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New Challenges New Opportunities ——华人年议会张振忠会长于39届议会致词摘要


感恩与回顾 向年会的元老致敬 今届年会召开第39届议会,我们应追溯 历史而知恩感恩,前瞻将来而献身委身。 我国政府为肯定建国一代的年长者在社 会各个领域为大众作出贡献,而制定《建国 一代》的配套。这是对年长者的肯定,也是 推广“敬老尊贤”的传统美德。

Thanksgiving & Reflection Honoring the “Church Pioneer Generation” This is the 39th session of the Chinese Annual Conference (CAC). Looking back, we thank God for all the blessings; looking forward, we respond to His goodness with a greater sense of commitment. To commemorate the jubilee year of Singapore, our government introduced the “Pioneer Generation Package” to recognise the contributions made by our national pioneers from all walks of life. Such recognition promotes the virtue of respecting the wise and venerating the worthy.

对教会来说,设若没有建堂一代前辈们 的信心、远见、奉献和建设,就没有今日许 多教会现有的堂址,也不会有多元化的聚会 崇拜以及事工。因此,我期盼今届年会及各 牧区堂会,能在2015年以不同的方式向前辈 元老们致敬,尤其在明年第40届议会,可邀 请已达65岁以上年长者,凡在过去40届里曾 在年会担任职分的,如部主席、各部委员等 出席开幕礼及欢迎宴会,由年议会或赞助堂 会承担建堂一代的餐费及纪念品。

We too should not forget “the Church Pioneer Generation”. Without their faithfulness, foresight, sacrifices and services, many church premises would not be ours and varied language services and ministry would not have developed. Therefore, I appeal to CAC and the local churches to show our appreciation to the Church Pioneer Generation in 2015, especially making use of the opportunity at the reception banquet during the 40th session of CAC. All those who have been a conference delegate or have been serving in the various ministry boards of CAC will be invited to the banquet. The CAC or the hosting church will sponsor these pioneers to the banquet and give them a token of appreciation.



Chinese Annual Conference The Methodist Church in Singapore

■01 会长致词 ■07 年会消息 第39届议会剪影 2015年各牧区委任表 ■11 超乎万名之上的名 ■12 提防“圣诞” ■13 你还在等什么? ■14 非一般物语 抓住登山宝训过日子 ■15 喜乐受教 精细可用的器皿 ■16 芦苇迎风 杂文二则 ■17 低谷中高歌 ■18 溢出来的祝福 ■19 圣诞的欢欣 门里门外 ■20 消息/News ■22 Hymns & Songs ■23 Loving God, Connecting People, Making Disciples ■24 Equality, Human Rights & Morality ■26 Practicing Faith in

卫理公会华人年议会第39届议会全体代表团体照 Delegates of 39th Session of the Chinese Annual Conference



Cultural Context

The Joy of Giving

■28 A Glimpse of the 39th CAC Session




青年事工再接再厉 年会青年事工部在今年举办了两次联合各堂青少年 事工的活动: 

为卫理福利社的“与贫困者同行计划”筹款而举办 义跑,吸引了约730各年龄层的人参与,共筹到超过 $149,000的目标,让500户长期贫困家庭的儿童与青 少年受惠。

10月在印尼峇淡岛举行第一届以《呼召》为主题的 卫理青年领袖营,共有113位青年人参加,连同所有 参与的教牧辅导及义工总数有147人。许多青年人在 这营会里重新委身基督,誓言认真与基督建立关系。 有8位青年人表示要成为传道教牧。我为他们感恩, 也肯定青年事工部教牧、干事同工们及各部员的辛 劳。明年第二届的卫理青年领袖营定于7月17-19日举 行,吁请堂会继续给予积极支持。

差遣宣教士到泰国宣教 2013年崔基得牧师夫妇在泰国学习语言、实际考 察并参与当地教会事工,今年则受派在泰国实习宣教一 年,在今届的议会,卫理宣教会肯定崔牧师夫妇宣教实 习合格,遂请黄文合会督为崔牧师夫妇举行宣教士差遣 礼。感谢本年会七间堂会:武吉班让堂、直落亚逸堂、 女皇镇堂、巴耶黎峇堂、天恩堂、福灵堂及恩典堂资助

Strengthen the Youth Ministry This year, the Board of Youth Ministry has successfully organized two very well attended events for our youths:  ‘STEPS for a CAUSE’ has attracted 730 participants and raised $149,000 for MWS’s “Walk-with-the-Poor” program, bringing relief to 500 poor families.  ‘Methodist Young Leaders' Conference’ was held on 4-6

Oct 2014 in Batam. It had brought together 113 youths for this retreat themed “The Call”. There were a total of 147 participants, with pastors and volunteers included. These youths have been challenged to commit their lives to Christ and to build a closer relationship with Him. Eight of them have responded with their desire to answer the call to be a pastor. I called upon the Board of Youth Ministry to press on and the local churches to keep up with their supports. The next ‘Methodist Young Leaders' Conference’ will to be held in Batam on 17-19 July 2015.

Sending Out Missionary to Thailand After a year of learning the Thai language and actively participating in the local church in 2013, Rev and Mrs Gideon Choi Gi Deug were appointed to Thailand for a year internship. The Methodist Mission Society affirmed that both Rev and Mrs Choi’s internship would qualify them to be missionaries

• 12/2014

崔牧师夫妇的宣教经费与事工。我们也为崔牧师夫妇感 恩,因他们的独生女崔平和传道,亦跟随父母的脚踪, 成了年会的试用传道。

退休牧师在年会的新定位 总议会刚在9月份通过了修改法规有关《退休牧 师》的条款,教会一边让退休牧师在规定的年限内参与 年会各项事工的表决,一边肯定他们过去丰富的牧会经 验,并借重他们来协助堂会的事工。今届满65岁荣休的 牧者为洪茂喜牧师,他在年会忠心服侍了35年,我们为 他感恩。

主仆安息主怀 今年有三位长辈安息主怀,他们都为我们留下美好 的榜样。年会义务传道高家仁传道于3月18日安息主怀, 在世寄居96载。高传道于1977年始就义不容辞的接受年 会委派为天道堂义务传道,直到他离世前几年才卸下传道 职分。他生前与师母戴琼英姐妹数十年风雨不改,在堂会 默默勤奋协助兴化音的福音事工。方明德师母于7月8日安 息主怀,在世寄居104载,她在推动堂会、年会、总议会 妇女服务会的事工,成绩斐然。另一是曾在华人年议会事 奉多年的余履真牧师的师母张静娴姐妹于9月14日安息主 怀。余牧师就任其在香港母校伯特利神学院院长职而向年 会辞职。夫妇俩回新加坡退休后便一直任天道堂的本处传

in Thailand. Thus, Bishop Dr Wee Boon Hup will conduct a commissioning service for Rev and Mrs Choi at this session. We thank the following seven CAC churches for providing funds, support and care to Rev and Mrs Choi: Bukit Panjang MC, Telok Ayer CMC, Queenstown CMC, Paya Lebar CMC, Hakka MC, Foochow MC and Grace MC. We also want to give thanks for Rev and Mrs Choi, because their only daughter, Pastor Peace Choi Pyong Hwa, has followed in the footsteps of her parents. She is currently serving as a conference preacher. Re-deploying Our Retired Pastors The General Conference (GC) has passed a motion in September to revise a clause related to the retired pastors. On one hand, this is to give them the right to vote in the various ministry boards within an extended period. On the other hand, it is to encourage the local churches to capitalize on their rich experiences in the ministries. This year, Rev Dr Fong Mow Hee is retiring at 65. We thank God for his 35 years of faithful service. Resting in the Lord This year, three of our dear elders had gone home to be with the Lord. We thank God for the legacies they had left behind. Retired voluntary conference preacher Kao Chia Jen went home to be with the Lord on 18 March. He was 96. Preacher Kao gladly accepted the appointment as voluntary conference preacher in


道,关怀兴化音的年老会友及义务协助牧者,与教会的联 系不曾间断。本届议事会中为以上安息主怀的仆人使女们 举行追思礼拜,缅怀他们生前许多美好的生平见证。

新一年的挑战 实践明年年会主题:负主的轭,学主的样式 —耶稣是和好使者 明年年会主题强调耶稣是使人和好的主。耶稣的教 导核心在使人和睦、彼此相爱、爱仇敌、走两里路、做 好撒马利亚人、让行淫的女子可以平安回去、使撒该可 以回归社会……今日到处国攻打国,民攻打民,族群相 互攻击,有些屠杀害人的举止用残暴两字远不足以形容 他们的凶残,这世界委实需要和好的福音!我们的社会 生活节奏快速,家庭、教会、社会、职场上有许多人在 高度紧张和压力下,承受不了而造成身心灵疲惫,进而 需要在心理、精神、灵性得到医治复和,需要被接纳和 宽恕。我深信耶稣是使人和好的主,惟有在基督里面, 我们才有能力接纳人、宽恕人、原谅自己,愿意主动去 与人修和。

我们的目的。榜鹅是华人年议会其中一个可以去散播上 帝的爱的新大住宅区。即使不是榜鹅,也有可能是其它 地区。固然,设立布道站的确不易,需要迫切的祷告、 坚定的信心、持久的耐心、艰苦辛劳且要等待好久才看 到成果,但我希望华人年议会不会为此找藉口推搪开设 布道站,不去建立持久性的福音事工。向本地数百万未 得之民传讲上帝的爱,让他们蒙受上帝的祝福,是教会 不可推诿的责任和使命! 福灵堂和恩典堂率先表示愿意支持此事工并资助 部分经费,我吁请其他堂会也一起来响应。我们需要勇 士:祷告勇士、工作勇士、奉献勇士、牧养勇士 ……



我们在特别年议会通过成立家庭特别小组及儿童特 别小组,以备在近期成立家庭事工部和儿童事工部。傅 后利牧师、何秋吟牧师、林明仁弟兄、郭韵仪姐妹、洪 坤成弟兄、云大玮弟兄及翁约翰弟兄为特别小组组员, 他们将探讨如何装备信徒建立基督化家庭,对主虔诚、 对配偶儿女诚信、对自己为人父母角色自信的父母。此 外,退休牧者魏义发牧师也乐于从旁协助,筹备成立家 庭事工部。

我们布道不是为增加会友人数,而是因着上帝爱的 催逼,虽然布道的果效能使教会人数增加。有者以为向 榜鹅住宅区布道是为了保住一个牧区—樟宜堂,那不是

至于儿童特别小组,主要负责探讨教会如何让孩童 从小在信仰和品德上,得到良好的教导,并让他们在家

1977 until a few years ago before he passed away. He and his wife, Mdm Tai Ching Ying had been diligently assisting the Hinghwa ministry for many years. Mrs M T Fang has rested in the Lord on 8 July 2014. She lived a good 104 years. Mrs Fang’s efforts in promoting the WSCS ministry at local church, annual conference and general conference levels had been a great success. Lastly, the wife of Rev Yu Li Chan, Mdm Chang Jin Pao had gone home to be with the Lord on 14 September 2014. Rev Yu used to serve with CAC for many years. Then he left Singapore to serve his alma mater, Bethel Bible Seminary (Hong Kong) as principal. When the elderly couple returned to Singapore for retirement, they volunteered to pastor in Hinghwa MC, ministering to the elderly members and preaching in Hinghwa. They had kept in touch with the church regularly. We had held memorial services for these faithful servants and daughters of God. They had left many good works and great testimonies.

