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Volume 39, Issue 2 February 2015

An e-newsletter published by the Pennsylvania College Personnel Association

Top Photo: Keynote Speaker Courtney O’Connell. Bottom: PCPA President Morgan Rizzardi, PresidentElect David Greene, Conference Chair Amanda Ries, & Keynote Speaker Dr. Joe Bertolino

A Look Back – PCPA Conference Notes The 2015 conference was highlighted this year by keynote presentations by Ms. Courtney O’Connell and Dr. Joe Bertolino. Both guests brought a sense of energy and inspiration to the crowd of Pennsylvania higher education professionals. The conference featured plenty of quality workshops; a service project; lots of networking; and the awarding of PCPA’s annual awards Dr. Kelley Kenney, Amanda Ries, Allison Shumar, and Alyssa Caffarelli were recognized as PCPA’s annual awardwinners at the conference. • Dr. Kelley Kenney was honored with the Ron Lunardini Mentoring Award. Dr. Kenney is PCPA’s faculty liaison. According to one of Dr. Kenney’s nominees, “While she has only been in this role for a brief time, I have witnessed Kelley, almost single-handedly, provide a greater depth of involvement for our graduate students. She is obviously well-respected within the field as well as by her students, and a number of her students are currently involved in the leadership of PCPA. Her years of experience within the field are a tremendous resource to the organization, and she is a wonderful model for her students to emulate. She is truly deserving of this recognition.” Another nominee – one of her students – said, “Dr. Kelley Kenney is a person that anyone would want in their corner. If you need the support and encouragement that only a mother can provide she is the one who can provide it. If you need the advice and guidance of a veteran professional she can and will provide it.” • Amanda Ries was recognized with the Joseph Merkle Outstanding Contribution to PCPA Award. Ries has served PCPA in numerous capacities in recent years, including conference chair in 2014. Amanda is one of the most deserv-ing individuals in PCPA to be hon-ored with this award. Starting on the Executive Board as the Member at Large for

PCPA’s 2014 Award Winners: From left to right, Dr. Kelley Kenney, Amanda Ries, Allison Shumar, and Alyssa Caffarelli

4-year private colleges in the western side of the state, she organized a successful networking event drawing in both current and new members. Upon a board vacancy, she quickly stepped up to the challenge of President of the state division and helped see the association through navigating the waters of dual membership with ACPA and re-writing our current by-laws to reflect the change.” • Allison Shumar – a former PCPA board member – was recognized with the Outstanding New Professional Award. Her nominee wrote, “Allison has been a phenomenal asset to PCPA since she started on the board as a Graduate Student Liaison. She transitioned to Membership Chair when she started her position at IUP. As membership chair, Ali was instrumental in implementing the dual membership changes to our bylaws and in our membership database. She also played an important role organizing registration for the 2013 Annual Conference. On top of being an outstanding asset to PCPA, she also excelled in her role as Assistant Director of Student Life at IUP. She coordinated and organized the implementation of Collegiate Link for student organizations to communicate with current and prospective members and worked to create nonalcoholic programming to be offered during Homecomng and IUPattys Day (among countless other responsibilities).” • Alyssa Caffarelli was honored with the Outstanding Graduate Student

Award. She is in the Class of 2015 cohort at IUP. Her nominee stated, “For FY14, the Annual Giving program had one of its highest fund raising results to date. Beyond the myriad of our Annual Giving fund raising statistics I could share with you, I believe some of Alyssa’s most significant development work is found in her leadership of the Student Philanthropy Council (SPC). With Alyssa’s leadership, the Student Philanthropy initiative has expanded from a series of appeals targeted to graduating seniors to a more comprehensive program involving the university’s entire undergraduate student body through service, volunteerism, and philanthropy. Equally important, Alyssa has better positioned the Student Philanthropy initiatives to be peerdriven by SPC student members.”

Bertolino returns to his roots to discuss student affairs journey Contributed by Jenna Konyak, PCPA Membership Chair

Save the Date: Gettysburg 2015 Your conference co-chairs David Greene and Brian Root are working out the details of a Gettysburg 2015 conference the weekend of October 23-25, 2015. Be sure to mark your calendars to join us for our annual conference. If you are interested in being on the conference planning committee, contact Brian at We are searching committee members to assist with the following: Facilities/Technology; Registration; Donations & Vendors; Entertainment; Breakout & Educational Workshops; Mentor/Mentee Program; Grad Student Case Study Competition.

