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The Buzz Vol. 4, Issue 3 Oct 15 , 2008

Lunch System To order lunch go to

Volunteer Opportunities 1- We would like to incorporate back-up lunch volunteers. Please contact Kina, ext 100 with your availability. 2- We need roofers, or anyone who can help repair our roof. Please speak with Mr. Durmus at ext 103. 3- Our windows need a good washing… Anyone up for it?

School Year Reminders: • Call in or send a note to excuse your student’s absences. The school needs to be notified within two days. • If you are moving or have recently changed phone numbers, please let the office know. • Check with the office to make sure your volunteer hours have been recorded correctly.

A small school with big ideas

The Official Newsletter of Beehive Science and Technology Academy

10TH, 11TH GRADE PICNIC With the relaxed atmosphere of the great outdoors, picnics are a great way to spend time with students outside the classroom. Teachers, as well as students, are seen in a different light. This year, Mr. Kablan noticed the students were more excited to be at the park playing randomly on the park equipment, than to play organized games.

Top: The ultimate balloon toss

Can you Donate? We are in need of 7 additional Casio CTK2000 61-Key portable keyboards, adaptors, headphones and stands for music class. The cost is between $99-130 and can be ordered through Same Day Music. The website and ordering information is: Donations of these needed keyboards would be more that greatly appreciated. Please contact this office if you have additional questions.

Our New Records Secretary Meet our new records secretary, Kina Tua. She comes to us with her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Exercise Sports. Her favorite sports are basketball and volleyball. She’s married with one four-year-old son, Marcus. Her office hours are 7:45 a.m. to 1p.m. She will take your telephone calls or emails regarding all attendance excusals, and any attendance questions you may have. Thanks Kina for working with us. Contact her at kina.tua@beehiveacademy, or by phone at 265-2782 ext 100.

Above Right: The kids had more fun playing on the park equipment than playing volleyball. Above Left: More balloons?

Upcoming Events PSAT Testing UEA Convention-NO School PTO Meeting UBSCT Make-up Window

Oct 15 Oct 16-17 Oct 21 Oct 24-28

End of First Quarter

Oct 24

Early Release

Oct 24

Beehive Science and Technology Academy

Teacher Prep-No School

Oct 27

1011 Murray-Holladay Road Salt Lake City, UT 84117 (801) 265-2782

Second Quarter Begins

Oct 28

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A Message from the Principal’s office Again, this year I’d like to begin my special program, Pizza with the Principal. I enjoy having time with the students, getting to know each of them a little better. Also, I want all students and parents to know that I have an ’open-door-policy’. Please feel free to stop by and learn more about what’s going on at school. —Mr. Frank

BSTA students are competing in a food drive that will end October 31st. The SSR class with the most food items will win an ice cream or pizza party. However, if we reach our school wide goal then the whole school will win a free dress day! Please donate non-perishable items to our food drive to help aid individuals and families facing a food crisis. You may send those items with your child to school or drop them off in our office. All donations will be delivered to a local food bank. Remember, the food drive ends on Halloween October 31st.

Teachers’ Wish List - Science related periodicals (Scientific America types are welcome) - Examples of rocks and minerals - Sustained Silent Reading books (fiction and non fiction) - LA Resource books (dictionaries, thesaurus) - Small Freezer for Student Store - Refrigerator for science labs - Bookcases, wall shelving, display containers

Did You Know...

- Bathroom scale for Science

School pictures and school ID cards were handed out on Tuesday October 7th. If your child did not receive a school ID, please have your child present on picture make-up day to take pictures for their school ID cards and Yearbook. If you’re interested in ordering school pictures, please come by the office and pick up an order form. You can also order pictures online through Lifetouch by cash, check, or credit card. **You would need an order form to place an order online.**

1. Visit 2. Follow online instructions 3. Write Online Payment Code on Order Form Bring completed Order Form to Picture Day


- Kleenex - Colored dry-erase markers - Display cabinet for awards and trophies - Wax paper for Science - Extra sketch books - Large portfolios for storing art projects - Display boards / - outside chairs for drawing outdoors -Casio CTK2000 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

- Stopwatches - Microscopes - Safety Goggles - Telescopes - Flasks, test tubes, petrie dishes, beakers For a more complete list of wishes, please go to =pQxVNbJcZeS2YvvYiIitPXg& 42&guest

Calling All Parents The BSTA Lost & Found is located in the front office. Please make sure that your child’s name is on sweatshirts, etc. This will help us return lost items. Our BSTA Lost & Found is completely full. Please have your child visit the Lost & Found to look for any missing items. All unclaimed items will be donated by the end of the month, October 31st.


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PTO Our Parent Teacher Organization meeting time this month is set for October 21, at 7p.m. At its next meeting, Officers for Vice-President in Fund

Our lunch program is going well and produces happy, content students. If you ‘d like to see the menu, or order lunch for your student, please visit Instructions for first time users: On the right side of the screen is a section for first time sign-ups. Create an account. Once you’ve created it, at the top of the screen your student’s name will appear. Click on that name. The menu will flow down on your screen. You can order as late as noon today for tomorrow’s lunch, and, you can cancel as late as 7:00 a.m. today for today’s lunch. Hogi Yogi is working well for our students. Thanks Hogi Yogi!

Raising, Treasurer, Secretary and will be elected. If you would like to run for election, join a committee, or just learn more about the organization, you are cordially invited to attend.

Since its inception, we have used and enjoyed MagnoXP’s powerful potential. We strongly urge you now to use it to follow you child’s performance. We want to emphasize the importance of using the MagnoXP program for just this purpose. Students and parents may view grades, new/missing assignments, discipline issues, and announcements posted on MagnoXP. When students are absent, parents and students are able to see assignments posted on MagnoXP so they may be completed immediately, rather than getting too far behind in any class. As members of a Beehive Science and Technology Academy, we are encouraged to utilize MagnoXP as a form of communication to students/parents regarding grades and assignments. We have been utilizing this amazing program to post homework assignments, make important announcements, and to provide up-to-date grades for you. We believe this is a great tool and benefit for students and parents to stay connected with what’s happening in their classes. We have also added files that can be printed if a student loses various handouts. This is very important because our supply budget does not allow us to re-print multiple handouts when students misplace them. We will continue to post documents for students. Our goal is to find a way to make every document available on MagnoXP. We encourage students and parents to access MagnoXP daily. If students/parents notice a grading error or have any questions about an assignment, they may address it with teachers immediately. Communication is the key. This program has provided parents, teachers, and students with the opportunity to have an open line of communication. We are available via e-mail, telephone, and meetings. Please let us know if you have any questions about MagnoXP, classes, and/or grades.


The Buzz (Issue 2, 08-09)  

The Buzz Issue 2

The Buzz (Issue 2, 08-09)  

The Buzz Issue 2