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Finding career success isn’t always a walk in the park. But with your support, Mia found the tools she needed to make her employment dreams come true. Thanks to your gift, she’s flourishing! After she finished high school, Mia and her family were worried about her future. She wasn’t ready to find a job and didn’t know how to get the skills she needed to succeed. They also had a lot of unanswered questions: Was it safe for Mia to work? Could she even find a job that would fit her unique abilities? To find the answers they needed, Mia and her family came to EmployAbility. She enrolled in prevocational training to help build her job skills. With the opportunity to try out different roles in a safe and supportive environment, Mia learned to do a variety of new tasks. She also practiced her communication skills and discovered she really enjoyed working as part of team.

ccYour donation plants seeds of success that help careers in the community bloom! But her family was still nervous – what would happen if she took a job and it didn’t work out?

“I’m all trained. Now, I want to work.” After working so hard at her training program, Mia wasn’t nervous at all. She went home and told her family she was ready to find her perfect job. At the same time, Islands Ace Hardware was looking to find a Garden Assistant to help care for their wide assortment of beautiful blooms. They needed someone with focus, dedication, and a talent for working with customers. When Mia interviewed for the position, Islands Ace Hardware knew they’d found the perfect match. Today, Mia is wreathed in smiles because she loves her job! Thanks to generous donors just like you, Mia is thriving in a job that gives her the chance to use the skills she learned in training and helps her connect to her community. Your gifts help Mia, and other adults with developmental disabilities, flourish on the job and in our community! eeThe support of generous donors like you gives Mia and other adults with developmental disabilities opportunities to flourish!

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Action | August 2018


OVERFLOWING WITH GRATITUDE SUCCESS FLOURISHES HERE BECAUSE OF YOU Summer might mean vacation for some, but at EmployAbility, the individuals we serve are always hard at work. Whether they’re participating in a training program or going out into the community to volunteer, our folks are always working towards meeting their goals. Every day is a chance to learn a new skill, to practice for an upcoming interview, or to take new steps towards a career. They work hard today to build a more successful tomorrow.

DR. KEN BOYD Executive Director

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Roosevelt

training, community access, and employment services each day. Your support plants the seeds of success in each individual we serve, helping them make the most of their unique skills and abilities. We’re grateful to you for making all that hard work possible. Thank you for helping our friends and neighbors with developmental disabilities flourish, in the workplace and in the community!

Thanks to you, more than 400 individuals have the chance to participate in






We invite you to

Join us for a celebration of ability! We invite you to attend our inaugural garden party, showcasing our unique training programs and benefitting adults with developmental disabilities. Tickets and sponsorships available at 2

Ability in

Action | August 2018

PLANTING SEEDS OF SUCCESS YOUR SUPPORT KEEPS OUR GARDEN GROWING STRONG Every day, Sean opens the shed in the back of the garden and pulls out the tools he’ll need for the day’s work. Sometimes he’s clearing a bed for new planting, or weeding young plants still pushing their way through the dirt. Other days, he’s just watering and watching the changing landscape. The garden is a living classroom for Sean and six other trainees, helping them build new skills for a future career in landscaping. They work individually and as a crew, alongside their instructor, to help nurture vegetables, flowers, and herbs from seed to harvest. Supporting the garden doesn’t just fall to the landscape trainees. Participants in the Day Services program also work hard to ensure the garden grows and flourishes. They plant seeds in recycled K-Cups from the office coffeemaker, giving the landscape trainees a helping hand when the garden is busy.

In the Garden

ccYour support helps our garden grow as a hands-on classroom for adults with developmental disabilities!

“I love it. I like taking care of the plants and all of it.” With a bounty of fresh vegetables and herbs on hand, the trainees in the Culinary Training Program also have lots of opportunities to learn. With help from the chef, the trainees learn what items are in season throughout the year, how to recognize when produce is ripe, and how to produce delicious, healthful dishes for their customers using the garden’s bounty. Your support helps plant the seeds of success for Sean and all the other trainees who are learning and growing every day at EmployAbility. If you’d like more information on how you can help in the garden, please email us at

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Action | August 2018



YOUR DONATION CAN BUILD A BRIGHTER FUTURE EmployAbility’s kitchen is a hub of activity. The room buzzes with conversation and clatter – knives chop, timers ding, and pots bubble. Every day, 10 trainees build new culinary skills by preparing a variety of meals for folks on campus, as well as for catering orders for customers across the community. But, the space is cramped making it difficult for hands-on teaching. Trainees often crowd around a small metal prep table to watch as chef instructors demonstrate new skills. More often than not, there’s confusion as instructors have to go over the skill again for those who couldn’t see or hear the first time. Lack of space also prevents new trainees from joining the program. Every week, a potential trainee is turned away because the crowded kitchen just won’t hold another student. Hospitality is a thriving industry in Savannah, the Hostess City of the South, and our culinary training program gives adults with developmental disabilities the skills they need to be successful. Your support can ensure more individuals have the opportunity to turn their unique abilities into lifelong careers.

ccWith your support, dozens of new trainees will find a future full of smiles and success!

A local family foundation has issued a challenge grant: Raise $5,000 for our “kitchen expansion” by October 1st to receive $10,000 in grant funding! Your help is urgently needed! Your gift today will help us start Phase 1 of our kitchen expansion project. Every dollar you give will be tripled. No gift is too small, and every donation has the power to make a difference!

I’m ready to meet the challenge! PHASE 1


Planning 3–6 mos.

Construction 6–24 mos.

PHASE 3 Equipment & Finishing 24–30 mos.

Donate by mail or online! Simply mark your donation “kitchen expansion project” or visit us at to make a match-eligible donation! Please mail checks to: EmployAbility ATTN: Laura Lane McKinnon PO Box 13607 Savannah, GA 31416

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Ability in Action - August 2018  

Ability in Action - August 2018