come and enjoy our ‘new look’ PBF. Some major changes have been introduced to make the festival more attractive to visitors and easier to work at for the many unpaid volunteer staff that make it all happen. One big change for visitors will be the new system of paying for the hire of a glass on entry at the gates, together with the admission fee. Many will be of the opinion that we have raised admission prices by a very large amount – that is not the case as they are held at the same as last year again! You will be presented with a token on admission which you can exchange for a glass or get a £3 refund if you don’t require one. On leaving the festival a full £3 refund will be available if you wish to return your glass. I’m sure many will still be confused! Within this issue we have sent an appeal for help at the festival. Do consider giving up some of your time to make the job easier on our hard pressed staff. This year our branch has only managed to organise a limited number of social events which have not always been well supported. Two events taking place in July are a social Bar-B-Q at Elgoods brewery in Wisbech on the 16th July leaving the Brewery Tap at 6:30pm. Also on 31st July we have a family trip to Hunstanton, returning via the Fox pub in Heacham which is holding their summer beer festival. Departs from the Brewery Tap at 10am. Full details and costs are on our web site. These events are both open to non-CAMRA members. For these and other social activities to continue we need your support and a social organiser to come on board our committee. Some good news for a change! Running against the tidal flow of closing pubs within our area we have ‘several’ re-opening or have re-opened.

To name a few the White Swan at Woodnewton has opened up its doors after a winter of closure. The Rose (formally the Fountain) on Burghley Road, Peterborough opened the bar area at the start of June. During July the Beehive on Bourges Boulevard is due to open, and finally the new Weatherspoons pub in Whittlesey opens its doors on 23rd. Details of all these pubs will become available via our intrepid Pubs Officer Steve Williams who I know is on the case. Another plea! We have recently lost some of our distributors from within our branch area for this newsletter. South Lincs, Wisbech and parts of Northants are in need of some volunteer distributors. You don’t need to do twenty odd pubs (although we have some that do). A dozen or so copies to five or six pubs puts our message out to many discerning drinkers. Contact me if you think you can spare an hour or two every other month to distribute our tome. A recent trip to my place of birth surprised me when I actually received some coppers with my change from buying a pint (i.e. £2:67). Something now very rarely seen in our area as beer tends to increase in multiples of ten pence or rounded up. Also the less than three quid a pint is now history in a certain town in Suffolk – no prizes for guessing where. With the some of the nations sporting achievements at a low, but glorious weather abundant, now is the time to seek out the many Beer Festivals being held over the next month or so. Do keep supporting them but, also keep a few bob or two for the new look big one. Cheers Folks David Murray - Branch Chairman.

Peterborough Branch Website |

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Graham, Debbie and the staff welcome you to The Goat’s

7th Outdoor Beer Festival Friday 20th August at 6pm through until Sunday 22nd August

20 plus real ales, real ciders and fruit wines Live Entertainment and BBQ (Weather Permitting)

Frognall, Deeping St. James, Peterborough, Lincs | 01778 347629

A selection of our Award winning Norfolk ales

Delivered every week in your area The Wolf Brewery

Rookery Farm, Silver Street Besthorpe, Attleborough Norfolk, NR17 2LD Telephone: 01953 457775 E-mail:

For further information, call our Sales Manager John on 07786 934270 or Customer Services at the brewery

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Campaigning | 5

The Hand & Heart. Gold Award winner and Cambridgeshire Pub of the Year 2010


hen I nominated the Hand for a Gold Award some months ago I knew that some would see it as Peterborough CAMRA patting itself on the back. Bram our current landlord is also Editor of this magazine, and has also been a Branch Committee member for a number of years, and so the award does smack of keeping it in the family a bit! However, we must give credit where credit is due, and Bram and his partner Susan have taken the Hand to a new level of excellence. Previous landlords have done a super job in the past but I believe that Bram's experience as cellar manager and bar man at various beer festivals over many years have been instrumental in making the beer at the pub virtually perfect. We all know that there are pubs in the city that serve real ale, we also know that some do it better than others, with a sizeable contingent paying nothing more than lip service to the care and attention that is required to make a perfect pint. Bram lives and breathes real ale and it shows in the quality of the beer. It is for this reason I have nominated the pub for a Gold Award. When I heard that the pub had also been awarded the Cambridgeshire Pub of the Year I thought what a good idea! And as none of the local committee had anything to do with swinging the vote I felt that others shared my view and knew a good thing when they saw it (it also removed any accusation of nepotism!) Both awards are a reflection of the dedication and enthusiasm shown by Bram and Susan and I can think of no better couple to run a pub. I only hope that they continue as before and

carry on providing me (especially me!) and the rest of Peterborough's drinkers with a haven in which to drink perfect beer. A job well done and both awards are well deserved! Steve Williams - Pubs Officer

The Jolly Sailor, 43 Great Whyte, Ramsey PE26 1HH Tel 01487 813388

Traditional Town Centre Pub with a Warm Welcome!

5 REAL ALES + CIDER Including Wherry, Bombardier, Abbot, London Pride and an ever-changing guest beer Pub games including Crib, Dominoes and Darts Good sized Car Park. Heated smoking shelter

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6 | Editor’s Rant

Summer Madness


o the sun continues to scorch down as we continue to enjoy one of the finest spells of summer weather in many a year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it lasts just long enough to persuade more of you to come and join in the fun at Peterborough Beer Festival on the Embankment at the end of August. However, methinks the sun has affected the thinking of some of the high flyers in the brewing industry. Firstly, TBS Waverley announced the closure of their Woodston depot earlier this year, and operations there came to a close a few weeks ago. They continue to operate now on a much smaller scale from a depot in Whittlesey, preferring to concentrate on the keg side of the business, and shunning their wholesale operations with regard to real ale. Then, AB InBev have announced that their flagship beers are up for sale as they are no longer interested in brewing them. Draught Bass (along with the oldest Trademark in the world); Boddingtons & Flowers are all up for grabs (currently contract brewed by Marstons; Hydes & Brains respectively). With the brewing of Tetley’s scheduled to move to Marstons when Carlsberg UK shut down the historic Leeds Brewery, and Scottish-Courage beers brewed all over the place, including Wells & Youngs, it begs the question “Why did these people move into brewing in the first place?”

The sun is actually a bit too much for me at the moment, being the hirsute descendent of a cave dweller that I am. I was getting even more hot & bothered last week when struggling to control the temperature of the beers in the marquee at my own beer festival at the Hand. Getting up at 5am to water them down is dedication well beyond my call of duty… …or is it? I was humbled by the large number of friends and CAMRA Committee members who turned out to witness my receipt of a few awards, and for the praise heaped upon me by some of my regulars. So thanks to all who have supported Susan, my team & myself through these difficult times, and come rain or shine, the beer at mine will be fine! Cheers


BEER FESTIVAL Sat 14th August 2010 1pm til late 10 Real Ales, Ciders & BBQ

They say money talks, and of course, obscene profits can be made on fizz & nitro-fizz rubbish, but aren’t they missing the point? For the 7th year running, real ale is a growth product, in fact during the current recession, real ale is currently the only sector of the market in growth. Maybe, just maybe, they have been frightened off by the realization that the products of the 700 plus regional & microbreweries actually taste a lot better?

Live Music featuring The Hounddogs & Matt Zilch 12 St Pegas Road, Peakirk Peterborough PE6 7NF

Tel: 01733 252426

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ARE YOU MISSING OUT? Only the beer-stained copy left?