Challenges in the New Year New Theme: Take My Yoke, Learn from Me - Jesus, the Peacemaker The theme for 2015 will focus on Jesus, the Peacemaker. Jesus taught about peace making, loving one another, loving our enemy, walking the second mile, being a Good Samaritan, releasing the adulterous woman to go in peace, helping

Zacchaeus to embrace the society... In our world today, we witness the chaotic situations of nations against nations, people against people, and tribes against tribes. The brutality of some massacres is beyond description. This world needs the gospel of reconciliation. In a fast-paced society like ours, many have been crushed physically and spiritually by the intense stress and strains. They are worn out, weak and hurt. Such persons are in the midst of our families, churches, society and marketplace. They need to be healed psychologically, mentally and spiritually. They need the message of acceptance and forgiveness. I am convinced that Jesus is the Lord of Reconciliation. It is only in Him and through Him, that we are able to embrace those difficult persons in our lives, forgive others and forgive ourselves, and take the initiative to make peace with each other willingly. New Punggol Mission Why do we evangelize? We do it, not because we want to increase in number, but because we are touched by the love of God. It is not our aim to keep a local conference – Changi MC, as some may have thought. Punggol is one of the nonmature estates where CAC can share the love of God. If it is not in Punggol, it will be in other new estates. It is never an easy task to set up a local mission, because it needs a lot of persistent prayers, relentless faith, perseverance, hard work

12/2014 •




庭、学校、教会得到发挥和参与,及找到自身应有的定 位。目前我们得到梁燊财弟兄协助策划及召集成员。

提升教牧对中华文化历史的认识 年会负责牧养华语及方言会众的教牧,离开80年代 传统华校消失已超过近30年。这许多年来,教牧仅是靠 自修或完全停顿学习及认识中华文化历史。面对新移民 及多年在华语崇拜的信徒,教牧带来不小的提升压力, 为此,牧职部与著名的上海复旦大学取得安排,明年3 月我们的教牧获得浸濡的机会,到此学术氛围浓厚的校 园上10天的密集中华文化历史课程,深信此学习必给教 牧们带来莫大的助益,盼各堂会鼎力支持。

2015年欢庆新加坡卫理公会设教130周年暨新加坡 建国50年禧年特别聚会 

禧年全国祷告日 2015年7月5日,总议会将在新加坡体育馆举行禧年 全国祷告日,为世界、国家、教会和家庭祈祷。我们 基督徒一手拿圣经,一手读报纸,知道世界各地出现 圣经里说的“主的日子来之前的许多预兆”。这些 现象不是叫我们害怕惊恐,而是警醒祷告,趁着白昼 还在,赶快做主工,大家务必踊跃出席这全国性的祷 告会。

and endurance before we can see the fruit. It is about reaching out to the many pre-believers at our doorsteps – an irrevocable responsibility and mission of our churches! I thank Foochow MC and Grace MC for their financial and ministry support. I would also like to call upon other CAC churches to lend your hands as well. We need spiritual warriors who can contribute in the following areas: prayer, ministry, financial and pastoral support. New Family and Children Ministry We have agreed in the last special conference to form a Family taskforce and a Children taskforce. This is in preparation to start a Board of Family Ministry and Board of Children Ministry in the near future. The Family taskforce will explore the various means to equip Christians with the abilities to build Christian family with piety and trust, and to help parents to perform their roles with confidence. We thank Rev Poh Heow Lee, Rev Helen Hoe, Mr Stephen Lim, Ms Kwok Wan Yee, Mr David Ang, Mr Richard Hoon and Mr John Ang for their willingness to serve as members of this taskforce. Retired pastor Rev Dr Francis Ngoi is glad to offer his expertise in this area. We look forward to developing a Board of Family Ministry in the future.

• 12/2014


明 年 5 月 下 旬 总 议 会 将 藉 欢 庆 新 加 坡 卫 理 公 会 设 教130年主办雅德门庆典聚会,主题定为《Moving Forward Towards Service》。大会讲员为苏诺铭荣 誉会督、斯里兰卡卫理公会会长、马来西亚卫理公会 会督。5月24日为雅德门主日,各堂会将在各自的崇 拜时间里,播放黄文合会督的讲道视频。

联合三个年议会教牧同工会定于4月上旬在马来西亚 柔佛州举行,讲员为巴克路卫理公会的陈义辅先生 (公用事业局主席)。接着,三一年议会教牧与华人 年议会教牧将各自举办教牧退修会。


总结 最后,我在此提出几项挑战供大家思考,盼望我们 看见摆在年会及各牧区堂会的契机,而积极去策划和面 对:

迫切需要青年事工同工 我们各堂会都在物色专职的青年事工同工去看顾教 会里的青少年人。青年人的流失是一个严峻的问题,我 们必须尽早想出一些对策。既然年会已聘有专职的牧者 负责青年事工部,各堂会的青年事工干事或同工,除了 与堂会的牧者及执行委员会有问责的关系,也应与年会

As for the Children taskforce, the members will explore the issues, like inculcating in our children the right moral and spiritual characters, developing their potential and fitting into the family, school and the church. Currently, we have Mr David Leong as the convener. Intensive Course for Pastors For many years, pastors of the Mandarin and dialect speaking congregations have very few venues to study and upgrade themselves on Chinese culture and history. However, the influx of Chinese immigrants and Chinese members have placed much pressures on our pastors. At the request of the Board of Ministry, Shanghai Fudan University will conduct a 10-day intensive course on Chinese culture and history for our pastors in March 2015. It is a great opportunity for our pastors to immerse in one of the oldest and top universities in China, enabling them to learn the rich Chinese heritage. Such learning opportunity will definitely benefit our pastors. I hope that the local churches will give their support to this program. New Events Celebrating the 130th Anniversary of The Methodist Church in Singapore cum Singapore Jubilee Year in 2015


出席议会的教牧们 The participating pastors 议会召开之前,所有的牧者手中都会拿到一分由年会秘书处预备的综合报告书,年会各部的报告及总议会附属机构等 其它报告都在其内,他们需详细阅读,若对某事工有疑问,可先提交有关负责人于议会里作适当的回应。

 Jubilee Day of Prayer

The “Jubilee Day of Prayer” will be held on 5 July 2015 at Singapore National Stadium. On that day we will pray for the world, our nation, churches and families. As Christians have the Bible on one hand and newspaper on the other hand, we know that “the end time signs in The Day of the Lord” have greatly increased in intensity. While we are not fearful of these signs, they remind us to pray unceasingly and work for the Lord before the night falls. Therefore, I encourage all of us to be actively involved in this national day of prayer.

 Aldersgate Convention

The Aldersgate Convention 2015 coincides with the 130th Anniversary of The Methodist Church in Singapore. The theme for the convention is “Moving Forward towards Service”. Speakers for the convention includes the Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon, the President of The Methodist Church in Sri Lanka and the Bishop of The Methodist Church in Malaysia. On 24 May 2015, we will be screening a sermon clip of Bishop Dr Wee Boon Hup in our respective services.

 Combined Pastors’ Retreat

This retreat will be held at Johor Bahru, Malaysia on 8-10 April 2015. Mr Tan Gee Paw from Barker Road Methodist Church has accepted the invitation to be the main speaker.

Thereafter, the Trinity Annual Conference and the Chinese Annual Conference will each have their extended pastors’ retreat from 10-12 April.


To conclude, I would like to bring to your attention the various key challenges, hoping that we will be able to see the opportunities lying ahead of the annual conference and local churches: The Urgent Need of Youth Ministers Every local church is head-hunting for a youth minister to pastor their youths. The loss of young people is a serious problem. There is an urgent need to come up with effective youth strategies. Since we have a full-time pastor to head the Board of Youth Ministry, the youth workers in our local churches should work closely with the BoYM, so that we can share our resources and work on a common strategy. We want to make sure that the local church youth ministry will not be too exclusive or too detached from the Conference. This will also preempt our youths from deviating and not responding to the Methodist structure and system, especially when they have to make a greater commitment to the churches and CAC. Shortage of Pastors The shortage of pastors is especially prominent when it 12/2014 •




青年事工部保持紧密联系,分享资源和共商策略;如此 一来,堂会的青年事工,才不会过于向内发展或倾向年 会以外的联系,以致将来需要他们向年会及堂会作出更 大的委身时,出现不协调和脱离卫理公会体系与架构的 现象。

教牧严重短缺 教牧短缺这问题在每年的委派都很真实的凸显。年 会将继续努力鼓励我们的年轻人回应上帝的呼召,走上 全职传道牧会。欲解决眼前面对的困境,各堂会的教牧 和领袖需积极栽培未来优秀的本处传道,以协助教会的 一些牧养事工;同时对于现有的100多位本处传道,也 可充分安排他们担负讲道、布道、牧养及关怀的事工。

善加利用教会空间 新加坡寸土如金,要购地建堂不是一件容易的工 程。政府当局也一直评议教会并没有充分使用教堂空 间,许多教会在一周里仅用上几个聚会和活动时段。因 此,各堂会要思考和策划,教会不单只在主日或周日几 个时段密集使用空间,还应增设新时段的崇拜。现在年 会堂会在主日以外尚增设星期六聚会的有:武吉班让堂 和天道堂的英语崇拜、宏茂桥堂的福建音及华语崇拜、 天恩堂的客语崇拜、还有直落亚逸堂周三的中英午间聚

comes to the time of appointment. While CAC will continue her efforts to encourage our young people to respond to God’s calling and join the full-time pastoral ministry, local church pastors and lay leaders shall actively identify and nurture outstanding local preachers to assist in the pastoral works. For the existing 100 over local preachers, more responsibilities may be given to them to assist in the areas of preaching and pastoral care. Fully Utilize Church Premises It is not an exaggeration when we said that every inch of land in Singapore cost us a piece of gold. It is not an easy task to purchase a piece of land and build a church. The government has also commented that church premises are under-utilized. Apart from Sunday worship services and some weekday evening meetings, churches should consider new worship services to be held on Saturdays and weekdays. Up till now, besides our typical Sunday worship services, Wednesday English and Chinese services are held at Telok Ayer CMC, Saturday English services are held at Bukit Panjang MC and Hinghwa MC, Saturday Hakka service is held at Hakka MC, Saturday Hokkien and Mandarin services are held at Ang Mo Kio CMC. If we do not have enough resources, we can either rent a venue or partner with other CAC or Conferences churches to start a new Mandarin or dialect worship service on a weekday.

• 12/2014

会。若人力资源不足,可考虑借用或与年会里的姐妹堂 会合作,甚至可以与其他姐妹年会的堂会商洽场地,开 展华语或方言的周日聚会。

国际形势剧变 现今各国面对新的威胁和挑战,小国如新加坡,在 错综复杂的国际外交形势下,我们可以理解政府对中东 局势的立场,然而,我们必须留意因采取这立场给新加 坡带来的影响。我们的宣教布道场所及所设的策略,极 可能有极端宗教狂热分子渗透其内,牧区堂会若有福音 事工或从事社区人道及提供医疗服务,务必考虑人身安 全或重新检讨策略。无谓的牺牲或疏忽致使自身陷入危 险境况,那不是殉道者的精神。 让我们祷告,随时准备好灾难的来临和耶稣的第二 次再来: “你们也要听见打仗和打仗的风声,总不要惊慌; 因为这些事是必须有的,只是末期还没有到。民要攻打 民,国要攻打国;多处必有饥荒、地震。这都是灾难的 起头。那时,人要把你们陷在患难里,也要杀害你们; 你们又要为我的名,被万民恨恶。” (马太24:6-9)■

A Fluid International Arena Nations are facing new threats and challenges every day. Under such complicated international relations and diplomacy, we can understand the position our government took on the Middle East situation. Especially for a small nation like Singapore, we must note the impact when such a stand was taken. I am particularly concerned about our overseas mission strategies. It is our obligation to care for the safety of our members, especially when local churches have ongoing mission works, humanitarian or medical services in the areas where extremists are active. We may even need to review our strategies, so that we do not put our members under unnecessary threats. This is not the spirit of a martyr. Let us pray and prepare ourselves for the impending tribulation and the second coming of Jesus. You will hear about wars and reports of wars. Don’t be alarmed. These things must happen, but this isn’t the end yet. Nations and kingdoms will fight against each other, and there will be famines and earthquakes in all sorts of places. But all these things are just the beginning of the sufferings associated with the end. They will arrest you, abuse you, and they will kill you. All nations will hate you on account of my name. (Matthew 24: 6-9 Common English Bible)■




