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Are you possibly thinking about becoming an Affiliate Marketer? Are you contemplating joining the fastest growing internet business with Affiliate Marketing? If you are, then can you make the commitment to learn everything you can about Affiliate Marketing and creating your own online business? It's quite possibly the most effective way to make money online, and it's certainly the easiest and most economical at home business one can start up. Literally anyone with an internet connection, the proper foundation, and a high level of dedication can become a successful affiliate marketer. The definition of Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting the products or services of a totally separate company with whom you become affiliated. That affiliation and sales of those goods or services will earn you commissions from every sale linked back to you. The simple fact is that the owners of the products and services you'll be promoting want to have a large number of enthusiastic and creative affiliate marketers working for them, as this increases their exposure exponentially. Because of that, they can afford to offer rather large commissions on your sales: those commission percentages will run from 25 to 75%. There are a several facts you should know in advance before you dive into an at home business in Affiliate Marketing, and I would like to go over a few of them right here: 1. Set up a Website Can you make money in Affiliate Marketing without a website? The answer is YES! However, if you want to make sustainable, residual income, then the most important thing to do is to create not only an attractive website but also a very professional and credible website. You must consider a website's usability and functionality. The last thing it needs to be is flashy, but it does need to have a professional and appealing look. Your site has to contain valid, honest, and valuable information for your prospective customer. When your prospect arrives at your website, you need to provide what they expect to be looking for, and you want them to opt in to what you are offering. 2. Choose the Right Market and Niche You don't just need some product or service to sell, you need a market that is popular, then drill down and find the proper niche within that market. Obviously you have to sell products that people

are looking for, so you need to do some valid research to find that niche that people will seek out but has a limited amount of competition. There are certainly a lot of strategies that people employ to attract potential customers, but I advocate starting out with a niche market that you are passionate about first. If you pick some product or service you are passionate about, then you'll love doing the research, and your enthusiasm will shine through on your various web pages. People can sense that passion, and you will definitely be giving out great information. You will also have a feeling that prospects really need that product you are so passionate about. You will discover some so-called "gurus" who will tell you how much you need mass-marketing strategies like CPC, socialnetworking, viral marketing and getting on that first Google page. Well, if you learn the process correctly (and none of those methods are bad or wrong), you will find you have to spend very little money-getting you into a profitable at home business going in the right direction. 3. Tracking It's vitally important to track all of your campaign strategies on an ongoing basis. If you're going to be successful and maximize any dollar you spend, you have to know what campaign(s) you have selected are working best and converting the most. You should never spend a dime without knowing you are bringing in more dollars than you are spending on any type of advertising. A significant number of people that are new to Affiliate Marketing lose money because they fail to determine what is working and what is not. It is imperative you solicit this information and continue to either improve your campaign or just use the ones that are converting the best number of new customers. 4. Have a budget This is a part of your strategy that often goes overlooked. Do not get hooked into opting into the next great opportunity that comes along and put everything on a credit card. This is one of the main reasons people entering Affiliate Marketing fail and become a statistic. They don't create a budget they live within, they out spend their resources and become so frustrated, disillusioned, and disappointed, they quit. It is my belief you need to join a site where the owners of that site have your success at heart and want to actually teach you how to be successful. The people that don't have time to teach you are just trying to sell you the next "greatest program" they discovered, and it's all smoke and mirrors. Stay away from this venue if you expect to be successful. Remember, you want to create an online business venture that is not only profitable but is sustainable as well. You have to create it, so don't let anyone sell you on the so-called automated site that you just set and forget, as that is your hard-earned money down the pipe dream drain. 5. Support In my above reference, if you try and learn all the proper ways to make a living with Affiliate Marketing through the internet (and you could), you will spend countless hours of trial and error, and you won't really know if you have the process down correctly. No man (or woman) is an island, and you will be working from home trying to make a significant income online. What you need is an organization that gives you all the support you need, answers your questions, and

teaches you exactly how to make that online business work. You need an organization that has a community of people just like you that has problems just like you that share their ideas, failures, and successes. You are going to run into difficulties (there are no magic cash machine sites that really exist), and you need to know you can find the answers to those problems. That is another reason people fail and quit in this business. They don't know where to go and get the knowledge, support, and answers they need. We are all at different levels of accomplishment in this business, and you need to know someone can address your specific needs and deficiencies. You can be successful with Affiliate Marketing, so be smart, get the right help, learn the process, maintain your dedication and focus, and I hope you have all the success in the world. There is room for all of us out there in the Affiliate Marketing world, so I encourage you to just keep at it!

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