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Raising Awareness at BHS

As the month of October was Breast Cancer Awareness month and National Bullying Prevention month, Beecher High School did a few things to raise awareness around the school. Mrs. Compton, soccer coach, held the annual Pink Game for the boys soccer team on September 12. The game was a success, raising $1,500 for the Susan G. Komen foundation. The volleyball girls showed their support by also playing a Pink Game on October 15 donating the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen foundation as well. Even though the River Valley Conference did not hold RVC Goes Pink week as the 7 schools decided to do last year, BHS decided to still show their support for breast cancer. “There is a personal connection when it comes to breast cancer for the Beecher District. We have staff that overcame breast

cancer,” said Mr. Schilling. According to, 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer; that is 12% of women in America being diagnosed with breast cancer. This makes it very easy for anyone to know someone who has had or has breast cancer, and it is great that we are raising money and awareness for those women and families affected by this. Not only was October Breast Cancer Awareness month, but it was also National Bullying Prevention month. Beecher made sure to focus on bullying during October in addition to breast cancer. On October 7, the students and faculty wore blue shirts for National Stomp-out Bullying Day. According to Ambassador’s for Kids Club, 160,000 kids miss school every day due to the fear of being bullied. Also, 30% of stu-


dents from grades 6-10 encounter moderate to frequent bullying in their schools. Beecher is making sure the kids in our school are not scared to walk the halls of BHS. “I don’t want our school to focus on just one major issue,” says Mr. Schilling. He wants our school to focus on other issues such as bullying and suicide. Mrs. Rojas and Mr. Sarsany are planning different activities for throughout the year to make students more aware. The staff at Beecher High School aren’t the only ones taking action to make a difference, but the students are taking action as well. On September 28, the families in Beecher and all the communities surrounding Beecher were invited to all come together for a candlelight vigil that was held in memory of Colin Thompson and his family after his passing.

Students at BHS spread the word and made sure everyone knew this non-school sponsored event was being held. The students wanted to make sure people came to show their support for Colin, his family, and all those who are affected by the tragedy of suicide. The staff and students at Beecher High School wore yellow t-shirts to show that no one is alone in what they are going through and that Beecher supports suicide awareness. Student Council also decorated a bulletin board in one of the halls that has a suicide lifeline number written on the paper. In 2010 there were 38,364 reported suicides in the United States, according to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. That number made suicide the 10th leading cause of death in America that year. Professionals believe that these

numbers increase every year. This is a great start for the Beecher students really noticing the serious issues in today’s world and not just being aware, but taking action and making a difference. In today’s constantly changing society with new problems occurring frequently, it is important that the students in the schools are aware of the problems taking place in the world and that kids are able to make a difference. Taking little actions for these big issues can go a long way, and Beecher High School is taking the steps to have a voice and help make a difference.

Abbey Wilson



Last year was the first year student council ever threw a Haunted Hallway. Many didn’t know how it was going to go or even if it would turn out well. The Haunted Hallway was a fundraiser for the winter formal dance and the student council members were able to raise about four hundred and fifty dollars last year. It was a success. Student council held the Haunted Hallway again this year. The Haunted Hallway is student runned and they come up with all the themes and set up everything. The freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors all work together to make the hallway a success. A lot of time and planning goes into this fun event so that it is enjoyable for all ages. “I thought the Haunted Hallway was great; everyone worked together. My brother David who went through gave it a 9 out of 10,” said Matt Utemark (So). Matt is also in student council and helped with the planning and scaring. Many wondered if this year was going to be better than the previous year. Student council members worked as a group and was able to work out all of the bumps in the system and learn how to make it more efficient. “The set up and take down went more smoothly because of experience. Throughout the whole hallway there was con-

sistency and the effort put into everything translated into positive feedback from parents and students,” said Lindsey Pape (Sr) who worked the hallway. Student council tries to make it fun for everyone. Their goal was to make sure that they weren’t too scary for younger children and scary enough for the older children. That is a tricky goal to meet but the Haunted Hallway was a success in scaring some people. “The Haunted Hallway was better than I thought it would be. When Garrett Short jumped out of the bushes I ran,” said Emily Landis (Jr). This year however didn’t make as much money as last year. The junior high school has a school dance the Friday of the Haunted Hallway. The student council members believe that is a contributing factor to the lower numbers on Friday. “I think it went really well, the kids put on a good run and it went smoothly and we are already coming up with new and better ideas for next year,” said Mrs. Stone, student council sponsor.

