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AFA SINGAPORE 2013! The largest annual anime in Singapore wrapped up beautifully! With over a dozen celebrities in town to perform, fans were treated to a weekend of ani-fun!

A new ma ga the conte zine starts up! Her e’s hopin nt inside g is to your liking!

Babymetal’s coming to Singapore in December!

Music, anime, lives, news and more, it’s all inside! Check out the articles we have in store for you. Doraemon, kawaii metal, cosplay, PVC, we got it all! Best of all, it’s free!

Cosplay galore at AFA!

Blood Lad, Kill la Kill and more inside!

Rock out with anisong 2013!

Figure spotlights: Nimue Nana Mizuki’s first solo concert outside Japan!

Editor’s Rants Hello and welcome to the first ever issue of aniS!

Table of contents:

Most of you might be wondering, what and who the heck are these?

Pg 2: Editor’s Rants

aniS is a fan endeavor, simply put. Singapore’s a great place, but let’s face it, love is lacking for the otaku population. Our only staple anime festival comes once every year, gives us a beautiful 3 days of escape, then slaps us back into reality. The rest of the 362 days we’re forced to rely on sources from mostly other countries to keep us up to date.

Pg 4 - 11: Anime Festival Asia Pg 12 - 13: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Pg 14 - 15: Blood Lad

aniS is just one small step, by a few small fans, to bring a little something more to the Japan cultural scene here in Singapore. Every month, we will try to piece together whatever information we can gather, tidy it up and deliver it to you in the form of an amateur magazine.

Pg 16 - 17: White Album 2 Pg 18 - 19: Zetsuen no Tempest

The editorial staff (only me at the moment) are, or should I say is a huge fan of Japan culture. Not only anime and manga, but the food, music, heritage and even the language intrigues me to no end. Barring a flight to Japan, I try to do whatever I can to keep in touch with the culture. This includes attending as many events in Singapore as I can possibly find time for.

Pg 20 - 21: Kill la Kill Pg 22: Screaming Class Pg 23: Horimiya

A little bit about myself. I’m currently working part-time at the Singapore Art Museum. Most likely I’ll be pursuing further studies next year. That’s mostly it.

Pg 24: One OK Rock Live

About aniS, what you’ll find inside are my attempts to bring more people closer to the beautiful thing we all know and love as anime. From manga and anime news to live performance reviews and event coverage, we’ll spare no expense, except that of actual money, to bring them as close to you as possible. For any rules or infringes we may have committed, I’d like to apologize in advance. We are merely trying to do something fun.

Pg 25: Nana Mizuki Live Pg 26 - 28: BABYMETAL upcoming Live Pg 29 - 35: Cosplay (AFA edition)

This is the first time we’ve ever sought to undertake something like this. Editing and designing a magazine from the ground up alone is, in my humble opinion, really time-consuming, if nothing else. Hopefully you guys will find a little something worthwhile in this magazine.

Pg 36 - 37: Figurine Intro

Coming to the end of this incoherent ramble, I would just like to urge everyone to spread this magazine to as many people as you can. It doesn’t have to be a fan of anime. It doesn’t have to be an otaku. Anyone can peruse this piece of, ahem, literature whenever and wherever. That’s what we’re trying to do here.

Pg 46 - 47: Album Intro

Pg 38 - 45: News UPdate

To quote Marshall Eriksen: “You gotta have a magazine. Otherwise it’s just time you’re never getting back.” Beepo

Editor / Designer: Beepo Ong Photographer: Lee Chee Weng Special thanks to friends for allowing usage of their photographs. 2


Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2013

Just last month, Anime Festival Asia Singapore was held for the 6th year running. As usual, it was 3 days of frantic rushes, unbelivably long queues, bone-crushing crowds and, ultimately, blissful grins as anime fans from across SouthEast Asia gathered for Singapore’s biggest annual anime convention. Fans filled the festival halls on all three days, with people arriving several hours before opening, just to secure a good seat at the events hall or pick up that coveted T-shirt at one of the numerous merchandise booths. Varied special guests and performances meant that fans were left with no time to waste, rushing from place to place for all the events and appearances. Fans were able to meet many of their favourite cosplayers, seiyuus and singers, such as Kaname, YingTze, Ryohei Kimura, Ryouta Ousaka, angela, May’n and many more. Of course, Danny Choo was there as well, reprising his role as guest host.



In addition, fans had plenty of chances to grab autographed merchandise, both pre-signed and autographed on the spot by the artistes. This year’s AFA featured a whole host of activites. So many, in fact, that they had to create an additional mini-stage area in order to accomodate all the events. There were plenty of showcases and meet-and-greet sessions, giving fans the opportunity to interact with their favourite celebrities.

Besides meeting their favourite celebrities, fans were also greeted with plenty of exciting news and announcements, such as the release of Internet Explorer’s Inori Aizawa, the upcoming SEA release of Million Arthur and the upcoming Sword Art Online Android app, not to mention the tons of delicious merchandise up for grabs!



