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Cardio Thoracic Surgery


Application Devices

GEM was formed in 1994 with the goal of marketing and producing innovative surgical adhesives in order to anticipate the requests of an ever more sophisticated market. Glubran速 2 is a synthetic biodegradable cyanoacrylic-based surgical glue that is ready for use in open and laparoscopic surgery, and may be used as an embolizing agent in radiology and vascular neuroradiology. Glubran速 2, with its high adhesive and haemostatic properties proved in over ten years of scientific studies, is versatile, efficient and reliable.

Reflex速 Skin Staplers

Surgitech (Pty) Ltd P.O. BOX 3358 RIVONIA 2128 SOUTH AFRICA TEL: +27 - 11 - 803 2257 FAX: +27 - 11 - 803 4724

Conmed Corporation is a global medical technology company that specializes in the development and sale of products and services that allow physicians and customers to deliver high quality care and as a result, enhanced clinical outcomes for their patients. Conmed has developed unique ligation and stapling devices to meet the needs of laparoscopists and surgeons worldwide.

CP Medical is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative, high quality suture and related medical products. CP Medical and Surgitech welcome an opportunity to continually develop unique product lines to meet individual surgeon requirements.

Unique Technologies designs, manufactures, and distributes an array of precision micro-surgical cutting instruments and offers a line of blades and knives that provide tremendous value and consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.

Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Innovative solutions for a range of specialised cardio-thoracic surgical procedures.

Cardio Thoracic Surgery

Atrium’s finest quality, cost effective and innovative design platform sets a new bar for clinical performance, providing a full line of specialty drainage products designed to cater to the needs of cardiac, thoracic and paediatric patients, as well as a line of mobile drains that can get your patients mobile faster and safer.

A&E Medical Corporation, with over 30 years of medical manufacturing experience, provides a range of quality engineered surgical products that make them the leader in the field of sternal closure systems, pacing wires and surgical punches.



Advanced Clamps

iNtrack® Vitalitec develops, manufactures and markets niche vascular, cardio-vascular, and endoscopic products to the highest quality standards. The new generation of Vitalitec’s specialty instrumentation range provides both permanent and atraumatic temporary vessel occlusion in both peripheral and aortic applications, providing the surgeon with better procedural access and control.

Mini 500

The future of mobile chest Drainage

Flexible Clamps


Atraumatic Spring Clips

NOVACLIP® SLS-CLIP TM Titanium Haemostatic Clips Adjustable Clip Appliers

Spring Clips

GREYHOUND® and SOFIA™ HTS (High Tear Strength)




Silicone Chest Tube Catheters

Coated Silicone Chest Tube Catheters

PVC Thoracic Catheters

Coated PVC Thoracic Catheters

Cardio Brochure  
Cardio Brochure  

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