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October 2016

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Are you addicted to your phone? Some people in today’s society may admit that they use their smartphones more than they probably should. Research shows that young adults use their smartphones twice as much as they think that they do. How many hours a day do you think you dedicate to your phone?According to huffingtonpost, young adults use their smartphones an average of five or more hours a day. A new type of Internet addiction has emerged within the last decade that shows large numbers of people becoming addicted to social media sites with a dependency comparable to drug or alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, Internet addiction is harder to break than a drug addiction. In today’s world, a victim cannot avoid the technology so central to our lives. Experts say this addiction could have a

serious effect on social behavior and mental health. A recent study showed that people who spend more time on social media sites are more likely to report feelings of jealousy throughout their lives. Social media addiction can be considered a behavioral disorder because people become so obsessed with social media that it prevents them from engaging in

Heavensfield Retreat Center. the real world. While one may claim many young adults are active on social media (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat), an actual addiction is characterized by the usage becoming so extreme that it creates negative effects on the person’s relationships and responsibilities. People with social media addiction experience a constant desire to check updates, share pictures, write statuses, and/or engage in social media in some way. It is also common for victims to view their real experiences with a concentration on how it will appear in

the social media world, distracting them from the present moment. Recently this phenomenon has been increasing. It’s called Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), and has been open for new research and debate. This addiction could potentially expand to include Internet-based video games as well. The Heavensfield Retreat Center in Washington has recently opened the first addiction recovery program for IAD in the United States. It includes a forty-five day program, called reSTART, designed to balance the lives of IAD victims. The center has already seen several patients, and its success has influenced other rehabilitation centers to open their doors to similar cases. Should social media rehab be taken seriously? People can become addicted to almost anything, and if reSTART is scientifically successful, some believe it should be taken into consideration.


Social Media Rehab? NATURAL DISASTERS Morgan Barnes Editor-in-Chief

Natural disasters are a part of life, they are part of living on this amazing planet we call home. While we are taught what to do incase of one. But what exactly is a natural disaster? define a natural disaster as either an earthquake, flood, or hurricane, that causes sever damage or loss of life. Recently, we have had three already from the start of the school year, two of those being floods right here in the U.S with severe damage and loss of life. Those two events were caused by flooding. One of the biggest being the Louisiana flood that has hap-

capitol of Rome. This earthquake did not only strike once, but it also had over 200 aftershocks. Aftershock is a series of smaller earthquakes that follow a major earthquake. This earthquake was so powerful that it shattered complete towns into nothing. Also due to the severity of this earthquake, 241 people lost their lives. One may never quite know when a disaster will strike but here are some tips and tricks that officials from the Huffington post recommend: 1. Be aware of of what you might face, know that with living in Illinois, and we do have tornados. 2. Learn evacuation routes and shelter locations. 3. Know how to get in touch


Bulding Updates Lilly Homan

Editor/Reporter Let’s raze the roof! Improvements are happening this year and next year. The School Board decided that the repairments will be done in two phases. Phase one will be happening this year, and according to Mr. Shilling, all the leaking roofs, at both the high school and elementary school will be replaced. Phase two will start July 1st, 2017. In phase two, all the windows will be replaced. The windows will be installed, once the leaking roofs are replaced. There are seven Board of Education members that talked about the repairments. Three members form a group called the Facilities Committee, which are Karen Scrementi, Paul Goldrick, and Ronald S. Mazurek. They meet together and discuss the building repairments. They decided about the windows and the roofs. The new roofs and windows are very beneficial to all students and staff, because the roofs will not leak. Also, we can have the windows open, because many windows are broken, and do not even open. Mr. Schilling said, “With new roofs, there will not be a need to move classrooms around every time that it rains.” Mrs. Compton’s room, Ms. Payne’s room, the cafeteria, and the den all have roofs that leak, among other teachers who having leaking windows, and water damage on their ceiling tiles. Better roofs mean that we do not have to pay as much to repair the roof. If we have better win-

dows, then it means that it will be cooler in the summertime, and warmer in the winter time. The windows we have now are very old and thin, and the new windows will be stronger and better. After phase one and phase two are completed, there could

what happens or does not happen. The government can assist in funding the repairs, this is called matching grant money. A matching grant is a way of funding small projects. The school applies for the grant, and if the government accepts the propos-

The above picture shows the damage from the recent Louisiana flood. pened. Because of such high water, there was 40 thousand homes destroyed and 13 people who lost their lives, and a total damage cost of at least 9 million dollars. Thousands of people have had to leave their homes due to this disaster. There was an earthquake in Italy. This earthquake was a 6.2 magnitude on the richter scale. The richter scale is a measurement system used to explain the power of an earthquake. This earthquake struck Italy at 3:32am about 100 miles away from its

with others, know how to get old of family if separated. 4. Sign up for emergency alerts. 5. Know what to do if your not home. 6. Have a emergency kit ready and know how to use it. 7. Keep in mind for people that might need special preparation. 8. Make sure your pets are ready if a disaster were to hit. 9. Learn survival techniques that would come in handy. 10. Find out how to help your community.