按立的副、长牧 Newly ordained Deacons & Elder (从左到右)许立欣牧师、林天源牧师、 吴丽真牧师、林恩信牧师、苏伟峰牧师。

追思礼拜 Memorial Service 高家仁传道、方明德师母(李秀英女士)、 余履真师母(张静娴女士)先后于今年安息 主怀,由众教牧组成的诗班在追思礼拜献 唱,以表达对已逝者的怀念。

差派到泰国的宣教士 Missionary pastor in Thailand 崔基得牧师(中)和他的千金崔平和传道(左二)。

议会领导 Session Leaders (从左到右)张振忠会长、黄文合会督、年会副会长韩海光 和会友领袖陈福基。 主席张振忠会长按当日各部报告的需要,而安排有关牧者如 东、中、西教区长等坐在台上回答出席者的提问。

文书团 Secretariat (从左到右)许立欣牧师(不在图内)、吴丽真牧师、 何秋吟牧师、林天源牧师和江宗大牧师。 每届议会,最忙碌的要数文书处,他们要高度集中精 神,把现场议会讨论内容巨细靡遗地记录下来。

洪茂喜牧师荣休 Rev Dr Fong Mow Hee retired this year 按年会规定,年届65岁的牧者必须退休。宏茂桥堂协理 洪茂喜牧师今年荣休,站在他身边的是与他携手同心在 不同堂会事奉了35年的师母杨姿英。

照片提供:摄影师蓝威立先生和邱佳恒先生 Photos courtesy of Mr Philip Lam and Mr Joshua Khoo

12/2014 •



2015年各牧区委任表 Appointment List 2015 东教区 教区长 廖惠安牧师

East District Superintendent Rev Wilfred Leow Hui Ann


Geylang CMC




Rev Paul Thian Moon Hee




Pr Patrick Chen Guek Fah


Paya Lebar CMC / Paya Lebar Methodist Mission




Rev Wilfred Leow Hui Ann



Associate Pastor

Rev David Liew Chuan Jih


Rev Dr David Koh Ah Chye (from May)


Rev Daniel Teoh Kean Oon


Rev Seet Keng Tat


Rev Koh Keok Nguang (2nd appointment)


Rev Dr Wilfred Ho Wai Tat (attachment)



Assistant Pastor

Rev Koh Chew Hai (till April)


Changi MC/POEM Preaching Point



Supply Pastor

Rev Irman Halim


许立欣牧师 (兼榜鹅布道所)

Assistant Pastor

Rev Edmund Koh Lik Hng

(Punggol Preaching Point, 2nd appointment)


Ang Mo Kio CMC




Rev Dr Gregory Goh Nai Lat



Assistant Pastor

Rev Koh Chew Hai (from May)


Charis MC




Rev Helen Hoe Chiew Ngin



Assistant Pastor

Rev Samuel Lee Wei Chieh




Pr Lau Chong Yaw

辅助圣工牧师 白瑞健牧师(义务)

Diaconal Minister

Rev Dr Andrew Peh Swee Kian (Honorary)


Sengkang MC




Rev Lek Yong Teck



Associate Pastor

Rev Anne Lim Ai Lei

2015 年会其它活动 | Others Events 总议会联合教牧退修会 华人年议会教牧退修会 雅德门复兴大会 华人年议会特别议会 华人年议会第40届议会

• 12/2014

8-10.4 10-12.4 21-24.5 25.7 9-12.11

GC Combined Pastors Retreat CAC Pastors Retreat Aldersgate Convention CAC Special Session 40th Session of CAC

年会消息 会长/张振忠牧师 President/Rev Dr Chong Chin Chung

中教区 教区长 吴奕贤牧师

Central District Superintendent Rev Goh Aik Hiang


Foochow MC




Rev Christopher Louis Kong Chung Dai



Associate Pastor

Rev Poh Heow Lee




Pr Lui Yuan Tze


Hinghwa MC




Rev Dr David Koh Ah Chye (till April)

陈新坚牧师(从5月 )

Rev Joshua Tan Sin Kian (from May)



Associate Pastor

Rev Joshua Tan Sin Kian (till April)




Pr Simon Cheo Hsun Shen


Toa Payoh CMC




Rev Wong Yeow Lin



Associate Pastor

Rev Ling Tieng Ngung


Kum Yan MC / Kum Yan MC (Woodland)




Rev Herman Kan Man Shek



Assistant Pastor

Rev Tack Ng Lai Chun


Hakka MC






Associate Pastor

Rev Nathanael Chew Eng Pin



Assistant Pastor

Rev Edmund Koh Lik Hng


Yishun MM




Rev Daniel Lee Kuan Yong

Rev Dr Niam Kai Huey

2015 华人年议会特别主日 | CAC Special Sunday 社会关怀主日 妇女会主日 雅德门复兴日 圣经公会主日 青少年主日 宣教与布道主日 年会主日 堂会学校主日 三一神学院主日 圣乐主日 敬老/退休牧师主日 卫理学校发展基金主日


15. 3 * 10. 5 24. 5 * 14. 6 12. 7 * 19. 7 9. 8 13.9 11.10* 8.11 15.11 13.12*

Social Concerns Sunday WSCS Sunday Aldersgate Day Bible Society Sunday Youth Sunday Missions and Evangelism Sunday CAC Sunday Methodist Church School Sunday Trinity Theological College Sunday Sacred Music Sunday Senior Citizens / Retired Pastors Sunday Methodist Schools Development Fund Sunday * 第二次特别奉献 / Special Second Offering

12/2014 •




西教区 教区长 傅后利牧师


Telok Ayer CMC / TA2




Rev Chua Ooi Suah



Associate Pastor

Rev Ng Beng Keow


Rev Chan Kok Chuon


Rev Philip Lim Kian Leong (attachment)




Pr Winston Tay Ed San


Dr Edwin Tay Ed Min (attachment)


Bukit Panjang MC




Rev Yeung Hin Fai



Associate Pastor

Rev Tan-Yeo Lay Suan


Rev Koh Keok Nguang




Pr Peace Choi Pyong Hwa


Queenstown CMC




Rev Peter Pan Seng Tai



Associate Pastor

Rev Goh Aik Hiang


Rev Dr Alex Chng Peng Lian


Grace MC




Rev Andy Goh Yik Wah



Associate Pastor

Rev Erick Tan Eng Ghee



Assistant Pastor

Rev Eric Soh Wai Foon


Holy Covenant MC




Rev Chin Yan Chong



Associate Pastor

Rev Boey Kok Yeow

2015年新上任的年会副会长郭韵仪女士 2015 Newly elected Vice President Ms Kwok Wan Yee 副会长的年龄不得超过65岁,并曾在堂会担任过 10年以上的执行委员会的执事。

• 12/2014

West District Superintendent Rev Poh Heow Lee

东教区副会友领袖蔡德明先生 East District Associate Lay Leader Mr Dennis Chua Teck Meng

退任的韩海光副会长 Retired Vice President Mr Han Hai Kwang


孩子取名在不同的文化会 遵行不同的习俗,但其意 义是不容置疑的。

有时,名字会反映出当时孩子 出世的环境。我和太太曾遇见一位名 叫‘冬雨’的中国人,她的父母之所 以给她取此名,乃因她出生时适逢冬 天,且当日还下着雨。 更多的时候,名字反映出父母 对孩子的期望和心愿。举例来说, 会从政治领袖、天才以至知名人士来 取名,渴望孩子有一天会成为这些人 物。虽说名字的表面意义异于有关期 望,却会使人联想到某名人。 还有,有些父母干脆把他们对 孩子的期望清楚地嵌入名字里。像为 耶稣取名,尤其具有特殊的意义。给 耶稣取名的独特性在于祂的父母早被 告知该取何名。



万名 之上 的名 黄文合会督

天使在梦中告诉约瑟要给婴孩 取名为‘耶稣’(太1:21)。马太在 他的福音书里阐述此事,乃根据以赛 亚先知预言童女怀孕生子要取名为以 马内利(赛7:14,太1:23)。

在这种情况,名字是按字面来 解释的。耶稣是神子、人子、也是行 在地上,在他们当中一段短时间的上 帝。但圣灵在五旬节降临后,上帝就 常常与我们这些百姓同在。

确定给婴孩取名为‘耶稣’, 乃随同拜访马利亚的天使告诉她将生 子消息捎来的。天使解释‘耶稣’之 名的意思:祂将自己的百姓从罪恶里 救出来。‘耶稣’在希伯来文与约书 亚(希腊文)这名相同。这印证了耶 稣就是世界的救主,虽然祂的使命始 于祂的同胞犹太人。


“以马内利”按照希伯来文字 面本义即上帝与我们同在。童女怀孕 生子在以赛亚先知的预言是上帝实现 祂应许的记号。几百年后,马太回忆 这经文时,宣告上帝与诞生的耶稣将 会再与祂的百姓同在。

当晚,在旷野的牧羊人被天使 告知那婴孩就是“救主,主基督”, 因此,耶稣拯救世人的使命再次被宣 扬,也因此事件,祂被认定为“受膏 者”(希腊语相当于“基督”,希伯 来语则是“弥赛亚”),被上帝拣选 和充满能力去释放祂的百姓。 来自东方的智者,寻访婴孩时 来到耶路撒冷,他们称婴孩是犹太人 的王(太2:2)。

终带来的是奇妙和欢欣。对耶路撒冷 上层阶级和希律王而言,那名字引起 他们的疑心,最终竟因此屠杀婴孩, 以为可以灭绝这位新生王。 直到今日,听到耶稣的名字后 带来不同程度的回应的人有:从抵挡 基督的狂热暴力份子、冷淡的信徒到 热忱委身基督的门徒。

超乎万名 几千年以来,基督徒发现在圣 经里尚有多处耶稣不同名字的称呼, 如:谷中百合花、策士、和平之君 等。保罗则简单的总结说祂是:“远 超越一切有名号的,不但是今世的, 连来世的也都超越了。”(弗1:21) 对腓立比教会,他写道:“所以上帝 把祂升为至高,又赐给祂超乎万名之 上的名。”(腓2:9) 本文所提及的大多数名字,皆 具特别的历史背景和目的,为的是去 彰显在那时代里的耶稣。不过,没 有任何一个名字可限制祂或全然描述 祂是谁。祂大大地超越我们所想所 做的。这事实最终使到保罗宣称祂 是:“照着运行在我们心里的大能充 充足足地成就一切,超过我们所求所 想的。”(弗3:20)

圣诞反思 在这圣诞佳节,对耶稣这名 字,你有何回应? 有可能第一次在你的生命里, 接受祂成为你的救主? 如果你已信主多年,你会把这 些显示祂如何伟大的众名字加在你的 词汇里吗?■

名字触动人心产生不同的反 应。对牧羊人来说,听到那个名字最

12/2014 •





“圣诞” 柏埔牧师


各处正如火如荼地预备庆 祝圣诞时,商业社会已超 前我们许多,他们以圣诞 节(不是基督)之名来诱惑我们。 每年,商家卯足全力,亮出许多新 点子、设计和产品,来把我们带离 基督,进入他们的市场。 几年前,我曾见一间酒吧在它 的门外张贴一张招徕顾客的贴纸, 上面写着:“欢迎!圣诞快乐!”。 正值此季节的当儿,另一张抓住我的 注意力的广告如此写着:“坚定的与 J***yW***ker(一种酒名)同行”。商 业社会与媒体企图主宰着我们如何庆 祝“这佳节”。 用心观察所有的商业广告, 肯定会让我们防范落入他们微妙的 意图里,基督在这些所有的庆祝里 不占任何地位。他们只注重外在形 式,不符合圣经的传统和符号尝试 占据中心位置。真正的圣诞已被压 制,神话被视为真理。 他们企图吸引我们的口腹之 欲,以“吃、喝、欢乐”呈现看似 圣诞的哲学;把更多的注意力放在 那些日子、事件和有关圣诞的活 动;敬拜被开派对取代,出自对上

• 12/2014

帝真实的尊崇已无处可寻觅,圣诞 庆祝只围绕在自己而非基督本身, 淳朴的圣诞已消失贻尽,仅剩节日 的欢庆。

住在祂里面并活在祂的计划里,和 祂保持持久和有意义的关系,我们 就肯定能在这荣耀的盼望里雀跃欢 欣。

朋友们,这个圣诞节请勿让我 们分心,把视线从基督身上移开。 圣诞节的真正快乐在于基督,而不 是外在的事物。我们要内化圣诞的 真实性。说到道成肉身的基督,保 罗在腓立比书2:5提到人与人之间的 关系,乃告诫我们说:“ 你们当以 基督耶稣的心为心。”我们无需寻 求外在的盼望和喜乐,真正的盼望 和喜乐乃涌自内心的确据,此确据 根植于耶稣基督,祂是所有盼望和 喜乐的源头,祂是至高者!