The halls were rife with activity as fans soaked up the atmosphere, zipping between special events and snapping up goodies, official and doujinshi alike. Iridescent displays transported many of us instantly into another realm the moment we entered, one where we could fully experience our favourite part of Japan culture. Exhibitors included high-profile names such as Odex, Sony, Bandai, Bushiroad, Canon and many, many more. Fans were treated to a wide array of experiences, such as the Animax booth’s green screen photoshoot, the vast collection of Japanese manga at Manga Festival, Microsoft’s Inori Aizawa zone, Culture Japan’s collection of Mirai goodies and Asia Kawaii Way’s free fashion makeover. Doujin booths also delivered a large variety of goodies such as T-shirts, posters, illustrations, original comics and even figurines. 8


Anisong 2013

Day 2: The day of pure girl power, with a total of 7 ladies gracing the stage. LiSA led off with her usual hyper-energetic performance, raising the roof and setting the mood for the entire concert with her power-packed vocals, lively movements and engaging crowd interactions. From the start, the crowd was in the palm of the songstress’s hands, first dancing and shouting along, then falling into total silence with a single gesture. Of course, fans were rewarded with her signature “bye-chi!” as she exited, with a promise to return soon.

Every year, AFA culminates in the Ani-song concerts, bringing our favourite singers straight to us. This year was no exception. With a powerful line-up of 14 artistes, energetic fans rocked all 3 nights of the AFA with both first-time attendees, such as EGOIST and ELISA, and returning powerhouses like May’n and T.M.Revolution. Of course, the biggest highlight was Nana Mizuki, appearing in Singapore for her first ever performance outside of Japan. Together, all of them put up a magical live show that enthralled the audience, letting us experience a whole new world, if only for just 3 days.

Milky Holmes followed with a literally colorful performance, their dresses flowing as they danced and sang. The light-hearted songs meshed perfectly with their sweet vocals and cute outfits as fans took in the entire show. Dedicated fans took cheering to the next level, with 4 lightsticks to represent each of the 4 members, arranged in perfect order. Next was Eir Aoi, stunning with her undeniable voice, the first of which most fans heard from Memoria, the ending theme for Fate/Zero. Belting out number after number, the spirits of the crowd were lifted to one of their highest points of the entire weekend as they were awed by the former model’s showcase. The AFA sound system could barely contain her highest notes as she pushed to the utmost limit, with her final note resounding in fans’ ears. Most fans suffered slight ear damage, probably.

Day 1: EGOIST opened the brilliance that was the Friday night concert, the vanguard of the 3 shows. The virtual band, led by supercell leader Ryo with vocalist Chelly, did not disappoint, bringing not just their music but also a visual spectacle to behold. Utilizing flawless motion capture technology, Inori Yuzuriha, the heroine of anime Guilty Crown and the virtual vocalist of the band, was brought to live, wowing fans as she perfectly replicated Chelly’s moves behind the screen.

The closing act of the day was irreplacable. May’n has been performing for the AFA since it’s very inception and every year, she only gets better. Once more, she proved her stage prowess, gripping fans from the very first song with her dancers, pouring heart and soul into each number, a message conveyed to the hearts of her audience. Delivering old and new songs alike, she showed fans of AFA how much she’d improved, a yearly meeting with Singapore. Closing with her most treasured song Diamond Crevasse, emotions overtook her as she teared up, promising Singapore fans that she would be back next year for her own solo concert.

Next up was Asia Pop Collective’s Valerie, previously of Sea*A fame. With her sweet looks and bubbly charm, the Singaporean melted fans’ hearts easily with her set, which culminated in AFA 2013’s theme song, Origami.

Valvrave Night, Day 3:

motsu X DJ KAYA brought the energy to a whole new level, pumping out sets of remixed hits from myriad popular artistes. Fans were left with hoarse throats and aching feet as they leapt and shout in tune with the infectious energy of the never-tiring motsu while DJ KAYA serenaded with tunes from such artistes as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Flow and motsu’s own Altima.

Arguably the most anticipated concert of the entire AFA, Day 3 was the grand finale. angela took to the stage, the veterans with innumerable anime hits under them. Including Kakumei Valvrave’s first ending song, Boku Janai. Each and every song resonated with the audience, atsuko’s beautiful transitions and KATSU’s electrifying guitar riffs amplifying the energy of the hall several notches. The duo’s emcees were just as entertaining, from the jokes to KATSU’s impression of the Dorssian emperor from Valvrave, the fans were drawn into the performance throughout, thoroughly enjoying the show.

8#Prince a.k.a Hachioji P and kz of livetune introduced fans to a night of vocaloid music as they’d never seen before. The creative minds behind innumerable Miku Hatsune songs, both of them dished out hit after hit, driving the energies of the crowd into a high as fans reveled in a performance unique to the Japanese, the inventors of the vocaloids. livetune ended the night beautifully with Tell Your World ft. Hatsune Miku, bringing the first day to a close.

ELISA came next, a graceful figure solitary on stage. Her flawless control was on full display as she effortlessly glided from one high falsetto to the next, mesmerizing the entire gallery. With her airy notes and almost regal stage presence, ELISA conquered the audience, granting fans a full repetoire of anisongs, from Euphoric Field to the newest ending for the 2nd season of Kakumeiki Valvrave, REALISM. Soaked with sweat, she uttered one line that sent the entire crowd wild: “I’m very wet!”