Tia Anczer Features Editor

Photo: Mark Wilson, Getty Images


President Obama: Barrack Obama delivers a mid-morning speech on October 17, 2013 regarding the government shutdown.



By now everyone has heard the news. The United States government decided to take a little “break” October 1, 2013. This is known as a shut down. What happened was the simple fact that Democrats and Republicans could not compromise on a spending plan for the country, therefore all “non-essentials” are being cut. Examples of nonessentials are museums, the FDA national parks, and the Environmental Protection Agency. This means that almost everyone that works for these non-essential bureaus are out of work. This is all due to a divided Congress. Democrats wish to start paying back the debt and although the Republicans agree, they would like to see the defunding of Obamacare Dan Aring (Jr.) believes, “it is ridiculous that Congress can get paid for doing absolutely nothing besides arguing.” English Teacher Mr. Depew says, “I don’t necessarily look at it as anyone’s fault because elected officials were

responding to what their constituents want them to do.” When asked about his opinion on this whole situation, social studies teacher Mr. Kelly said, “I only see one way to look at this. I think the Republicans are desperate and they can’t win a presidential election so they are going to extreme measures. They weren’t able to stop Obamacare through the usual means, so they are using unconventional means.” Of course, this is not the first time the government shut down. The last time this happened was during Bill Clinton’s presidency in 1995. This lasted 21 days into 1996. This hesitation hurt The United States’ credit rating for the first time in recent history. If this were to happen again Mr. Kelly says that the worst case scenario will be that “the dollar loses place as the world’s reserve currency.” The next fight to be battledout in D.C. will be over the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling is the absolute limit on how much money this country spends. The absolute

limit is 17 trillion dollars. The debate will be over how much the debt ceiling should be raised, and what should be included in that budget. So the fight for Obamacare will continue in the capitol. Mr. Depew believes that “there needs to be a long term solution to the debt rather than short-term fixes.” Most United States citizens would agree, no matter their political preference, that something needs to change. This game of chicken between a divided Congress is considered, by many, absolutely ridiculous. Instead of thinking of the well-being of the country, they are acting selfishly according to their beliefs

Dean Blumenfeld Reporter


Perspectives -3

Editor:Kayl Larson

Does Music Define You?

Taylor Adams Reporter

Different Music Preferences




in music; it’s a constant, and can be the only comforting thing when times are tough, or maybe, not so tough. If teenagers are constantly singing, humming, and mumbling lyrics, do they shape their thoughts and ideas around said lyrics? Can the lyrics close their mind off to different outlooks? “Not unless you can keep an open mind,” says Tristan Burkhart (Sr) who prefers to listen to rap and hip-hop music. Although some people are deeply influenced by music artists, others just listen to the music for pleasure, and they dress and behave how they like no matter what music they listen to. I asked some students how they thought music affected their appearance. “I tend to wear a lot of band t-shirts and black clothing,” says classic heavy-metal jammer Casey Walsh (Sr). Sometimes, music doesn’t have an effect on how people dress. “I tend to dress how I want; I don’t really pay attention to trends,” states Maeve Leahy (So) The end result, as you can see, is that music has different effects on everyone, and can have a large, diverse effect on teens. Music doesn’t quite define who you are, but it’s definitely a part of you.

