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and Everything majority of people continue to be led by bland names, oops! I mean brand names. The good news is that more and more younger people are converting to real ale, especially a lot of women, as a result of both CAMRA beer festivals, and some very positive promotions from the likes of Wychwood’s Hobgoblin ‘lager boy’ campaign. Also, the fact that many regional breweries have seen the light, and are now producing a straw or golden coloured beer in their range, although some of you took your time despite your BLO suggesting it ages ago? Don’t get complacent though guys, the record 700+ micro brewers may be struggling to find the market place you deny them, but they are still producing some wonderful hoppy beers to echo those now made in the USA by over a thousand breweries that have established within the last couple of decades. At the GBBF this year, these supreme examples of the brewer’s art were consumed faster than the cellar team could get them ready!

that the other way around? Noel Ryland, for getting me hooked on Lambic beers, (I’ve now developed a 20 a day habit, thanks). Anyone else I lovingly know but who are too shy for me to mention. Paul Clay, for not ever wanting a mention for his help. Reading & Cambridge beer festivals staff for putting up with me, and for not annoying me when I have a mallet in my hand. And my beloved Susan, (‘er indoors) for being such a supporting rock when I’m at t’ end of my tether. Everybody else? Well I honestly wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy New Year. See you all in a pub somewhere soon, but please do keep the news coming in. Cheers Bram

And everything else? Well, at least I’m not doing my Scrooge routine this year, so I thought I would end the year instead by celebrating the life of a wonderful newsletter, by way of offering a few thanks to a few of the people who have taken the time to be so supportive since my move to Peterborough just over a decade ago. Karen & Mick at the Palmy, thanks for being super cool, and get well soon Kazza, you owe me a pint! Dave Murray, for finally realising we are on the same side mate! Jim Martin, for never failing to amuse me. All LocAle breweries for producing some cracking ales to be proud of. Tom Harbord RIP, someone at the College Arms who really knew what they were doing! Tom Beran at the Coalies, for being such a nice guy. Greed Kerching, for avoiding me all year, or is


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