Get Beer Around Ere delivered to your door! For a year (6 issues) send a £2.22 or £2.76 for 1st Class cheque/PO payable to “Peterborough CAMRA” and your address to:-

Daryl Ling 19 Lidgate Close, Orton Longueville Peterborough PE2 7ZA



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8 | Pub News

Pub News Stamford Stuff By now the news that Mama Liz’s is having a bit of trouble with the local licensing people should be common knowledge. The difficulties amount to a bit of a misunderstanding around whether live music is in contravention of their planning permission. All a bit strange as the council have granted them an entertainment licence! Is this a case of the right hand of God not knowing what the left hand of God is signing? Hopefully a solution can be found. All of this unpleasantness came to light when one complaint was lodged. Yup, that’s right one complaint. Considering that the venue provides employment, enjoyment and some very good local beers perhaps a compromise can be arrived at. Stamford needs Mama Liz’s. The London Inn is still looking a little derelict with its windows boarded up and the absence of any activity. The pub was bought by local businessman Nick Pistolas who has ambitious plans for the place. Nick says that the work will take several months but he hopes to be open sometime in the late summer. The pub was rebuilt in 1949 on the site of a much earlier inn. You may notice similarities with the Ex-Half Moon on the other side of town. Same architect you see.... The Hit or Miss now has Julie and Tom in

charge who hope to follow the success of their predecessors Darren & Becky who have now moved on to pastures new. Both Tom and Julie grew up in the town and they're looking forward to the challenges ahead. We wish them well and look forward to visiting them when in town. Scotgate reopens Pubs change all the time and the Scotgate is no different. The first time I visited over 25 years ago it was a pleasant pub selling Sam Smiths beers. But the tide of change and so called progress moves unabated and the pub changed its spots many times. It’s been Cromwells, Dr Thirsty’s and probably a few more names in the intervening quarter of a century but now it looks to have regained its sanity. New incumbents Robbie Chapman and Trina Crawford have refurbished the place and are now looking for customers who are over 25, respectable and who enjoy pleasant surroundings. Nice to see a bit of common sense prevailing. The Bull and Swan have the builders in from Burghley Estates for its renovation and the work at the Hole in the Wall is coming to an end. The Hole in the Wall has had an extensive refit and a new bar has been constructed. The club that once existed upstairs will now be part of the pub. The Exeter Arms, Easton-on-the-Hill, is due to reopen in September. This is Mick Thurlby's latest project and a banner on the building promises "More than just a pub."

Hit or Miss - Stamford

Good News for Southwick... A letter from a reader I don’t mind scribbling about local pubs but when you have a letter from a reader that sums up something better than I can it’s worth just cheating and including the whole letter. Sarah,

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Pub News | 9

who obviously knows a good pub when she sees one, writes:“As I expect you know, the Shuckburgh Arms at Southwick (near Oundle) has recently reopened. We visited last weekend and were so impressed with what David Dixon, the new landlord, is trying to do. He wants to run a real village pub, which is based on community rather than being a gastro venue. And it’s open most of the time - no silly closing times. It’s the perfect place for people who need a pub to be open when they’ve just had a long walk or bike ride.”

pubs now operating as freehouses. Ian Simmons, Will Verdino and Keith Mickleburgh are now firmly in charge and offering Digfield beers to the discerning locals. Food with a ‘Mediterranean’ twist is proving popular and is available lunchtimes and evenings. All of the gentlemen involved have extensive knowledge of the trade having been connected with many local pubs over the past several years. Call the pub for more information on 01780 470944. Nice to see the pub is now safe from the influence of corporate indifference.

Can’t say fairer than that. For those who don’t know about the Shuckburgh Arms it’s a delightful pub in a delightful setting. It’s near the church and but a short walk from Southwick Hall which is now owned by the Capron family (and has been since the 1800’s and is open a couple of weeks in the year). George Capron named the pub after his cousin, the Rev Shuckburgh. A nice bit of history to go with a very nice pub.

The Nag’s Head In our last issue I mentioned the plight of Eastrea’s last pub, the Nag’s Head. The owner, Mr Lepla was keen to close the pub and change it into housing. We can now report that after due consideration by the Fenland Planning Department permission has been refused. Mr Lepla will no doubt appeal, and we will no doubt object to his appeal, as will the loyal band of locals who want their pub to remain a part of the community. The owner is of the opinion that the pub is unviable and as it isn’t making as much money as it should, he sees no reason to keep pouring good money after bad into a bottomless money pit, and I would tend to agree with him, if that is the case. He has now challenged the regulars to make the pub a viable proposition by coming up with ideas on how to make the pub more profitable, which they are now doing. It would perhaps seem strange to anyone (except someone in the pub trade possibly) that the owner of a business who is unable to make sufficient profit should get his customers to do the job for him. Would T C Harrison, if they were not selling enough cars ask their customers how to increase their profits? Does British Gas consult its consumers on how it should maximise its cashflow? I suspect not but then the pub trade is in trouble and we as customers should be supporting our local pubs more. We live in strange times....

The Green Man Longtime landlord Tony Shilling has now moved on and Asia (pronounced Asha) & Jim have now taken over. We wish them well.

Green Man - Stamford

White Swan in Woodnewton now a Freehouse We like the idea that pubs should cast off their chains of oppression and get away from the possible unfair influence of their holding companies, the White Swan being the latest in a line of

If anyone is in any doubt whether the Nag’s Continued Overleaf

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10 | Please support our advertisers

The Bluebell Inn 10 Woodgate, Helpston Peterborough, PE6 7ED 01733252394

Helpston. Offering a warm welcome and a typical English A pub atmosphere. The antidote to uncluttered “cool�. traditional country Inn set in the beautiful village of

Pictures by Michael Slaughter

We serve up to six real ales from national breweries and local microbreweries including Tydd Steam, Elgoods, Adnams, Fullers, Wells and The Grainstore Brewery. All changing weekly. Permanently available, exclusive to us John Clare Bitter 4.3% from the Grainstore. Also sold in bottles.

Good home cooked food cooked by our new chef and served seven days a week. Traditional Sunday roast served from noon and daily 2 course lunchtime specials. New Menu Available. Small parties can be catered for Funerals, christenings, birthdays etc...

