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The Buzz Vol. 4, Issue 2 Sept. 4 , 2008

Lunch System I Think We’re Set! Please see page 3 for more specifics

Volunteer Opportunities 1- We are in NEED of parents to sign up for lunch days. Please contact Judy at ext 100 to let her know the day of the week you will be available to serve our students lunch. One way to earn those hours... 2- We need roofers, or anyone who can help repair our roof. Please speak with Mr. Durmus at ext 103.

School Year Reminders: • Call in or send a note to excuse your student’s absences. The school needs to be notified within two days. • If you are moving or have recently changed phone numbers, please let the office know. • Check with the office to make sure your volunteer hours have been recorded correctly.

A small school with big ideas

The Official Newsletter of Beehive Science and Technology Academy

RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY With his open-door policy to the public, and his commitment to promoting diversity, we were honored to have had the presence of our Salt Lake County Mayor, Peter Corroon, during our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony dedicating our new school on opening day, Thursday, August 21, 2008. All who attended were left with Mayor Corroon's quote stating, "There are two things that I want you to make up your minds to: first, that you are going to have a good time as long as you live - I have no use for the sourfaced man - and next, that you are going to do something worthwhile, that you are going to work hard and do the things you set out to do."

We send our sincerest appreciation to him for making himself available to us for this rare opportunity and our exciting endeavor.

Above: Kelly Wayment, PTO President, Frank Erdogan, Principal, Mayor Peter Corroon cutting the ribbon. Julie Harper off to the side who held the scissors Right: Mayor Peter Corroon

Construction Update This year’s planned construction is over now. We want to send a big THANKS to everyone for their enduring patience during this messy operation. We are happy with the end product, and hope all the students are too. Beehive Science and Technology Academy 1011 Murray-Holladay Road Salt Lake City, UT 84117 (801) 265-2782

Upcoming Events Back to School Night 6-8p

Sept 12

Open House 10-noon

Sept 13

PTO Meeting

Sept 16

Picture Day

Sept 19

Open House 6-8p

Sept 19

Mid Term Reports

Sept 26

Iowa Testing

Sept 29-Oct 3

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A Message from the Principal’s office Thank you all for your continued patience through all the work during the summer, and all the chaos during the first week or two of school. It appears the students and teachers are all very happy with their new classrooms. We have many new teachers who bring with them a great enthusiasm for teaching which promises student enjoyment. Together with you, I look forward to the excitement of the upcoming year. —Mr. Frank

Teachers’ Wish List - sets of crayons and/or color pencils - science related books (national geographic is welcome) for our bookshelves - Examples of rocks and minerals - Sustained Silent Reading books (fiction and non fiction) - LA Resource books (dictionaries, thesaurus, etc...) - Small Freezer for Student Store - Paint for Student Store (multiple colors for wall decor) - Storage for Student Store (small bookcases, wall shelving, display containers) -dictionaries -SSR books (new or used) -Kleenex -colored dry-erase markers

Did You Know...

-Clorox wipes and Swiffer dusters -Art materials (heavy weight paper)

MagnoXP usernames and passwords have now been mailed. Please telephone the office if you have not yet received yours. Type in Username: Password: Then select Parent/Student designation. You are able to click on the letter grade to get additional information pertaining to that class.

-extra sketch books -large portfolios for storing art -display boards / cases that would showcase art while protecting it from vandalism outside chairs for drawing outdoors -clay kiln -ping pong tables -nets -paddles -ping pong balls

Calling All Parents We are in need of mentors for some of the clubs. For instance, computer engineer for robotics club or a photographer for the photography club. Please let us know if you have the time and are willing to help. What a great way to help your chosen school. Please call the office at 265-2782 for additional suggestions.


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PTO Our Parent Teacher Organization meets for the first time this year on September 16th at 7p.m. Come learn more about this organization. You

September 11th To commemorate the tragedy or our nation, our students and teachers are planning a moment of silence during the afternoon on September 11th. About 2:30 p.m. each class will make their way outside to the entrance of the building. Mr. Frank will say a couple of words, at which point there will be a moment of silence. If you would like to be a part of this event, please plan to be here about 2:45 p.m. on September 11th.

We are planning to use Hogi Yogi school lunch program. It looks great and I really think everyone will enjoy it. The program will act a bit different this year. Once you create an account for each child, you will order directly through Hogi Yogi. You will be able to order as late as noon one day for lunch the next day. You will be able to cancel by 7a.m. for that day’s lunch. Hogi Yogi will soon be on board with the Federal Lunch Program for reduce and free lunches. This is great news for low income families. Please watch closely as will we announce this once they’ve completed their hurdles. There will be an entrée selection with an alternate item for that day. Some of the entrees are roast beef, ham, turkey sandwiches, pizza, chicken, orange chicken and veggie bowls, spaghetti, fettuccine chicken nuggets, flauta, quesadillas. The alternatives are all sandwiches, ham and cheese, PB&J; PB& honey, turkey and cheese or tuna. The cost will be $2.78 for small lunches, and $3.33 for large. Once their website has a link for us, I’ll send you

Another back-to-school night? Yes. This one will focus more on academic content whereas before it was to show off our new digs. Back-To-Night will be held on Friday, September 12th between 6-8 p.m. We look forward to seeing you here at 1011 MurrayHolladay Road!

