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How to Become a Partner of The City Church 1. Christian a. Partners must confess Christ as Lord and Savior b. Partners must be baptized if they have not yet done so 2. Class a. Partners must attend/listen to every sermon from “We Exist” series b. Partners must fill in all forms that coincide with the series 3. Connect a. Partners must regularly attend Sunday worship services (70%) and done so for 6 months b. Partners must participate in Gospel Community c. Partners must volunteer with a ministry team for The Hill or Sunday gatherings 4. Conversation a. Partners must have an interview/conversation with their Gospel Community Leader b. Partners must have an interview/conversation with a pastor 5. Covenant a. Partners must affirm The City Church’s beliefs by signing the partnership covenant b. Partners should volunteer to give generously, joyously, consistently, and faithfully

Partnership Requirements  

A list of the requirements in order for partnership at The City Church.