Ample customer parking. Also conveniently close to the hourly Peterborough - Stamford bus route (mon - sat)

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Pub News continued | 11

Head is worthy of saving then they should venture over that way (regular buses until early evening) and sample the wares of this excellent pub. There are three beers on, one of which was from Tydd Steam on my visit. The food looks to be good with Friday being fish & chip day, which local opinion says are the best around. They also hold a rather superb beer festival on the Friday and Saturday before our little gig on the embankment. Sounds like a good place to visit for a pre festival festival! The Rose It was my pleasure to visit the Rose a few weeks back and have a chat with Nick Rutta the new landlord of the Rose. Nick has been running the Embe Restaurant at the Thorpe Lodge Hotel for sometime but as space was a bit limited he decided to take over the empty pub once known as the Glass Onion in Burghley Rd. Now renamed and refurbished it's nice to see a pub opening instead of closing. Real ale is available with Oakham, Adnams and Theakstons seen over the last few weeks. The venue will be a live music pub which will add to the already diverse music scene in the city. Nick confesses to a love of jazz so there may be something different on offer on occasions. The restaurant specialising in Caribbean and African food will be located upstairs and will be open soon. Local Clubs I'm reminded of that famous Groucho Marx quote about not wishing to be a member of any club that would have someone like me as a member. A reasonable idea though this is, I’m a member of two social clubs who's members haven’t cancelled their membership despite having met me! The club I’d like to give a mention to is the Conservative Club. Now, there may be political reasons why some of you may not like the idea of joining a club that has leanings towards the right but my reasons for joining were primarily the beer. Joining a social club for reasons other than social hasn’t really appealed to me so far in my drinking career so I’ll carry on regardless. Having said that if there was a club run by and

for, Jedi Knights I’d probably sign up tomorrow. The Con Club as its known colloquially is a large, spacious and friendly club with no political posturing tolerated. There are more snooker tables than you can shake a cue at and the range of beers is quite nice. Oakham features regularly and Tim Taylor’s Landlord is a favourite of mine with Spitfire available as well. There is a Greene King IPA always on the bar but I won't hold that against them. A beer fest or two OK, this issue of Beer Around ‘Ere is promoting the Peterborough Beer Festival but I think it important to mention a couple of pubs that are holding a festival just before ours. In Yaxley we have the Duck & Drake on Main St which will be doing its hardest to warm us all up for the biggy on the embankment. Head for the pub between 16th and 18th July for their first fest. At the same time we have the Flyer’s Club in Priestgate holding a little festival. Day membership is available. See their website for more details I’ve already mentioned the Nag’s Head in Eastrea which will have their festival on the 20th and 21st August. It’s a charity thing It's always nice to see people attempting the impossible and the downright dangerous in the pursuit of money for good causes. The village of Eye appears to take the award for both. The Red Lion staged a charity bungee jump in May with five unlikely souls embracing the full force of gravity in an attempt to raise money for Sue Ryder. Not to be out done, Stuart Short and Graham Murphy, two local gentlemen, staged their annual A to Z Pub Crawl. This involves the visiting of 30 or so pubs in a day starting with the Abbey in Crowland and finishing with a pub beginning with the letter Z, in this case, Ze Red Lion! Over £1,000 was raised. You decide which event was impossible and which was downright dangerous! Keep the pub news coming. Steve Williams - Pubs Officer

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Blue Boar Charles Wells Bombardier and Oakham Ales Traditional Cider

~ Eye ~

Regular live music Karaoke Bar snacks Thursday to Saturday lunchtimes BBQ’s on Sundays weather permitting Functions catered for (Weddings,Christenings and more) 46 High Street, Eye, Peterborough PE6 7UY Tel: 01733 222234

132 Great Whyte, Ramsey PE26 1HS

Serving a selection of Real Ales:

Abbot Ale, Wells Bombardier, Woodfordes Wherry and one ever-changing guest ale. Find us in the Good Beer Guide 2010

Live Music Free WiFi Large Beer Garden

01487 812597

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14 | Please support our advertisers es h! ric oug t P bor s Be ter Pe in

We Support Home cooked food Live Football Live Music Saturday nights Quiz every Sunday

Milking Nook Friendly ‘Home from Home’ pub with well kept Real Ales at sensible prices! REAL ALES including an Oakham Ale on at all times plus a changing Guest Ale JUST £2.50!! Open: Mon-Fri 4 -11pm; Sat 12 -1am; Sun 12 - 11pm Food: Weds/Thurs/Fri 5pm-8pm; Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm July 24th – ‘Aladdin Sane’ (Bowie tribute) July 31st – ‘The Stereos’ (60’s) August 7th – Disco Karaoke August 13th – ‘Children of the Revolution’ August 28th – SANDRA’S BIRTHDAY BASH with ‘The Stereos’ Milking Nook, Werrington, Peterborough PE6 7PP

Tel 01733 811953

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BAE Gones| 15

BAE Gones 25 Years Ago

We claimed that the eighth beer festival was the 8th Wonder of the World because it was bigger than Colossus and not as dry as the Pyramids as we moved from the Guildenburg Rooms to theWirrina. With around 10,000 pints it was a tenth of the size of the festival this year. Adnams started brewing Extra and Whitbread started brewing Strong Ale – If we reported all new beers now we would have little room for anything else.

20 Years Ago

The Thirsty Thirteenth Beer Festival boasted 70 real ales. Our Tandoori Traveller was giving Bronco Ratings to local Indian restaurants (For the younger readers, Bronco is or was a hard shiny toilet paper). We also reported that guest beers were starting to appear in a few pubs in the area.

15 Years Ago

25 Main Street, Cottesmore, Rutland LE15 7DH

We offer a warm welcome and traditional, fresh, home cooked food. Whether you want morning coffee, lunch, dinner or just a snack, it’s available at e Sun.

The Sun Inn 1st Annual Beer Festival Fri July 23rd from 4pm to Sun 25th July

Up to 20 cask ales and ciders, BBQ, hog roast and entertainment with Hard Drive, a great 5 piece indie cover band on Friday. Frankie and the Boys, an 8 piece soul and rhythm and blues band on Saturday and Howard Smith and the Razors – a 3 piece blues, rock and soul band on Sunday.

The eighteenth beer festival offered over 100 real ales and now had a bottled beer bar. Our then archivist, Nic James, asked for information on the Ball and the Boat & Anchor at Kings Dyke (and Steve Williams is the man to contact now if you have any info on any pub, open, closed or demolished, in the area).

10 Years Ago

By the 23rd beer festival there had been a massive increase to around 300 real ales. We were also “Calling Time” on the archaic licensing laws as it became clear that the law would, at last, be changed.

Visit our website at: e-mail:

Tel: 01572 898217

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The Jolly Brewer Peterborough & District CAMRA Pub of the year 2009 Lincolnshire CAMRA Pub Of The Year 2009

• 5 real ales • Food served daily 12-3pm Monday - Sunday 6-9pm Friday & Saturday Foundry Road, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 2PP t. 01780 755141 w.



Thursday 29th July - Saturday 31st July 30+ Ales, Traditional Ciders Great selection of International Bottled Beers plus BBQ Town Bridge, Peterborough PE1 1FP Tel 01733 315700 Email:

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UT O LL ion U P at EW forms I EV r in ar’ h R P fo ye ug ! L A ide this oro ival V TI ins on erb est S t F FE see Pe eer B

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18 | Beer Festival Preview

BEERS We will be serving more than 350 draught real ales including favourites, beers from very small micros, many from new breweries, some produced specially for the festival and beers from our LocAle breweries. Almost all of the beers will be served by gravity – straight from the cask. Our aim is always to have every beer ready and available from the opening session – we do not hold any beers back. As always we will be serving beers of many styles including milds, bitters, porters, stouts, speciality flavoured beers and a few real lagers. GLASSES Commemorative half-pint and pint sleeve glasses and half pint tankards bearing the festival logo will be available and all will be oversized so that we can guarantee that you get a full measure when the glasses are filled to the line. Festival wine and bottle glasses will also be available at the same price. CIDER & PERRY The cider bar is with us, as always, serving one of the best selections of traditional cider and perry to be found anywhere. This year we will have around 60 varieties.