圣诞节就是庆祝我们在基督里 蒙福的关系。在基督里,我们的归 宿是明确的、盼望是荣耀的、喜乐 是永恒的。基督在我们的心里成了 得荣耀的盼望(西1: 27)。如果我 们拥有这确据,我们在12月26日 圣诞节之后,仍然在基督里喜乐欢 庆。

基督是上帝计划的中心,祂 也应该是我们庆祝的中心。当我们


CAC NEWS Announcement

从2015年开始,《卫讯》将转型为 一年出版四期,分别于2月、5月、8 月及11月出版。一些硬体文章照样 刊登在《卫讯》,一些及时性的活动 消息或报道立时挂上网,请读者浏览 年会网站或面簿。

圣诞节奇妙之处惟独在于耶 稣。让我们怀着与主同在的喜乐向 世界宣告此奇妙吧! 祝贺大家过个有意义的圣诞庆 典!■

www.cac-singapore.org.sg www.facebook.com/cac.singapore

CAC News will be transformed into a quarterly newsletter next year, to be issued in the months of February, May, August and November. Time-sensitive news will be uploaded onto CAC website/ Facebook for readers’ information.


思想的人,会把生命看作 一个“谜”,因为生命 中到处都是限制、矛盾、 变化。死亡的确定性、自然变化的 冷酷无情、万物更迭的规律,以及 其它许多因素,一直在呼唤历史上 的伟大智者去解答这些高深莫测的 问题。在此情况下,人会形成自身 的人生观:一种思想框架或一套基 本信念,作为人生的方向和意义的 根据,从中来理解世界,努力去破 解“生命之谜”。 主耶稣在世时的有智之士,曾 来向祂寻求解开“生命之谜”。耶 稣本是生命的牧者,破解人的极限 和指引人正确地看待生命,祂也牧 养他们的心灵需要,让他们经历大 卫王般对上帝信实的带领:“耶和 华是我的牧者,我必不至缺乏。” 首先是尼哥底母。约翰福音第 三章记载:“有一个法利赛人,名 叫尼哥底母,是犹太人的官。这人 夜里来见耶稣,说:“拉比,我们 知道你是由上帝那里来作师傅的; 因为你所行的神迹,若没有上帝 同在,无人能行。”(约3:1-2) 尼哥底母是法利赛人,自认是解释 先知与摩西律法的权威,为什么来 见耶稣?我想这表示他虽然身在真 理权威的集团里,却对有关上帝和 生命,尚有许多不解之处,欲寻找 一位从上帝来的师傅帮忙。于是耶 稣回答说:“我实实在在的告诉 你,人若不重生,就不能见上帝的 国 。 ” ( 约 3 : 3 ) 耶 稣 的 意 思 是 “你能亲身面见上帝。”尼哥底母 却回答说:“人已经老了,如何 能重生呢?岂能再进母腹生出来 吗?”(约3:4)这是尼哥底母用 现代人的科学观来了解上帝的事与 生命的奇妙。

活出基督,荣耀上帝,才是至善! 人的一个官(太19、可10和路18), 更是社会的精英,事业有成,经济 基础强和拥有显赫的地位。在主耶 稣面前,少年官是想展示他人生的 另一个最高的目标:“幹一番公益 事业,实践伟大生命的理想。梦想 已在眼前,此刻已可登上生命的高 峰,永生垂手可得,”只要耶稣这 位他认可的‘良善的夫子’给于印 证即可。 当耶稣回答说:“你若要进 入永生,就当遵守诫命。”少年 人立刻反应:“什么诫命?”耶 穌说,“就是不可杀人,不可奸 淫,不可偷盗,不可作假见证, 当 孝 敬 父 母 , 又 当 爱 人 如 己 。 ” (太19:18-19)。他又立即回答 说:“这一切我从小都遵守了。” 耶稣接着又说:“你还缺少一件;


去变卖你所有的,分给穷人,就 必有财宝在天上;你还要来跟从 我。”他听见这话,脸上就变了 色,忧忧愁愁地走了,因为他的 产业很多(可10:21-22)。我们要 问:“人真能凭着各方面的优越条 件,做好事,办公益事业,在人生 中证明自己能得上帝的赏赐?”耶 稣最后的挑战让少年官伟大的理想 即刻崩塌,不堪一击!原来生命中 的“至善”,不是由人本身自认 的“善”为准!"耶稣说:只有一 位是善的(除了上帝以外,没有一 个良善的)(太19:17)。 “活出基督,荣耀上帝”,才 是“至善”! 智者坦白的承认,他们人生观 的建立需以求证为基础。可是每一 代的不少智者,以付出生命,又语 重心长,鼓励下一代努力地寻索、 等待。面临时代变迁,生活受威 胁,一个努力奋斗,寻求真正生命 意义的人,决不能毫无头绪,坐以 待毙!你此生,能如此“等”吗? 其实,上帝离你很近,你只要相信 耶稣,“生命的谜团”立即破解。 朋友!你还在等什么?■

等什么? 庄修先牧师 女皇镇堂

耶稣牧养尼哥底母,指引他回 归到上帝的途径——重生,相信耶 稣是道路、真理和生命,藉着祂, 人才能到父上帝那里。 再看马太,马可和路加三本 福音书皆记载的一個少年人。这少 年 人 突 然 跑 來 跪 在 耶 稣 面 前 說 : “良善的夫子,我该作什么善 事,才能得永生?”(太19:16,可 10:17)。他不但是财主,还是犹太

12/2014 •





耶稣众多讲道中,登山宝 训极为重要,我想如果抓 住登山宝训过日子,是否

足矣?智者笑曰:“汝真能为之, 足矣!”到底登山宝训的精髓是什



么?从马太福音五至七章和路加福 音第六章可见其真谛。





对人:虚心、经历哀恸、溫柔、憐恤人、使人和睦; 对主:慕义、清心、为主受逼迫而欢喜。 路加福音说明富足、饱足、喜乐是祸,因悲将至

得天国、得安慰、承受土地、蒙怜悯、 作神的儿子;得饱足、得见神、得天国








不能向弟兄/姐妹动怒或怒骂,和好后才能献上感恩;免除官 司,不得欠一文钱








论报复和爱仇敌 不要与恶人作对,不怕吃亏,给有求者(包括借钱给求你的 人),爱仇敌。路加福音指祝福那诅咒和凌辱你的人,夺走的 不要再要回来;不善待你的要善待他,不爱你的要爱他,借给 人不指望偿还;恩待那忘恩和作恶的,要慈悲

做得到就可以作天父的儿子,像天父完全 一样

论施舍、 祷告、禁食

不在人前行善,要暗中施舍;关门祷告,别多次重复,要念 主祷文;不叫人看出你禁食

施舍后得天父赏赐;祷告蒙垂听;禁食时, 父在暗中察看报答你

论财宝、心里 的光、财利


天上没虫子,财宝不锈坏; 眼睛是身上的光,要亮



看天上的飞鸟、野地里的百合花和野草 就得到启示


不要论断人,不要用量器量人,想自己眼中的梁木,不要只看 到别人眼中的刺




父会将好东西给我们。求饼不会得石头, 求鱼不会得蛇




论假先知 论善人恶人

防备假先知,要凭他们所结的果子(作为)认出他们;恶人结 坏果子

假先知如披羊皮的狼 荆棘上岂能摘葡萄,蒺藜里岂能摘无花果

论进天国及 两种根基

不能空口称呼主,要真正遵行父旨意才能进天国;行道使房子 根基立在磐石上,不要盖在沙土上


主耶稣在登山宝训把信徒如何 生活的主要课题一一说明,有 条理而且细节井然,甚至把底 线说得清楚。

主 耶 稣 说 两 种 根 基 其 实 是 登 山宝训的结语,要我们听了道 理去行,把根基立在磐石上。

• 12/2014

主耶稣用比喻让我们听见、看 见 。 要 把 一 件 事 说 清 楚 可 用 比 喻 , 比 喻 能 丰 富 语 言 , 使 说 话 更 清 楚 , 使 语 言 更 加 活 泼 。 主 耶 稣 讲 道 的 时 候 , 常 用比喻来阐明真理,在登山宝 训里,祂所用的比喻不复杂, 十分生活化,如建造房子,如

点灯;在野地里,祂看到鸟飞 过,野地的百合花、绿草地, 祂看到什么就用什么作比喻, 可以说是随手拈来,令人觉得 亲切,也容易明白,并让我们 沐浴在祂述说的环境里。

我忽然觉得释然,把登山宝训 成为座右铭,就如此生活!■

喜乐受教 读经 箴言26:20-23(和合本修订版) 火缺了柴就必熄灭;无人造 谣,纷争就止息。好争吵的人煽动 争端,就如余火加炭,火上加柴一 样。造谣者的话如同美食,深入人 的肚腹。火热的嘴唇,邪恶的心, 好像银渣包在瓦器上。 Proverbs 26:20-23 (ESV) For lack of wood the fire goes out, and where there is no whisperer, quarrelling ceases. As charcoal to hot embers and wood to fire, so is a quarrelsome man for kindling strife. The words of a whisperer are like delicious morsels; they go down into the inner parts of the body. Like the glaze covering an earthen vessel are fervent lips with an evil heart.

精细 可用的

器皿 杨姿英


个人自省 因为银渣 (silver dross),釉 (glaze) 和陶器 (earthenware) 出现在箴言26章23节经文 (NIV & ESV) 中,使我格外留意这里要说的 信息。 箴言26章20至23节经文,分享 的是人的口与言语的运用。古早人 很容易明白火与柴的关系,这两者 之间只要缺一,就不会有继续燃烧 的火焰;对于现代人,他们容易明 白的是火与煤气或电器与电源。 在我们生活的世界里要享有安 宁,最简单的作为,就是制止一切 造谣生非的话语。安宁的另一个作 为,是制止不健康的争执。辅导者 鼓励,持有不同意见的人需要的是 健康的讨论,让大家了解彼此的看 法。但如果有人只坚持自己的意见 是绝对当采纳,是最佳的,拒绝参 考他人的意见,不健康的争吵就出 现。 另 一 项 造 成 纷 乱 的 言 语 , 是 热情、热烈的嘴唇加上邪恶的心; 原本热心、热情是好的,但一旦渗 入邪情恶念,就变成没有价值的言 语。陶器的完成,必须经过泥条盘 筑或拉胚成型、素烧、施釉再经过 釉烧,经历一段时间就可以看见作 品,但作品出炉,是否可以使用, 还有待检查;有的作品因制作疏

忽,会在窑内爆裂,或出现裂痕; 有些作品的表面因沾染灰尘或化 学变化而呈现浮渣气泡。对于精心 制作的艺术品或食用陶瓷,纵使有 再亮丽的釉彩,器皿本身若拥有即 使是微细的裂痕,作品也将成为废 物。 箴言的作者引用短短的几个词 句,把随心所欲,胡言乱语的结局 做一句清晰但要经过思虑的总结: 废物。 “大户人家不但有金器银器, 也有木器瓦器;有作为贵重之用 的,有作为卑贱之用的。人若自 洁,脱离卑贱的事,必成为贵重的 器皿,成为圣洁,合乎主用,预备 行各样的善事。”(提后2:20-21)

我们经历了不少年日的学习, 装备,存在内心的期盼就是可以成 为合用的器皿,愿上帝施恩引导, 让我们大家都成为精美、细致可用 的器皿。



我会说话吗?是中听(好听, 但不一定真实。)?还是中肯 (言词切实扼要,恰到好处。)?