Additional Bus Info -Upcoming Meeting: There will be a Parent Meeting Tuesday evening, the 9th, at 7 p.m. at the school in the lunch room, to discuss bussing issues. A school and bus representative will be available at the meeting for questions. Please plan to attend, especially if you are having any issues. -Bus Discipline Policy: The driver will write up the student, then call the parent and explain the situation. The next time the student acts up, they will be suspended from riding the bus until the parent gets the okay from the school that the student can ride the bus again. Please let your student understand the rules. - No Clubs/Tutoring Policy: Because we do not want to detour anyone from participating in clubs or tutoring, .the busses come after 4p on club/tutor nights, Tues-Fri. During this hour, if the student does not have tutoring or an after-school club, the students will come into the open area behind the office. They are directed to complete any homework, or to read a book. This is the safest place for them to await the bus. Thank you in advance for conveying this to your student.

Vol4, Issue2 ,

What’s That Class?

It’s all about History!


8th– U.S. History

This month in U.S. History we are learning about United States geography, ancient civilizations and cultures that contributed to early America, Native Americans, and European exploration. We will search for other points of view, speculate about connections between the past and us today, and make our own conclusions about why history matters.

10th-World Civilizations

September brings discussion about globalization and national security today. Opinions are formed, questions arise, and debate ensues. How did we get here? We must go back to the beginning… A long, long time ago, in our very own backyard, civilizations began to take shape. Let us discover our heritage– and look how far we’ve come!

11th-U.S. History

“Give me liberty, or give me death!”Patrick Henry, 1775. Let us ponder the American Revolution and that great and lasting Constitution of the United States! And, speaking of government, who is going to win the election?

About Me, Mrs. Eason 265.2782 ext. 207

A Park City High School graduate, I went to college to become a geneticist. Little did I know I would find my passion in his-

tory. I love to learn, and I became a teacher to spread my joy of education with you bright and talented students. I am so excited to be

a part of this wonderful school, and I hope you can join me with enthusiasm as we begin a new year and learning adventure!

Don’t Miss Out! Rockin’ Clubs and Opportunities: • DEBATE CLUB! -Have an opinion? Come debate with the best of them every Tuesday afternoon. Prepare for the ultimate showdown to be watched in front of the entire school! Room 207. • VOLLEYBALL!- Dig it! Come have a ball with me and Mrs. Dahle every Friday afternoon. • TUTORING– I am available every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon for specific help in any subject. Please utilize this opportunity!


Hi! My name is Maria Garcia. I am a first year teacher at Beehive Academy. I graduated from the University of Utah with my Spanish Teaching degree and I am currently finishing my ESL minor. I LOVE language. I grew up in Germany and Turkey on military bases (15 years), so I have had a lot of exposure to different languages and cultures. I am very excited to begin my career at Beehive because the administration and staff are very supportive in creating a diverse and enriching learning environment for our students. I will be teaching Spanish levels 1 & 2 and Peer Leadership Team. I will be sponsoring the Yearbook and Running Clubs. We are going to have a great year!!

AFTER SCHOOL MONDAY Teacher meetings

TUESDAY Yearbook Club

WEDNESDAY Running Club


We are going to spend the first semester planning and gathering all of the “juicy information� about Beehive so that we can create an awesome yearbook! We need an 11th grader to help. Join us!

I ran cross country and track all through Junior and Senior High School. I love running! I am planning on running with the students a couple of times a weeks so that we can be prepared to run at different events. I would like to simulate a cross country team. This club will be a great experience for new and experienced runners.

FRIDAY Tutoring **Tutoring can

Contact Information 265-2782 Ext. 205

Welcome to Ms. Pence’s Art Class Hello, My name is Donna Pence, and this is my first year teaching.

I have a bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Utah. I have been working Ms. Pence “before”

Currently Studying Foundations One and Two Elements of Design, Line and Composition, Shape and Value 3D Art Low and High Relief , Working Drawings Donations Requested

Clubs Fig Leaf Forum Fridays 3:15-4pm Ping Pong Club Thursdays 3:15-4pm

We can use any and all extra art supplies

(particularly sketchbooks) Ping Pong Tables and accessories

as a glass artist and interior designer here in Salt Lake City for over 20 years. I teach

glass arts for the Life Long Learning program at the U and at the Pioneer Craft House. I also teach stained glass for the Art Start program at Roland Hall St.