WINE BAR The wine bar will be selling traditional country wines and still and sparkling grape wines from English vineyards. BOTTLED BEERS The popular bottled beer bar will be selling an extended range of traditionally made bottled beers from around the world. SOFT DRINKS Our soft drinks bar, the Escape Bar, will be selling a range of soft drinks, non-alcoholic beer, crisps, ice cream, sweets and cigarettes. We will also be selling children’s drinks at a mere 50p. FOOD There will be a wide selection of foods available including German sausages, French crepes, hog

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| 19

roast, doughnuts, toasties, oriental, biltong, Australian, olives, burgers, bacon rolls, pasta, hot dogs, Cornish pasties, pittas, pork pies, waffles, seafood, fruit smoothies, tea & coffee. THE WORKERS The Festival is organised and run by members of CAMRA who are all unpaid volunteers. We always need more help so why not give us a few hours of your time if you are a member. ENTERTAINMENT Tue 24th Dr A’s BLUES CONSORTIUM Wed 25th SHAKE HANDS ERIC + Whisky Jax Thu 26th LIME SHARK + Albany Down Fri 27th LEAGUE OF MENTALMEN + The Replicas Sat 28th WHO’S WHO + Nimming Ned Sat afternoon: Fallen Breaks, Proto Inferno, Smokescreen, Stringfinger All entertainment subject to availability. CHILDREN AT THE FESTIVAL Lunchtime or early evening is the ideal time to bring the family, as there is always an easy going, friendly atmosphere. You can bring the dog (on a lead), the picnic table, food and soft drinks but you must not bring your own alcohol. There will be a fairground at the back of the festival again this year. OTHER STALLS Our membership and information area is the place to join CAMRA and get reduced entry to the festival or just to find out about us and what we do or to ask about beer, pubs, brewing, etc. On site you will also find tombola, pub games, our lunchtime pub quiz, the CAMRA shop, a Tshirt stand, beer and brewing books, glass engraving, RSPB and the RNLI will be at the front gate asking for your small change.

OPENING TIMES & PRICES Tue 24th 5.30-11.00 £7 £3 to CAMRA members Wed 25th12.00-2.30 £3 5.30-11.00 £7 £3 to CAMRA members Thu 26th 12.00-11.00 OPEN ALL DAY £8 £4 before 3.00 and to CAMRA members all day Fri 27th 12.00-2.30 £3 5.30-11.30 £8 £4 to CAMRA members Sat 28th 12.00-11.00 OPEN ALL DAY £8 £6 before 3.00 & £4 to CAMRA members all day

NB All entry prices include a fully refundable £3 glass voucher. FOR MORE INFORMATION 01733 896555 or 07900 056940 Fax: 08707 620848 DISABLED ACCESS The site is on one level on grass and disabled toilets are provided at the front and back of the site. Wheelchairs can be sourced but we do need advance warning. Taxis and cars carrying disabled passengers are permitted to cross the Embankment and drop off at the festival entrance. VENUE The 33rd Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival will be held in massive marquees on the River Embankment, Bishops Road, Peterborough. The site is unique in being only a few minutes walk from the city centre, bus, rail and coach stations. A taxi rank will be provided to enable you to get home without driving. Beer festivals and cars don’t mix.

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20 | Beer Festival Preview - The Bands

Tuesday 24th

Thursday 26th

Dr A’s Blues Consortium (Main)

Albany Down (Support)

On stage 8:50–9:35 and 9:55–10:45 If you enjoy the very best of British and US Blues, then this 6-piece band will keep you enthralled with their eclectic selection of some of the great classics and many favourites, past and present. A great blues band to kick off this year’s entertainment. I know it’s early in the week, but they're not to be missed.

On stage 7:30–8:55

Wednesday 25th

The Whisky Jax (Support) On stage 7:45–9:00 ‘The Whisky Jax’ are a talented, young four piece local up and coming Indie band, with a rapidly increasing fan base craving their unique sound and stage presence. The band have recently played to sell-out crowds not just in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire, but also in the Midlands and London with successful gigs at 'The Purple Turtle' in Camden town and 'The Custard Factory' in Birmingham.

The sound of Albany Down is stripped-down-tothe-waist no nonsense rhythm and blues with a bit of jazz-funk to mix it up. Paul Muir is the band's excellent front man - delivering powerful vocals with just the right balance of arrogance and angst. The bruiser in the porkpie hat is bassist, Billy Dedman -his bass play is fast and deadly. Drummer Jonny Bescoby is as fast as the white water at the Grand Rapids, after a heavy downpour. Paul Turley on lead guitar makes most of the magic happen on stage putting on an accomplished performance with a few daring and flaring Hendrix-style licks but reverts down to a sensible chug-a-chug chord or two when things are brimming. Albany Down can be counted on for insistent guitar hooks, stripped down licks and rattling good-time rock. and

Lime Shark (Main) On stage 9:15–10:45 and

Shake Hands Eric (Main) On stage 9:15–10:45 Mixing tight harmonies with the lyrical inflections of The Kinks and Merseybeat era pop classicism, Shake Hands Eric are as English sounding as a trip to the seaside. Formed early 2009, this four-piece’s pared-back acoustic arrangements and intricate voicings create music of a rare depth, warm emotional and with intellectual intelligence.

Lime Shark are a four piece rock outfit with a progressive edge, based in South Lincolnshire, they have been in existence for around seven years or so and has supported the likes of Wishbone Ash, Waysted (Pete Way ex-UFO) and Tokyo Dragons to name but a few. Lime Shark have performed at various open-air festivals as well as theatre, club and pub gigs all around the UK. Lime Shark are establishing a fan base in Brazil, Germany, Italy and the USA, where their music and videos are creating a great deal of interest. Their debut album 'The Money Clock' got a 7 out of 10 review by Geoff

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The Bands | 21

Barton in Classic Rock magazine... and in February 2010 the band were featured in the Classic ' PROG' Rock magazine, with the track ‘Not Quite Nashville’ taken from 'The Money Clock' album. and

Friday 27th

The Replicas (Support) On stage 8:00–9:30 Friday night at the Peterborough Beer Festival is undoubtedly the place to be with one of Peterborough's best live band "THE REPLICAS" geared up to entertain you with a fully entertaining set, that will literally have something for everyone. The band always give an energetic 100%, and play everything from, ska, punk, northern soul, dance, mod, 60's ... blimey the list goes on! Pitch up early and greet Les, Andy, Dave, Geoff and Luke to the stage, and be prepared to participate in what will undoubtedly be a great set. After all the aim of the band is to leave you with a taste of songs you remember, and a put smile on your face!