我的生命价值在哪里?与得救 的恩典相称吗?

祷告 亲爱的天父上帝,帮助我清理 心中的恶念,让我拥有一颗清洁的 良心,有体贴的胸怀,可以存记你 教导的真理,以致每当我开口说话 时,都可以造就人,给予安慰、鼓 励。阿们。■ 12/2014 •



年会消息 芦苇迎风

杂文 二则

请人尝一口蜜糖 我有一些有“学问”的朋友, 很喜欢辩论,因为他们认为自己有 学问嘛。因此,他们每每遇上传福 音的基督徒便喜欢摆开龙门阵,准 备好出招接招的架势。一旦把对 方“驳倒”了,便沾沾自喜,洋洋 得意,好像摆平了钓鱼岛的争端似 的。 而站在另一方的人呢?虽然撒 出了种子,也无预期收割。而且撒 出的种子可能是落在石头上、荆棘 里,但都永不言倦,再找第二个去 了。他们坚信“一夕痛苦哭泣,早 晨必有欢呼”。 喜欢把人“驳倒”的人,可能 自己发现自己的“知识”还是蛮有 用的;被对方“驳倒”的“凭爱心 讲诚实话”的人,若是没有气馁,


武吉班让堂 很好,要感谢他所信靠的主;但若 因此也有几分沮丧,看来又大可不 必。因为他们所走的路是一条“苦 路”的延续:只有窄而绝不是宽。 其 实 , 从 知 识 的 层 面 说 , 我 们的人类已经到了“全知全识”了 吗?我想,连“半知半识”都不 到,我们骄什么傲呢?我们有什么 了不起呢?客观地说,我们“凭爱 心说诚实话”的宣教朋友,你们的 知识也与他们都在一个相差无几 的境界。你们只不过受到爱心的感 动而勇敢地去向人传讲爱的信仰罢 了。起码你们发现,你们手中的这 杯水是蜜糖而非毒汁,因此你们才 到处要人品尝一口蜜的甜美。

需要跟着别人到处兜着转,那些喜 欢“驳倒”你的人有时会喜欢用一 些天文知识来向你炫耀,有些喜欢 用一些物理学、生物学、化学的知 识向你炫耀,有的人喜欢用一些东 西方的文学知识来为难你,我们不 需要随着他们的魔笛起舞。只管集 中在你手中的蜜糖吧!客客气气地 劝他舔一口。 传福音,不是要去参加大专学 府辩论会,也不是要去比知识、论 学问的斤两。论到知识学问,我们 今天的人到底掌握了多少把开启的 钥匙呢?凡人都如此,基督徒也如 此,因此,我们不要靠“辩”去传 福音,只要靠“信”便是了。

因为这样,我想,这些手捧蜜 糖到处向人介绍这水价值的人,完 全用不着太过“被动化”。我们不

信?是的,还有望,还有爱。 对么?

那 么 , 为 什 么 我 们 要 给 一 些 “有文化”的基督徒加标签“文化 基督徒”呢?我们给“文化基督 徒”打的分数是“合格的”基督徒 呢还是“不合格”的基督徒呢?若 是“合格”的基督徒,那为何需 要把一副词加在特定的名词之上 呢?如果这是需要的,那么,我们 是不是也需要有“商人基督徒”? “学生基督徒”?“演员基督徒” 呢?“房地产经纪基督徒”呢?这 很“深奥”,我不明白。

有归依基督教,但说起基督教却十分 敬重,他们甚至把研究基督教当成 是他们的专业,而且其专极专,专到 有专题的研究和专书的论著,他们甚 至坚定地肯定基督教的信仰意义。我 参加过他们在上海举行的一个基督教 研讨会,主席在最后一天的结词末尾 还表示:“我们为大会的成功感谢上 帝”。这个主席不是基督徒,他压根 儿只是我们说的“文化基督徒”。

什么叫“文化基督徒”? 什 么 时 候 , 常 听 到 “ 文 化 基 督徒”这一身份标签。开始觉得很 突愕,以为在这后现代,新词喷涌 而出之际,这只是一时“时兴”的 现象。但看来,似乎有些“定性” 呢。不但在海外的华人世界,就连 在中国境内,也不时在阅读时会亮 过这么一个奇异的名词:“文化基 督徒”。 开 始 的 时 候 , 心 想 , 这 是 指 那些“有文化”的基督徒吧!可 是,后来又想,那么,是不是有没 有文化的基督徒呢?当然不能这么 说了。基督徒可以分“有文化”与 “没有文化”的吗?我想基督徒若 听到你讲他没有文化,他一定要跟 你拼命呢! • 12/2014

文化基督徒,这可能是想标明 这一类的基督徒在灵性上尚有不足或 尚有不“专”吧?那么,偏向文化难 道就是缺失吗?我曾经接触过一些在 中国大学任教的学者文化人,他们没

从基督信仰说,上帝造万物, 既是万物,文化必当是其中之一。 对文化,我们要善加爱护、善加应 用、善加占有,而且善加深化。这 是一块上帝手造的禾场,他交托给 我们周围的“文化基督徒”,你还 有理由偷偷地加以嘲讽吗?■



月26日早上,颂恩堂邀 请福音歌手刘冠霖姐妹 来华语崇拜作诗歌见证


刘冠霖姐妹分享时说,她生 长在一个台湾佛教家庭。小时候, 歌艺出众,6岁就开始参加歌唱比 赛,15岁踏入歌坛,同年,冠霖 的三姐(出嫁到新加坡)飞回台湾 带领冠霖信耶稣。当时冠霖虽然悔 改信主,但心里只是希望耶稣能帮 助她成名并赚大钱。16岁那年,唱 片公司与她签约,她凭歌曲“月亮 代表我的心”走红歌坛。接着马不 停蹄地到处去演唱、主持开幕剪彩 等等。接着买房、买车,生活变得 富裕起来。然而,她有时仍会感到 彷徨、孤独、空虚与无奈。19岁 那年,冠霖在高雄蓝宝石歌厅作秀 时,有一位高雄的牧师来拜访她。 牧师把圣经的真理告诉她,让她明 白信仰真谛。当牧师为冠霖祷告 时,她被圣灵充满,并领受主的呼 召,以诗歌来事奉主。22岁那年, 冠霖退出唱片公司,成为全职福音 歌手。冠霖在演艺事业达到颠峰之 际退隐歌坛,因为她觉得只有耶稣 赐给她的爱、喜乐与平安,才能满 足她心灵的空虚。 她也分享了她和她先生移民 到加拿大后,十年里所遭遇到的困 境。他们夫妻俩由于找不到合适的 工作,陷入了经济危机。他们靠抵 押房子,向银行借贷度日。尽管如 此,他们夫妻俩在逆境中仍不放弃 对上帝的信靠。经过每天不断的恒 切祷告,当银行正要拍卖他们的房 子还清债款时,冠霖得以进入一家 美国公司任职,从此还清债务,脱 离贫困,生活渐入佳境。

低谷中高歌 ——刘冠霖姐妹诗歌见证分享

陈秀明 颂恩堂

还有一回,冠霖的先生连续发 高烧8天,在医院里,冠霖带着三个 孩子,跪在他先生床前认真祷告, 晚上,耶稣向他们显现并伸出大能 的手医治。隔天早上,他先生的烧 竟然全退了,并且还能吃完三分之 二的早餐,当天出院回家休养。 2009年,冠霖和她先生,先 后分别患上乳癌与胃癌。但在神大 能的医治下,现在已完全康复。当 天,冠霖在作诗歌见证时,歌声热 情动人,见证生动有力,非常激励 人心。冠霖唱了多首歌曲,它们 是:月亮代表我的心、随风飘、向 山举目、我就走到神祭坛、蓦然回 首、一件新事及主的爱。

当天的主日,华语崇拜迎来了 二十多位新朋友。其中有九位是来 自中国的护士学生,她们听了冠霖 的诗歌见证,都很感动;有两位愿 意接受主,有些决定每主日来教会 参与崇拜,另外还有三对来自一望 中心的夫妻,其中有一对未信主的 夫妇,会再来参加教会的活动与崇 拜。一望中心的新朋友们都觉得教 会气氛很温馨。其他新朋友,教会 也与他们取得联系并加以跟进。 感谢赞美主,当天引领许多未 信主的新朋友来到颂恩堂,我们满 怀欣喜为此献上感恩!祈求圣灵开 启新朋友们的心门,让主的救恩, 早日临到他们身上。■

大巴窑礼拜堂征聘全职干事 • 青少年事工干事——拥有神学毕业或3年相关服事经验。 • 外展事工干事——拥有布道及社会关怀服事经验。 应征者请把履历及个人照片电邮至: 黄幼莲牧师 ylwong@tpcmc.org.sg

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溢出来的 我

未信主前是拜偶像的。儿 子小时,我常带他到处去 膜拜,他长大后,我开始 把偶像请到家中来供奉。 1983年,我的心脏及血管严重 阻塞,被送进医院。医生诊断我的 血管100%阻塞,需要紧急到澳洲动 手术。 因有心脏病,我常感胸口疼 痛难耐,信主的女儿拿圣经给我, 又为我祷告,但是我心里还是很固 执,不相信耶稣就是真神。 有一个夜晚,我在疼痛中迷 迷糊糊地睡着了,在睡梦中看见一 个洞,洞口有一位身穿白袍的人站 在那里,不久我就梦醒了,之后, 我把梦境告诉女儿,她问我会害怕 吗?我说不,反而有一种平安在心 中。女儿对我说那是主耶稣,相信 祂要医治我。于是我开始向祂祷告 祈求。 在医院里的某一天,医生告诉 我第二天要进行心脏扫描,三天后 就要到澳洲去动手术。我便殷切祷 告:“主啊,若你是真神,就请你 医治我,让我无需到澳洲去。若我 真的被你医治,我就相信你。”当 晚,我睡到午夜2点,突然听到胸口 内发出三个声响,感觉到血管有什 么东西掉了下来,而腹部又好像有 什么东西在燃烧。平时,我的睡眠 向来不好,然而,那夜,我睡得特 别香甜。 天亮了,医生带我去进行扫 描。下午,医生来到我病床边,拍 拍 我 肩 膀 , 带 来 了 一 个 好 消 息 : “你不用去开刀了!你的血管现在 畅通无阻!”顿时,我痛哭了起 来,因为太感动了!感动于奇妙的 主耶稣竟然医治了我!感动于我从 来都没有好好相信祂,祂却仍然垂 顾我!我对丈夫说:“我从此不拜 偶像了!”可是,虽然我病好了, 却不敢出院回家。因为是我的错 误,才会请偶像到家中,之后它就 • 12/2014


陈清香口述·刘淑莲笔录 直落亚逸堂

一直骚扰我,甚至要取我的性命。 故此,我求告主耶稣来帮助我。很 快地,我信主的二女婿就请牧师到 我家中清除偶像,洁净家里。这些 事办好后,我才安心出院。 我于1983年信主得救,丈夫见 了我的见证,也跟着信了主。我们 夫妇俩蒙主拯救,至今已有31年。 这些年来,我十分感恩于上帝的厚 恩厚爱。 我丈夫未信主前,染上许多 恶习,以致我们夫妻俩常常吵架, 婚姻极不和谐。我信主后有一直 祈祷,求主改变我丈夫。结果很 奇妙!由于他长期喝酒,造成胃 病,就决心戒酒,后来真的与酒杯 断了关系。至于他戒烟的理由,是 因为孙子时常投诉烟味很臭,再加 上媳妇怀孕,他不愿媳妇因他而受 苦,便请我为他祷告。不久后,真 的看见祷告的果效,他终于告别了 香烟。此外,我无法忍受他长期沉 迷于赌博,便祷告上帝让他输钱, 结果他屡赌屡输,最后因为太心痛 了,从此就不再上赌场了!这样一 来,他顿然变成了一个好丈夫,我 俩之间的关系愈来愈佳,这都是因 为我向主耶稣求告:“若你不来救 我,我的家就会散!”感谢主!我 幸福的家是你一手建立的! 现在我全家归主,谢谢恩主让 我的子孙都有聪明智慧,个个在事 业上都颇有成就,最重要的是他们 都愿意把上帝摆在首位。我心实在 满足,这都是因为上帝赐下的祝福 多到溢出来了!■