Mark’s School. I am currently working on two public art commissions, Emigration Canyon Fire Station and for the soon to

be remodeled Redwood Recreation Center, I am also involved with the “Bridges over Barriers” project on the west side of Salt Lake. I have discovered that I love being involved with the community and, inspired by the idea of “being the change that I want to see in the world” , I decided only a few short months

ago that I would use my experience and love of art, to give back to the next generation as an art teacher. Almost as soon as I had made that decision, I was extremely fortu-

nate to cross paths with the wonderful administration here at Beehive Academy, their obvious support for their new art program in the form a beautiful room and extensive training, helped me to immediately know that this was the right choice. I am currently working on my teaching credential which will Road From Capitol Reef

take most of the next year. Oh, did I mention, that I am also getting married on the 27th of September?

News from my class A new school year a new start! Hello, everyone. It is exciting to start a new school year with a new building and with new students. This excitement will help us to learn and explore more in science and biology lessons. In the sections below you will find some information on what we are currently doing and what we are planning to do in the coming weeks. Please contact me for any concerns and suggestions.

8th Grade Integrated Science

C O N T A C T I N F O : M R . K A B L A N H A L I S . K A B L A N @ B E E H I V E A C A D E M Y . O R G P H O N E : ( 8 0 1 ) 2 6 5 2 7 8 2 E X T : 2 0 4

We started Science with Ecology. Students got another book named Ecology from which to cover two additional chapters. After we are done with the ecology chapters we will move to our “level blue science book”. In Ecology, we are learning about different types of organisms, their interactions and relationships and their level of organization. Next, we will talk about chemical bonds and reactions.

10th Grade Honors Biology In Honors Biology we started with Ecology as well, where we are learning about organisms and their interactions in depth. After completing Ecology we will move to “The Cell”, where we will talk about both the parts of the cell as well as different reactions going on in cells.

Science Olympiad Club This year I will be coaching Science Olympiad Club, in which we will mainly prepare for the national Science Olympiad. We will prepare ourselves to participate in different event competitions, all focusing on a different part of science. From showing our deep knowledge in one area to building bridges, rockets etc., there are different types of events in which our students can show their strengths. Our club will meets on Wednesdays in my room (room 204).

AMSP© (Advanced Math and Science Program) Formerly known as MSOP© (Math and Science Olympiad Program), AMSP is a unique and heavily loaded program to prepare our students for different Math competitions like MathCounts, Math League, AMC etc. Students are selected according to their math abilities and prepared through the year by weekly lessons, sleepover camps, regional and general camps all through the year. Last year we were successful as a team and made it to the state level in MathCounts. This year we are aiming even higher to the national level. Our team meets on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for math, and on Fridays and Saturdays for computer lectures.

Newsletter Physical Education and Health I am really excited for this year at Beehive Academy. This will be my first year teaching. I originally started with a degree in Exercise Science. After a couple years of working in that field I decided that it wasn’t for me. I returned to school to finish a teaching degree. So far I have really enjoyed teaching. I have a passion for exercise, and keeping the body healthy. It has been really fulfilling for me to have the opportunity to share that with others. All of the students have been a lot of fun, and I look forward to getting to know more about them throughout the school year. Mrs. Dahle

Physical Education We are going to have a lot of fun in class this year. I have all sorts of activities planned. I hope that each student will find at least one sport or activity that they enjoy doing. Although, this is a physical education class, we will be learning about a lot more than just sports. We will be reading a book and presenting on it later in the year.. I expect my students to learn life skills in my class. They will need to get along with their classmates, have good sportsmanship, and work hard to get the desired grade. Nothing like exerting a little energy, and learning at the same time.

Health This can be one of the most important classes for the students at this time in their lives. The students will get the chance to learn all about themselves, and how to better their lives. In this class the students will learn things that they will need to use the rest of their lives. Health is a really exciting topic, and I hope to make it enjoyable for all of the students.

Language Arts Mrs. Kristin Tracy (801)265-2782 ext. 202

Mrs. Tracy Welcome Back! We’re so excited to welcome all our students to our new building for this school year. Things are already off to a good start. Here’s what’s happening: • Language Arts 9– We are part way through the first unit in our textbook. The unit is entitled “Spine Tinglers,” and we’ve already read some great selections. We’ve been discussing terms like suspense and imagery. • World Literature– The first unit in our textbook introduces us to some of the earliest literature known to man. We’ve read excerpts from The Epic of Gilgamesh and some Egyptian love poems. • American Literature– Currently, we’re reading literature from before the time the United States even existed. The selections are diverse, ranging from the works of native Americans to Spanish explorers to the Puritans. Our first unit is called “A Gathering of Voices.”