Beecher High School. be talk about a phase three. Phase three could possibly be adding air conditioning to the schools. The school board has not talked about whether or not if there will be a phase three. The priority of the repairs are based on what effects the school the most. For example, if we installed new windows before fixing the roof, the windows would get ruined from the rain. The roof affects everything. Also, the School Board decides

al. The government will match the money for that project. A matching grant is not always available, but it could be possible for the government to accept. The matching grant could also play a factor in determining the order of the repairments. The roof would be the first major improvement, that is if the government grants us a matching grant. Phase one will be the roof, and phase two will be the new windows in July.

Italy is still recovering from the deadly earthquake that occurred recently.


Perspectives-3 Nicolle Kain


Jed Moses L. Vergara Reporter


1. T-REX

When in doubt, the white sheet is the way to go! Not only is it spooky, but it’s also economy friendly!

The King of the Dinosaurs makes it reign even on the spookiest night of the year!



Why not dress up as a beautiful anti- When there’s someting strange in the hero? neighborhood, well...that will be you if you wear this.


Jed Moses L. Vergara Reporter

1. THE CLOVERFIELD LANE “Y. O. L. O...I don’t even know what that means, but everybody says it, so it’s gotta be cool, right?” 2. LIGHTS OUT - “Mom what are you doing?” - “Saving my kids” *pulls trigger*

Want to go with your buddy? Become To those who have an affinity for make- 3. THE SHALLOWS up, this is your time to shine! Induce an iconic duo! A mere 200 yards from shore, fear into the hearts of plenty with this surfer Nancy is attacked by 4. KYLOyRENen character from Conjuring 2. a great white shark, with her Black hoodie, black pants, pair of short journey to safety beboots and gloves, a DIY mask made 9. CLOWN out of cardboard and you have your Why not dress up as everyone’s worst coming the ultimate contest amazing costume! You could even nightmare? Stroll around the streets of wills. add a makeshift lightsaber! as a clown asd you’ll have people of all 4. INSIDIOUS ages running away. “I always wanted to know how I 5. SNAPCHAT FILTERS would go. Tell me I 10. GHOSTFACE If you love the app so much, why not Become an iconic horrifying ghost from meet my end.” become one of its filters? Scream!

5. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES -“Mrs. Featherstone. You’re undead.” 6. FRIEND REQUEST “It wasn’t a was a ritual sacrifice” 7. THE FOREST “I don’t hear anything...only silence.” 8. OUIJA When the youngest daughter is overtaken by a merciless spirit, the family confronts unthinkable fears to save her and send her possessor back to the other side. 9. RINGS A young woman finds herself on the recieving end of a terrifying curse that threatens to take her life in seven days. 10. PATIENT ZERO After an unprecidented global pandemic has turned the majority of humankind into violent “Infected”, a man leads the last survivors on a hunt for Patient Zero and a cure.


Justine Peters Editor/Reporter

Fashion is just one of the many ways that people of all ages can express themselves. As autumn starts once again, summer tanks are replaced with cozy sweaters and cute boots. This year’s featured fall color is rust, according to This hue represents the beginning of the season and even resembles the changing colors of the leaves on trees.

Another trend this year includes patchwork denim. Many people wear denim jeans, but now patchwork denim skirts, shirts, and shoes are becoming a popular trend among fashionistas. According to various fashion websites, velvet is thought to make a comeback this season. This fabric has been seen in dresses, shoes, and even purses. The scarf is an additional autumn accessory that “has become so popular,” according to For some,

scarves provide the perfect component to many fashionable outfits. The infinity scarf doesn’t even require a knot to be tied. As reported by, “A sporty skirt is the perfect match for a graphic sweatshirt.” Also stated by seventeen. com, “Suede is huge for fall and adds a luxe, boho feel to any outfit,” and “This season, it’s all about the ‘70s, boho vibe.” The website announced that, “Leather jackets

have been trending for the last few seasons, but now we’re seeing the luxe fabric appearing on pants, dresses, skirts, and even tops.” Flannel shirts are often considered a classic fashion style by many websites. Matching a plaid shirt with a pair of dark jeans is a favored autumn look, reported by Ankle booties and combat boots are also notable choices for casual autumn outfits. One could also pair booties with a stylish dress

to achieve a more formal look. Flannels and chambray shirts are also deemed a basic component to guy’s fashion, and they are easy to match with a pair of high-top sneakers. Bomber jackets are an option for someone looking to layer clothing. This type of jacket is a modern way to stay warm in the cold autumn weather. As summer ends, autumn brings the cold weather, along with new fashion trends for 2016.