T.M.Revolution is one of the best singers to have ever graced AFA. Last year, he held a highly successful solo concert at AFA. This year, he came as one of Day 3’s performers. Right from his first song, the crowd spiraled into a near-frenzy, reaching the highest point yet of the 3rd day. T.M.R’s energy immediately swallowed up the entire crowd, regalling fans with hit after hit from his over 20 years in the industry, ending his solo set with “Ignited”, an apt description for the fans who were on fire. Incredibly, his were not the loudest cheers of the day. That honour was reserved for Nana Mizuki. Even before she appeared on stage, fans were already going wild. Understandable, as this was the first time she was performing outside of Japan, after all. One of the most popular artistes in Japan, anime or not, she amazed fans with T.M.R, performing both Preserved Roses and Kakumei Dualism, the opening songs for Valvrave, before the pair closed AFA 2013 with one last special song. Indeed, it would not be too exaggerated to say that fans at the concert had just witnessed history, as she hit a perfect note to end off her first ever overseas performance.




As of right now, there are 15 light novels in the Horizon series, from volume 1A all the way to Volume 6C.

Horizon on the middle of Nowhere

Right now, less than half of the novels have been adapted into anime form, not to mention all the rest of the light novels that share the same universe as Horizon.

To date, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon remains one of the most confusiing animes out there, blending together so many elements and plot devices that viewers are oftentimes left to scratch their heads, wondering “Huh, where did that come from?” Yet, it is undeniably a beautiful piece of work. The original novel is written by Kawakami Minoru, long known for his extremely lengthy works with intricate and minute details worked out seamlessly within the concept of his world. While the casual reader or viewer would most likely falter when confronted with his works, the avid fan appreciates the meticulously crafted world that Kawakami-sensei has borne from his own ingenuity and creativity. Each world described in his works bears its own distinct personality and system, yet they are all connected as part of a single universe. Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere is set in one of the 6 stages of this particular universe of work, specifically the fourth stage, Genesis. At this stage, mankind has been faithfully re-creating history from a mysterious book called Testament. However, certain events disrupt the re-creation, as war broke out. At the conclusion of this war, called the Harmonic Unification War, the Far East is created, consisting of the losing side with their governments and militaries replaced by educational institutions. Musashi Ariadust Academy is one of these institutions. The story takes place in the year1648 of the Testament Era. It is the year that the history set out in Testament ends and rumors are rife of an impending apocalypse. Enter Aoi Tori, a student at the accademy. Quirky and raunchy, he is one of the most unlikely persons you would expect to rise up and take over as leader of Musashi. Yet, that is exactly what happens. In a bid to save his childhood friend Ariadust Horizon, who died 10 years ago but had her soul planted inside a human doll, Tori steps up to take full advantage of the rumors regarding the incoming end of the world, leading as Student Council President and Head of Musashi Ariadust Academy’s Surpreme Federation the students of Musashi to reclaim their freedom from the Harmonic States and take over the world. As stated before, it is impossible to encompass the entirety of this world that Kawakami-sensei has created into a single article. Just a brief introduction of each character alone would take up more than the space allotted an article. While it may seem a daunting task, the anime itself is easier to absorb, with all the unique abilities of the accademy students brought to life in animation, creating battle scenes to which there are no equals. To cut it down to anime basics, it features a generous cast of inequivocal weirdoes in a quest to take over the world.

The events in Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon are preceded by those of Owari no Chronicle. In it, our world is the sole winner of a battle between ten alternate worlds, known as the Concept Wars.

There, sounds much simpler now, doesn’t it?

60 years on, however, the world is heading towards destruction and the only way to save it requires the aid of the other worlds that were destroyed.




Title: Blood Lad Author: Yuuki Kodama First Released: 04/09/2009 Volumes: 9 (Ongoing)

Blood Lad follows the story of Blood Charlie Staz, a vampire who lives in the Demon World, as his encounter with the human girl Fuyumi Yanagi spirals into an epic quest spanning the entire Demon World, and then some.


Anime Stats:

The story begins when Fuyumi accidentally wanders into the Demon World, specifically into Staz’s territory. There, Staz brings her up to his room and reveals to her his true self: an otaku vampire obssessed with human world objects, specifically manga and anime items. However, before he can find out everything about the human world from her, she is killed due to his negligence, reduced to wandering the Demon World as a ghost. Following this, Staz swears to bring her back to life.

Original Run: July 7, 2013 – September 8, 2013 Episodes: 10 Studio: Brain’s Base

Blood Charlie Staz (CV: Ryota Osaka)

Throughout the insane adventure, Staz encounters an entire host of characters, including his old friend/rival Wolf, his enigmatic brother Braz, his little sister Liz, treasure hunter Bell and many others. Despite all these obstacles and trials, Staz doesn’t relent, blasting through each and every roadblock in search of the elusive resurrection spell that will bring Fuyumi back to life.

Fuyumi Yanagi (CV: Iori Nomizu)

Blood Lad boasts plenty of action for the viewers, with vivid animation that showcases the many different abilities of the Demon World’s denizens. From the Blood siblings’ unique abilities to Wolf’s melee madness, the battle scenes will definitely strike a chord with action fans.

Bell Hydra (CV: Emi Sarah Bridcut)

The story moves swiftly, bringing viewers along on a wild ride through various parts of the Demon World and furiously introducing new characters with even more flashy skills into the mix, ensuring a dearth of dull moments.

Wolf (CV: Takuma Terashima)



The fan appreciation event, “Blood Lad Premium Event in Maihama - Next to the Promised Land is Hell”, will be held on 5th January 2014 at the swank Maihama Amphitheatre. Most of the cast will be there, as well as the singers of the OP and ED.

