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franchise opportunity

franchise opportun Join the Spotless team and become part of something big! Anyone who works with Spotless is not ordinary. As a group we have set ambitious targets and we are looking for the right people to join us as we strive to reach and then smash them (read a bit more about the targets below). Have you ever run your own business or dreamt about running your own business before? If the answer is yes, this could be the right opportunity for you! You may have already seen Spotless in action; equally you may not have done; just in case we have highlighted a couple of key points you need to know about Spotless before considering a franchise.


2018 100 master franchises covering 33% of the UK Increased brand awareness in key areas. Locations in 3 European Countries

ities Spotless operates across 3 markets; Automotive, Marine and Aviation Some franchise territories will have all 3 markets available within them; some will just have the automotive market. No matter, the territories are sized so that each franchise has a potential turnover of at least ÂŁ350,000. Spotless primarily valets (cleans to a high standard), however Spotless also offers additional services such as: Management Services Catalogue Sales Vehicle Movement Spotless operates internationally, occasionally as a franchisee you can be asked to work outside of your territory, even abroad! Spotless has some national account customers and deals with a diverse selection of clients; from the general public to foreign royalty and the ultra rich. Despite being a young franchise network Spotless has invested a large amount of capital into the support facilities behind the scenes. We have already partnered with large existing franchise networks and we are confident we offer all, if not more than a mature network could.

2022 350 master franchises covering 100% of the UK The Spotless brand as a household name in the UK.

2026 1500+ vans operating across the UK 20% of the UK valeting market (60% of the prestige market) Locations world wide

Locations in 10 European Countries


how it works‌

MASTER FRANCHISE There are many franchise opportunities on the market however, becoming a master franchise owner with Spotless gives you huge benefits and potential that offers just cannot offer. As a master franchise owner you own the rights to trade in an exclusive territory expanding by purchasing additional vans or granting minor franchises the right to trade in your area. A Spotless master franchise gives you: Huge Potential - An exclusive territory that is large enough to support 5 full time vans and a turnover of £350K +.* A great brand – You can operate under the most well respected valeting brand in the South (soon to be UK). Head Office Support – Great training, leads from the Spotless website and phone system, national contracts, ongoing technical support, national advertising. Network Support – Be part of a growing network of master franchisees all with the same focus; to grow their business and maximise their returns.

SUB FRANCHISE A Spotless minor franchise is a great opportunity for someone who does not have the initial capital needed to purchase a master franchise but still is motivated to become their own boss and run their own business. How it works: You purchase (lease) your own van and equipment. You then trade within an existing master franchise territory paying a regular royalty fee to the master franchise owner. All customers you gain are still owned by the master franchise owner but should you wish to leave the master franchise owner will pay you a pre arranged fee.

investment‌ Spotless has set pricing for a virgin franchise territory. For re-sales or territories with an existing client base each territory is priced individually, please speak to the franchising team for a latest list of territories for sale.


We see investment as a lot more than just the money. The money only buys you the tools to run a Spotless franchise; you also need to be prepared to invest time and energy. Be aware the first few months are intense! However, we aim that each territory hits profitability within 2 months of trading.

An exclusive protected territory. There are only 300 master franchise territories within the UK affording you huge potential through an area that can support 5+ full time vans.

The right to trade under a well known and exclusive brand.

A full time marketing agent working with you, in your van, within your area, for the first two weeks of business ensuring that your turnover is as high as it possibly can be.

Complete set of branded uniform, stationery and marketing materials. 2 months allocation of chemicals.


Bank funding

MASTER FRANCHISE Automotive, Marine and Aviation


Automotive and Marine




Spotless has close links with the NatWest franchising team. NatWest have worked with Spotless for over 12 years, they know the model inside out and will fund up to 60% of the franchise fee.


£2,500 Please note all prices are + VAT

Fully customised van interior designed to fit within a standard VW Caddy (leased or purchased separately).

Full training and ongoing head office and technical support.

Ongoing work produced from the website and the phone system, including national account customers. is also included.

For the Aviation and Marine franchises specialist equipment is also included.

what our franchisees say about us and what we look for in potential franchisees… Tim Audley – Previously worked at Tesco. “ There was no hard sell or pressure to take on a franchise; quite the opposite in fact. I was offered a trial day out in a van with franchise director Gareth Whitely, allowing me to gain an insight into what it’s like on-the-job, and to determine if it was right for me. I liked the set-up: the brand’s distinctive logo on the vans, the smart uniform, plus the dedication and attention to detail shown by everyone involved with the operation. “

Matt Voisey – Previously worked at Mercedes Benz. “ This is a very rewarding job, you do have to work hard at it and put a lot of time and effort in. However, it is all for your own benefit so it drives you even more. I have been lucky enough to work on some nice cars already including a Pagani Zonda and some 458s , I’ve also worked on some nice Boats and Planes which is very rewarding once finished“






so are you ready to join the team? WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?


We need to know you are interested, you can either contact us by calling +44(0)1202 612612, emailing with the subject line “I’m Interested” or by filing in the form found on the franchising page.


You will then be invited by one of the team to meet us at our office at which point you can ask us any questions you may have. Every potential Spotless franchisee owner undergoes a suitability assessment; if you are successful you will be invited to spend a day in a van with an existing franchisee.


Once you are confident you know everything there is to know about a running a Spotless Franchise, and we are confident that you are capable of doing so, we will review your potential area and begin to create a business plan.


At this point we provide you with a copy of the franchise agreement (your agreement as a franchisee with us as a franchisor) and we will loan you a copy of operations manual (your complete guide to running your Spotless Franchise).


At this point, should you wish to continue with a Spotless Franchise, documents will be signed, your van will be fitted out and the training will begin! You will begin your first steps to becoming your own boss and creating a healthy return on your investment.