诞节是什么?是冬天里飘 扬的雪花?是商店里听不 完的“Jingle bell…”? 是 圣诞老人们的“呵呵呵”?是年底写 不完的圣诞贺卡?是圣诞树上晶莹 的五星彩灯?是家人互赠礼物的温 馨时光?是挑战华人胃口的“圣诞 大餐”?是乌节路上看灯饰的汹涌人 潮?……我承认,这些都曾是、也还 是我的圣诞节内容,毕竟我也是世俗 之人。但此时此刻,身为基督徒的我 会提醒自己,基督耶稣来了,他才是 中心和根本。

门里 门外 颜明珍 天道堂



欢欣 陈丹红

女皇镇堂 记得第一次过圣诞节是二十 多年前的事。我和青春伙伴们吃罢 圣诞大餐,来到圣诞舞会倒数时 光:“…五、四、三、二、一”,大 家欢呼着,互祝“圣诞快乐”。在一 片欢乐高潮中,我却突然跌入空虚的 谷底,躲进黑暗中独自叹息。那时 的我并非基督徒,也不知撩拨人心的 圣灵、天使,只记得我脑子一阵发 热,心中闪出念头:圣诞节不是耶稣 的诞辰纪念吗?为何不去教堂看看? 于是,我不告而辞,离开狂欢舞会, 走进附近的一间美丽教堂,站在后面

的角落里,静静做个“旁观者”。不 出十几秒钟时间,有人上前来亲切问 候我,并拉我入座,“大家挤一挤 吧…”。就这样,那个平安夜,我与 一群友善的陌生人亲密无间地挤在一 起,不熟练地咏读《圣经》、哼唱颂 歌。因为去晚了,那个崇拜很快结束 了,我没能搞懂教堂里发生的一切, 可是,圣诞节在我心中留下了一束爱 的火种,温暖而绵延。

记得小时候,每当圣诞节脚步 临近时,我们这些小孩既兴奋又期 待。哥哥姐姐少不了都会买一些巧克 力、糖果、饼干在家庆祝,各种缤纷 色彩不同形状的气球,还有挂着闪亮 装饰品的圣诞树,把家里布置得充满 圣诞欢乐的气氛。

知道十字架牺牲的爱,明白自己需要 一个再造的生命。原来,在教会里的 圣诞节不是圣诞老人,教会的圣诞庆 祝有平安夜,天上的星星要指引东方 的博士寻见诞生在马槽的圣婴,耶稣 的降生才是圣诞的重点,也是圣诞节 的最大礼物。这礼物是给每一位相信

欢乐的圣诞节让人最先联想到 的是圣诞老人,因为有了圣诞老人 就有圣诞礼物,有了圣诞礼物就有了 快乐,然而这一切纯粹是外在的一种 短暂的满足。吃喝欢乐过后,只剩片 断的记忆,其它皆销声匿迹,随风而 逝,仅是一桩教会门外的印象,狂欢 后的宁谧,了无痕。 某年某月,我和朋友一同踏进 教会,在教会里认识了耶稣是基督,

但是,真正的回归之路曲折而 漫长。直到有一天上帝说,时辰已 到。我彻底降服,让上帝之子耶稣成

我们预备好了吗?把 自己化为“帮助”和 “关怀”的另类礼 物,有灯塔的光度, 有满心的温度。

为我的救赎。基督耶稣的生、死、 复活也就成为我的信仰福音。年复一 年,圣诞节对我的灵命意义和感动愈 发深切,外面的世界也依然故我。我 要将一切的美好归于圣婴的诞生;我 要去教堂唱真正的圣诞颂歌;我要献 上特别的感恩祷告;我要将这好消息 传扬出去…… 的确,这是重要的一天!美好 的一天!上帝之子降世为人,带来 拯救、大爱、喜乐、希望、和平、真 理……人啊,你为何不去领受?不去 欢欣呢?■

的人,相信这是一份最有价值、最珍 贵的礼物。 门外,还有许多人像我从前一 样,不知道有这份礼物,也不相信这 似抽象却贵重的礼物。今天,我们在 教会里享受着这份礼物带给我们的许 多平安与祝福,然而,这祝福不是要 我们收住让自己拥有,而是一份分享 的礼物,要我们带出去,分给人。 圣诞节是报佳音的好机会,门 外有许多无形的等候和期待,我们 信主的人,每人手上都有一个能满足 这期待的宝贝。我们预备好了吗?把 自己化为“帮助”和“关怀”的另类 礼物,有灯塔的光度,有满心的温 度。■

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引 言






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⽣生命弦 诗歌⻅见证


天恩堂 Hakka MC 祢是我的眼《天堂国度》生命赞歌分享 日期 12月24日(星期三)

天道堂 Hinghwa MC 圣诞欢乐满乔治王道 Christmas Joy @ King George's 日期 12月20日 (星期六)

时间 傍晚6点正 地点 天恩堂 1-B Evelyn Road Singapore 309298 联络电话:62562225

讲员 时间 下午3点半至6点半 — 嘉年华会 傍晚 7点至10点 — 圣诞晚会 地点 乔治王道(介于大牌805及806之间的走道) 节目 嘉年华会有游戏,美味食物 (凭每本$3/=固本换取) 圣诞晚会特邀黄秀玲姐妹(新闻主播)献唱和 见证 分享圣诞信息、真光堂淡米尔诗班献唱、天道堂 30人诗班献唱及圣诞剧表演。 节目

郭凯丽传道出生于沙巴, 是365防癌教育协会关怀部负责人。 她借服务癌症病友,进入社区把 “身心灵”健康讯息带给居民。 她曾出版个人创作诗歌光碟 “我需要你”和个人生命见证光碟 “心印心” 。 林丽丽姐妹(视障人士) 木箱鼓表演、分享等。

询问 天道堂 Tel: 62983955

餐券 $10




《欢庆圣诞新加坡》所发起的“我的 圣诞愿望”,主要为实现许多小学年 龄的儿童的圣诞梦想。经由赠送的小 礼 物 , 与 孩 童 们 分 享 上 帝 的 爱 和 祝 福。

目标 今年,我们期盼为1500名孩童筹到 $75,000 (每名孩童$50)。 • 12/2014


• 领养或赞助礼物给指定的孩童 • 为基金奉献 • 把此当成全教会的圣诞外展计划, 组织20至50人去购买和包装礼物。


想了解此事工的更多详情,请与 Ray先生联系:电邮 ccismcw@gmail.com或 致电8621 9044。

消息/ News 圣诞是一年中最欢乐的日子,当社会一般非信徒在圣 诞季节的气氛中,看不到教会敬拜及纪念的举动,也听不 见信徒见证的声音,他们就容易歪曲圣经的真理,否认真实 的信仰,以为基督降生只是虚构的神话而已。因此,教会不 可在圣诞因噎废食而加以漠视。教会和信徒应使这节期不流


于世俗,在吵杂罪恶的声浪中,在狂欢恣乐的纵情里,唱出 佳音,宣告基督降世的救恩信息,并使这信息传到每一个角 落,进入每一个心灵! ——摘录自唐佑之的“圣诞佳音”■


唱圣诞诗歌 玩游戏 圣诞礼物 6时正) 嘉年华会(傍晚

总干 事


拜厅) 堂(六楼th崇 点:卫理感恩 6 floor dist Church,

um Yan Metho


el: 6337 619 ore 188534 T

gap A出口 2 BRAS BASAH) 百胜地铁站 (CC

een Street Sin




票 索取免费入场

义顺北宣堂 Yishun MM 把圣诞欢乐带给贫困家庭和医院病患 日期 12月14日(星期日) 12月16日(星期二) 节目

颂恩堂 Charis MC 从天而来的爱 Love From Above 日期 12月25日(星期四) 时间 上午11点正

12月14日(星期日)下午2时正 爱心食品分送—通过家庭服务中心 把食品分送给义顺贫困居民,与他们 分享上帝的爱。

12月16日 (星期二)傍晚6时正 邱德拔医院报佳音—教会报佳音队借 歌声,把耶稣诞生的大好信息带给医 院病患。

地点 颂恩堂 Charis MC 91 Koon Seng Road Singapore 427032 联络 致电63445750 安排往返友诺士地铁站和午餐

询问 义顺北宣堂 联络电话: 67587491


‘My Christmas Wish’ has been organised by Celebrate Christmas in Singapore (CCIS), an initiative that fulfils the Christmas wishes of needy primary-school aged children. Through our small gifts we share with them God’s love and blessings.

Target We aim to raise $75,000 to bless 1500 children.


• by publicising to your fellow church members to adopt/ sponsor gifts as specified by the child • by giving a love offering to the fund • by making this your church-wide Christmas outreach project via gathering teams of 20-50 people from your church to purchase and wrap the gifts.

Contact For more information, please contact Mr Ray at ccismcw@gmail.com or 86219044. 12/2014 •


Hymns & Songs


Let Our Communion Sing! Mary Y.T.Gan

MSM Consultant/Retired Founding Principal


n addition to the Lord’s Prayer, there are three congregational responses in the Holy Communion liturgy that could be sung instead of spoken. They are: “Holy, Holy, Holy” (also called the “Sanctus” from the Latin text), "Christ Has Died" (The Mystery of Faith) and “Amen”. In this issue, I would like to introduce three new music settings on these communion responses. “Holy, Holy, Holy” is the main congregational response in the liturgy of the Lord’s Supper. It is part of the “Great Thanksgiving” or “Eucharist Prayer.” The text is based on Isaiah 6:3 and Matthew 21:9 (Psalm 118:25-26). It is often spoken or recited quickly with no feeling or sense of awe in the Lord’s Supper. Singing allows congregations to have more time to think of the text and helps them to express more effectively this powerful “unending hymn” of praise with “the people on earth and all the company of heaven”! The melody is based on the pentatonic or 5-note scale (soh, lah, doh, re, me). The music highlights or helps bring out what the text says, e.g. the octave leap in the phrase “Heaven and earth” depicts the wide gap between heaven and earth; the high pitch on the word ‘high’ in the repeated lines ‘hosanna in the high-est’ reinforces the

meaning of the text. The original setting in English has been translated to Chinese and Malay/Indonesian. “Christ Has Died” (The Mystery of Faith), also known as the “memorial acclamation” is a 3-point statement (“Christ has died; Christ is risen; Christ will come again”) that summarizes the church’s basic beliefs about Christ. This proclamation comes after the “anamnesis” (Greek word for remembrance) of Christ’s death and resurrection in the United Methodist Hymnal communion liturgy. The composer uses “word-painting” technique to highlight this short but profound proclamation: the descending melodic line (me-re-do) depicts Christ has died, the ascending line (me-fa-sohsoh) depicts Christ has risen and the final descending line coming from a high note (dóh-soh-soh-fa-me)) “paints” the picture that Christ will come again from high (heaven) down to the earth. “Amen” The first 3 notes “soh-lahdoh” of the “Amen” is actually a motif taken from the first phrase of the “Holy, Holy, Holy” setting. This helps to link the 3 settings as a set of responses. It is to be sung at the communion after the pastor invokes the present work

of the Holy Spirit, and then praises the Trinity, concluding with: "All honor and glory is yours, almighty Father, now and forever." The repeated sections could be sung first by the pastor, and then by all. Alternatively, all could come in together without any repeat; or, the pastor sings the first Amen, and all respond with the 2nd Amen, without any repeat. The “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “Christ Has Died” music settings were originally composed in the year 2012 in response to the request of the then pastor of the Wesley Methodist Church, Melaka, Rev Thomas Chin, to sing the communion responses. The choir director/composer was inspired to write a new Asian setting of these liturgical responses for the church instead of using what is available in the United Methodist Hymnal. Subsequently, the melody of “Holy, Holy, Holy” was slightly altered and revised for inclusion in the soon to be published (mid-2015) new Asian hymnal entitled: “Let the Asian Church Rejoice!” This is a joint publication project of the Methodist School of Music and the Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia, Trinity Theological College. The “Amen” was added later to complete the set of 3 sung-responses. They could be sung in English, Mandarin and/or Malay! ■

*The composer, Mary Y. T. Gan, a former music lecturer at Trinity Theological College (1982-1997), and the project director and editor of “Let the Asian Church Rejoice!” hymnal project (2012 – present). She is also the choir director of Wesley Malacca Choir (2010- present). • 12/2014

Church Profile

A Brief Introduction to Holy Covenant Methodist Church

Loving God, Connecting People, Making Disciples

Deng Xudong

Holy Covenant Church

Background oly Covenant Methodist Church (HCMC) was officially founded on January 1, 1997, but its history dates back to 1963, when its predecessor, the Telok Blangah Preaching Point of Telok Ayer Methodist Church, was established. HCMC has increased greatly in average weekly attendance from the humble 10 worshippers in its first ever service in 1963 to the current 200 in the three worship services: Mandarin, English and Hokkien.


