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Paul Brammer THE

Famous FIVE


and the Hidden Breweries Mystery

Can you solve the mystery readers? A number of breweries past & present are hidden within the text of the story. An Adnams fleece and an Adnams rugby shirt await the winners, ie the two people finding the most breweries, the winner getting first choice of item. Email answers to me or via snail mail to Harry including a contact phone number. Apologies to Enid Blyton as I really was a fan when I was much younger! The deadline for the competition is Friday 8th January 2010.


way from Kirrin, and the Famous Five were bored. They were sat around the table in a Norfolk cottage trying to decide what daring adventures they could get up to. “Let’s go the coast,” George said, “I’m sure we will find something there to excite us, and anyway, I have a mad urge to paddle in the sea.” “Why not indeed,” chirped Julian, and the others readily agreed. After packing their camping kit, they were soon cycling through the country lanes merrily with Timmy their friendly black dog running alongside them. After a short while they noticed the storm clouds gathering overhead and decided to take shelter from the impending rain in a disused grain store nearby. The weather soon abated and it wasn’t long before they could continue on their journey. Anne commented on how pretty the rainbow 20

looked, as it cast a spectrum of colours down upon the white of the chalk hills around them. All of a sudden, Dick noticed something strange and quietly ushered the others to hide behind a hedge. “Look over there,” he said, “By that old watermill down by the riverside. I thought they were scarecrows at first but then I saw them move.” “They’re probably just a couple of poachers,” remarked George, “I remember Uncle Stuart saying many farmers in the area had experienced problems with them, in fact they do more harm than any fox or wolf would.” The Famous Five remained well hidden behind their hedge, as the two men walked across the moor in front of them. One of the men had a turkey tucked under his arm, while the other man looked very strange indeed. He was walking barefoot, and wore a single red rose in the

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