According to a 2002 study at University of Leicester, researchers say the types of music genres we like actually help us define ourselves. Some of the test results showed that if you tend to like hip-hop and dance, you’re more likely to have committed a crime and have tried illicit drugs, and that metal-heads tend to be “gentle” and more “at ease with themselves.” Are these theories true for you? People are like snowflakes; each their own design and own genetic code. Our music tastes are the same way. After interviewing a few students at Beecher High, I’ve discovered that generalizing a genre is a little difficult. A California Tech student conducted a study on how a person’s music taste can affect their intelligence. Turns out, students who listen to pop stars like Beyonce and Lil Wayne aren’t as intelligent as students who listen to Bob Dylan, Counting Crows, or Beethoven. I asked Kayla Swanson (Fr) how she felt about this stereotype. “If you listen to pop music all of the time, you’re probably a pretty shallow person,” she says. “I wouldn’t want people to think I just listened to pop-culture, because I want to be seen as a deep person.” Buddha said, “What we think, we become.” Teens seek refuge

Heavy Metal

Are You An Apple Or An Android? Technology has changed our generation tremendously compared to other generations. The most common technology today is smartphones. Smartphones are not just like any other cellphone. Smartphones allow people to connect through apps, social media, phone calls, video chats, etc. The two biggest rivals regarding smartphones are Androids and Apple’s iPhones. Although they are both smartphones, they are both completely different cellphones regarding shape, size, weight, and style. Androids differ from iPhones because they allow users to customize more. With Androids, the user can change fonts, wallpaper settings, and basically different types of ways the cellphone will look. Jacey Wojciechowski a junior at Beecher High School was a former Apple user then switched to an Android phone. “I like how Androids are much more customizable. Apple is so known for their layout that it never changes and it gets old after a while. Apple also has more glitches than Android does,” Wojciechowski said. Android’s new Galaxy S4 has a sharper and bigger screen compared to the Apple’s new iPhone 5s. Androids are made with a plastic back while Apple’s new iPhone 5 is built with an aluminum back. Android’s do differ from Apple

by the way that messaging is set up. With the Android, users are allowed to use swiping to control how they text or users can use the standard international keyboard. Although Android’s have their positives they also have useless apps that come with the phone when you purchase it, while iPhone’s are more organized and allow you to make folders to keep your iPhone clean and neat. Apple has recently launched a new update that caused people to say that the iPhones look more like Androids. Apple recently released a new update “iOS 7” which changed a lot on Apple products. Some students at BHS think the new update allows Apple products to look more like an Android. “I think the new update looks more girly and looks more like an Android,” Maddy Bainbridge (So) said. The new update on the iPhone created a control center the user can pull up from the bottom of the screen that allows users easier access to wifi, music, brightness, flashlight, calculator, do not disturb button, and more. This is why people say that Apple is trying to look more like an Android because Android had this option way before Apple. Apple’s iPhone 5s also just came out with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which Android does not have. Since iPhones are looking more like an

Android, student, Chase Wyatt at Beecher High School, was asked if he would change to an iPhone. “I would stick with Android because I would break the iPhone” Wyatt (Jr) said. Some users choose phones just by how the phone may appear on the outside. Androids offer a variety of styles whereas Apple sticks with one style. Although users may disagree on either Apple iPhones or Androids, some people suggest that both smartphones create the same outlook on their phones. “Before Apple, a phone was just a phone. Now it’s become more than that. Apple helped everyone, including Android, reimagine what your phone could actually do besides just making calls. If I could change [from an iPhone to an Android] I’d say no, because iPhones just seem a lot easier to use than an Android,” Joey Campione (Fr) said. In today’s society people rely not only on the Internet, but also on their smartphones. Without smartphones our generation would be completely different. Androids and iPhones are not only rivals, but also a new way of life.

Julianne Salmen News Editor

Apple vs. Android The Fight Continues

Apple- 183 Android- 115 Neither- 28 The staff of The BeechBark conducted a poll on iPhones and Androids. 327 students participated in this poll . One ballot was voided. Polls were created by Kayl Larson and Dean Blumenfeld.


