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es·cap·ol·o·gy (ih-skey-pol-uh-jee) n. the practiced art of finding freedom from the limits placed on you, be they literal or figurative

For as long as I can remember, I have been perfecting my act as an escapologist. As a child, I wiggled free of the restraints of everyday life playing in the woods behind the backyard. Growing up, my obsession with literature and storytelling deepened along with my desire to create new worlds of my own through art and writing. My obsession with Chuck Jones and Tex Avery helped guide my aesthetic as I used their characters as blueprints for my own. I came to see my sketchbooks, bookcases, even TV screens as trap doors that I could escape through. The best part about my alternate universes was bringing other people with me. I loved escaping with siblings and friends, sharing a new place where we each brought something to add to the game. This is my favorite thing about graphic design. It’s a way to create the trap doors of the real world and explore fresh ideas and destinations. Tapping into emotions, I eascape to a visceral experience. My training in fine art cultivated a love for illustration and handcrafted elements, which is present in everything I create. My passion for strange and vibrant color palettes and love of texture is also a hallmark of my work. Embracing the constant challenge of design is a portal of discovery.


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Wolf at the door quote Radiohead title Little Red Books instructor Andrea Singer project Accordian Fold

The concept of childhood is a fairly modern idea. One hundred and fifty years ago, children were treated like small adults. The concept of playtime and children’s stories was unheard of. Even special clothing for children is a fairly modern idea, when compared to the history of the human race.

category Handcrafted

The tales we know of today as fairy tales were originally told by adults to other adults around campfires in days of old. They had adult themes encouraging young woman to preserve their chastity and young men to strive against all odds for honor and to reclaim moral ground that had been lost at the beginning of their story. This project is about classic fairy tales with unexpected twists and adult themes. The fun part comes not only in the stories but in the presentation of the tales. Unexpected presentation for unexpected twists. The primary audience for this project is older children who may still like to be read to before bed, but who also are able to read for themselves. The secondary audience is for those of us who have never grown up and can afford hand crafted artist books. The book is not only an engaging story with entertaining illustrations, but the book itself is a work of art perfect for displaying around the home. This book is all about the hand of the artist. The accordion fold that holds the pages of the book is a non-digital illustration that was reworked in Photoshop to be a seamless background for Roald Dahl’s text and my illustrations. The illustrations for the two books are hand drawn and digitally colored, a blend of the resources available, the computer and the hand working together. The color scheme is reminiscent of children’s books, bright and playful. My illustrative inspiration is a mixture of my personal style and MTVs Daria. The font I chose was American Typewriter because it seemed to fit the time period of the poems so well and was a fantastic mixture of retro and modern (very much like the poetry that the books are built around).



illustrations and trailer

“Our classic stories tell us that not everything is as it seems....

...that predators can lurk anywhere....

...even the most surprising of places.�


books and book box


Forrest of the night quote William Blake title Tiger! Tiger!

Tiger! tiger! Is a craft beer and food hot spot. Many of the patrons are neighborhood locals who arrive on their bicycles to enjoy one of a kind drinks and food. Users for

instructor Paul Drohan

this site are people who like to drink, who plan on drinking fairly soon and may have

project Restaurant Site

consumed a quantity of alcohol already.

category Interactive

The primary audience is legal drinkers ages 25-40, with refined their palettes who won’t settle for mass produced swill. This demographic is interested in quality over quantity but are not complete snobs. They enjoy riding bicycles around the neighborhood, and have at least one plaid shirt and pair of skinny jeans in their wardrobe. Men sporting elaborate or interesting facial hair who are attached to their smart phone. The first step was to create a style guide based on the existing brand elements. From there the focus was all about the user experience, starting with mobile. According to Super Monitoring, 91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone and 50% of mobile phone users, use their mobile as their primary Internet source. The mobile first user experience needs to be well organized and intuitive. The site I created is navigable by swiping left and right (indicated by bicycle graphic elements), as well as through a pop-up menu. The site is organized according to what information people need first, the text is a mixture of a web safe font (Impact) and an embedded font (American Typewriter), making it search engine optimized, while being true to the brand language already established in the style guide. The aesthetics of the design are drawn from the bar itself. String lights, wooden textures, and chalkboards are prevalent decorations. Illustrated elements like the social menu hand indicator and the bike to indicate swiping forward or backward were created to compliment the existing logo of a tiger in a tux. The color palette was drawn from their printed menu. The fonts and layout were extrapolated from the event blast already in existence, but refined for an easier read.