A pure, melodious love story... Kazusa Touma CV: Hitomi Nabetame

A man in pursuit of his dream. That is the kind of man Haruki Kitahara is. An outstanding student, his only personal dream for his high school life is to do something with the light music club. Sadly, his dream is crumbling around him. All the members have quit, leaving him alone with the leader. Yet, just when he’s about to play his last song, a ray of hope shines through. This is the basis for the love triangle between Haruki, Kazusa Touma and Setsuna Ogiso. Based on the titular visual novel, White Album 2 isn’t yourrun-of-the-mill harem anime, chock full of fan-service and one-dimensional characters. For starters, the male lead is actually driven and passionate. Both Kazusa and Setsuna are imbued with personalities that, while not ground-breaking, are easily understood and appreciated by the audience. Indeed, it would be safe to say that most people will be rooting for both of them. Or rather, you wouldn’t want either of them to get hurt. While much of the attention is focused on the main characters, the supporting cast fulfils its role fluidly, providing comic relief while also acting as the catalyst for the story’s progress at times. The beautiful visuals work great with the music, both original songs and tunes from the first White Album, given a new breath of life in this iteration. The first episode is empirically stunning, employing a powerful duet of sound and sight to keep viewers hooked. The story flow is smooth thus far, though Haruki’s progress is a bit staggering. But, he is the male lead after all. White Album 2 has all the right ingredients for a good romance anime, and in proper doses, too. Give it a shot and be absorbed for 20 minutes a week into a world of pure, youthful romance, where dreams truly can blossom.





White album 2 has 2 chapters, Introductory and Closing. The former was released in March of 2010, while the latter came out in December 2011. A PS3 version containing both chapters was released in December 2012, while a PS Vita version came out just a few days ago, on 28 November 2013.

Haruki Kitahara CV: Takahiro Mizushima

Setsuna Ogiso CV: Madoka Yonezawa


Throughout the show, references are repeatedly made from 2 of Shakespeare’s works: Hamlet and The Tempest. The 4 main characters are mirrored on certain individuals from both plays, displaying similar traits and rationale while suffering the same misfortunes. The Tempest details the endeavors of Prospero, whose rightful claim to the Duke of Milan had been usurped by his brother Antonio, as he attempts to return his daughter Miranda to her deserved place of power. Hamlet follows the titular character as he unleashes vengeance on his uncle Claudius, who murdered Hamlet’s father and took his wife as Claudius’ own. While both plays deal with the themes of revenge and reclaiming what was rightfully theirs, the conclusions of either are vastly different. Hamlet, in his bloody quest for retribution, left a wreck of bodies behind, eventually succumbing himself, lending real meaning to the word tragedy. In The Tempest, however, Prospero manages to mislead and misdirect, prompting a finale where all the players are gathered in front of him. From there, he relieves all of them from their crimes, in essence achieving a happy ending. Throughout the anime, conversations between the characters heavily reference these 2 plays, with Fuwa Aika a major proponent of The Tempest’s ending, as opposed to the massacre that was Hamlet.

Zetsuen no Tempest can be seen as a fairly straightforward anime. The protagonists, Fuwa Mahiro and Takigawa Yoshino, under direction of the Kusaribe tribe’s princess Kusaribe Hakaze, seek to stop the impending revival of the Tree of Exodus, which will destroy Earth once it emerges. Of course, it’s not as simple as the premise might suggest. As the story progresses, viewers begin to see that the objectives aren’t as clear-cut as they might have seemed at the start. Once the obvious route of action might actually be a trap in clever guise, and our heroes find themselves constantly re-evaluating their plans. While not exactly a mystery show, Blast of Tempest does keep it fresh with various plot twists throughout, all while teasing us towards the answer of the overaching plot device: who murdered Fuwa Aika, Mahiro’s step-sister and Yoshino’s then-girlfriend? Though things move a bit slowly for the first few episodes, don’t let that detract you from the latter episodes, where the plot picks up rapidly. Combining solid storytelling with plenty of magical exchanges, this is one anime that will have you unendingly plowing through each of the 24 episodes, until the truth is laid bare before you.



Armor that sucks blood. Powerful sword-wielding schoolgirl protagonist. Equally strong and similarly built antagonist. A mysterious teacher, a crazily hyper classmate and a school ruled by super-powered students. Obviously, it’s a setting meant for some epic battles and that is exactly what Kill la Kill delivers. Directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by Kazuki Nakashima, both of whom worked on Gurren Lagann, the action is expectedly explosive, with over-the-top animation and definitely plenty of excessive force. Not only is the action mindblowing, the costume designs are just as flashy, with the Ultima uniforms and the Godrobes belonging to both Matoi Ryuuko, our protagonist looking to avenge her father’s death and Kiryuinn Satsuki, iron-fisted ruler of Honnouji High School and the main antagonist, will undoubtedly be seared into viewers’ minds for years to come. Kill la Kill, which is production studio Trigger’s first original TV anime project, follows the adventures of Matoi Ryuuko as she tries to identify the murderer of her father, the same culprit who left behind the half of a pair of sword scissors that she now wields. On her warpath, she comes to Honnouji High School, a militarized institution run by Kiryuinn Satsuki, heir of the Satsuki family. Fans familiar with some of Hiroyuki-san’s work, such as Black Rock Shooter and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann will be met with similar fare, such as the highly exaggerated movements and the unique character designs.

