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I've often been asked what makes a good affiliate. This doesn't mean someone who does everything by the book - but someone who makes a huge profit from their work. Because that's why we do it. I believe being a good affiliate comes down to one thing: Persistence. Time and time again, when you see an 'overnight success' - you can bet your bottom dollar that person has been striving for years... doing the same profitable actions consistently. Eventually they break down the barriers to buyers and their income snowballs. Everyone I know who succeeds possesses that same trait of keeping on going.  Persistence usually means doing the same thing for a long while. Do a lookup of any prominent internet marketer, and you'll see by the domain name date that they have been working their business a long time.  And success is never overnight. Don't be mislead by a newcomer who breaks on to the scene with claims of multi-zillion paydays. They have either reached their mountain top after years of experimenting and trial just like the rest of us - or they're making it up... and that's more common than you think.  OK, let's assume that persistence and longevity plays the major part in affiliate success. The question is - how do you sustain and build it? What are the secrets of keeping going when most others have fallen by the wayside? The answer is complex. Sometimes life intervenes. Sometimes the goal seems shallow and you change in a different direction. But I believe lack of stickability is mainly because a person's goals are not strong enough. And a lot of people make it harder on themselves by confusing goals with dreams. Dreams are wishes. Powerful, sure. Necessary, yes. But not enough on their own to move you along to success. Goals are different. A powerful goal must contain some of these ingredients:

A vision (the life you expect to lead) Emotion (your future life expressed in a powerful way... thoughts) Alignment.

Of the three, alignment is the most important. Your goals and achievements must resonate with your own idea of yourself. Maybe everything is possible - but for long-term success to last there must be an alignment with your true self. This is where most people go wrong, and why their vision

fails. The outcome doesn't match THEM. You can't underestimate the importance of finding the right goals as a success affiliate. You need to figure it out for yourself... start putting down the building blocks of success and never stopping until you reach the top. Persistence really does pay off for the top affiliates!

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==== ==== If you wan to make money online, please click here: ==== ====

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