Buttons for beer list and

Live Google

drink specials. Both indicate Photo of beer, food and/or lifestyle, rotates automatically and also has arrows for scrolling from

a menu that opens up on

photo to photo.

either up or down.

Address, phone number and hours of operation. Also, kitchen hours because they are different than the bar hours.


images of menu

and address

bigger than the page, it

favorites and specials.

one is open, the other closes and the button is pushed

Beer Page



both image

the page. If the menu is scrolls up and down. When

Home Page f

Maps Link in Rotating




Food Page







Map Page f




Beer List 3025 El Cajon Blvd North Park, Calif 619-487-0401





Kitchen closes @ 10PM



Tues-Thurs 5 Pm-Midnite Fri & Sat 11:30Am-1 Am Sun 10:30Am-Midnite



3025 El Cajon Blvd


North Park, Calif

Get Here

Kitchen closes @ 10PM Logo Logo Logo Beer Food (Home) Map Events Beer Food Logo Map Events Beer Food (Home) Map Events Beer Food (Home) Map Events (Home)

(Global) Main Navigation. Bike tread texture under nav. buttons. Lines appear over and under the label for whatever page is currently being viewed. Exclamation mark also appear at the end of the word

Instead of photos in square frames, other

Menus open up

images may be used

here just like on

in the background

the beer page. The

behind lists and menus,

information above

for depth and variety. For instance, the leg

and below gets pushed up or down

lamp on display in the

for the opening

bar is a fun nod to the

menu. And the

eclcectic decor and can

menus themselves

make the website feel

scoll up and down if larger than the screen.

Address and phone number, both clickable. Clicking the phone number calls up the call screen on phones so it

Rotating images of event imagery, including posters and past event photos.

Events Page f



< >

> Brunch

Graphic element indicating a page swipe. Only present when the page continues.

Drinkabout Movie Night Logo Map Events Beer Food (Home)

Sub menus that open up pushing the infomation above and below up and down as needed. They contain images, links and info about

wireframes and style guide

the particular




The American Typewriter font is used for mostly body text, subheadings and for articles of speach in blocks of text to break up the visual weight of Impact. The regular and bold formats of the type are the only family members used for Tiger! Tiger!. The Bold form of the type is generally used for the more Subheadings or names of dishes and drinks. The regular form of the type is used for descriptions and longer lines of text. In blocks of text used for advertising, the text is centered. For menus and other ists, the text is aligned left.


The logo for Tiger! Tiger!is used both with and without the buisness name beneath it. The logo is only shown in either black or white. It can be displayed over imagery or even bisected laterally.


abcdefghijklm nopqr stuvwxyz

123456789 0!@#$%^&



It i


of ty


is o

of t



The Impact typeface is the typeface for Tiger! Tiger!. This type-

ce is for headings and subheadings.

is only used in the uppercase, never

ercase. The leading between the lines

ype is tight, and the type is generally

The beige color is used mainly as a background color. It is the color of the menu background as well as the paper many food items are served on. Black is used both for text on lighter backgrounds, as well as for the logo. It can also be used as the background color itself, when images or reversed out white text is used on top of it. Red is used mostly for headlines and text, and also as an accent color. The white is used most sparingly, as a reversed out logo or as reversed out text.



acked in blocks of text. This typface

only used alone when in a single line

text. For blocks of text, it is liberally

mixed with American Typewriter.


