County Line

Nicolle Kain

Katelyn Bireline Reporter

County Line Orchard: This fun orchard celebrates the fall season with pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and apple donuts, caramel apples, and more to choose from inside the barn . The bakery on the other hand, offers all sorts of tasty treats like fudge, pies, and kettle corn. But before all those tasty treats, you might want to make a trip to the kitchen for some “real food” as County Line calls it. The kitchen offers a variety of foods and

Pumpkin patches are popular during this season.

drinks to choose from. County Line is famous for their cider; cider slushes on a warm day, and hot cider for the fall days ahead. Once you have a full belly, there is still more to do. County Line also offers a pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkins, or there is even pumpkins at the front to pick from. County Line carries a wide range of farm goods like squash, gourds, indian corn, pumpkins, corn stalks, hay bales, mums, and sunflowers. Another attraction at County Line is the Bee Yurts. At the Bee Yurts, you can observe the bees and how they work. But do not forget to try and make your way through the corn maze. This year it is featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. County Line also has a kid’s farm. The kid’s farm offers a

H a u n t e d Fa l l H a l l w a y What You

ride on the moo-choo, taking you around the orchard giving you a view of the farm. There is also an animals farm, where you can stop in and say hello to all the animals. There is even a chickville, where you can see every stage of the chicken lifestyle. When you are ready to wind down, join the farmers for some great music and

Co-Editor-in-Chief For years, the Beecher High School Student Council has been responsible for multiple events and activities that benefit our school. The school dances, blood drives, and fundraisers that the club organizes benefit the community as well as the school, and make high school a little more bearable for some students. As Halloween creeps closer, the Student Council plans an annual event not only for high school students to enjoy, but also for the surrounding community. The BHS Haunted Hallway is a fun and creative way to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Each grade claims portions of the school’s hallways (the hallways being used for this event will be the junior and senior hallways), and decorates them according to a theme of their choosing. Over the years, themes have varied from haunted circuses to frightening hospitals to horrific prom disasters. It might be hard to recognize those everyday school hallways when the Student Council hosts their Haunted Hallway on Friday, October 28th and Saturday, October 29th. Mrs. Stone is in charge of the Student Council and its activities. “I took over student council over 5 years ago with Mrs. Short. We were not given much in terms of what student council did besides

dancing. Over by the kid’s farm, there is a main stage, where local musical talent is showcased every weekend in the fall. General admission is $1 but there is an additional cost for extras. County Line Orchard and Orchard store are only open during Orchard season which starts August 31, 2016 and ends October 30, 2016.

C r a ft


the winter formal dance and the talent show,” Mrs. Stone says. “After talking to the group, they were excited to try new things to raise money. My high school had this elaborate haunted house that they put on every year and it was great. I remember when I was only nine or so waiting in a line for two hours just to get in. The student council settled on the hallway that runs from the freshmen all the way down to the senior hall. The first year was a huge success for us with over 500 people walking through,” Mrs. Stone states. She is very proud of her club’s hard work, and cannot wait to see what this year will bring. “Each year the different classes pick a theme and run with it. I have seen so many great sections and I know this year will be just as good. The senior class has the largest amount of members, so it is easy for them to have elaborate designs and plenty of people working. I am most excited for the sophomore and junior sections. They really did a great job last year, and I hope that creativity continues. The freshman are always unpredictable, but they usually pull through. I cannot take any credit for the success of this event that we have every year, the students do a great job and get very involved.” More information concerning the Haunted Hallway will be released closer to its date by the Student Council.

good corn maze.

Apple picking is defineitely a favorite at County Line.

Katelyn Bireline

Nicolle Kain

Almost everyone loves a

BeechBark//Katelyn Bireline

picking. It’s a family-friendly environment with something for everyone.

BeechBark//Katelyn Bireline

Orchard season is here! On August 31, 2016, County Line Orchard opened for the season. It is the closest U-pick apple orchard to downtown Chicago. However, there’s more to the orchard than just apple picking. There’s a corn maze, barnyard jams, a pumpkin patch, a sunflower patch, a kids farm, and even a kitchen to purchase food from. The apple supply at the orchard is almost endless. There are 6 fields to pick apples from: House Field, Main Field, Church Field, Gibson Field, and Deer Field. Even if you don’t feel like picking your own apples, the Big Barn offers a few different types of bags of apples to pick from. There’s also apple cider,

BeechBark//Katelyn Bireline



-Mason Jar -String -Hot Glue Gun -Decorative Leaves -Red Paint -Paint Brush -Candy

Step One: Paint Step Two: Hot the mason jar. It may need more than one coat of paint.