Features - 4

Editor:Tia Anczer

Social Media Creates Skinny. That is what you hear majority of girls saying. “I want to be skinny,” or “I hate my body.” Who or what do we blame? Society, the Internet, our own minds? Society and the Internet play a huge role in body image problems with girls, and also showing men what girls are supposed to look like. Not only is it making girls think they’re not good enough, it’s causing self-harm and eating disorders. According to University of Minnesota, studies show that 50% to 88% of teen girls feel negatively about their own body shape or size. Almost 50% of girls say they know of someone with an eating disorder because of the way they feel about their bodies. Only 33% of girls say they are at the “right weight,” while 58% want to lose weight and just about 9% want to gain weight. Teenagers stress out about many things and appearance is one of the top ones. About 85% of young women worry about how they look and twice as many males as females say they are satisfied with their appearance. Girls see what seems to be beautiful, skinny, flawless celebrities and expect to look like them. Most teens don’t realize that different effects on the computer cause people to look the way they do on the computer screen or even the TV screen. The ideal weight for a 5’5 girl is 117-130 pounds. For a Victoria Secret model or

Unrealistic Body Image

even TV star they consider this obese. Models for VS need to be at least 5’8-5’10 and around the weight of 115 pounds. A normal weight for a 5’8-5’10 girl is between 139-169 pounds. A Victoria Secret model would not be seen at or near this weight. “Karlie Kloss is an American Supermodel with incredible measurements,” according to bodymeasurements/ Karlie Kloss is a Victoria Secret model and weighs 115 pounds at the height of 6’1. Is this incredible? Is

this healthy? According to a BMI chart, being between 122-137 pounds at the height of 6’1 is underweight. “When I sit there and I watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show I sit there and think ‘Wow I’ll never be able to look like that,’” said Haliegh Kuhn (Sr.) Another reason that Internet, society, TV, and magazines could relate to negative body image thoughts is that they don’t promote being healthy or fit. They promote being little or skinny. If the promotion of get-

ting fit, exercise, and eating right was bigger, would we have as many girls with eating disorders to get skinny? Teen girls look up to celebrities, TV stars, and famous people, but if they make us look badly upon ourselves, are they really idols? “It affects the way we feel about ourselves because you compare yourself to those people,” said Riley Bowler (So.) “I feel like the Internet has their ‘perfect woman’ in mind, but us men are surrounded by the average girl

every day so we understand every girl isn’t a supermodel,” said Brian Mayer (Jr). Teens need to know that they are who they are. Everyone is different and beautiful in their own way. The Internet, TV, or celebrities should never make you feel as if you aren’t good enough, because you are.

Liz Rapacz and Kayl Larson Editor-in-Chief and

Entertainment Editor


Sports - 5

Editor:Patrick Barton

The NBA Begins ing NBA Finals Champions, The Miami Heat. The Heat have competed in the past three NBA Finals, winning the last two of them. “Lebron is just unstoppable. He is going to win the MVP award, then lead The Heat into the Finals. The Heat are going to get the three-peat and Lebron is also going to get his third straight Finals MVP,” said Kyle Mitchell (Jr). Lebron James, starting small forward for The Miami Heat, has led the team to multiple NBA Finals appearances. He has won the Finals MVP the past two seasons. Not only has he won MVP of the Finals, but also in the regular season as well. In his career, he has four total (regular season) MVP awards, all within the past five years. He is arguably one of, if not, the best player to ever play the game of basketball. “Surprisingly, I think the Houston Rockets will make a huge statement this season,” said Garret Short (Jr). The Rockets have a very strong team on both offensive and defensive sides of the floor. With

Jeremy Lin, the team has a lot of opportunities. However, now the team is looking better than ever after picking up Dwight Howard as their new starting center. Also, James Harden will pull the team on his back and carry them through to a strong and successful season. The team overall has a Linsane roster but the fans want to see if they can put up the good numbers. “I also believe that Kevin Durant will win the MVP award this season,” stated Short (Jr). Durant is mainly known for his scoring ability. He has won the scoring title in 2010, 2011, and 2012. In 2013 he came in a close second to Carmelo Anthony. He is nearly impossible to stop from scoring and his defense makes him a great all around player. He definitely has the ability to achieve more than an MVP award, possibly even an NBA title.