Milestones and Key Ministries HCMC is one of the few CAC churches without its own church building. In 2004, with God’s grace and provision, we moved to our current worshipping location, the auditorium of the Fairfield Methodist Secondary School. In 2008, we acquired our own church office, the first ever property for HCMC. Over the years, God has led HCMC in various out-reach ministries, including regular short mission trips to Thailand, Indonesia and China. The most noticeable ministries are the Grace Fellowship and the Ruth Home Ministries.

Grace Fellowship, which started in 2006 with the help of a Korean missionary, is a ministry to reach out to Chinese nationals, especially postgraduate students and young professionals from China. Since its initiation, this ministry has enjoyed steady growth, especially after small family groups started to be formed in 2009. Currently, Grace Fellowship boasts seven family groups with more than 100 members. Ruth Home Ministry, which started in May 2013, is a ministry to reach out to Chinese speaking nurses and nursing students who are offered subsidized rental for residing in the Ruth Home Hostel. This ministry comprises both pre-evangelism and evangelism programs for Ruth Home residents. Preevangelism programs include weekly English classes, dessert/soup night every Wednesday night, regular seminars to help them with their profession and life, and occasional outings. Evangelism programs include mainly two activities: biweekly bible study group meetings and one-to-one mentoring. In August 2014, we celebrated the first anniversary of the Ruth Home Ministry with a big food fair.

HCMC members participating in STEPS 2014 cum Family Day

So far, eight of the residents received Christ as their savior, three were baptized and five will be baptized this coming December. This whole ministry would not have been possible without God’s provision and the overwhelming support from the Chinese Annual Conference, WSCS, and many sister Methodist churches. Looking ahead Starting from January 2014, HCMC has embarked on the development of a simplified three-stage discipleship process “Loving God - Connecting People - Making Disciples.” The purpose is to move away from its traditional focus on program-driven ministries to a focus on the discipleship process so that everyone who comes to the church will be able to grow from one stage of the process to the next stage. It is our hope that all our members will become mature disciples to reach out to their non-believing friends and family members and that HCMC will continue to be a great vessel that God uses to fulfill His Great Commission (Matthew 28: 1820). ■

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Introduction In July this year, Singapore’s National Library Board removed three children’s picture books following complaints about the homosexual themes contained in them. The NLB probably did not expect that this would result in about 400 persons protesting against the decision at the library’s doorstep. Just before that incident, 20,000 supporters of the homosexual movement gathered at Hong Lim Park, demonstrating the level of public support for this movement.

Historically, homosexual activist groups have sought more than simply tolerance and acceptance. According to the report from Straits Time dated

Same-Sex Marriage and Inequality It is not uncommon to hear the plea: “Why are heterosexuals allowed to marry but not homosexuals? Our Government is not giving equal treatment to homosexuals!” This argument has overlook a fundamental concept of equality. The concept of “equality” necessitates a comparison of two or more objects. For instance: are apples and durians equal? Some might say that they are not equal, because apples and durians differ in texture. Some might, however, say that they are equal, because they are both fruits. The answer to the question depends on what characteristic is chosen as a comparator. By the same principle, today, a homosexual activist might say “we are all human beings and all human beings are equal, why then homosexual couples are not permitted to marry?” A possible response to this is “homosexuality and heterosexuality are different groups, so how can you compare them?” It is true both are “equal” to the extent that they are human beings. But on the other hand, the two groups are not entirely alike (or “unequal”) from the perspective that one group is homosexual while the other is heterosexual. Debate • 12/2014

23 Oct 2007, it mentioned: “The Prime Minister also believes that if Section 377A was repealed, ‘gay activists will push for more’ …changing what is taught in schools, advocating same-sex marriages and parenting.” In essence, the homosexual movement is seeking the institutionalisation and normalisation of the homosexual lifestyle. As believers, we are called to love God and the people around us. But what is love? Paul pointed out that, love “does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth”. As believers, we must be aware that the Bible does have a stand on homosexuality. I emphasise that we should not be fighting against homosexual persons,

but rather, resisting a movement that is replete with political motives and agenda. This movement has tried to change social policy and structure in a manner that is harmful to our society and against our beliefs. In doing so, the homosexual movement has relied on a range of superficially attractive but, in truth, fallacious arguments. I am concerned that believers might easily depart from the teachings of the Bible because they have unquestioningly accepted such erroneous views. To this end, I would like to address three common but flawed arguments utilised by the homosexual movement.

Equality, Human along these lines often descends into meaninglessness because neither side is able to convince the other about its choice of the comparator. It can thus be seen that “equality” is an empty concept; the substantive outcomes almost invariably depend on what characteristic is chosen as a comparator. There is, to date, no consensus on the appropriate comparator on the issue of whether homosexual couples should be “equally” entitled to marriage rights. As such, the equality argument will not get us very far. In any case, the homosexual movement appears to favour the comparator of “whether both groups are human beings” as the starting point in their equality analysis. This is perhaps because they believe that they have

human rights in general, and the right to homosexual marriage in particular. Same-Sex Marriage and Human Rights But do homosexuals have a right to homosexual marriage? In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (“UDHR”), the right to homosexual marriage is not listed as a fundamental human right. Although the right to marriage is referred to, Article 16 of the UDHR states that “men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family”. The fundamental right to marriage referred to in the UDHR clearly refers to heterosexual marriage.

Pastoral Sharing Therefore, it is incorrect to say that there is a “fundamental human right” to homosexual marriage. Of course, a possible argument is that we can simply expand the scope of recognised fundamental human rights beyond the agreed list in the UDHR. But in doing so, we are redefining marriage from “a union of a man and a woman” to “the union of two persons”. This undermines the essence of marriage and will eventually destroy the stability of our society. If we permit such a redefinition,then there may not be any reason to stop people from further extending marriage to “the union of three persons” and so forth. Marriage will lose its originally intended meaning, and may one day be discarded altogether. For example, in Massachusetts, threesomes have been getting married; and, in March

argue that consenting homosexuals do not cause harm to anyone by their sexual acts or marriage, and therefore that these are morally beyond reproach.

It is therefore very difficult to accept the argument that the homosexual movement, holistically considered, does no harm.

However, we need to consider a broader perspective in determining whether homosexual acts cause harm, looking at the entire homosexual movement and its desired end-point. There are at least two possible “harms” caused.

It should be added that even if the homosexual movement really does no harm, this does not conclusively mean that it is morally beyond reproach. If we follow the homosexual movement’s “harm principle” argument to its logical conclusion, then there can be nothing morally wrong with paedophilia, promiscuity, bestiality, necrophilia, adultery, one night stands, and so forth. Are we prepared to accept such acts as being morally beyond reproach?

First, from the perspective of physiological harm, according to 2010 data provided by the American Center for Disease Control, male homosexuals are 40 times more likely to contract AIDs or syphilis, than male heterosexuals. Second, from the perspective of harm to the social order, it is a historical fact that in societies where homosexual

As such, the harm principle does not provide a good moral justification for recognising homosexual marriage.

Rights and Morality

this year, an English lady even married her beloved little dog. In Tennessee, a man has even married his beloved guitar. The chaos evident in the Western institution of marriage evinces that rewriting the definition of marriage may result in a domino effect. Are there moral problems with same-sex marriage? Other than the perspective of human rights, it is important to also consider same-sex marriage from the moral perspective. To the homosexual activists, the “harm principle” is one oftenused moral justification for permitting homosexual acts and marriage. They

marriage is legalised, society does not become more tolerant; rather, there will be a new form of supremacy, one that serves to restrict – amongst other things – religious freedom. For example, earlier this year, in Ohio, an experienced English teacher was made to resign from a Catholic school because she refused to sign an anti-gay clause. Last year, the owners of a Christian bakery in Oregon refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. The owners apparently faced hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines after they were found guilty of violating the couple’s civil rights, and their business was left severely affected. From the perspective of social order, the deprivation or restriction of religious freedom is a form of harm.

Rev Pan Seng Tai Queenstown CMC

Conclusion When discussing the issue of homosexual marriage, we must keep in mind that despite common references to equality, human rights and morality, the arguments raised by the homosexual movement are flawed at many levels. In any case, regardless of our sexual preferences or inclinations, the LORD’s emphasis is on the holiness of our lives. From the LORD’s perspective, a holy life is the foundation for happiness. In addition, we cannot be content to simply state our stand and leave it as that. We need to able to question the arguments and agenda of the homosexual movement. There is flawed or false logic behind many of these arguments. We are responsible for questioning these positions, pointing out the errors, and guarding against the agenda to normalise the homosexual lifestyle. After all, Jesus said, “You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden” (Mat 5:14). ■ 12/2014 •



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Practicing Faith in Cultural Context

The Joy of A


recent Straits Times headline, “Christmas comes early for factories in Singapore” (5 November 2014), drew attention to increases in Singapore factory output for both domestic and export markets, because of increased buying of consumer goods in preparation for yearend holidays

Magi, the wise men who offered gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ child. Their acts of self-giving constituted the greatest gift. And that recalls the even greater gift of God, who emptied himself in Jesus Christ out of deep love for the world. “The free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23).

Christmas has long been associated with gift-giving, especially in the west. While possibly overshadowed in Asia by the tradition of giving hóngbāo at Chinese New Year, it only further highlights the social value of gift-giving. The tradition at Christmas goes along with the rush to shop for gifts and with corresponding opportunities for manufacturers and retailers to market their goods.

Gift-giving is a common cultural act. Different cultures have different practices and expectations of gift-giving. When Abraham sent the servant to his hometown to get a wife for his son, he bundled “all sorts of choice gifts” (Genesis 24:10). The giving and receiving of gifts is an important courtesy that strengthens interpersonal relationships and smooths social interaction. Naturally the act of giving a gift fosters a sense of social obligation, and people tend to offer gifts to those who will be in a position to offer something back of similar value. This kind of social exchange is the basis of economics.