Step Three: Tie Step Four: Add

string around the top of the jar.


glue the decorative leaves around the jar.

Finished Product

BeechBark DID YOU GO PINK?? Sports-5


Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue. Approximately 564,800 Americans are expected to die of cancer this year, 1,500 per day. Cancer is not an uncommon disease. “Be Clear on Cancer” campaigns, Relay for Life, and soccer games are just some of the ways awareness for this disease is spread. On September 7th, Beecher High School’s boys soccer team was able to recognize some of those that have been diagnosed with cancer at some time in there life. The soccer team was able to play their 7th annual Pink Game to help bring awareness to a specific type of cancer: breast can-

Nicolle Kain

Co-Editor-in- Chief

The home stadium of the Chicago White Sox, currently known as U.S. Cellular Field, will be changing its name to Guaranteed Rate Field this November. The team sold naming rights to Guaranteed Rate, and has recently signed a thirteenyear contract with the company. The name change was approved by the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority back in August, and will be in effect for next season.

erton, Jordan Janssen, Joel Barraza, and Ben Strick back there defending, Beecher was able to keep the ball on the opposite side of the field for most of the game. But even when the ball did come to their side, defense quickly took action to get the ball back to the forwards. The team worked as a whole and dominated the field. Coach Compton said, “My favorite thing as a coach is watching the team grow closer as the season goes on.” She only expects the team to get better at what they do as the season continues. Mrs. Compton knows what her team needs to work on in order to help themselves make a deep run into post-season.

Boys Soccer Team JV/Varsity

A NEW field name? Chicago teams, such as the Chicago Bears reactions as free advertisements for his company. He claims that it “helps build brand awareness,” and he couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming baseball season. Guaranteed Rate was founded in 2000, and is one of the largest home lenders in America. According to the company, Guaranteed Rate funded $18 billion in loans last year alone. The first home field for the Chicago White Sox was built at the corner of 35th Street and Shields Avenue in July

Sport Briefs

Lilly Homan Reporter

Here’s the short of all the sports. Fall sports are up and going. During the fall season, sports include: volleyball, golf, boys soccer and cross country. Girls Volleyball: So far the Girls Varsity Volleyball team is 6-3 overall, and in conference the ladycats are 1-0. Girls Golf: The Girls Golf team is 9-4. This is the first year the team will play in multiple 18-hole Invitational events. “These are good preparatory matches for Regionals and Sectionals,” said head coach Kevin Martewicz. Boys Golf: The Boys Golf team has been steadily improving their game over the course of the season. Head coach David Serafin said,” Our team has a young core of players that are beginning to play to their potential. The sky is the limit for this young group, this year and into the future.” Coach Serafin is excited about Kyle Stolzenbach, who recently set a career best, and shot 93 at a tournament. Coach Serafin said,” That we have a lot to celebrate, and I look forward to seeing what the rest of the season will bring.” Boys Soccer: The Boys Varsity Soccer team so far is 6-3 overall, and in conference the bobcats are 4-0. Boys and Girls Cross Country: The Girls and Boys Cross Country teams have yet to have a first through third run. They have ran up against 99 runners in one meet. In another meet, they ran up against 516 runners. Coach Ogdon gives credit to the teams because they are here at 6 am practicing, even after school, logging in as much as 40-45 miles a week in preparation for the events.

1910. The stadium was designed by Zachary Taylor Davis and Charles Comiskey to become the “Baseball Palace of the World”. Old Comiskey Park, which was its original name, featured a doubledecked outfield grandstand, which was impressive for its time. The baseball team played their last game at old Comiskey Park in 1990. New Comiskey Park opened in April 1991. The new park was built across the street from the old Comiskey Park. Comiskey Park featured an exploding scoreboard and over 40,000 seats.