Coser complain


Kill la Kill has no doubt proven to be one of the most popular animes of the season. That means that countless cosers out there have taken on the, um, mountainous task of recreating Matoi Ryuuko’s look, right on down to the revealing caress of Senketsu. This led to some problems, however, at the recent AFA 2013. One of the church-goers, a middle-aged lady, chanced upon this young lady in her less-than-pious outfit and took offence, even calling the police down to the scene. Needless to say, the incident quickly went viral as irate event-goers spread the news of the auntie who cornered a harmless cosplayer.



While no arrests were made in the end, it marred the day of the coser and those who were present. Singaporeans get 3 days of anime conventions a year, yet we can’t even enjoy them in peace, it seems.

Holding each other’s secret closely...


Hori Kyouko and Miyamura Izumi have next to nothing in common. Beautiful and outgoing, Hori is adored by the entire class. Miyamura, on the other hand, is silent and solitary. Coupled with his shady looks, he is typecast and avoided by most of the class. By sheer chance, however, the two witness each other at their most genuine moments. Fully exposed to one another, a bond starts to build between the two, slowly building towards a cresendo of romance.

Not exactly breaching new territory in the school romance genre, but what Horimiya does is give it beautiful new lustre in the form of a very likeable cast. Miyamura is, contrary to his appearances at school, just an average student, his best subject being health and sports. However, he is adept at baking, a skill he gleaned from helping out at his family’s bakery. As a person, he can be very slow to grasp the situation, but is kind and gentle to a fault.

Zekkyou Gakkyuu (Screaming Class) is a horror manga by Ishikawa Emi, serialized in Shueisha’s monthly manga magazine “Ribon” since 2008. The manga does not have a continuing plot, with each chapter either focusing on a new story or finishing up the previous one. The central character is Yomi, a ghost without a body waist-down who haunts the old school building. Most of the time she functions as the storyteller, occasionally appearing in the stories themselves. The stories deal with many themes, such as social prejudice and peer bullying, all masked behind grotesque ghouls that usually get the last laugh on the witless students. While the art is usually cute and pretty, it suddenly descends into gruesome illustrations of the many demons and ghost featured, a sharp juxtaposition that hits readers right in the gut.

Hori is an honor student, well-loved by all her peers. Yet, unknown to her friends, she takes on the role of her mother at home, caring for her younger brother as both parents are often too busy at work. Always eager to help, she puts others before herself, even though she does desire to just be like her friends sometimes.

A movie adaptation was released in 2013, starring Mizuki Yamamoto as Yomi. The movie focuses on the manga chapters “The Truth About Yomi” and “Human Rank” , detailing how the ghost Yomi came to be as student Kana Araki falls into a similar situation. Best seen and read at night, of course.

Author: HERO Illustration: Hagiwara Daisuke Volumes: 4 Released: 2011 Adapted from the webcomic “Hori-san to Miyamura-kun”




The story flows well, with the two memorable main characters as well as a pretty decent supporting cast that never fail to liven up the story. Jokes are plentiful as well, often stemming from the weird interactions between the characters, from the socially awkward Miyamura to perpetually friend-zoned Toru Ishikawa. The art style meshes well with the storyline, a soft approach that fills readers with warm and fuzzy feelings as Hori’s feelings slowly being to reach the dense Miyamura. While Horimiya isn’t super-original, it takes a tried-andtested recipe and executes it skillfully, adding in a few spices here and there to deliver a tantalising dish with some twists that will definitely keep readers entertained throughout.





One OK Rock came back to SG on 22nd of November, giving fans 1 hell of a show at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore.

Nana Mizuki, arguably one of the most popular seiyuus and singers from Japan, held her first ever solo concert outside of Japan on 23 November in Taiwan at Legacy Taipei.

Performing to roughly 3000 fans as part of their “Who Are You?? Who Are We?” tour, OOR fans were swept off their feet by the band’s powerful delivery of both their newest songs and older hits, including “Be the Light”, “C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h”, “Re:make” and more.

Eager fans from over the region milled the airport in anticipation of her arrival a day before the concert. For many of the fans, it was their first time seeing the songstress in person and the vast number of people present reinforced once again just how popular Nana-san is.

The energy was tangible as the band dazzled fans with their furious and frenzied renditions, so much so that some of the audience actually felt faint and had to be carried off.

Concert night saw over 2000 fans jam-packed into the halls, with many more fans who hadn’t secured tickets cheering from outside. Nana-san performed nearly 2 dozen songs on the first night as fans reveled in hits like ETERNAL BLAZE, SUPER GENERATION and Power Gate, not to mention the new duets Preserved Roses and Kakumei Dualism, which she sang with the audience in the abscence of T.M Revolution.

The music was superb, with near-flawless efforts from vocalist Taka. Drummer Tomoya was the picture of concentration, pouring a hundred and one into the show, bassist Ryota gave an almost possessed performance and guitarist Toru stole the hearts of countless girls with his charmer of a smile, never once letting it leave his face.

Performing with her band Cherry Boys, Nana-san awed the crowd and was in turn surprised by them, firstly by cries of 回ってコール after she introduced her costume exclusive for Taiwan and once more by the audience’s preplanned encore routine, including a crowd performance of SUPER GENERATION. Touched by the display, Nana-san reciprocated , surprising them with a special encore. As she sang the last song, Nana-san poured her truest feelings out to her fans and ended, literally, on a perfect note.