PCPA Conference keynote speaker Joe Bertolino, Ed. D., visited PCPA in October to offer some insightful words. Currently the President of Lyndon State College in Vermont, he still prides himself on his roots in Pennsylvania and with PCPA. Dr. Bertolino’s journey in student affairs started in the Pennsylvania state higher education system. During his time as a leading student affairs professional, he grew to love and appreciate how his students shaped his career. He says he is an advocate for student affairs professionals being presidents of higher education institutions. Where does Dr. Bertolino being an innovator come into play? In his approach to advocating for student affairs professionals to reach for their dreams. Throughout his career, Dr. Bertolino never thought that being a university president was an option. For one, he was a student affairs professional, which is not the typical career path for a university president. In addition, he is also openly gay. The combination of these two things led him to believe that being a chief student affairs professional was his calling in life. This all changed when a mentor suggested he apply to be a Fellow with the American Council on Education. Throughout that process, he followed the daily footsteps of various university presidents and learned that it was something he desired to be. He recalled a meeting he had with his guide that concluded with him realizing that he was using his personal traits as a scapegoat for failure rather than a push to change the lives of students. After this meeting, he knew that he needed to be a president, and that his student affairs background was going to be his ladder for change. Today, Dr. Bertolino knows that a large part of his days are spent meeting with directors of Lyndon State College and answering questions from the Board of Trustees. However, he still makes a point to have personal interactions with students each and every day. These interactions keep him grounded and remind him of his roots in student affairs. He concluded his speech by recognizing that each of us has our own niche and our own desires. Pursuing those dreams is one way in which we can be innovative in the world of higher education.

Brian Root

David Greene

Check out photos from the 2014 Conference.

Representing PCPA in Tampa

PCPA officially becomes internal chapter of ACPA The PCPA Executive Board recently made a unanimous decision to pursue what ACPA refers to as “internal status” as a state association. The board was presented with the decision to become an internal or external chapter beneath ACPA as a parent organiztion. A third option was to be an association independent of ACPA. Becoming an organization independent of ACPA would have taken away the association’s ability to use ACPA’s name and, as the board discussed, may have had other unexpected ramifications. Our neighboring association to the north in New York State is one example of a state who decided to disaffiliate with ACPA (see more). The executive board discussed the issue at length, but ultimately decided to join the many other state associations who have moved to internal status. This move allows PCPA to continue to utilize the ACPA name and experience the shift. ACPA had asked all state associations to make a decision by December 31, 2014.

PCPA President Morgan Rizzardi and President-Elect David Greene pose for a photo at the recent ACPA Conference in Tampa, Fla. ACPA15 has come and gone, and PCPA is proud to have had a number of representatives at the annual conference in Tampa, including executive board members, Morgan Rizzardi, David Greene, and Dr. Matthew Shupp. ACPA president Gavin Henning has shared a few updates via the ACPA website since the conference. His post-conference note – “We Must Do Better” – is a reflection on the difficulties surrounding the conference. It is even more so a reflection on some of the difficult conversations about equity and inclusion that were happening at the conference FOR MORE INFO:

One of the major issues that may potentially impact PCPA membership is the fact that now all official members of PCPA must be also be ACPA members. ACPA membership comes at a cost of $93 to $149 per year, depending on his/her institution’s status with ACPA. Graduate student membership in ACPA can be done at a discounted rate of $53-$69. Because of this change, the PCPA board moved to eliminate its state association membership fee to remove any potential monetary barriers for professionals who wish to join PCPA. This also means a loss of revenue for PCPA. According to ACPA’s website, there are currently 17 state chapters, including Pennsylvania. New York State is no longer listed on ACPA’s website since it moved to disaffiliate with ACPA. FOR MORE INFO: Click here.

PCPA Elections Coming Soon PCPA Past President, Dr. Amber Racchini, recently posted a call for executive board nominations. The deadline to nominate was March 30, and elections are set to take place soon. All elected officers will begin their terms on May 1, 2015. The following positions will be elected this month: President Elect: This person will serve as President Elect in 2015-2016, President in 2016-2017, and Past President in 2017-2018. As President, this person will preside over all meetings of the organization, provide leadership in association activities, and be the communications liaison to ACPA. David Greene is the current PresidentElect. Recorder: This person keeps all records of the Association, keeps and

distributes minutes of all business meetings of the Association, and is responsible for annually updating the Associations policies & procedures. Dr. Charmaine Strong is the current Recorder. Communication Commission Chair: This person will oversee and recommend appropriate action affecting overall policy of Association publications, including but not limited to the newsletter, journal and social media. Brian Root is the current Communication Commission Chair. Four Year Public Member-at-Large West: This person will serve a two year term, representing the needs and interest of the four year public institution student affairs professionals from the Western section of the Commonwealth.