Photo By: Mrs Compton

Katelyn Bireline

cer. The boys walked away with a 3-0 win. Coal City was able to hold their own during the first half keeping the score tied, 0-0. However, the boys came out determined to win in the second half. Alex Ranger started it off by heading the ball into the back of the net, making the score 1-0. Then came Joel Barraza with a triumphant shot from midfield. Scoring the final goal was Devin Sons. He made this goal by following Josh VanHoutegen’s shot, which had bounced off of the goalie. Goalie, Tyler Bireline, worked hard to earn this shutout, saving a total of 7 shots on goal. Even though Coal City wasn’t able to make as many shots on goal as Beecher, they still fought through until the end. Defense also worked hard and was aggressive. With Nick Bry-

Morgan Barnes

It was renamed U.S. Cellular Field in January 2003 after striking a namingrights deal for $68 million with U.S. Cellular. Why the change? In 2013, Sprint bought U.S. Cellular’s spectrum in Chicago, making the stadium name “of diminished marketing value.” Guaranteed Rate “stepped up to the plate” when the team went to find a new stadium sponsor. “We are incredibly excited and honored to be part of the White Sox family,” Ciardelli said. “It really is a dream come true to have the Guaran-

teed Rate name on a hometown Chicago ballpark.” Fans will walk through those same doors to the same stands, but under a different name. The Chicago White Sox aren’t the only major league baseball team to have a unique stadium name, and both the team and Guaranteed Rate are confident that the new name will catch on.


Lilly Homan

Reporter Fall sports are in full swing. Here are our the athletes of the month. Girls Golf: The athlete of the month for Girls Golf is Megan Oppenhuis (Jr). She has stepped into the role of team captain, better than coach Martewicz could have hoped for. She helps by taking the freshman players under her wing, and she shows them what team play is all about. She has volunteered to take the new players on the course to work on different aspects of the game. She leads the team in scoring averages. She continues to work at every aspect of her game in desire to be the best player she can be. She embodies what a team captain can and should be. Boys Golf: The athlete of the month for the Boys Golf is Jarod Stolzenbach (Sr). He has been a lead scorer in all but one event this season. He has lead the team to an 9 and 2 record. He has been helping to improve his team over the course of the season. Boys and Girls Cross Country: The athlete of the month for Boys Cross Country is Adam Swanson (Jr), and the athlete of the month for girls Cross Country is Hailey Janssen (So). They both have the dedication to practice every day. They also, put all their efforts into every meet. They both show great leadership qualities, and have helped lead the team. They both medaled in all three events. Girls Volleyball: The athlete of the month for Girls Varsity Volleyball is Waylin Walls Parker (Sr). She is a great force at the net, and is second in the area for blocks with a total of twenty-eight blocks. She is leading her team in kills with thirty-five, and has been voted to the all tournament team by the other coaches, at the Macomb Volleyball Classic Tournament. Boys Soccer: The athlete of the month for Boys Varsity Soccer is Gabe Fonseca (Sr). He has been playing with an injury, but that does not let it slow him down. He currently leads the team in goals with ten, and also has three assists. He is a team player who does whatever it takes to help his team become successful. As a captain, he is a strong leader who his teammates look up to.

Reading from left to right: Megan Oppenhuis, Gabe Fonseca, Jarod Stolezenbach, Waylin Walls, Hailey Janssen, and Adam Swanson.

BeechBark From Billionaire to Millionaire Justine Peters Editor/Reporter

Many people may already know the world famous author J.K. Rowling for writing the successful seven books of the Harry Potter series. She just recently released an eighth book, and she has earned billions of dollars from her flourishing Harry Potter franchise. However, J.K. Rowling has lost her title of billionaire because she donated an excessive amount of money. According to, she reportedly donated $160 million to various charities, including those that help “single parent families in a bid to give them more opportunities to find employment, enter into education, and provide child care facilities so single mothers and fathers feel more empowered

and in control of their lives.” The illustrious author now maintains the still noble title of millionaire after she generously donated a large share of her earnings. In the past, J.K. Rowling founded her own charity called Lumos in order to end the institutionalization of children in Europe and to help them find safer places to live. J.K. Rowling has a very strong opinion that all people are capable of achieving their dreams, and she once stated, “If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” It is clear that J.K. Rowling is a giving person, and she has inspired many to dream big and give back to their communities. As J.K. Rowling says, “It is our choices. . . that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

The world famous novelist poses for a picture with her book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


Justine Peters

N e w S o n g s Everyday Holidays


Justine Peters Editor/Reporter





1 National Homemade

The Chainsmokers, Halsey

Cookies Day


Twenty One Pilots

2 Name Your Car Day

Needed Me


Sucker for Pain Mama Said

Imagine Dragons, Ty Dolla Sign, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Logic Lukas Graham

Into You

Ariana Grande

Don’t Let Me Down

The Chainsmokers, Daya



Treat You Better

Shawn Mendes

We Don’t Talk Anymore

Charlie Puth, Selena Gomez

Send My Love


12 Moment of Frustration

Cheap Thrills



Can’t Stop the Feeling

Justin Timberlake

13 International Skeptics

Dangerous Woman

Ariana Grande


This Is What You Came For

Calvin Harris, Rihanna

14 National Dessert Day


3 Virus Appreciation Day

Max Steel Rings Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Inferno Doctor Strange Moana Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