Closing the show with “Wherever You Are”, Taka’s words, that it was amazing how music connected all of us, even when we all lived in different places, had never rang truer.


25 Photos:

LIVE IN SINGAPORE BABYMETAL will be coming to live concert this December! The Ground Theatre, *Scape 28 Dec 2013 5.30pm (Doors open 5.00pm) VIP: $138 (includes pre-signed poster) GA: $88 Tickets available at


MOAMETAL BABYMETAL has had a busy 2013, with performances at several notable events, including Summer Sonic 2013, Inazuma Rock Festival and Anime Festival AsiaIndonesia. They also attended AFASG13 to promote their upcoming concert.

SU-METAL - Suzuka Nakamoto 中元 すず香 Born 20 Dec 1997 MOAMETAL - Moa Kikuchi 菊地 最愛 Born 4 July 1999 YUIMETAL - Yui Mizuno 水野 由結 Born 20 June 1999

AFAID performance

BABYMETAL utilizes the “kawaii metal” style, mixing J-pop influences with headbanging metal sounds for a unique blend of cute and cantankerous.

Sakura Gakuin’s clubs. An unprecedented coalescing of powerful heavy metal and sweet idol pop quickly got the attention of many people, not just in Japan but even in Europe, North America and South-East Asia. in 2012, peaking at 3rd place in the Oricon weekly indie chart. January 2013 saw their debut major single, - Ijime, Dame, Zettai イジメ、 ダメ、ゼッタイ clinching number 6 in the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart. To date, they have released 4 singles and 1 DVD single.

The 3 kawaii members! After AFA12 Singapore performance


With their unique style, they have attracted fans of both metal and idol music, solidifying their presence. In October, they became the youngest group to perform at heavy metal music festival LOUD PARK 13 alongside veterans like Trivium and Amorphis. Even now, their popularity continues to soar, selling out at all their performances. BABYMETAL started as a sub-unit of idol group Sakura Gakuin, which features an ever-changing roster, in 2010. Members graduate, a.k.a leave, the group

This is the second time the group will be island-nation by storm during the second performing outside of Japan.

Sakura Gakuin when Suzuko was still a member

While Suzuko has left the group, she will be staying on as the vocalist of BABYMETAL.



Summer Sonic 2013 Physical Sales Locations 11am to 6pm (Mon to Fri, excluding public holidays), 15th Nov 2013 (Fri) to 24th Dec 2013(Tue) *SCAPE The Ground Theatre 12pm onwards, only on 28th Dec 2013 (Sat)


Babymetal will be coming to Singapore for their first overseas live concert this December!




AFA Special Edition!

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Y A L P S O C L A R T N E C No need for words, just enjoy the pictures!








Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi + Azusa Azuki


From the anime Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko come 1/8 figures of the two leading ladies: the emotionless Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi and the tsundere Azusa Azuki! Azusa is caught in midway through a sprightly step, a bright smile illuminating her face, hair flowing freely. Tsukiko presents a more passive pose, her trademark expressionless face captured beautifully.

Price: ¥6800(~S$84) | Release: 12/2013 Height: 17cm | By: CM Corporation

Price: ¥6800(~S$84) | Release: 01/2014 Height: 17cm | By: CM Corporation

Based on the wildly popular card game Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur, Nimue levels an almost bored gaze, witholding intense arcane knowledge within. Standing at Company: Square Enix

Price: ¥12800 (~S$160)

Release date: 2014/05

The WITCH descents! 19cm

Advent of “Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade”! Kotobukiya brings us their 1/8 take on Oshino Shinobu from the series Nisenmonogatari. Ready to dive into her favourite donuts, an expression of joy shines on Shinobu’s face, the summer dress and hat a perfect complement to her sweet demeanor. Includes alternate expression and, again, removable hat! Company: Kotobukiya


Price: ¥7800 (~S$97)

Release date: 2014/04



An iS An iS An iS An An iS AniS iS

Kohaku Uta Gassen participant list is out! For the fifth year in a row, Nana Mizuki will be taking part. Also involved is T.M.Revolution, who will be in the Kohaku for the fourth time. Rather than working together as they have for the past months, though, they will be duking it out on different teams! For the full line-up, visit:

News UPdate Popular manga One Piece recently broke sales of 300 million copies! This makes it the manga with the most copies sold from Shounen Jump ever, beating even the legendary Dragonball Z. One piece debuted in 1997 and has been in serialization for over 15 years. There are currently 72 volumes of the manga. The new Moe Camera app by Katsuyuki Takahashi will change your world! Or, at least, add cute costumes and frames to your pictures. Madoka Kaname has been crowned the winner of Saimoe 2013! The heroine of hit anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica beat out hundreds of other cute and moe characters to claim of the crown of being the most moe character of 2013.

Featuring over 200 choices, including ever-popular options like maid, schoolgirl cosplay and so on, users will now be able to add in a dash of cuteness to all their pictures. Available for free download at the iOS store.

The Saimoe League has been running for over 10 years. The English version, the International Saimoe League, ended its competition in October, with Goko Ruri, better known as Kuroneko of Oreimo fame clinching the crown. The Madoka Magica fone app will be available for download starting from December! Each of the 5 magical girls will have their own version, starting from Madoka. Lupin III will be getting a live-action adaptation in the summer of 2014. The movie will centre around the meeting of the 5 main characters. They will be filimg in Japan for a week before moving to Thailand for 2 months.