Mark joining the band, they were performing similar types of songs with a female singer (Shammi & the Leathers) but knew a male singer would give them more scope for the type of material they wanted to murder! (then came the idea of wearing women’s clothes for a laugh and they couldn’t have a singer who looked better than them!). Like many bands LoM try and take a song and make it our own – in their case taking a standard pop song or ballad and making it faster and rockier than the original, though they have been known to slow it down and add a reggae feel! In addition, of course the odd original punk /metal cover for good measure…..anyway enough said their reputation precedes them. and theleagueofmentalmen

Saturday 28th

The League of Mentalmen (Main) On stage 9:45–11:15

Nimming Ned (Support)

Following an amazing performance at last years Beer Festival we had so many requests to invite these boys back again this year. The League of Mentalmen was formed in March 2002 – prior to

On stage 8:00–9:00 “It’s infectious high energy folk” says Spiral Earth. “It’s gutsy acoustic folk rock” says Folkwords. It’s the sound made by two old gewgaws, who dared to crawl out of the seedy morass of the shires, to tell their tales of Nedling folklore. Played on electro acoustics - guitar & fretless bass - this duo captures the sound of the bars & the underground. They both heard the call: “Tell them about the scarecrows and the Bogey men too! They will listen. For the spirit of Nimming Ned is with you.” and

Continued Overleaf

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22 | The Bands - continued

progress' for which they're receiving excellent reviews. Catch this band on a big stage where they belong. and

Proto Inferno

WHO’s WHO (Main) On stage 9:15–10:45 WHO’s WHO’s exciting live performances with Townshend’s leaping and Daltrey’s microphone whirling antics receive incredible reactions across Europe and beyond. But it’s not just about the theatrics; WHO’s WHO is widely recognised and respected by their musical peers and acknowledged within THE WHO hierarchy as a band that most interprets the songs of THE WHO with honesty and integrity. Their interpretation of the original sound is widely regarded as the best (and closest) that anyone will ever get to evoke the feeling and energy of The Who at their peak! With the raw power, passion and soul of the members that make up WHO’s WHO, these guys deliver far more than your average “run of the mill” band. As history rolls on they have become an essential ingredient to the legacy of just what THE WHO have left their fans and the world.

Saturday Afternoon PBF Supporting Local Bands

Fallen Breaks On stage 15:00-15:30 'A power trio, fusing Muse tones with Foo Fighters energy under catchy Beatles melodies'. Fronted by David Smith on lead vocals and guitar, Robert Bull on bass and John Wright on drums, Fallen Breaks have played extensively across the UK promoting their current E.P. 'Lovers in

On stage 15:50-16-20 Proto Inferno, a three-piece old-school British Metal band with all members deriving from Peterborough. Art and Soul Magazine quotes, 'Proto Inferno just have it all; they create a dark ambience that Ozzy Osbourne would be proud of !'. Featured in Guitarist Magazine is the lead vocalist /virtuosic guitarist Aaron Beeken, Warren Allett on bass and James Pepper on drums. The band has received fantastic reviews of the E.P. 'The Hour of Darkness'. Be sure to catch this group of talented musicians.

Smokescreen On stage 16:40-17:10 Having had airplay on Bruce Dickinson's Rock Show, numerous reviews from the likes of Total Rock, three self financed mini-albums and clocking up in excess of 200 gigs in the process, Smokescreen are set to supply Peterborough with a sound similar to Pantera mixed with Black Sabbath! Smokescreen have proven for over ten years to be the band of choice so make sure you see what all the hype is about!

Stringfinger On stage 17:30-18:00 Headlining the afternoon, Stringfinger are Peterborough's Rap Metal enthusiasts that provide a little bit of something for everyone all at the same time! Offering a set that has clear influences from hip-hop, thro’ rock, to funk blends fluidly to create the distinctive Stringfinger sound. They are supported by many fans across the area so come down and join in on the action too. and

Mike Lane

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Festival Plan | 23

New site layout As you will see from the site schematic above, we have a new layout for the Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival 2010. The pay gates are in more or less the same place but when you pay the entry fee you will also pay for a glass and receive a “Glass Token”. The glasses counters will be in front of you and you can hand in the token to receive a pint or half pint straight glass, a half pint tankard, a bottle glass or a wine glass. You can return to this area at any time to exchange your glass for a clean one or a

different type or to cash in the glass for £3. If you don’t need a glass you can just cash in the token straight away. From glasses you can walk straight to “Beer Marquee A” and you are still under cover all the way. Here you will find cider, membership, the CAMRA shop and soft drinks together with beers starting “A” to the middle of the alphabet. This marquee joins on to “Beer Marquee B” where you will find wine, bottled beer and draught beers from the second half of the alphabet. This marquee joins on to the music marquee meaning that you only need to go outside to get something to eat, to have a cigarette or to use the toilets at the front or back of the festival. We hope you enjoy the new layout and let’s hope that now it is all under cover, we won’t see a drop of rain all week.

BAE 154 Prog:Layout 1 09/07/2010 12:24 Page 24

24 | Volunteer!

Your Beer Festival Needs You!


ancy spending a week down on The Embankment this year helping to run the new look Peterborough Beer Festival. Been meaning to offer to help for years but never got round to actually volunteering – well now’s your chance! We start putting up the fencing on Sunday 15th August prior to the giant marquees being erected. The serious heavy bit then starts again on the following Wednesday 18th, to be ready for our opening on Tuesday 24th. If you don’t or can’t help with the build up, the next few days are just as rewarding. Seeing lots of happy faces enjoying our vast range of ales, ciders or wines served by you as a volunteer, makes the festival a joy to be there. Finally at the end of the week we have to dismantle everything and clear the site. On Sunday 29th we provide a specially prepared three course meal for all our volunteers who come to help us take down the festival equipment. So what do you get as an unpaid volunteer? We allow you a certain amount of free beer whilst working. We provide a lunchtime meal and an evening meal for those who stay all day to work. At the end of the day we provide a free bus home to all who live within

the city limits and surrounding villages. Also there is a free staff bar with a selection of beers exclusive to the staff, and which are not available in the main beer marquees. All local CAMRA members within our branch will be contacted during the month of July with a request for help and a staffing form. We are happy to accept help from non-members, providing they can supply details of another member to vouch for them. Ask anyone who has worked at the festival in recent years to find out how much they enjoyed it. The fact remains that anybody who has helped at the festival for the first time in the past inevitably returns the following year. You can contact one of our staffing officers on 01733 560453, 07712043439 or You can fill in a staffing form online at /staffform. Finally remember that we have many other tasks that help to make the festival run smoothly if you are unable to do the build or bar work. Please make an effort this year. We have a new look festival that needs some new look faces! Cheers. David Murray, Wendy Jackson, Richard Smith. Staffing team. See for further details.

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BAE 154 Prog:Layout 1 09/07/2010 12:24 Page 26

Riva offers excellent Italian food and great service along with an unrivalled and unique location within the city centre. There is nowhere else like it in Peterborough. Riva has it sewn up when it comes to Italian riverside dining. The full glass surround gives you fabulous views of the Town Bridge and the swans on the river - just gorgeous - and even better on a warm day when you can dine Al Fresco. There are are daily specials and of course being situated with in the Key Theatre complex we also cater for theatre goers with a pre-theatre menu - you can even have the dessert and coffee after the show. Opening Hours Tues - 5.30pm - Late Wed - Sat - 12pm - 2pm & 5.30pm - Late Sunday - 12pm - 5pm Please book to avoid disappointment

A superior charming Country Inn Full Chef’s Menu 7 Days a week served between 12-2pm & 5.30pm - 9pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12-9pm Sunday Roast 12-2.30pm from £7.95 for 2 courses Beer Garden with Smoking Area Childrens Play Area 12 rooms with en-suite accommodation available Full English Breakfast included Main Street, Dyke, Nr Bourne PE10 0AF

Tel: 01778 422970

THE BLACK HORSE ~Elton~ BEER FESTIVAL WITH 20 BEERS, CIDERS AND PERRY’S Fri 17th - Sun 19th September Starts Midday Friday with music Friday and Saturday night Food will be available all day Come and enjoy a pint or two in our extensive garden for all the family

Embankment Road Peterborough

Tel 01733 894952


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Live Music dates and venues | 27


Rhythm and Booze

ello again and welcome to a summer of live music in and around Peterborough. All music lovers should put the Peterborough Beer Festival in thier diary with several must see acts at the event including Who’s Who and the League of Mentalmen.