11 It’s My Party Day

15 White Cane Safety Day 16 Bosses Day 17 Wear Something Gaudy Day




C om in g to th e a te r s s o on

8 American Touch Tag

10 Columbus Day

Justine Peters

Me Before You Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Independence Day: Resurgence The Legend of Tarzan The Secret Life of Pets Jason Bourne The BFG Ghostbusters Nerve Suicide Squad Pete’s Dragon Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children The Light Between Oceans The Magnificent Seven Sully

6 Mad Hatter Day

9 Leif Erikson Day

Katelyn Bireline

Popular movies June to September

5 World Teacher’s Day


New Movies HsHs

4 National Frappe Day

7 Bald and Free Day

Games and Puzzles! Editor/Reporter

Justine Peters

18 No Beard Day 19 Evaluate Your Life Day 20 Brandied Fruit Day 21 National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day 22 National Nut Day 23 Tv Talk Show Host Day 24 National Bologna Day 25 Punk for a Day Day 26 National Mincemeat Day 27 Navy Day 28 Plush Animal Lover’s Day 29 National Frankenstein Day 30 National Candy Corn Day 31 Halloween



H i d d e n Ta l e n t Ar ti s t

Morgan Barnes

Jed Moses L. Vergara Reporter

pursue my music career while getting my early childhood degree.” Some of Haley’s favorite artists to listen to are, 5 Seconds of Summer, Melanie Martinez, Good Charlotte, and My Chemical Romance. She also likes to sing along to artists/song to sing is Beau-

tiful by Christina Aguilera. Haley has been singing this song since her seventh grade talent show. She says, ” I truly love this song and meaning behind the words.” Haley says the two artists she would love to sing with would be Halsey and Melanie Martinez. Good luck to Haley with her music and college!

BeechBark//Morgan Barnes

Do you have a special talent? Well, we know of one person who does: Haley Olson (Sr). Haley Olson is a senior. We sat down with Haley to find out where she plans on taking her voice, and when she found out when she started singing. When asked how long she has been singing, Haley had this to say, ”I have been singing since I was old enough to start making sentence, it’s been about 14 years.” She started singing because of her parents would always sing around the house. But she wanted to turn it into a career when she watched other people on stage. She says, “ I wanted to be just like them they looked so happy.” When asked about training, Haley says she has never had any professional help, although, she has been in choir since elementary school. I sat down and asked Haley about her future plans with her amazing voice. “ I would really like to be a performer, have my own CDs and my own tour.” Haley’s biggest achievement in singing is when she won 1st place in a division singing competition. Haley,continues, “ I would really like to

of th e Mo nth

Haley Olson (Sr) is October’s Hidden Talent.

“Art is the Queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world,” as once said by Leonardo da Vinci. As the school year reaches its first rounds, it’s been reckoned as the time of recognition for hidden aptitude our fellow schoolmates may possess. Much like one of our new high school students, Emily Hayhurst (Fr). She enjoys playing sports, reading, as well as learning about history and the presidents. She is our current holder for the position of “Artist of the Month.” “It was made mostly in my free time,” she stated, concerning the featured art, found above. She also mentioned that it was an assignment given by Mrs. Blouin, our teacher of Art. As any form of art is a visual explanation of things, it is made more bountiful through the wise use of her free time. As said by an article about our brains under stress on Designtaxi, stress may be one of the quicker things impediment to our ability to be as creative. It is also stated that part of the reason we are less productive concerning an individual’s creativity is due to being under the hold of

BeechBark//Morgan Barnes


Nicolle Kain

Emily Hayhurst (Fr) is a noteworthy artist who drew this for her art class. stressful situations, we are into different perspectives. Last year, a day after the known to be more susceptible to getting confused when unfortunate occurences of solving a certain problem. Paris happened, Jean Jullien Emily also shares that created the famous “Peace her cousin, Fiona, was who for Paris” symbol, worn and inspired her to start draw- carried by many in their signs ing, or create art in gen- of protest against terrorism. eral. “I did art classes at She felt considerable hapCrete Library for a while piness when she was told and loved them. I also take that she would be featured classes here,” she said. in this month’s newspaWhen it comes to prefer- per, “I think it’s pretty nice ences, she stated that she that you guys do this!” she really likes painting, and said to the journalist team. And lastly, when it came that she was excited to start them in her class. Although to the pursuit of art as a cawhen it came to art, she fa- reer, she mentioned that she vored Pablo Picasso and would definitely continue Jean Jullien because they doing it as a hobby, but she put art and normal things did not think of it as a career.

