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The Beefmaster Pay Weight

Letter From The Editor By Collin Osbourn Fall is just around the corner and hopefully some cooler weather is on the way! It is great to see the change from the dog days of summer heat to a more colorful and comfortable season. With the fall months comes many of the Beefmaster bull sales and the opportunity to buy some of the very best Beefmaster sires that will be offered. In this issue of The Beefmaster Pay Weight you will find lots of upcoming events where you can find these high quality Beefmaster genetics that are backed with proven performance.

This issue also has several easy to read articles covering many industry topics from bull selection and utilizing maternal heterosis to make more profit, to nutritional requirements for the development of heifers and maintenance of cows. Requests from readers prompted us to include articles on calving, weaning and genomic testing opportunities for commercial cattlemen. We hope you will find this information educational and learn more about the marketing avenues available for fed cattle. Beefmasters are excelling within the beef industry and demand continues to sore with the added heterosis and efficiency that they bring to the herd. Without a doubt

the BEEFMASTER Pay Weight

increased production with added efficiency are areas that we can all improve upon to make our cow herds more profitable. The maternal advantages that we see from the use of Beefmaster genetics continue to expand into new areas improving cow herds in terms of efficiency, longevity, productivity and most importantly profitability. I encourage everyone to read the update on the Texas A&M University Beefmaster herd. This is a great opportunity for the Beefmaster breed as we will be featured as one of the two breeds selected by university leadership to develop a maternal oriented seedstock herd at Texas A&M. We anticipate building a great

herd with Texas A&M that will showcase the advantages of using Beefmaster genetics. I’m looking forward to the upcoming sales and seeing the cattle that will help shape the Beefmaster future. God bless each you this fall in your travels and I hope to see many of you at one of the great Beefmaster events! If you have any questions or comments please contact me at or 210-732-3132. Enjoy!

Collin Osbourn

Executive Vice President Editor, The Beefmaster Pay Weight

Beefmaster Breeders United

The Beefmaster Pay Weight is a publication produced by Beefmaster Breeders United and dedicated to serving commercial cattlemen. The Beefmaster Pay Weight Team Editor: Collin Osbourn Managing Editor: Jeralyn Novak Contributing Writers: Lance Bauer, Kaitlyn Sarlo Davila, Dr. Andy Herring, Kevin Hill, Emily Horton, Donnie Lunsford, Victoria G. Myers, Jeralyn Novak, Collin Osbourn, Burt Rutherford, Dr. Matt Spangler, Todd Thrift & Dr. Robert Weaber Advertising Coordinators: Carey Brown, Lance Bauer, Dusty Pendergrass, Jeralyn Novak Graphic Designer: Jeralyn Novak

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The Beefmaster Pay Weight - Fall 2019  

A publication dedicated to serving commercial cattlemen and produced by Beefmaster Breeders United.

The Beefmaster Pay Weight - Fall 2019  

A publication dedicated to serving commercial cattlemen and produced by Beefmaster Breeders United.