Many thanks to all the pubs in the area which took the time to inform me of thier events this issue, Please keep it up and send any details for September / October events to before 10th September. Cherry Tree - Oundle Rd Sat July 25th – CHARITY MUSIC DAY 5 live bands + Children’s Entertainment Dragon - Werrington Aug 7th - The Guards 13th - Monkey boy 21st - Kickback September 4th - Les Woods 11th - Twenty Four 18th - Porky Pig All bands start at 9pm until midnight, free admision. Cask ales available at all times. George Inn - Oundle Saturday July 31st - ‘Live music on the Decking’ with Guido from 4pm and then a karaoke in the bar from 9pm onwards. Pig and Falcon - St Neots August Wed 4th - Moore Music Fri 6th - Alan's Jam Sat 7th - Midlife Crisis Wed 11th - Open Mic hosted by Jayne With Alan and Friends Fri 13th - Emerald Sky Sat 14th - Loose Ends Wed 18th - Moore Music

Fri 20th - Alan's Jam Sat 21st - James Acoustic Set Wed 25th - Open Mic hosted by Jayne With Alan and Friends Fri 27th - The Mark Gamble Band Sat 28th - HALO Sun 29th - ALL NEW Blues Brothers September Wed 1st - Moore Music Fri 3rd - Alan's Jam Sat 4th - Junk Yard Rats Wed 8th - Open Mic hosted by Jayne With Alan and Friends Fri 10th - The all new Blues Brothers Prince of Wales - Castor Sat 31st Jul Children of the Revolution Sat 14th Aug Lee Major Sat 11th Sep The Mallingerers Sat 2nd Oct 24 Sat 9th Oct The Influence Sat 16th Oct Children of the Revolution Sat 23th Oct Crayfish Rocket Sat 30th Oct The Overdubs Sat 13th Nov Daffy & The Alien Shakedown Blues - Castor For further information please contact us or visit: /index.php October - Saturday 9th - The Village Hall, Castor, Peterborough PE5 7AX Little Willie Littlefield, Reminiscing about his California days with Floyd Dixon, Charles Brown and Amos Milburn. Daniel Speed

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28 | Please support our advertisers

THE GREEN MAN 29 Scotgate, Stamford 01780 753598

Established in 1796 as one of the ORIGINAL Stamford Ale Houses - Providing Accommodation, Lunch Time Meals,

Minimum of SIX Real Ales and SIX Real Ciders Asia and James look forward to welcoming you to our

AUTUMN BEER FESTIVAL South Lincs’ Largest Pub Beer Festival Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th September

40 Real ales • 6 Real Ciders + Wide range of bottled Belgian beers


Live Music Fri, Sat and Sun BBQ Sat and Sun (weather permitting) B&B available

The Prince of Wales Feathers

Castor, Peterborough Tel: 01733 380222

fro m

Summer at The



Ju s Pe On t off ter ly t bo six he A rou m 15 gh iles Cit yc en tre

© Mick Slaughter 2009

Now with FOUR real ales! (Batemans XB + 3 Guests)

Open Daily: Mon – Thurs

Award winning village local in historic Castor. Close to the Nene Valley Railway & Ferry Meadows.

12-3pm and 6-11pm Fri/Sat 12-11pm Sun 12-11pm

Serves 5 guest ales & real cider. Walker & dog friendy.

Great main food menu to choose from Daily (Mon-Fri 12-2pm and 6-9pm, Sat 12-9pm, Sun 12-6pm) Lunchtime specials (Mon–Fri 12-2pm) ‘Early Bird’ menu (Mon-Fri 6-7pm)

Home cooked food every lunchtime and NOW available midweek evenings too!! BREWERY TAP OF CASTOR ALES details at:

Bring the kids along to enjoy the giant outdoor play area and new equipment!

1 Main Road, Etton, Peterborough PE6 7DA Tel 01733 252387 Web

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Please support our advertisers | 29

Pub Merit Awards & Gold Awards The committee feel that pubs outside of Peterborough are missing out on Gold Awards and so they have introduced a new Merit Award for pubs that are continuously outstanding. If you know of a pub in our area that deserves a Merit Award or Gold Award then please complete the following form and send it to our Secretary. Pub name:

Pub address/town/village:

Reason for award:

Your name:

Your phone number or e-mail address:

Your membership number:

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30 | Welland Valley visit

Welland Valley Beer Festival


or the last few years I’d wanted to go to the Welland Valley Beer Festival and hadn’t been able to, but this year I made a specific effort to attend and I’m so glad I did. It was a real nostalgia fest, a trip back to a time when pub gardens were always busy, bar staff were always helpful and knowledgeable and, yes, there was a bus along every few minutes! My wife Tina dropped Mr Phillips and me off at The White Hart, Lyddington, where we were greeted by a small convoy of Aston Martins on the village green alongside a hippo-painting competition - and this was before a drink!

Gold for Mr Phillips) were all too soon replaced by Whitehaven Ennerdale Copper and Potbelly Welland Truly (me) and Deventio Juno and one of the Abbeydales for Mr Phillips. Perhaps fortunately a bus arrived and we boarded just as a band called The GeriPatricks was tuning up. The bus was an old Barton’s double decker and those who suffered at the hands of Barton’s in the 60s and 70s will recall the boneshaking journeys we were subjected to. The cheers that greeted the driver’s successful negotiation of the uphill gradient en route to Seaton were genuine rather than ironic.

I should point out that we had decided only to visit the more easterly pubs on the list, fearing that eleven boozers would be beyond our combined capabilities - so I can’t comment on Middleton, Sutton Bassett or the two in Cottingham.

Mr Phillips was keen to sample some darker ales and these proliferated at The George And Dragon - Potbelly Beijing Black and Amber Ales Chocolate Orange Stout for him, Tring Side Pocket For A Toad for me (I’d never have forgiven myself if I hadn’t sampled an ale with a name like that) as well as an old favourite, Elgood’s Cambridge. An old footballing teammate, whom I hadn’t seen for 30 years, was behind the bar here and he launched into a lengthy and very complimentary discourse regarding my talents. Either I was a far better player than I thought or he had been sampling his wares since breakfast time... This pub was the only one to charge varying prices for different ales - all the others, as far as I am aware, were charging £3 a pint and £1.50 a half across the board.

We had made careful preparations: drink two halves of different ales rather than one pint in order to sample as many as possible, don’t drink anything too strong and don’t rush things. Unfortunately we got carried away in the large crowd and the first two halves (Vale Red Kite and Elgood's Feel Good Fresh for me, Blue Monkey BG Sips and Twickenham Summer

After a very pleasant half an hour, which included a natter to the landlord, we boarded a single decker bus for Harringworth, where The White Swan was heaving. Here we sampled Welland 'Owd, the ale brewed exclusively for the festival although I’m not sure by whom, Oldershaw’s Mowbray Mash and Vale Swan Mild.

BAE 154 Prog:Layout 1 09/07/2010 12:24 Page 31

Welland Valley visit | 31

to join us for the last one before whisking us off home, via The Coachhouse at South Luffenham for fish and chips. Thinking about it, though, we didn’t go straight there. Mr Phillips had left his favourite pipe on a table at The Talbot so we diverted through the quite beautiful Northamptonshire countryside in the hope that it might still be there. And, despite the fact that three hours had passed and hundreds of people must have passed through The Talbot’s garden in that time, the pipe was exactly where he’d left it.