Patrick Barton

October is a very important month when it comes to professional sports. Not only is there the World Series for baseball and the beginning of the NHL season, but there is also the beginning of the NBA season. For all the Chicago Bulls fans, this season is a big deal. It is the season that Derrick Rose, Bulls point guard, is coming back after an entire season of being on the bench. This is the moment that everyone has been waiting for. Rose sat out last season due to an ACL tear he got on April 29, 2012, against the Philadelphia 76ers. “The Bulls are going to take it this year,” said Tanner Saddler (So). “Rose just wanted to give everyone else a chance, that’s all.” The Bulls are coming back at full force after finishing among the top few teams in the Eastern Conference the past few seasons. Chicago Bulls fans are all hoping that Rose comes back better than ever. They also are hoping that this is The Year. Another strong, competitive team to look out for are the return-

Sports Editor Lebron James, of the Miami Heat, looks for a way to score on Kobe Bryant, of the Los Angeles Lakers.

M u a y T h a i BHS Sports Boxing Briefs Even though Mauy Thai is considerd boxing, there is still kicking and other fighting techniques used in the sport.

“Muay Thai is the most brutal sport on the planet,” says junior Austin Phipps, a pro-am seven year Muay Thai veteran. There are many forms or styles of boxing, but the style of boxing some students in Beecher participate in is called Muay Thai. This form originated in Thailand and it’s a huge part of Thailand’s culture. Muay Thai was originally needed for self-defense from invaders, but around 1238 AD it evolved into competitions where the competitors fought for money. Now in the 21st century Muay Thai is a sport and the style is used in Ulitmate Fighting Champion (UFC) or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). In fact, many MMA competitors learn Muay Thai because it teaches them to strike with enough force to knock their opponent out. It can also be referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes.

“I puke before almost every fight,” says Phipps. “Sort of like fear but it’s not, it’s a sense of danger.” Before each fight a fighter thinks of strategy and the hours of dedication they trained to prepare for the fight. Going in to fight, a fighter knows that there is a great chance that they can get hurt since it’s such a dangers sport. When in an actual fight, a fighter clears their mind and let hours of training and muscle memory take over. Circling left to right gazing into your opponent’s eyes, learning and analyzing your opponents every move, taking in every detail of your opponent. Your opponent strikes with a hook so you naturally duck and come back with a jab and a cross so fast that you didn’t even think about it. This reaction comes from the hours of dedication and training that created muscle memory. “Muay Thai isn’t for everyone,” says sophomore Austin

Cross Country

Mocco. “It takes a great deal of mental and physical strength.” The mental strength it takes to withstand powerful blows from your opponent takes a lot of mind over matter. Mental strength is also important in psychical training. Muay Thai’s version of “conditioning,” is someone putting their hands on their head while someone else is hitting and kicking them in the body for three minutes to strengthen their mental ability to take hits. Physical training involves running, working the bag, and kicking a tree or post to strengthen their shins. Many people think that Muay Thai is just a barbaric sport where two people beat each other up. In reality it takes hours of dedication, self discipline, and love for the sport.

Tylar Swanson


The cross country team has had 10 meets so far and the season is quickly coming to a close. “The season is going really good now. We’re really looking forward to All Area because it’s a flat course and they’re expected to run some fast time,” said Coach Depew. For both girls and boys all placed within the top 20 for All Area and the boys took home the first place title. Regionals took place on October 26th and both teams advance to the sectional meet in Lisle on November 2nd. The boys team took home the Regional Championship title.

The boys golf team has an astounding record of 15-2, and the girl’s record is 7-3. “I think we have met or exceeded expectations and look forward to finishing the season with style,” said Coach Serafin. Boys competed in regionals on October 8th, and girls competed on October 9th. Girls and boys advanced to sectionals on Monday, the 14th. Jessie Ackman (Jr) and Michael Barber (Jr) both advance to state. Barber received 11th place in state, and Ackman received 43rd overall.



