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it to the volume specified in the recipe. It is entirely acceptable to use a pan other than the suggested type, but expect a different baking time. OVEN-TO-TABLE CASSEROLES AND SOUFFLE DISHES

work very well for many of the pies, again providing they hold the correct volume. They may be made of porcelain, pottery, or glass. INDIVIDUAL CASSEROLES AND OVENPROOF POTTERY SOUP BOWLS provide a neat way to serve a small group. Simply cover and refrigerate or freeze the remaining servings for another time. Most pot pies freeze well, especially those with rolled pastry or phyllo crust. After baking, cool them, then wrap them well so that they will not dry out in the freezer and lose flavor. I like to cover the pie first with plastic wrap and then enclose the whole thing in foil. Label and date each dish. I usually slip in a note to myself including the general heating instructions, too, and any ideas or inspirations I might have had about menu accompaniments. If it is convenient, thaw the wrapped pie in the refrigerator, then reheat it, unwrapped, in a slow oven (300째F) until the food reaches serving temperature (140째F to 160째F). Pies can also be frozen unbaked, in which case you can either thaw them before baking, unwrap, and proceed as directed, or put the unwrapped, frozen pies in the oven and allow about 20 extra minutes of cooking time.


36379581 pot pies  
36379581 pot pies