The next stop, again courtesy of a single decker, was Gretton. The Talbot garden was absolutely jam packed, and with only one person serving and another passing ale from within we decided to head for the village’s other boozer, The Hatton Arms. Again, very busy with a band trotting out cover versions of a personal favourite, Tom Petty. Here we fell into conversation with a couple from Corby and this thus became a fourhalf stop as opposed to two. Guilsborough Guzzler, Hoggley’s Bitter, Brown Cow Captain Oats and Nethergate Priory Mild for me, and by this time I’d given up trying to remember what Mr Phillips was drinking - and writing it down had understandably ceased to be an option...

Anyway - it was a quite lovely day, with goodnatured banter, excellent ale, cheerful staff and not a hint of trouble - in fact I honestly can’t even recall hearing any swear words during the day! The large crowds were heart-warming and proved, if proof were needed, that demand for quality ale remains constant. It probably sounds too good to be true - so I’ll be going again next year just to make sure. Alun Thomas

Then it was back onto the Barton’s double decker, heading for Caldecott. The crowds amassing for the England-USA game were a bit daunting, though, so we stayed on board for our final and neatly symmetrical stop, The Marquess of Exeter back at Lyddington. In the huge back garden we met my wife’s niece and her fiancé and our new-found friends from Corby also turned up. A friendly dog allowed us to throw his ball for him for ages and it was here that I had probably the best beer I drank all day, two pints of Springhead Bitter. All too soon (actually that’s a lie - I was pleased to see them) our wives arrived

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32 | Dates for your Diary

Diary Dates JULY Mon 19th - Final open Beer Festival meeting. Collect posters & leaflets. Drapers Arms, PE1 1LZ at 8.30pm Mon 26th – Branch Committee Meeting Drapers Arms at 8.30pm Sat 31st – Day trip to Hunstanton and the Fox Pub & beer festival at Heacham.

Bus from Brewery Tap at 10am. Back for 10:30pm. AUGUST Sun 15th - Beer Festival fence erection on the Embankment. Thu 19th - Beer Festival main build starts on the Embankment.

Selected Beer Festivals (CAMRA events are shown in bold) JULY Thu 15th - Sun 18th Smith's 4th Annual Beer Festival, 25 North Street, Bourne, PE10 9AE 25+ real ales plus ciders. Hog roast, live music. Fri 16th - Sun 18th Duck & Drake, Main St, Yaxley, PE7 3LY. Around 15 locally sourced beers plus BBQ Fri 16th - Sun 18th Flyers Club mini Beer Fest, 20 Priestgate, Peterborough, PE1 1JA Fri 23rd - Sat 24th Deepings Rugby Club, Linchfield Rd, Deeping St James Fri 23rd - Sun 25th Sun Inn Beer Festival, 25 Main Street, Cottesmore, Rutland, LE15 7DH Thurs 29th - Sat 31st Charters Beer Festival, Town Bridge, Peterborough PE1 1FP 30 plus Ales and Ciders

AUGUST Tue 3rd - Sat 7th Great British Beer Festival, Earls Court, London, SW5 9TA 450+ real ales, cider, perry, continental beers, food, etc. Fri 13th - Sun 15th Wyboston Lakes Beer Festival, Great North Road, Wyboston, Beds, MK44 3AL Local real ales, food and live bands. Family day and roast lunch on Sunday. Sat 14th Ruddy Duck, Peakirk PE6 7NF 10 ales, ciders and BBQ Fri 20th - Sun 22nd Goat, Frognall, Deeping St James 7th Outdoor Beer Festival - 20 beers and ciders. Band and BBQ. Tue 24th - Sat 28th Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival, Embankment, Bishops Road, PE1 1EF 350+ draught real ales, traditional cider & perry, bottled beers, live music, wide range of foods, pub games, quiz, etc...

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Please support our advertisers | 33

August 28-30th Cherry Tree, Oundle Rd - Mini Beer festival SEPTEMBER Fri 3rd – Sun 5th Green Man Autumn Beer Festival, 29 Scotgate, Stamford, PE9 2 YQ. Approx 30 real ales, cider & perry. Thu 16th – Sun 19th Hand & Heart Autumn Beer Festival, 12 Highbury Street, Millfield, PE1 3BE. 30+ real ales, cider & perry. Live music in the garden daily. Fri 17th - Sun 19th Black Horse, Elton - Beer Festival Thu 23rd – Mon 27th Coal Heavers Arms Autumn Beer Festival, 5 Park Street, Woodston, PE2 9BH. 30+ real ales, cider & perry. Live music, BBQ. Thurs 30th Sept - Sat Oct 2nd Elgood’s Brewery, North Brink Wisbech 120 plus East Anglian Ales plus live bands.

9A North St, Stamford Lincs PE9 1EL 01780 765888

Three ales served from the likes of Oakham, Digfield, Ufford, Oldershaw, Castor, Newby Wyke or Grainstore Continental Lagers • American bottled beer Opening Times 12 midday to 11.30pm, sunday, monday, wednesday, thursday, 12 midday to 2am friday and saturday, closed tuesday.

Peterborough CAMRA


The Cherry Tree 9 - 11 Oundle Road, Peterborough PE2 9PB Tel: 01733 703495

FIVE Real Ales available including Landlord, Pedigree, White Dwarf plus 2 changing guests.


Sun July 25th - CHARITY MUSIC DAY 5 live bands + Children’s Entertainment

Sat August 28th – Mon Aug 30th Bank Holiday MINI BEER FESTIVAL Come and sere us during PBF week – we’re just a short walk from the Embankment

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34 | Spotlight on Peterborough

A CITY OF CONTRAST As it is getting very close now to Peterborough’s premier event in the drinking calendar, several of us thought it would be a prudent time to have a wonder around the pubs closest to the festival site. This spotlight is aimed at informing visitors new to the city and seasoned city drinkers alike on the options available in our city centre.


e started the afternoon off at the Brewery Tap. Being situated right opposite the main bus station, taxi rank and across the bridge from the train station, it is one of the nearest pubs for thirsty visitors to the city. Having been under threat from developers for the past decade or so, it seems that the place is safe for the time being as the recession stopped any further developments. Here we were greeted by Zoe and Lorraine who are

The brewery behind a glass wall at the Brewery Tap

part of the management team. They told us how the pub has a permanent range of four standard Oakham Ales and one mild at all times. Alongside the Oakham are a range of three to four changing guest beers and three Westons ciders.

Out from the main entrance of the Tap and across the road you come to the Wortley Almshouses. This Samuel Smith’s pub is a clever adaptation of a series of almshouses lined by a passageway. It provides intimate and cosy drinking spaces and won a CAMRA pub design award back in 2004. On our visit there was a friendly gaggle of regulars propping up the bar and an enthusiastic and friendly barmaid who served us swiftly and with a smile. However the establishment was let down by a fetid smell emanating from the toilets which basically screamed ‘bad plumbing - need help’ and took the skin off the nose. The cask OBB was uninspiring but the Old Country cider was ok. A serious clean and this could be a real gem again. It clearly has good staff and loyal customers. After a short walk down Westgate, up Park Road and across the Co-op car park you come to The Ostrich. Formerly known for many years as Bogarts, this hostelry had been refurbished by a local building firm and re-opened in August 2009.