The boy’s soccer team holds a record of 14-102, and conference is 4-2. “Our season has been filled with ups and downs this year, but I feel heading into regionals that we are on an upswing and I hope it continues,” said Coach Compton. The boys fell short at their regional championship game against Chicago Christian on Saturday October 19th.

The varsity holds a record of 1511-1 and their RVC record is 9-3. “Things are looking up for Regionals. The girls are working hard and hopefully will bring home the Regional Championahip,” said Coach Linn. Regionals take place on the week of October 28th. Good luck ladies.

Kayl Larson Perspectives Editor


*records as of October 28th.


Entertainment - 6

Editor:Shaun Hughes

BeechBark Exclusive: Hunger Games Catching Fire Preview that the 45th Hunger Games are coming soon and it will have 24 of the game’s past victors. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are still Katniss and Peeta. Gale is still played by Liam Hemsworth, and the rest of the cast from the first film is still the same. New cast members include Sam Clafin as Finnick Odain, Jena Malone as Johanna Odavr, and Alan Ritchson as Gloss. These new faces make a great addition to the film. Every book adapted to the big

screen has changes. Jennifer Lawrence is quoted saying that the movie is very close to the book, although they did make a few changes and a few cuts. The changes they made for the most part are very minor, but they did make two changes that can be considered big to fans. With this in mind, fans are still very excited to see the new movie and see how close to the book the movie really is.

May the odds be ever in your favor if you are a fan of the Hunger Games series. The sequel Catching Fire is due out in theaters on November 22nd and it looks to be better than the first. The film takes place right after Katniss and Peeta win their game and are on their way back to their home in District 12. One thing leads to another and the whole district ends up in a revolution and President Snow blames Katniss for the whole thing. While this all is going on it’s announced

Tess Bruni


Are You

A f t e r the international bestseller The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins had a large image to live up to. Catching Fire absolutely does her justice. In 1991, Suzanne Collins began her professional career writing for children’s television. After writing The Underland Chronicles, a New York Times bestseller, she began writing The Hunger Games trilogy. The Hunger Games has spent more than 260 weeks and more than five years to date on The New York Times bestseller list since its publication in September 2008, and has also appeared regularly on USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller lists. It has been sold in 51 languages. In 2010 Collins was added to the TIME 100 list as well as the Entertainment Weekly’s Entertainers of the Year list. After reading the first thrilling book of this trilogy, I was dragged in so quickly to the storyline that I was simply giddy to start reading the sequels. Catching Fire brings us back to District 12, after Katniss and Peeta won the annual Hunger Games. Katniss’ dangerous decision to try and save both her and Peeta from dying, leads to a dual win, but not a very happy Capital. President Snow pays her a visit before the Victory Tour, warning her of the rebellion she has ignited. The Capital is watching Katniss, but there seems to be a broader reason to the Capital’s suspicions, and Collins perfectly foreshadows and keeps her readers hungry for the Games. This political thriller isn’t just an involving read, but has many major plot twists. Unable to calm the district’s desire to rebel against the Capital, Katniss and Peeta are tossed back into the arena when the The Hunger Games is revisited, only it’s the 3rd Quarter Quell, dragging most of the Game’s prior victors back to the gruesome death match. This time there is more at stake. Who is working with the Capital? Who is part of the rebellion? Who can be trusted? Once the game starts, they soon make a pact with the strong and intelligent Finnick, and an 80-year-old frail woman, Mags. In the last Hunger Games, the arena was rigged in different areas with hybrid animals, fires, and terrible weather controlled by the Capital. But in the 75th Quarter Quell, the four learn that the arena is a giant circle, and that the dangerous obstacles are all on a clock system, happening every hour in a clockwise motion. This is key to their survival. With all eyes on Katniss, Collins leaves her readers questioning the rebellion she sparked before leaving for the Games. Has the fire spread? Catching Fire also introduces new characters to the story who will be significant in laying the groundwork for the final rebellion in the third book, Mockingjay. As noted in the first book, characters are exposed to the nature of war and it’s uncertain who will live and who will die. It’s not apparent who is siding with the Capital and who is secretly plotting the rebellion. Collins has a masterful ability for building a climax and leaving her audience breathless with anticipation right until the final page. Collins excels at writing fast paced and emotion filled action scenes that are pulsing with unpredictability. A nail biting cliffhanger and Gale’s shocking revelation to Katniss will have readers scrambling for Mockingjay, the final book in this popular series. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. Collins’ superb plot and riveting characters make her readers, especially me, gush with appreciation for her writing. Our school library carries this series, and the film for Catching Fire is in theatres everywhere on November 22nd! Taylor Adams Columnist

