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Beekeeping Class – Is a Beekeeping Class Something That Could Be Advantageous? Get A Free Email Mini Course On Beekeeping If you are new to beekeeping, it is likely that you have questions that you would like to be answered. One should not be blamed for that. In fact, one way to go about finding answer could be by looking for a knowledgeable person about this subject where you live. Another possibility could be to look up for your answers online. However, even though a beekeeping class will maybe not respond to all of your questions, it is likely to regroup information that a beekeeping novice might be interested in. This information could be mentioned in a beekeeping class, which could contain sections about honey bees’ species, beekeeping supply, and tips to help one practice beekeeping in a city. Species of Honey Bees There are plenty of bees' types. In this article I hope to mention some of them. There are in fact four common types of bees, the apis cerana, the apis florae, the apis mellifera and the apis dorsata. Among this four, two bee’s types can be more easily domesticated than the two others. The two that can be domesticated are the apis cerena and the apis mellifera. In fact, one characteristic of domesticated honeybees is that they can tolerate a lot of disturbance while bees of the types apis dorsata, for instance would abandon their honey and hives when disturbed. There is a lot more to learn about honey bees’ types. I cannot assure that a beekeeping class could cover half of the honey bees types. The beekeeper's Equipments Because beekeeping can lead to pain, it can be guessed that some actions to try to provide safety are likely to be taken. Among these measures are: the wearing of a beekeeping suit and the use of a smoker to calm down the bees. If you buy your hive, get a smoker. Additionally to the smoker, one other beekeeper equipment is the hive tool that helps remove stuck woodwork for instance. Furthermore, the uncapping fork permits to remove the caps from the honey supers during the extraction of honey. To the preceding beekeeping supply can be added the brush and the hive stand. You do not have to acquire all of these tools at once. Is it even possible to do city beekeeping? No, city beekeeping is not a fantasy. It is possible to practice beekeeping in an urban area. However, as one can also imagine, the environment of the city is not the same as the wild one. Consequently, certain actions should be taken to do beekeeping in a urban area. Concerning the honeybees themselves, providing with enough water near the hives should be done. Additionally, having a fence of at least 6 ft tall would lead the

bees to fly high. As a result, fewer encounters between the bees and your neighbors should take place. The fence can also lead your maximum of 2 hives to be concealed. Something else that could be done would be to give honey to your neighbors. This could lesser their apprehension towards the idea of having a beekeeper next to them.

Beekeeping Class – Is a Beekeeping Class Something That Could Be Advantageous