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ISSUE NO. 0004

ISSUE NO. 0004


By Natasha Spencer Club President


we enter our course of

study for the new academic year 2011/2012, I wish each and everyone a warm welcome. To all students, we at the Be Edified Club look forward to your continued dedication to not only your academia but also to all social activities and functions to be held in the upcoming semester. You are also encouraged to make an even greater effort in making the university experience an allaround positive one for yourselves as well as all other members of this prestigious institution. To you the academic and administrative staff, I embrace your return to the university and to the positions and functions that you have so commitedly served in the past year. I believe

that I speak for the majority when I say we eagerly await your continued and diligent support in all areas that can be facilitated. To all auxiliary staff we extend a warm welcome. We truly appreciate your commitment to the upkeep and smooth running of our beloved campus. We celebrate all the beautification endeavours that you have embarked on in the past year. We anticipate your continued highquality services in the new school year. Students remember that as teachers we must not only be exemplars but also role-models and sources of inspiration to our students. As we commence this new semester I encourage you to keep your future charges in mind and in heart as you pursue the vocation of teaching. Remember that they are the main reason for us being here at this level and stage. I wish to leave you with a quote that has guided me along my personal and ongoing journey to becoming the teacher that I am destined to be.

Ux Xw|y|xw VÄâu What is the club about?

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How do we propose to do this?

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“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” (Williams Ward)

We welcome your comments letters and articles via email:

Offering support systems for undergraduates. Sharing knowledge with the teaching and sporting fraternity Meeting the demand for more proactive and critical thinking students Providing a forum for academic discussion on best teaching practices in concept and practice

Training in specific computer and technical skills Hosting short seminars and workshops Creating a newsletter and website Hosting various other club events

Enjoying University Life Going to university is the start of a new path for a young adult. However, it can also be something of a daunting undertaking. Life away from the comfort of home can create a feeling of uncertainty and trepidation. However, university life offers students a chance to explore the world and learn not just about themselves, but also about others. Here are some tips that can help students cope with university life.

By Kristy Seeloch

Finally, the terrain levelled of and it was like taking a walk through the mall. The trail was fairly clean and I used my height to my advantage at times;

University is filled with many different types of people and students should do their best to meet as many as they can. Be confident, smile and don’t be afraid to show your true personality. This can help you find others students who may share your interests. Apart from that, it gives you the opportunity to learn more about other people’s cultures and traditions. It isn’t easy to be in a new environment and at first you may feel a little homesick. Talk to your family or friends about it and don’t hesitate to contact your family every now and then. This will go a long way to reducing the feeling of being homesick as well as help alleviate your parents’ concerns.

When do we meet?

Another tip for enjoying life at university is to have fun. Students must make the most of their time and enjoy the benefits, such as holidays and vacations, which apply only to students. However, it is essential that you also learn how to balance having fun with studying. (

Every Wednesday at 11:45pm in the guild room

The most important tip is to learn to budget properly. Students must learn not to spend too much money on unimportant things, such as parties, in order to avoid debt accumulation. Finally, enjoy university life by viewing everything as a learning experience.

Anyone is Free to join!!!

My Hiking Experience

Picture of Paria Bay Waterfall

After three months of just being home on vacation I decided to take up the offer from a friend to go hiking. The mission of the hike was Angel waterfall which is nestled in the northern range about an hour and a half from Maracas main road. The hiking expedition began around 8:30am. Unlike some of the other hiking trails the one to Angel falls did not welcome us with any flat terrain. As we entered into the northern range we began climbing one of the hills. Initially, it was not that strenuous but about midway I began asking, “How much longer?” although I was told I will soon reach the plateau the accent of the hill seem never ending. However, I was greatly encouraged by the other members of our hiking group.

I was able to go under fallen trees rather than over them. It took me about two hours before I began hearing the harmonious cascade of Angel falls which seemed to pour out of the rocks like water from a glass from about fifty feet high. It was soon after I came in the presence of the magnificent Angel falls. It was like a Photoshop picture; pristine in all its ways. After basking in the presence of this natural beauty the trek back to the starting point was much easier. My expedition to Angel falls is one that would remain with me for a very long time.

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