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George had her sandals and socks off the moment she stepped on to the sand. She noticed a wader by the shoreline searching for oysters. As she walked into the coolness of the foam, she observed the wave swells, and young such as she was, became fascinated by the antics of the sea otters either bobbing in the tide or returning a caught fish to their young back in their holts. George replaced her footwear and set off to rejoin the others. A van sped past her with a blue bear painted on the side and a large dent in the wing, but she thought no more of it when she met up with the others a short while later. “I’m just going to give my dad a quick call folks,” said George, “just let him know we’re OK.” “Fine,” exclaimed Dick, “and pray tell us what Uncle Quentin has to say.” A few minutes passed before George came out

from the telephone booth with a distressed look upon her face. “Dad says they found a headless corpse on the beach in Kirrin yesterday, so that’s another mystery we’ve missed out on solving,” informed George, “but there is another mystery unfolding all around us apparently,” she continued. “Lots of breweries have disappeared, or at least they are hiding somewhere,” explained George, “but I don’t have an idea where to start looking, do you?” “Why don’t we get the readers of Beer Around ‘Ere to locate them for us,” remarked the others, “and we can give a reward to those who find the most can’t we?” “Well I’ll go to hell and back,” exclaimed George, “and I thought we were the best detectives around ‘ere.” “Come on George; let’s go home,” they all said,” “Woof, woof*,” said Timmy. (*dog language for ‘I fancy a pint’.)

Cambridge Bitter 3.8%

Gold Award Champion Bitter of Britain 2006 Available all year round:

SEASONAL ALES Thin Ice 4.7% Jan/Feb Old Wagg 4.0% March/April Double Swan 4.5% May/June Mad Dog 4.4% July/Aug Barleymead 4.8% Sept/Oct Old Black Shuck 4.5% Nov Snickalmas 5.0% Wenceslas Winter Warmer 7.5% Dec

North Brink Brewery, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Tel: 01945 583160 23

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