Four Year Private Member-at-Large East: This person will serve a two year term, representing the needs and interest of the four year private institution student affairs professionals from the Eastern section of the Commonwealth. Craig Dillaman is the current Four Year Private MAL. Two Year College Member-at-Large West: This person will serve a two year term, representing the needs and interests of two year college student affairs professionals in the Western section of the Commonwealth. Anna Elias is the current Two Year College MAL. PCPA members should keep an eye out for an elections ballot, which will hit your email inbox soon.

Are you an ACPA member who would like to join PCPA for FREE? Log on to the ACPA website and request your FREE annual PCPA membership application/renewal. If you are NOT a current member of ACPA: you can join using the previous link. Although non-members are able to participate in PCPA-sponsored events, they will do so at different rates and will not be included in official correspondence of the organization nor have access to ACPA membership discounts and services.

Save the Date March 6-9, 2016 Conference Website

Around the State •True Colors of Leadership: Positively Impacting the Queer Community. Register for this April 10th conference that focuses on leadership within the LGBTQIA community and allies. Contact PCPA member and conference co-coordinator Tedd Cogar for more details. The conference will be held on the campus of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. •The National Association for Multith cultural Education (PA-NAME)’s 17 th annual conference is April 10-11 at Keystone College in La Plume, PA. The conference theme is “Inclusive Multicultural Education: Uniting for Political, Economic and Educational Empowerment”. More details are available online. •The 2015 Transfer Admissions & Advising Committee (TAAC) Annual Transfer Conference is Thursday, May 14, 2015, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Rosemont, PA.

May 19 – 21, 2015 at Millersville University

The TAAC Transfer Conference gathers interested student-centered individuals and organizations to disseminate relevant information and better serve transfer students. Interested participants may register online.

PCPA Faculty Liaison extends invitation to grad students Submitted by Dr. Kelley Kenney, PCPA Faculty Liaison Graduate programs in the field of Student Affairs are the lifeblood of the profession. The students that our programs admit have a ton of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm about the field. This was clear at the annual PCPA conference in October where graduate students from over half of the graduate programs across the state were present.

Liaisons about other important news and events throughout the year. If there is anything that we can help with, please do not hesitate to send us an email. Our contact info is listed below:

As the Graduate Program Faculty Liaison for PCPA, I'd like to personally thank all the graduate program coordinators and faculty for the work that you do with graduate students, and especially for emphasizing the importance of becoming involved in the field by attending and participating in our conference.

• Cameo Pritchett, PCPA Eastern Region Graduate Student Liaison, Kutztown Univ. -

I encourage you and your students to keep an eye out for information from me and from our three Graduate Student

• Dr. Kelley R. Kenney, PCPA Graduate Faculty Liaison, Kutztown Univ. -

• Jaclyn C. Beasley, PCPA Central Region Graduate Student Liaison, Bloomsburg Univ. - • Britany Gallagher, PCPA Western Region Graduate Student Liaison, Indiana Univ. of PA -

PCPA Board Meeting Briefs The most recent PCPA Board meeting took place February th 27 . The following are board briefs compiled by PCPA Recorder Charmaine Strong. For full board meeting briefs, visit the PCPA website. 

Communications Plan: B. Root will take the lead and coordinate meeting with Mindy, Amber, and will include A. Elias within the next few weeks. M. Shupp also agreed to assist. M. Rizzardi will share information that Todd Eicher had prepared on a communications plan. Consistent with timely messaging. M. Rizzardi will also join if she is able. Grady Roberts Graduate Student Writing Award: J. Konyak noted that about $300 was garnered from the membership dues survey. K. Kenney reported that things should be in motion with a goal of a June 1 deadline. 2014 Annual Conference: M. Rizzardi reported that in spite of some complications (e.g. no survey was done, presenters withdrawing at last minute) keynotes were good and the overall conference was successful. Internal Chapter Agreement: M. Rizzardi reported that all state associations are struggling through this together; but most became an internal chapter of ACPA. Losing some autonomy as far as contracting, reporting, advertising for events, new website platform; can’t say everything is perfect – a challenge for ACPA as well as PCPA. State division meeting at ACPA – M. Rizzardi and D. Greene attending.. Treasurer’s Report: M. Rizzardi reviewed the report until B. Koval joined the meeting. Will continue to maintain two bank accounts – PCPA and ACPA. D. Kennedy raised the $5/month service fee – are we still paying this? Not reflected on the report. Also noted that website maintenance fees may not be needed in the future once the ACPA/PCPA is rolling. B. Koval reported he would check on the service fee. The $400 ACPA speaker’s grant was deposited. Total assets $17,105.05. Membership: J. Konyak reported that she receives membership info once/month from ACPA; just received January report. Reviewed the report. Pointed out that 361 ACPA members reside in PA but are not in PCPA. J. Konyak would like to outreach to those folks. Communications: B. Root reported that newsletter will be distributed soon. Will use new Issuu platform. Will initiate communications plan meeting.. Professional Development: C. Turissini reported that best strategy is to use technology; book club? Will work with B. Root to email blast re: professional development; component of the newsletter; sending out NPR post or article something similar and use techno platform for dis-