All About the new teachers Lilly Homan Reporter

Ms Lang Ms. Lang is one of our newest English teachers. She went to college at the University of Illinois in Chicago for her bachelor’s in English. She received her masters in Reading Education, then went to Concordia University in River Forest, Illinois to become a Reading Specialist. Before Ms. Lang came to teach at Beecher High School, she worked at George Washington High School in Chicago for three and a half years, including her student teaching. She also worked at Highland High School in Highland, Indiana for one year. She decided to come back to Illinois to teach. Ms. Lang did not always want to become a teacher, she hoped to become an editor for a newspaper or magazine. After realizing that the job market to become an editor was not so great, she knew that a teaching degree would make herself more marketable. After she finished her student teaching, Ms. Lang realized that teaching was the right job for her. During her sophomore year of college at the University of Illinois in Chicago, Illinois, she had an inspiring American Literature professor. His teaching made her appreciate literature in a new way.

ms Franson

Mrs Garnett

Ms Borgman

Mrs Rowe

Ms. Franson is our newest Special Education teacher. She went to Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Heights, Illinois. She finished her bachelor’s degree at Governors State University in University Park, Illinois. She also went to Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois, where she finished her masters degree in special education. Before she came to teach at Beecher High School, she was a teacher’s aide at Scarlet Oak Elementary School in Oak Forest, Illinois. She worked with third and fourth grade students for two years at Scarlet Oak Elementary School. She always wanted to become a teacher, for as long as she could remember. There was one particular teacher she remembers in fourth grade, which inspired her to become a teacher, she was very kind and cared a lot about her students. She hopes to incorporate how her fourth grade teacher was like.

Mrs. Garnett is our newest Science teacher, she teaches Biology and Anatomy. She went to Saint Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois for her bachelor’s. She also went to National-Louis University in Chicago, Illinois for her masters. Before she came to teach at Beecher High School, she taught at North Cook Young Adults Academy in Des Plaines, Illinois for four years. Mrs. Garnett did not always want to become a teacher at first, she wanted to become a pharmacist. She had several good teachers that inspired her. She wanted to show students that science can be rewarding and fun.

Ms. Borgman is our other newest English teacher. She went to Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois for her bachelor’s in English Education. She also received a minor in communications. Before she came to teach at Beecher High School, she taught at Sherrard School District in Sherrard, Illinois. She knew that she wanted to become a teacher after her freshmen year at Beecher High School. She had three inspiring teachers during her four years at Beecher High School. Mrs. Vicari did a great job at teaching, she saw the potential in her students. She was a hard teacher that would not give up, and would push you to better yourself. Ms. Shoven is an inspiring Math teacher, because she is understanding. She has a certain way of teaching, and a specific order with her approach to do things. During her senior year, Mrs. Johnson taught English and Stories into Film. She made English so interesting, and the stories they read came to life in her class. As a teacher she gave her students a view of her life, it’s rare, but it made her seem more personable.

Mrs. Rowe is our newest Spanish teacher. She attended college at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois for her bachelor’s. She received her bachelors in Arts (also a BA) in Spanish Education, from Trinity Christian College. She also attended South Suburban Community College in South Holland, Illinois. Before she got her bachelor’s, she got her CNA, certified nursing assistant, and phlebotomy license from South Suburban Community college. Having a phlebotomy license means that she can draw people’s blood for testing. Before she came to teach at Beecher High School, she taught at Bolingbrook High School for a year, and at Crete-Monee for two years. She was also a substitute at Peotone and Beecher for a year. She did not always want to become a high school teacher, she wanted to become a nursing teacher. She soon realized that nursing was harder than she thought it would be, and knew that she wanted a career in teaching. Mrs. Rowe enjoyed Spanish, so she thought about becoming a Spanish teacher. She was inspired by all her bad Spanish teachers in high school, which made her work harder to become a better Spanish teacher.


Editorial-8 Morgan Barnes

WHAT IF... THERES A GHOST IN BEECHER?? Morgan Barnes Editor-in-Chief

Halloween is just around the corner. As decorations start filling up the halls of BHS, and the horror movies make their comebacks on TV and in movies, it’s important to make note of the local haunts right under your nose. The Manteno Sanitarium The Manteno Sanitarium was a statewide Psychiatric Facility. It was originally built in 1928 and opened in 1930. It was used up until 1985, when it closed. The sanitarium sat and “decayed” for 17 years before anything was done with it. Then in 2002, it was renovated and reopened to the public, as a tour spot. The campus is set up in a cottage plan, as they have parallel streets and cottages to represent a small town. Within the campus there are 40 cottages, all named after a pioneer in the mental health field. In its prime year of housing, the hospital held 8,100 patients at one time. The hospital in the 60s and 70s was used as a health care center, and was not set up to hold “dangerous” patients. In 1977, it was renovated into a secure facility. When the campus closed in 1985, plans for the facility were to use it as a veterans hospital. The site has been converted into many different things over the years from a bank, to a small college, and even some housing developments. But the main hospital has been left as is, and is now a popular place to visit around Halloween. People