Essentially, the app transforms the way your Android phone is displayed, from your lockscreen all the way to your dialer, it will all bear a Madoka theme. In addition, there will be features such as the encyclopedia of witches and gallery of Madoka scenes, exclusive to the app.

Cast: Shun Oguri (Arsène Lupin III), Meisa Kuroki (Fujiko Mine), Tetsuji Tamayama (Daisuke Jigen), Gou Ayano (Goemon Ishikawa), Tadanobu Asano (Koichi Zenigata), Jerry Yan (Michael Lee)

The app will be available for download at the Play Store for $12. Their is no iOS version.



Persona 5 has been scheduled for a 2014 Winter release, according to a teaser video by Atlus. As with previous series, the game will take place at a juvenile school setting.

Hunter X Hunter second film, “Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission”, will open in Japan on the 27th of December. Directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi, the movie will delve into the dark history of the Hunter Association, which has never been deeply explored.

While exact details have not been released, Atlus has revealed that the characters will be based on contemporary society, with each of them held back by something, much like the ball chains of the teaser video.

The full trailer has been posted online and can be viewed on Youtube.

It will be released for the PS3. More details should be forthcoming within the next several months.

The Cool Japan initiative will be getting a funds injection from the government, starting with 37.5 billion yen and eventually swelling to 90 billion yen by 2015, most of the money being public funds.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, also known as Oregairu, has snatched the #1 spot as the most “Amazing Light Novel for 2014”, joining the ranks of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Sword Art Online, A Certain Magical Index and many more honoured works.

Cool Japan aims to boost unique and distinctive Japanese companies with funds, thereby aiding in their exposure and development overseas, spreading Japanese culture such as anime, manga, fashion, movies, food and other entertainment exports.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru aired it’s anime adaptation earlier this year in April, receiving lots of attention from anime fans. There are currently 8 volumes of the light novel, with the last release just last month, on the 19th.

Already, there have been plenty of proposals to the government for the usage of these funds.

It was announced during AFA13 that would be broadcasting Sword Art Online Extra Edition on 31 December, 11pm.

One Piece: Unlimited World R was released last month, on the 21st for the 3DS. The fourth in the Unlimited series, the game follows it’s predecessors in most of the gameplay features and boasts a wide cast of characters, including both Blackbeard and Whitebeard.

Sword Art Online was one of the most popular animes of 2012. Now, fans will be able to relive the magic and cross over to 2014 in style with this extra episode.

The game retails for 5,980 yen.

It will be viewable over most of South East Asia, as well as other regions, such as the U.S and Europe.



Fans of Blood Lad rejoice! Next year, there will be a fan appreciation event! Of course, it will be held in Japan.

The level 5 Railgun Misaka Mikoto will soon be gracing laptop covers.

On 5th January 2014, the event will take place at the Maihama Amphitheatre, in Urayasu City.

With a striking pose exuding the unwavering strength of the 3rd strongest esper, the laptops ship on the end of November.

Fans lucky enough to be there will be able to meet the main cast of Blood Lad voice actors, including Ryota Osaka, Iori Nomizu, Takuma Terishima and Emi Bridcutt Sarah, to name a few. Singers of the OP and ED May’n and Yuuki Nanri will also be there to perform. Definitely drop by if you’re in the area!

Three models are available, the standard (129,800 yen), the higher specs (159,800 yen) and the best of the best (279,800 yen).

Soul Eater Not! will be getting its own anime adaptation!

Doraemon, one of the most wellknown anime characters in the world, will be getting a 3D CG animated film in the summer of 2014.

The manga tells a completely different story from popular manga Soul Eater, although it’s set in the same universe.

Entitled Stand By Me Doraemon, the movie will be based on past episodes, namely “The Night Before Nobita’s Wedding”, “Wandering from a Country in the Future” and “Farewell, Doraemon”.

Chiaki Omigawa, voice actress of Maka Albarn in Soul Eater, confirmed the news on a live radio programme. Not much information is known right now, so keep a lookout for more news about the adaptation!

From: launched on the 1st of November, in sync with the release of the 72nd volume of the powerhouse manga.

Mushishi will be getting a 1 hour anime special title Mushishi Tokubetsu-hen: Hihamukage. It will adapt the 2-chapter manga that Yuki Urushibara is publishing in the January and February editions of Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine, where Mushishi finished it’s run in 2008.

Simply put, the website is your one-stop-shop for all your One Piece needs. Information related to the anime will all be available, on top of special features like a column by the seiyuu of Usopp and advance release of One Piece manga. From:

The anime will air on January 4th, 11.30pm



Spike Chunsoft, developer of the new 3DS game “Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind”, has announced that the DLC featuring the strongest titan killer, “Levi Edition”, will be free to download for a limited period of time after its release on the 5th of December.

Short film “Traveling Daru” was released on iTunes in 17 Asian countries on 27 November. It is the first Japanese film to be listed under iTune’s movie category for 17 Asian countries.