“The Gift of the Magi,” by the 19th century writer, O. Henry, relates a wonderful lesson about gift-giving. It is the story a young couple who, though of little financial means, longed to give each other the best Christmas present. Unbeknownst to each other, they both gave up their most prized assets in order to buy the best gift for the other. The woman cut off her beautiful, long hair and sold it to buy a gold chain for the husband’s pocket watch. Unbeknownst to the wife, the husband had sold that same gold watch to buy expensive combs for his wife’s long hair. The irony of the plot reveals a deeper moral lesson. Though their gifts were rendered valueless by their own acts of self-giving, their self-giving imitated the

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However, Jesus offered a critique of those whose self-interested giving marginalized poor people. While at a dinner he observed that the hosts invited only those who could return the favour. But giving should flow from the pure motives of care for the other person, regardless of their ability to repay. When we give only with the expectation of receiving a similar gift back, we are limiting the flow of God’s love given through Jesus Christ. “But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the crippled, the

George Martzen UMC Missionary

lame, the blind, and you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you” (Luke 14:13-14). In fact, though they may not be able to pay back the debt, people often “pay it forward” in both tangible and intangible ways. A 2000 film “Pay It Forward,” is about the son of a single mother, whose social studies teacher gives the class a practical assignment to improve the world. The student comes up with a plan that he calls “Pay it forward”. He picks three people and does them a significant favour, an act of kindness. Once they receive a favour they are not to pay it back but find three more people to show kindness to. It causes some domestic problems when he offers a homeless man to stay in the family’s own garage, but eventually the homeless pays he favour forward by persuading a suicidal woman not the jump off a bridge. Is there a spiritual benefit to giftgiving? Jesus said that those who give a dinner for “the poor, the crippled, the lame and the blind” will be rewarded in heaven. Stated more bluntly, they may not get their reward in this life. But is there a spiritual reward in this life? In the practice of giving to others are we not opening ourselves to the grace of God? Can we think of gift-giving as a means of grace? Paul recognized gift-giving as a “charism” of the Spirit (Romans 12:8), but all believers are compelled by love to offer gifts of their resources to God

Pastoral Sharing and to each other. If we take Scripture seriously, all that we have is a gift from heaven. Through the sacrifice of Christ, God’s love comes to us as an everflowing stream, and we need to pay it forward. But if we begin to horde that love and our God-given resources, then we become a blockage in the life-giving stream meant for others. Paul exhorted the Corinthians to give back to the Jerusalem church with the knowledge of greater generosity: “He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase

the harvest of your righteousness” (2 Corinthians 9:10). Those who offer gifts to others often find themselves blessed in the act of giving. There are many avenues to exercise the practice of gift-giving. Some delight in preparing well-wrapped presents for others. While it may benefit the manufacturing sector to buy the latest consumer goods for year-end gifts, there are also many other meaningful forms of gift-giving. Instead of giving things as gifts sometimes the best gift is the offer of time with the family. Some give



你如何深化对基督教传统的认识以及培养成 熟和活泼的灵性?




你能在严谨而扎实的基督教学术氛围中接受 神学教育?

at TTC?” 受神学教育”

曾否思索… 上帝在你生命中有何呼召?你又如何能更好 地装备自己在教会和社会中服事上帝?

cess?” 一神学院?”



生共享午餐 参观校园

一对一面谈 (自由选项)

神学院的课程并不容易,但能够全力以赴地 来认识神,是何等的恩典和福气,何况上课 真是享受,何况有一起奋斗的同学,何况智 性与灵性都在成长,何况眼光也会改变,希 望有一点神学思维、历史宏观、学术视角, 更加谦卑……

- 吴秋莲 (神学研究硕士MTS 二年级)




charitable gift cards, offered by some agencies, so that the gift is raising funds for a worthy cause for the less fortunate. One obvious avenue to exercise our giving is through the church. The Methodist membership vows include the giving of gifts as a way of supporting the ministry of the church. However we practice the giving, let us do it with generosity. As John Wesley exhorted the early Methodists, “earn all you can … save all you can … and give all you can.■

An Invitation


Trinity Theological College 三一神学院 cordially invites you to an




15 Jan 2014, Wed, 8.15am - 2.00pm TTC 2015年1月21日(星期三) Campus @ 490 Upper Bukit Timah Road

早上8点15分至下午2点 2014年1月15日,星期三,早上8点15分至下午2点

在这里有不同的神学课程,它们既能叫你的 思维变得更精确,又能塑造你的心灵和坚固 你的手,使你在教会和世界中能更好地服事 上帝。你在三一社体中能与别人一同受到启 发和鼓舞,在信仰上成长,并晓得辨认上帝 的声音和晓得祂在你生命中的旨意。

欢迎你参加 三一开放日

三一神学院校园@490武吉知马路上段 三一神学院校园@490武吉知马路上段

你将有机会参观校园、与讲师会面、与学生 们交流、旁听一门课、参加早祷会以及与我 们一同享受团契。

报名请于 www.ttc.edu.sg 2015年1月16日之前

无论你是带着问题而来, 还是和朋友一同到访, 我们都非常欢迎。

电邮 openhouse@ttc.edu.sg

在三一神学院的生活是忙碌与充实的,因为 同学们都努力学习,希望成为上帝的精兵。 通过学院所安排的各项活动,我们一同经历 神和享受彼此之间的团契,相信这将成为我 成长过程中的美好回忆。

- 谢家欣 (道学学士BD 一年级) 三一是我与上帝相遇和重塑属灵生命的地 方。这里的人、事、物都满载着上帝的奇妙 作为。三一图书馆是一个浩瀚无垠的宝库, 是东南亚各神学院中最多藏书的图书馆,是 我几乎每天必到之处,这里是帮助我属灵生 命成长的摇篮,给我书中有颜如玉和黄金屋 的体会,令我流连忘返。

- 黄伟雄 (道学硕士MDiv 2012)

Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church Full-time Ministry Recruitment Our church is looking for a Youth Worker to serve in the English Congregation. The required qualification is as follow:- Age 23-40 - Tertiary education - Able to relate with youths who are in their early teens to the tertiary level (ages from 13 to 23)

- Preferably with working experience - Theological training is preferred but not necessity Those who are interested, please send your CV to admin@tacmc.org.sg by 31st December 2014. For further enquiry, please call 63244001.

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圣灵的带领下,华人年议会第39 届议会(11月10日至13日)在张振 忠会长主持、众教牧同工及会友代 表同心配搭下圆满举行及闭幕。

议会由第一晚圣餐崇拜暨开幕礼掀开 序 幕 。 只 见 教 牧 在 黄 文 合 会 督 率 领 下 在 《愿主恩光充满我》序乐中鱼贯进场。当 晚黄文合会督以《真正的基督信仰》宣讲 信息,由江宗大牧师传译。黄会督引用马 太福音6:1-6;15-18指出,基督徒要从施 舍、祷告、禁食三个生活层面活出真实的 信仰生活。之后大家同心领受圣餐,预备 心迎接第二天的议事。 第二天的议事以灵修会开始,许立欣传 道以撒母耳记上第三章分享上帝对撒母耳 夜晚的呼召,这呼召是对个人、是有上帝 的同在和祂的同工。接着议会正式开始, 会长张振忠牧师以《新挑战、新契机》指




明了年会来年所面对的挑战及带来的契机 (他的报告详见本期《卫讯》)。年会各部及 年会相关的机构相继作出报告。

道(义务)及余履真师母张静娴女士举行 追思礼拜,缅怀他们一生忠心事奉所留下 的典范。

会众悉心聆听,提出意见,在和谐同心 的相互讨论中接受报告。

第四天进入议会的高潮,晚上举行按 牧典礼、差遣礼、荣休礼。黄文合会督以 《天国的投资》宣讲信息,俞丽鑫牧师传 译。黄会督引用马太福音6:19-34指出, 地上的投资是为自己,天国的投资却是为 主与他人。当你所做的是为荣耀主,你必 积财宝在天,任何主所差遣,并服事祂的 人,祂必与你分享祂生命的赏赐。四位传 道苏伟峰、许立欣、吴丽真及林恩信被按 立为副牧,林天源牧师被按立为长牧,崔 基得牧师为年会派出的宣教士,洪茂喜牧 师事奉了35年,带着感恩的心荣休。

第三天灵修会,吴丽真传道以《唯有基 督,永是基督》为题,分享马可福音14: 3-9,唯有与耶稣建立亲密的关系,才能为 主付出最深的爱。灵修后继续作报告。此 次议会大家对策略小组提出的成立榜鹅布 道站及推展榜鹅事工的策略颇为关注。 在今届议会,副会长韩海光弟兄因届退 休年龄,不能续任,议会选出郭韵仪姐妹 为年议会副会长、蔡德明弟兄填补郭韵仪 姐妹的空缺,为年会东教区副会友领袖。 两天的议事在下午四时宣告顺利完成。 接着为方明德师母李秀英女士、高家仁传

2014年第39届议会在大家期待的各牧 区委派中宣告闭幕。

A Glimpse of the 39th CAC Session

nder the guidance of the Holy Spirit, CAC 39th Session (10-13 Nov) ended smoothly. The Session was presided by Rev Dr Chong Chin Chung and attended by the pastors and church representatives in one accord. The Session opened with a communion service on Mon 10 Nov evening. In his sermon “The Authentic Christian Belief”, Bishop Dr Wee Boon Hup admonished Christians to practise giving, praying and fasting for genuine Christian living. The Bishop’s message, based on Mt 6:1-6 and 15-18, as well as the Lord’s Supper prepared the participants for the next two days. The second day of the Session began with a morning devotion by Assistant Pastor Edmund Koh. In the calling of Samuel (1 Samuel 3), he highlighted that though the calling was personal, it is in the presence of God together with His divine partnership. Rev Dr Chong Chin Chung then commenced the Session with the President’s report “New Challenges, New Opportunities” (details see p1-6). Representatives from Conference Boards, Committees, Councils and Supplementary Corporations then took turns to report their activities and plans, while

other participants listened attentively, raised enquiries and approved the reports with much appreciation. Assistant Pastor Tack Ng Lai Chun expounded on Mt 14:3-9 with the topic “Solely Christ, Forever Christ” on the third morning. She emphasized that we were only able to pour out our innermost love for Christ only when we build an intimate relationship with Jesus. The highlight of the day was the proposed Punggol Mission and its mission strategy. The Session elected Ms Kwok Wan Yee to replace Mr Han Hai Kwang (who has reached the mandatory retiring age) as the Conference Vice President and Mr Denis Chua Teck Meng as East District Associate Lay Leader (filling the vacancy left by Ms Kwok). The report and discussion session ended at 4pm on the third day, after which a memorial service was held in remembrance of Mrs M T Fang (wife of Rev Fang Meng Teck), (Honorary) Local Preacher Kao Chia Jen and Mdm Chang Jin Pao (wife of Rev Yu Li Chan) for their faithful services.

We reached the climax of the Session on the evening of the fourth day with the ordination, commission cum closing service. Bishop Dr Wee Boon Hup encouraged the participants to invest in the Heavenly Kingdom by expounding on Mt 6:19-34. He said that while storing up wealth on this earth was for our self-interest, storing up treasures in heaven was for the Lord and for other people. Whenever we did something for the glory of the Lord, we were storing up treasures in heaven. God would share His own life with those who were sent out and ministered for Him. Four members on trial (MOT) – Preachers Eric Soh Wai Foon, Edmund Koh Lik Hng, Tack Ng Lai Chun and Irman Halim were ordained as Deacons and Rev Ling Tieng Ngung as Elder. Rev Gideon Choi Gi Deug was commissioned as CAC’s missionary pastor and Rev Dr Fong Mow Hee retired after 35 years of faithful service. The Session came to a close after the announcement of the much anticipated appointment of pastors to each of the local conferences. To God be the glory!■

编委会 • 顾问 张振忠牧师(博士) • 主编 邓保庆 • 执行干事 王慧莹 • 编委 梁志诚、郁君璋、杨姿英、陈新坚牧师、李幼吟、 Rev Erick Tan Eng Ghee, Rev Boey Kok Yeow, Rev Chan Kok Chuon • 承印 Print & Print • 出版 新加坡卫理公会华人年议会 • 地址 70 Barker Road #05-04 Methodist Centre Singapore 309936 T:6478 4811 F:6478 4816 E: cac@methodist.org.sg W:www.cac-singapore.org.sg

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