Currently several of the Oakham seasonal and Oakademy specials are still brewed on site in the micro-brewery visible through the glass wall next to the bar. In fact ‘Beer Monster’ - a previous festival special - was being brewed on our visit. It’s also worth casting your eye over the Thai menu if you’re peckish. While we were here we tried the Westons Scrumpy and Oakham Inferno which were both on good form. Over the festival period there will be extended food times and live music on the Saturday starting after 10pm.

Wortley Almshouses

Under the steady eye of landlady Jacqui Dean this pub now serves three changing guest ales and one real cider and is part of both the CAMRA LocAle and Oakademy of Excellence scheme.

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| 35

There is a very nice and well-kept courtyard garden that catches the sun around 2pm and was a lovely place to spend a half hour. The pints of Castor Clout and Westons Old Rosie went down a treat. Jaqui took a minute out of her busy lunchtime session to tell me that real ale is by far their biggest seller and an extra line and hand pump was being installed shortly. Over the beer festival week the Ostrich will be open noon to 11.30pm Monday to Wednesday and noon to late Thursday to Sunday. Live music will be on at the weekend. Back across the Co-op car park, past the City Library and back down towards town on Broadway you will come to Yates bar on the left. Although not one of the places that jumps to mind when you think of real ale, we had been reliably informed that this Yates branch now served it. The information was correct as there were 3 hand-pumps on the bar serving Yates brand St Georges Cross IPA, Best Bitter and Wells Bombardier. The IPA was being offered at a pint for the price of a half and it was quite clear to us why as soon as the barmaid poured it! It was seriously cloudy and not fit for purpose. To be fair to the barmaid, she took the beer back with good grace and offered something else but after we paid and sat down the pump clip was left on display and thus the beer left on sale for the next unsuspecting ale drinker. The other offerings were of an ok standard but some education on cellarmanship and care would really work wonders here. Straight out of Yates and pretty much opposite is the Wetherspoons owned College Arms. Built on the site of the old Library this ‘spoons has plenty of space with a drinking focused area at the front and booths for eating further back. The place was quite busy for 3pm on a Friday with a nice atmosphere. There were 11 hand pumps on the bar with about 8 in use. A decent selection of real ale and cider was on offer with the group sampling

The Ostrich - Outside and courtyard garden

Butcombe Blond, Milestone Rich Ruby and Westons Marcle Hill - all were on good form. Ham, free range egg and chips was had by some of the team for the great price of ÂŁ1.99 each! Service was friendly and efficient. Out of the College Arms, straight down Broadway back into town to the cross roads, up the pedestrian area to the newly finished plaza with the fountains, turn right and up Cowgate to the second Wetherspoons offering, the Drapers Arms. Very much like the first in the number of hand pumps and low, low prices but I personally believe the beer and cider is better kept here. Oakham Endless Summer, Vale Grumpling and Westons Perry all sampled and found to be of a good standard.

Bar in the College Arms, Broadway Continued Overleaf

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36 | Please support our advertisers


Brewery Tap

Europe’s Largest Brew Pub Award Winning Cask Ales Authentic Thai Cuisine ‘Tap Room’ Function Suite The perfect solution for business & private functions

80 Westgate, Peterborough

Tel: 01733 358500

Winner of the Good Pub Guide 2009 ‘Own Brew Pub of the Year’ Award

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Spotlight continued | 37

Out of the Drapers Arms, turn right, through the underpass and follow the path to the train station and you come to the Great Northern Hotel. Until recently this imposing building was owned by Peter Boizot - Pizza Express founder and once owner of Peterborough Posh FC. Now under new ownership the place has been given a lick of paint but still retains the air of a lost age with polished wooden floors and silver service in the restaurant. If you turn left as you enter the hotel there is a lounge bar which was lively with tennis fans at the time of our visit. Available on the bar at this time were 3 ales from Oakham including Bishops Farewell and a Westons Cider. The Bishop’s Farewell was very green and the barmaid had serious trouble filling the pint without a third of it being frothy head, It would have helped if she hadn’t yanked on the hand pull like her life depended on it! Again - training seems to be required in the basics of serving real ale, in this case I think for every pint poured one was ending up in the drip tray as wastage. Once received the beer was ok though and the cider was fine! One point I do lament is the covering of the once tranquil and well-kept garden with a concrete car park, I assume this has been done to get more custom to the hotel and may have been necessary to save the whole building, but it was such a great spot to catch your breath and temper after a hot and packed train journey! A shame. Our final spot was to Charters which is a Dutch Barge situated on the river by the Town Bridge heading south out of the city centre. Only 5 minutes walk away from the Peterborough Beer Festival site this was the original outlet for Oakham Ales and pre-dates the Brewery Tap by ten years. With a large beer garden in a riverside setting this is a great place to finish a session in the sun! A range of 12 real ales (four permanent Oakham Ales and the rest constantly changing guest beers), a real cider and a range of international bottled beers are available at all times. The Bar Manager Hugh told me that a selection of beers which are not available at the Peterborough Beer Festival would be showcased on the boat with a winding down session on Sunday 28th August with live music from 3pm.

Charters Bar, Town Bridge

The one word I would use to sum up the quality of real ale in this city is contrast. The stark difference between light and dark, black and white, good, evil, poor, rich, educated and ignorant. In this spotlight feature there is a marked contrast of quality, price, and cellarmanship between some of these pubs. With real ale being one of the only growth markets in the drinks industry sector, we are seeing more and more pubs looking towards it as a profitable option to serve across their bars. This, on the one hand is a good thing, it shows a shift in market trend with more people becoming sensitive to the what, why, how and wherefore’s of the products they consume. This sounds all well and good but unfortunately we saw a couple of examples of pubs on this spotlight which didn’t have the training, knowledge or experience of serving this product. The issue with this being, not only that they may not they sell the stock they have, but customers won’t come back for moreshutting the door on this avenue of income before it even gets off the ground properly! But it’s not doom and gloom, we have some fantastic pubs in this city and the more they are supported the better. Have a read through, visit some of these places and make your own decisions, Half the fun is in the finding! Good luck and see you at the festival.

Daniel Speed

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Pig n Falcon - St Neots BREWS TO DATE




FROM 9/4/09

3 large heated

Huntingdonshire CAMRA


smoking areas

2010 Pot Belly Best £2.00 , Oakham Ales Inferno £2.20, Greene King IPA £2.20 Plus 5 Guest Ales at all times Open 10am (11am Sunday) til’ late Monday - Sunday!

Tel 07951 785678 – New St, St Neots – PE19 1AE

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ree At Least Th

Real Ales!

More than just a Carvery! r Lovely Bee



ow the the summer’s here why not come and enjoy a spot of sunshine and a drink in our lovely beer garden or covered and heated patio area. Here at the Farmers we support local ales so why not choose from our selection of at least three Real Ales on hand pump. Our selection of food includes a delicious carvery with succulent cuts of meat, complimented with assorted potatoes and seasonal fresh vegetables. Alongside our excellent carvery we are also serving such summer classics as Ploughman’s lunch, baguettes filled with succulent roast meat, fresh cut sandwiches and salads. We have a large function room perfect for weddings, birthdays, conferences etc – come and see for yourself! We are open from 10am until late every day of the week so come and vist us - we look forward to see you!

200 Broadway, Yaxley Tel: 01733 244885 Email:

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