3025 El Cajon Blvd North Park, Calif Tues-Thurs 5:00Pm-Midnite Fri & Sat 11:30Am-1:00Am Sun 10:30Am-Midnite




mobile site and interactionsquae


Kitchen Closes at 10pm!


3025 El Cajon Blvd North Park, Calif 619-487-0401


3025 ElBEER Cajon Blvd North Park, Calif 619-487-0401 FOOD


Tues-Thurs 5:00Pm-Midnite Fri & Sat 11:30Am-1:00Am Sun 10:30Am-Midnite



SPECIALS! $8 STEINS (1L/33oz) Every day til 6pm. Tues-Thurs 5-6pm Fri-Sun 11:30am-6pm ...and just $9.99 the rest of the time



TUESDAY $3 BEERS FOR 3 HOURS From 5-8pm See board for selection.





Wood Fired Sandwiches Toasted Cheese Fontina Cheese on French Country Bread. Side of pickled veg. 8.50 Pork Loin Achiote rubbed, wood-fired pork, fresh


email blast


Fly Me to the moon Quote Bart Howard Instructor Paul Drohan Class Web Design Project Watch Microsite

Few individuals stand out in the history of mens fashion like Frank Sinatra does. His style and swagger defines a generation. This is the reason the watch brand Oris designed a limited edition timepiece in his honor. I couldn’t resist designing a microsite for the watch and the style to go along with it.

Catregory Interactive Design

The target audience is men between the ages of twenty five and thirty five who are young professionals or fashion conscious individuals with retro taste. These men have at least one suit in their wardrobe and a fedora. They have the interest and means to spend two thousand dollars on a watch, and own a tablet. The aesthetic for the site is clean and modern with a cool, muted palette of gray and navy. Black and white photography is used to reinforce the elegant, classic feel of the Frank Sinatra style. Design elements provide a small pop of color with the call to action buttons as the warm tones in the layout. The design relies heavily on a grid to allow for fluid adjustments, making it truly responsive. The information is broken up into modules that stack easily as the browser window or screen size changes. Not only does the audience have a way to find out all about the watch itself, but there is also a style guide for emulating the late great ‘chairman of the board’. Users can paint themselves as a fashion icon and become a ‘board member’ to show off their style by registering their limited edition timepiece.


Watch Page

Home Page 1







Watch Page















Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s almost like being in love....




Frank Sinatra Watch Story

Click to Enlarge


Et aliam faceari nonsed qui con pa conse volupta-




ruptatio te nonsequiamRi

behind the man and the watch.


Logo for the site, global, sticky.


Main navigation, global, sticky.


Find A Store

doluptatate porent re pe-

The homepage, with the story


Watch Name


Muscient de cus, ommodi re consequid quodite mpore, sandele ctotas ent harum

faccae nim ad qui dolor peruptatio te nonsequiam-


Watch Info Nequo es restem faceati volesci musaerum explaborum et eium eri dolupicatur? Simolectio et mos explaut dit ipsame que vendeste esti beribusant volum acipsaepro berrumq uuntiat ma

Omnisitem vent, corum et ipitae porro voloraerest aliquis et parciuscit imus.

tus, solupta perspedit aut doluptatate porent re


Rotating photos of sheet music, fedora, other iconic Frank Sinatra style elements with different watches in the collection and song or personal quotes.

Frank Sinatra watch story, provided by Oris. With photo of the watch in its collectors box, along with book.

The watch collection, with the information about each particular model.


2 3

Photos of different watch models, cut out, swipe to go to next watch. Tap to enlarge and view more specs and details.

Name and short description of watch model. Elaborated upon in the enlarged description. Link to store locator.

The interaction after you click on a particular watch model.


The watch info: story behind it, matierials, innerworkings, etc.


Close up view of the watch.


Ways to view the watch in 360 degrees, and to zoom in even more for details.

Style Page The







social com-




social com -

Board Members 1

The Chairman of the Board


Sinatra’s Story 2

Style Rules 3

The fit of the suit is of the utmost importance. Make sure to fold a pocket square perfectly.