In addition, “Twitter Army Corps: Titan Eradication”, the joint campaign with Twitter has been launched. Basically a reaction game, fans will be able to unlock an exclusive wallpaper and screensaver, in addition to entering a lucky draw for the seiyuus’ signatures. It’s not an easy game, so be sure to try the practice mode first! From:

The film was originally made for Starry Cafe, a cafe inside the one-ofa-kind airport planetarium in Haneda Airport International Terminal and features a stuffed toy traveling the world in search of an owner. From:

Nakajima Megumi, known best for her stellar performance as both the seiyuu and singing voice of Ranka Lee in anime “Macross Frontier”, will be halting her musical career indefinitely after 5 years in the industry. She will still continue voice-acting.

“Sailor Moon: Complete Edition” released volumes 1 and 2 on 29th November. Created as part of the commemoration of Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary, the volumes will include digitally remastered artwork. In addition, new covers were designed specially for this edition and all the color pages of the previous serializations will be included in the Complete Edition, ringing true to its name.

Her last album, “Thank You”, will be released on February 26 along with the blu-ray of her "5th Anniversary Year's Final Live" Megumi Night Forever concert, while her final live performance will be on 30th March in Tokyo

Dengeki Bunko’s “A Certain Summer” poll ended with Misaka Mikoto taking the top spot and as a treat, she was featured in a special greeting card from the series’ author Kazuma Kamachi.

The new Gurren Lagann manga, “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Otoko Doahō!-hen” will be launched on 28 Dec in the next issue of Monthly Comic Magazine HERO’s.

The card showcases Mikoto in the formal dress she wore once during the first season of the Railgun anime series, while her friends gather behind her.

The story will reimagine characters as baseball players at the Dai-Gurren Academy. It is based on the writer of the original TTGL, Kazuki Nakashima’s drama CD that was bundled with TTGL anime DVDs. Saki Nonoyama will be in charge of the art.

The “A Certain” series are all going strong, with the original Index light novels, both Index and Railgun manga, the recently concluded Railgun S anime and the movie Miracle of Endymion, not to mention the newest addition: A Certain Scientific Accelerator, focusing on the #1 esper in Academy City.

The original anime ran from April to September 2007, garnering attention for its outlandish style and over-the-top epic action. From:



Eir Aoi 藍井 エイル Kalafina

- SIRIUS シリウス Release: 13.11.2013

- Your Silver Garden - 君の銀の庭 Release: 06.11.2013

Price ¥1,500 (Limited Edition) ¥1,200 (Regular Edition) ¥1,400 (Limited Pressing) ¥250 (Digital Singles)

Price ¥1,500 (Limited Edition A) ¥1,700 (Limited Edition B) ¥1,300 (Regular Edition) ¥1,500 (Limited Pressing / Anime Edition)

Kill la Kill

Fresh off a memorable performance at AFA SG 2013, Eir Aoi isn’t letting up, releasing her 5th single, SIRIUS シリウス, a mere 3 days later. Popular anime Kill la Kill features the title track as it’s opening, while Kuroi Uta enchants as the theme song for PS3 game Drag-on Dragoon 3. Putting her distinct vocals on full display, fans of the former model will definitely be Looking to grab this one.

Fans are getting a double dose of Kalafina, with a second single coming hot on the heels of Alleluia アレルヤ, which was released only last month. Your Silver Garden 君の銀の庭 serves as the opening for the 3rd movie of the wildly popular Madoka franchise. Not only can you enjoy the mellifluent sounds of Kalafina, but with the anime edition, you will be getting special Madoka PR cards of the titular goddess and Homura Akemi, not to mention an illustrated digipak. Talk about a steal!

CD Tracklist Sirius (シリウス) Addicted... Kuroi Uta (クロイウタ; Black Song) Sirius (Instrumental) (シリウス) (Limited / Regular Edition Only) Sirius (TV Size ver.) (シリウス) (Limited Pressing Only)

Madoka x Homura!

CD Tracklist Kimi no Gin no Niwa (君の銀の庭; Your Silver Garden) misterioso Tsuioku (追憶; Reminiscence) Kimi no Gin no Niwa -instrumental- (君の銀の庭)



angela - ANGEL / 遠くまで Release: 06.11.2013 Price ¥1,200 (Regular Edition)


Music STOP



Another artiste that recently wow-ed fans at AFA SG, angela’s 24th single, ANGEL / 遠くまで went on sale just days prior to the event. Boasting both the opening and ending songs of seinen anime Coppelion, the songs showcase the signature vocals of atsuko, coupled with the rapturing guitar riffs of KATSU that fans of the group are so well-accquainted with. Lucky fans got to witness them live last month,but for the rest, there’s always studio CDs.

In commemoration of their 15th year together, PORNO GRAFFITI will be putting together a compilation album, featuring title tracks from each and every one of their singles to date, from their debut single in 1999 to their newest song of 2013, plus a brand new song. Since their debut, PORNO GRAFFITI has contributed many songs to the anime world, with notable names like Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist being some of the beneficiaries. No matter whether you’re a hardcore PORNO fan or listening to them for the first time, this album will rock your world.

CD Tracklist ANGEL Tooku Made (遠くまで; Far away) ANGEL (off vocal version) Tooku Made (off vocal version)

CD Tracklist 42 tracks spread over 3 CDs (41 best-of and 1 new song)



PORNO GRAFFITI - PORNOGRAFFITTI 15th Anniversary 'ALL TIME SINGLES Release: 20.11.2013 Price ¥4,500 (Limited Edition) ¥3,900 (Regular Edition)

Fullmetal Alchemist

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