Axeman’s Bridge

Manteno Sanatarium

who have gone to visit have reported seeing doctors, nurses, and even patients wandering the halls. There have also been reports of voices being heard over the long broken intercom. Axeman’s Bridge If you are in Crete, IL by Old Post Road and happen to pass a bridge, you might not want to stop. There are plenty of stories about an old eerie bridge out in the woods. The story about this bridge is a dismally chilling story. It begins around the late 80s into the 90s, and it is said that a man lived out in the woods just past Axeman’s Bridge with his family. One night, the man became enraged about something that is not available to the public, and being out of sorts, attacked his family. The man killed his family with an axe and then burned his house down. While the story of the original Axeman’s Bridge is true, over the years the story has been altered to say that it was teenagers or unknown people who were killed. Remains of the house have been found, and there have been reports of people going out to the site of the house and bridge. There have not been any reports of sightings or hearing anything, but many of the people have gone to both sites to explore the remains. The Teapot The Teapot is an old coffee shop located on the older side of Beecher by the grainery. The Teapot first opened in 1880 when it was opened as a coffee shop. In its day, the Teapot had a steady flow of customers on a daily basis. Reviews raved about its

amazing service and great food. But then something unexpected happened: the Teapot closed. No one’s quite sure why the Teapot closed in the first place. There are plenty of rumors about why it closed. Some of these rumors range from bankruptcy to a death, none of these rumors have been confirmed . No reports have shown a death involved at the restaurant. Rumors have spread that there have been noises heard late at night. Some of the noises reported were tables sliding across the ground, cups and plates being dropped, and even voices. Other rumors suggest that a person has been seen lurking around in the closed building. People around town have reported seeing a person moving around inside the building as if to be working in the closed restaurant. None of these have been confirmed as actual events.

Iconic Scary Movie House Locations Morgan Barnes Editor-in-Cheif

Bates Motel - Los Angeles, California -Universal Studios The Stanley Hotel - Colorado- The Shining The Timber Lodge - Oregon- The Shining Stewart House - Catabria,Spain- The Others Freelimg House - 4267 Roxbury Street Simi Valley, California -Poltergeist Staircase - 3600 Prospect Street Georgetown, Washington D.C- The Exorcist Amityville House - Amityville, New York- Amityville Horror Evans Park Cemetary - Evans Parl, Pennsyvainia -Night of the Living Dead Woods Creek Road - Monreo, Washington -The Ring Camp NoBeBoSco - Blairstown, New Jersy -Friday the 13th Dunsmuir House - Oakland, California -Phantasm, I Married an Axe Murder Myers’s Family House - Pasadena, California -Halloween Point Reyes Lighthouse - Point Reyes Station, California- The Fog

Haunts Near You

Morgan Barnes Editor-in-Chief

St. Turibius Church- Chicago, IL At this old Roman Catholic church, the ghost of a priest named Father Joe Lechert lingers. It is said that after a church reorganization he was let go, and as a result, he died of a broken heart. Parishioners and altar boys say they have seen his ghostly figure. Graceland Cemetary- Chicago, IL The spirit of Inez Clark lingers in this old cemetery. She was almost 7 years old when she was fatally struck by lightning at a picnic. There is a life-size statue of her on her gravesite, enclosed in glass. It is said that on rainy nights the statue disappears, and the apparition of a little girl can be seen walking around the cemetery. Lincoln Theatre- Belleville, IL Lincoln Theatre is believed to be haunted by a prankster ghost. An apparition of a ghostly child has run up and down the stairs, a woman has appeared in the balcony, and tricks were played in the projection booth. Reports say that there are seven ghosts who call this theater home. Fire House on North Walker Avenue-Chicago, IL According to reports, a ghost who is thankful to the firefighters patrols the firehouse, protecting it. Witnesses say they have heard footsteps and seen the firepole covers being opened and closed when everyone is asleep. The firehouse doors also have been known to open themselves almost instantly after the fire bell rings, even though no one has reached them yet to open them. Woodstock Opera House- Woodstock, IL Interestingly enough, reports say that during any performance here, a certain seat in the balcony (DD 113) is always left empty for a resident ghost named Elvira. Her spring-loaded chair has been seen folded down when she is attending a performance. She is said to be very beautiful, with long blonde hair and a gauzy gown. She has been seen in the hallways and looking out the upper windows. She also is said to sometimes inhabit the bodies of young actresses and movie props and scenery, and if anyone botches a line, she can be heard sighing.


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