cussion. Will outreach to members via listserv to push info out and identify interested members to assist. Another idea: take PCPA conference programs related to graduate students on the road to various graduate programs. Connect with Graduate Student Liaisons. Will try to get something organized this semester. Two Year West: A. Elias reported she scheduled Lunch and Learns through Jan – May with different topics. The January session was cancelled due to a building closure. Second L&L this afternoon. Faculty Liaison: K. Kenney shared she will be outreaching to faculty related to Grady Roberts Writing Award. Chi Sigma Alpha – student affairs honors society for graduate programs; one chapter at Bloomsburg in the state. Wants to develop a chapter at Kutztown. NBCC/POAC: NBCC will move to an ad hoc position due to the ACPA changes. Focus on what POAC can be – M. Shupp will take the lead and “think outside of the box” with reinventing POAC. Webmaster: D. Kennedy showed draft of the ACPA PCPA webpage. Board asked to look at the proposed website (; will discuss again. Discussion about the loss of PCPA autonomy. Currently, we are in a one-year trial with ACPA. C Strong moved that for the fall 2015 conference, PCPA commit $500 to the Grady Roberts Award; second by B. Koval. Motion passed unanimously. Proposed Bylaw Changes: A. Racchini reported on the bylaw changes. Section 4. Affiliations was major change. Followed ACPA membership structure. Added the Equity and Inclusion Statement. Discussion about the PresidentElect serving as co-chair for the Annual Conference; agreed to leave this in for now; perhaps think about restructuring term dates. Elections: A. Racchini reviewed positions and timeline for elections: President-Elect, Recorder, Communications, 4year West public, 2-year West, 4-year private East. 2016 Conference: D. Greene reported that he has done some location investigation. Thoughts: change the days to ½ day on Friday, all day Saturday and ½ day Sunday (based on conference feedback). Recommends 23-25 October 2015; target location should be between Gettysburg and edge of State College. M. Rizzardi suggested that three free conference registrations be offered as incentives for folks visiting the PCPA tables; D. Greene moved to offer 3 conference registrations; C. Strong second. Motion passed unanimously. M. Rizzardi will schedule the next meeting in April 2015.

PCPA Executive Board President Morgan Rizzardi President Elect David Greene Past President Dr. Amber Racchini Recorder Dr. Charmaine R. Strong Treasurer Bryan Koval Communications Commission Chair Brian Root Constituencies Commission Chair Michael A. Jones Membership Commission Chair Jenna Konyak Faculty Liaison Dr. Kelley Kenney Graduate Student Liaisons Cameo Pritchett Jacylyn Beasley Britany Gallagher NBCC Coordinator Dr. Matthew Shupp Professional Development Commission Chair Christina Turissini Member At Large: Four-Year Public, West Craig Dillaman Member At Large Four-Year Public, East Mindy Andino Member At Large Four-Year Private, West David Zlockie Member At Large Four-Year Private, East vacant Member At Large Two-Year, West Anna Elias Member At Large Two-Year, East Lynsey Grace Webmaster Dr. Daniel Kennedy Conference Co-Chairs Amanda Ries & Morgan Rizzardi PCPA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, affectional/sexual orientation, or disability in any of its policies, procedures or practices. The nondiscrimination policy covers membership and access to association programs and activities including, but not limited to, conferences, placement services, publications, and educational service

PCPA members at the 2014 conference donated nearly 150 pair of new, unused socks that were stuffed with special treats ranging from personal care items to small snacks. The items were then distributed to attendees at the Feeding the Spirit soup kitchen in Greensburg, PA. Thanks to all those who participated in this special service project at the conference. This service project was part of Socktober and was a special initiative of Kid President, a YouTube and social media superstar who encourages others to spread positivity. Do you have an idea for another PCPA service initiative? Let us know. Tweet us at @pcpa_tweets.

What Happens on Campus Stays on YouTube IUP Student Affairs alumnus and PCPA’s 2014 keynote speaker Courtney O’Connell has co-authored a new book with several colleagues. ACPA15 attendees got a sneak peak. It is a new, updated version that is geared towards college students.

PCPA Newsletter "Sharing the Commonwealth" - April 2015  

The quarterly publication of the Pennsylvania College Personnel Association.

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