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Redirecting Children’s Behavior a once a week Six-Week Tele-Course Parenting Mentoring Program

Redirecting Children’s Behavior is a Parenting Mentoring Program course created by Kathryn Kvols, founder and president of the International Network for Children and Families. She is described as the “catalyst for creating healthy relationships” and is the author of Redirecting Children’s Behavior and several courses. This program will allow you to gain valuable insight in regards to your current parenting questions and you will learn how to: • • • • • • • • • •

Eliminate power struggles over bedtime, homework, eating, doing chores, cleaning their room, etc. Create family teamwork. Be an approachable parent. Empower your child. Minimize sibling bickering and/or fighting. Become less reactive and more proactive - minimizing nagging, yelling, bribing and threats. Set clear limits and stick to them. Teach children self control. Minimize stress. Teach children how to listen.

What does this program entail? Six one-hour conference calls per week, six 30-minute private phone consultations, including a floating hour to be used any time during the course. All of the group conference calls will be recorded for your convenience. In addition, participants will receive the presentation of the week in pdf via email, along with assignments to help integrate the new parenting tools into your everyday life.

Wednesdays March 21st, 2012 Time: 9pm-10pm PST *Tuition: $239.00 click here to enroll *(tuition covers a set of parents/guardians and a caretaker) To assure your enrollment, please sign up as soon as possible as space is limited.

Feel free to contact us for more information:

w w w. h o u s e o f l i g h t c h i l d r e n . c o m or call

(877) 620-4652

Bita Faraz Certified Parent Educator International Network for Children and Families ~ Certified Instructor of Redirecting Children’s Behavior Certified Life Coach

Bita has had the privilege of teaching the RCB course for 7 years, allowing her to assist parents, teachers, care takers and family members, to become positive agents in children’s lives. She equips adults with invaluable RCB tools that strengthen the bond between them and the child from a space of empowerment, and healthy motivation. Her hope is that through her heart-centered instruction, participants will allow themselves to open up, discern the appropriate actions to take, and apply the tools learned...gaining insight from the wisdom within.

Redirecting Children's Behavior Tele-Course  

Six-Week class via teleconference. Meetings are Wednesdays beginning March 21st, 2012.

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