Tutoring for Language Arts 9

Literature Club

Tutoring for World Literature and American Literature



Entries for the Follow A Leader essay contest must be postmarked by September 30, 2008.

Mr. Kuntz Math 87

We are starting to get into some more in depth math. After spending the first few weeks reviewing a lot of old concepts and material, we will start into the good stuff soon :)

Geography We have spent the last two weeks covering the processes and landforms that make up our Earth. We explored the Earth from space, and how our Earth has been shaped and formed to how it looks today. Next week we will start on the US and Canada.

Psychology The first two weeks were spent covering the history of psychology and some basic principles and methods. We are starting on life span very shortly. This unit starts the interesting aspects of psychology and will allow for more projects and activities.

Basketball Club—This Friday will start basketball club. Make sure to bring sneakers and shorts.

Flag Football Club—I am still deciding on where we can play, but this Thursday we will meet and hopeful be able to play a game.


Mr.Dogan’s Tech News Contact Information: Mr. Dogan

Ph: (801) 265-2782 ext 101

Vol4, Issue2 , September 4th, 2008

New education year

Welcome back 2008-2009 education year. I am Mr. Dogan and I will be teaching Computer science and CTE for the 7th and 8th graders this year. It is a pleasure to teacher BSTA student because they are educated in their homes before coming BSTA. It is difficult for me to get to know about all them in a limited class time. So, I am planning to make home visits to improve parentstudents-teacher communication. The parents will be called before the home visits to schedule. Announcements •

This year I will be in charge of FIRST Lego League. Last year I was one of the coaches of this club, so, I know pretty much about what is going on in those competitions. We won lots of awards in the competitions last year. If you are interested in following areas please contact me to be a volunteer to my Academic Clubs: Engineering , designing, programming, finding sponsors. Our first meeting will be on Tuesday September 9th.

Grading Scale for Comp. Science (8th grade) and CTE (7th grade) • • • •

Participation Typing Quiz/Test Class work*

10% 25% 15% 50%

*Class work is the most important one. And I do not give any homework.

• I will need volunteer parents to help me for my academic clubs such as Lego League. • I don't give any homework from my computer classes. • My tutoring sessions are Wednesday and Thursday 3:15pm-4:00pm. • One of the best ways to help your student have a successful year is to keep in close contact with teachers. • Please check Magno-Xp weekly.

Fun Fact

Language Arts Update

Mrs. Fagundes 7th & 8th Grade Language Arts September 2, 2008

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those of you I have not yet had a chance to meet. This is my second year teaching at Beehive and my third year teaching full time. I am originally from northern California and received my BA in English and MA in Education from the University of California– Davis. I currently hold a teaching credential in secondary language arts from California and Utah. Before moving to Utah for my husband to attend graduate school, I taught 7th and 8th grade Language Arts in Esparto, California. When I first moved to Utah I worked as an Education Coordinator developing curriculum and supervising instructors at The Children’s Museum of Utah. I am very excited to be teaching Language Arts again this year at Beehive and to be advising the Student Council and Drama Club. This month both 7th & 8th grade Language Arts classes will be working on a Short Story Unit. Students will have an Unit Exam sometime during the week of September 15th. Please check MAGNO for the date and study guide. If your student needs extra help or has any questions please encourage them to attend my tutoring hours Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. I look forward to getting to know your students throughout this school year. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Sincerely, Katie Fagundes

Student Council

• Campaigning for Student Council begins tomorrow • Students will hear speeches and vote early next week • The Student Council’s first priority will be to get the student store up and running!

8th Graders: What might this picture be symbolizing? Tell me and receive a prize!

C o n t a c t I n f o r m a t i on : fatih.dogan@b

I was born in Hong Kong; I came to the United States for school because women in Hong Kong did not have a lot of opportunities to attend college. I graduated with degrees with Accounting, Computer Technology and Math Education. My husband is a Mechanical Engineer in aerospace. I have three daughters; two of them have graduated with master degrees in the engineering field. My third daughter is still in college. I have many hobbies and interests. I love math and anything with numbers. Music is very important in our family. My favorite sports are basketball and swimming. I also really enjoy traveling. There are many reasons why I want to be a teacher. First, education is very important to me. Education has always been highly upheld in my family and I would love to instill that not only to my own family but also to my students. Second, children and youth in general are a area huge concern for me – they are our future. When we fail our students, we fail our future. In addition to my love for youth and helping them, education is a passion of mine. Third, I enjoy the working hours, and it works well for my family schedule. I love to spend time with my children in the summer. The best experience I have in teaching is when a student that has been afraid of math changes to feel like math is a treat. Most of my students tell me how math is their favorite subject now. Through teaching I find myself.


We are happy with the end product, and hope all the students are too. 1011 Murray-Holladay Road Salt Lake City, UT 84117 (801) 265-2782 www...