Born in 1915 New Jersey, USA, Frank Sinatra was the son of Italian immigrants. He started his career as a singer on local radio shows, though he soon built up a massive following. A key member of the Rat Pack, he was known as The Voice. With songs like “My Way” and films like From Here to Eternity Frank Sinatra sang and acted his way into the hearts of


Become A Board Member

Member Name

Nequo es restem faceati volesci musaerum explaborum et eium eri dolupicatur? Simolectio et mos explaut dit ipsame que vendeste esti beribusant volum acipsaepro berrumq uuntiat ma

millions. And that’s why Oris has

Style tips from the chairman of the board himself.


Photo of Frank Sinatra in a suit, with headline in decorative type.


Video clip from Robin and the 7 Hoods, singing about style.


List of style tips from Frank Sinatra’s Bio, The Way You Wear Your Hat.

Social page, where owners can show off themselves and thier timepieces.


Personal photos of watch owners, swipe or tap to go to the next profile.


Name of the watch owner. Short bio or testimonial about the owener and the watch.


Call to Action to get a watch of your very own!


Watch Page

Home Page

The Watches The Chairman


The Board

The Stores

The Watches The Chairman

The Board


The Stores

Worldtimer Limited Edition

It’s almost like being in


Become A Board

Frank Sinatra Watch Story

Style Tip

Born in 1915 New Jersey, USA,


Frank Sinatra was the son of Italian immigrants. He started his career as a singer on local radio shows, though he soon built up a massive following. A key member

Vests elevate suits to the next level

Click to Enlarge

Case 39.00 x 40.00 mm, 1.535 x 1.575 inches, 18K rose gold


of the Rat Pack, he was known as The Voice. With songs like “My Way” and films like From Here

Automatic winding worldtimer, chronometer

For Lovers of the Good Life Everything about this homage watch is pure luxury, from the rose-gold case, numerals, and indices to the black guilloche

Style Page

The Watches The Chairman


The Board

The Stores The Watches

The Chairman


The Watches The Chairman The Board


The Board

The Stores

The Stores

C hairman of the Board Only Purchase Oris Watches From Authorised Oris Retailers

It’s All About The Swagger Frank Sinatra’s dress sense is almost as respectable as his singing. To many, he represented the classic swinger and no one can take his place. An important rule to follow if you want to emulate the elegant style of one of the 20th century’s most

Nathan Detroit Owner Of The Frank Sinatra Clip from Robin and the Seven Hoods where Frankie gives lessons in style.

Style Rules The fit of the suit is of the utmost importance.

Cronometer No. 1189 Member Since 2011

Become A Board


It Don’t Mean A Thing if It Ain’t Got That Swing


Oris Watches USA Inc. 50 Washington Street, Suite 412

This watch is the perfect

Buying your Oris watch from an

United States . Norwalk, CT 06854

accessory for any outfit and

authorised Oris retailer ensures

Phone: 203-8574769

any occasion. I love the quality

that you get the full value from your

of the craftsmanship and the

investment. Only an authorised Oris

unique retro style. Whether I am

retailer can guarantee that your

wearing it with a suit to work

watch is authentic. An authorized

or with jeans and a fedora to a

Oris retailer can sell watches on his

poker game, it jives perfectly with

website if the retailer is listed in the

my personal style. The Frank

Choose a Country Choose a State

Sinatra Cronometer it my favorite timepiece in my collection. Hands

homepage, watch page, style page, social page and store locator


The Watches

The Chairman


The Board

The Stores

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s almost like being . in


Frank Sinatra Watch Story

Style Tip


Vests elevate suits to the next level

desktop and mobile formats


watch box



opera, Doc?

Quote Chuck Jones

The San Diego Opera is in trouble. An istitution for the arts in San Diego for almost fifty

Instructor Lisa Starace

years, is scheduled to close at the end of its 2014 season. This project is for a fundraiser

Class Page Layout

meant to help save our opera.

