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Noises from the farm … October 2011 UP & COMING DIARY DATES - pleasecontinue to check


the notice board for up coming events.

LIVE - thank you for all the quick replies regarding us taking photos of the children and placing them on the new website. Sopleasehave a look and see exactly what the children get up to within their day at Beechoak Farm.

28th October Beechoak’s birthday (15 years) 17 th November Parents Evening 9th December Christmas Party th 26 December CLOSEDBank Holiday 27 th December CLOSEDBank Holiday

WINTER – winter is on its way so can you

Pleasecan I reinforce that we do not allow swaps for holidays and sickness.We will try our best to give you another day to make up for Bank Holidays BUT this is not guaranteed!!

pleasemake sure your child has a warm coat, hat, scarf, mittens and wellies for outside play, it can get really cold in the winter months.


the winter months children should wear green tracksuit bottoms, polos and sweatshirts these can be purchased from the office and will be charged to your next invoice. Pleaseensure that you label your clothes to reduce the risk of losing them!

unfortunately after 10 years of commitment, time and enjoyment Lesley and Dawn also left us this summer. We would like to wish them all the successin their new jobs. Sureyya Guner (Squirrels Room) and Mia Davis (Floater between Hedgehogsand Badgers) started with us in replacement of Lesley and Dawn and we would like to give them a huge warm welcome.

Can you continue to keep a spare set of clothes on your child’s peg in caseof an accident; these clothes do not have to be school uniform! As your children grow and your clothes too small Beechoak Farm would gratefully accept these especially knickers, pants and socks!

NEW CHILDREN - while we are on the welcoming note, we at Beechoak Farm would like to welcome all of the new starters that have joined us over the summer SAFETY AT COLLECTIO N months and we hope they are enjoying their time here within TIME – if you are collecting at 3pm the fun and thriving environment! playtime will you make sure you let the classroom teachers know

DUTCHESS – our new baby donkey born on 13th May 2011 is very fit and healthy. She has had her first visit from the Farrier and she was a good girl. Both mother and baby are doing extremely well.

your have day

Also we have a baby duckling that is enjoying its time in with the chickens. Sopleasedo go and see them both.

that you have taken your child. Please ensure you check child’s drawer any work they completed that or work that has come down off the wall. Pleasemake sure you as parents are coming in to collect your child and that you are not sending siblings in. Siblings are not to go to the classrooms alone, they MUST be accompanied by an adult.

SICKNESS - if your child has sicknessor diarrhoea there is a 48 HOUR EXCLUSION set by EssexCounty Council, this is from Finally pleaseensure you are closing the gates behind you the last episode of the diarrhoea or sickness!! Pleasering the office for guidance on exclusion periods for various illnesses!

especially the field gates.


Noises from the farm … October 2011 FINALLY - pleaseensure you have

WHEN USING THE CARPARK – please be cautious and remember that it is a 5mph speed limit. On occasions people have shot in and out too fast! Also pleasebe aware that parents and children will be walking to their cars especially at 9am and 3pm onwards! Could we suggest that all cars reverse into car parking bays for the safety of the children and drivers.

returned your reports, it has taken the staff a lot of time and we would love to receive some feedback and also place them in the children’s LEARNING JOURNALS.

Onceyou have collected your child; pleasedo not let them play on the statue or on the stones at the front of our school.

Hedgehogsand Badgers - you have until the start of January to apply for your Primary School. Pleasecall 0845 6032200,for Schools Admission Policy Directory Booklet.

FOOD & DRINK / TOY POLICY – we still have a no food policy so could you refrain from bringing in cakes and sweets to celebrate your child’s birthday or last day as we have several children who have allergies and cannot have them. Pleasedo not allow your child to bring toys into nursery unless they are for the Letterland table or relevant to our current theme. There is a risk that they will becomelost or broken so it is better for them to stay at home!!

SCHOOL INTAKE – from this year forward the majority of the children will be leaving within the summer months and this is becausePrimary Schools have changed there intakes. Primary Schools will only be having children start in September meaning we have limited room for children changing rooms or increasing days. Soif you would like your child to increase we suggest it will be within the summer months next year.

INVOICI NG – at Beechoak Farm we invoice every four weeks, you will now need to pay within two weeks of the following dates;

October 24 th , November 21 st and December 19! If you DONOT pay within this time you will be excluded from school until the fees are settled, you will still incur charges whilst not here.

October Newsletter  
October Newsletter  

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