Project Non Profit Catregory Design for Good

The event is gala that celebrates the last half century of spectacuar opera moments combined with a silent auction of handcrafted items that were donated from local artists. These treasures immortalize and pay tribute to the opera in all of its glory. The top contributors will also receive a limited edition, deluxe box that holds a hand cut tunnel book.

The aesthetic for this project is all about cut paper, light and perspective. The layers of the tunnel book are cut from the same color paper, a not quite white. The goal was for a clean, classy, minimal look reflecting the atmosphere of the opera house. I chose the iconic figure of the viking woman belting her heart out to bring lightheartedness to this gathering. It is classic, simple and almost everyonecarries this image in the visual rollidex related to opera. Chuck Jones is a constant inspiration for me and the merry melodies, Whats Opera Doc, is where my reference for this image is draw.

The box design ihas a rich, purple brocade book cloth with a fleur de lis pattern, with lionshead hadles to open it. The best part of the box is the cut out in the bottom that is covered over with vellum, allowing light to shine through, immuminate the inside. This literally allows light from the stage area to shine down on the audience. This handcrafted tunnelbook is an unsual item to be sure, and worthy of being gifted to people willing and able to sepnd thousands of dollars helping to save the San Diego Opera.


gift box for top contributors



of the night?

Quote Djuna Barnes

Coffee has been used for centuries by philosophers and thinkers for its ability to

Instructor Sean Bacon

stimulate the mind. Lovecraft seeks to continue this tradition of using caffeine to

Class Protfolio Project Coffee Shop Catregories Branding

stimulate intellectual endeavors, whether they be as simple as having a conversation, reading a book, or composing a thesis paper for a PhD student.

Lovecraft is a place for those who like the atmosphere as dark and complex as their coffee. It is a haven for night owls, Goths, steam-punks and those that would generally be considered the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;otherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. The age group can vary widely. The primary audience is coffee lovers between the ages of 18 and 25. From those too young for bars who want to be out late, it is an alternative. It is also a great place for students to work and it never closes.

I took a holistic approach to designing for a coffee shop. The problems I solved were not only front of the house (the things the customers would see) but also the back of the house (aspects that employees interact with).

The aesthetic influences came from the strange and dark H.P. Lovecraft sotries combined with the line quality and color intensity of modern street art. The look of antique books played a big part in my choice of visual texture and the typeface. The design is dark and creepy.

What makes this project unique is the tactile quality of it. The visual texture from layering type and the rough edged logo combined with the cut paper and strange red artist paper on the cups makes for an interesting experience to go along with your morning coffee. Also, this project is special because of the element of environmental design, with the wall art and chairs.



environmental design, cups, shirt


back of the house forms


Over the rainbow Quote Judy Garland

The Marvelous Land of Oz was created in the early 1900â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s by L. Frank Baum. He

Instructor Candice Lopez

spawned a series that ended up totaling in 23 books, many composed by other

Class Portfolio Project Kidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Party Catregory Handmade

authors after he passed away. Baum regularly corresponded with his readers and too thier feedback to heart. He always kept his audience in mind, and made sure to create an extra special world for them to escape into.

The target audience is children under the age of ten, with a larger, secondary audience of children of all ages. This is for those who may know about the Wizard of Oz movie but may not have experienced the books.

The idea with this project was to create a world for children all about Oz, to incorporate the fantastic characters and events in the stories into a tangible event. With this in mind, I created a series of games. A fortune teller, pinata and a modification on the pin the tail on the donkey game. Also, wrapping paper and character based party hats round out the collection

The color scheme is bright and friendly, based on the colors found in the lands of Oz. There are 4 quadrents all with different colors, purple, red blue and yellow, and these are what I based the game colors on. All the other items are branded green and pink.



balloon pi単ata, sawhorse game, fortune teller





Lil yâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;


convention tea shop girls apparel biotech company stylist identity theater season





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Student portfolio San Diego City College 2014


Student portfolio San Diego City College 2014

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