Catching Fire?

What’s with all of the gossip about Miley? Why put her down? Does she just want attention? Has she changed too drastically, or did she ease her way into the new Miley she has become? The stir about Miley all started in 2009 when she performed “Party in the USA” at the Teen Choice Awards which aired on Nickelodeon. The star was seen to have been “pole dancing” on top of an ice cream cart. The performance left the audience in awe. Many children, teens, and adults were watching the award show. On June 18th, 2010, Miley released her hit single “Can’t Be

Tamed.” The commotion of the gossip was crazy about Miley being another one of those “deadbeat celebrities.” The video of the single consisted of her wearing provocative clothing while dancing in a bird cage. The viewers of the video left vulgar comments about Miley’s new behavior. The event that really threw everyone over the edge was when the celebrity decided to cut off her beautiful, long brown hair to short, platinum blond hair. Paparazzi and fans went nuts over her new do. “I think her hair is a little too short, but she’s still beau-

tiful,” Mark Hall (Jr.) said. “I think she’s gorgeous. The fact that she doesn’t care what people think about her is really an admirable thing,” Katie Peo (Jr.) said. Miley released her single “We Can’t Stop” on June 3rd, 2013. In this song Miley sings about drinking, twerking, and not stopping. This really turned people against her and her actions. Miley took advantage of this situation and became even more of the person that her fans didn’t want her to be. At the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Miley wore minimal clothing while dancing seductively on Robin

Thicke while he performed “Blurred Lines.” She was sticking her tongue out and shaking her back side right at the camera. How do we know if this is the real Miley when she breaks out with her single “Wrecking Ball?” The song is sympathetic and innocent, just like how she used to be. “She didn’t really change, she just couldn’t be herself on Disney’s Hannah Montana,” said Katie Peo (Jr.) Will we ever know the real Miley or is she acting this way for attention?

Taylor Crowley


Miley Cyrus is Back


Editorial - 7


Alcohol is the most commonly used drug in the United States among teenagers. Alcohol can be a very dangerous thing. In 2010 approximately 189,000 teenagers were sent to the emergency room because of injuries that were linked to alcohol. According to the Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization, teenage drinking kills about 6,000 teens per year. That is more than all illegal drugs combined. There are many consequences that teenagers can face when drinking. Drinking can affect grades, it can cause problems with friends, can get you into legal trouble, cause memory problems, lead to abuse of other drugs, and maybe even cause death. Teenagers know the consequences that may come with drinking alcohol, but they continue to do it. Why? There are many reasons why teenagers drink; one reason is because their friends do it and they want to look cool. Fitting in is very important to teenagers and they may use drinking as a way to fit in and connect with other teens. According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administra-

tion (SAMHSA), more than 70 percent of teens had at least one drink of alcohol by the age of 18. More than 80 percent of these teens drink with more than two other people. Friends have a huge affect on how teenagers act and the choices they make. On average, adults drink more frequently than teenagers do, but when teenagers do drink they drink more than adults drink on one occasion. Studies done by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) show, that teenagers drink about five drinks in a single occasion, compared to adults, who drink two. The consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time is called binge drinking. Teenagers as young as 16 years old admit to binge drinking. Another question to ask yourself is how do teens get alcohol? They cannot legally purchase alcohol, so where do they get it from? According to SAMHSA, most teenagers ages 12 through 14 get alcohol from a parent or guardian (17.1 percent), compared to only 4.4 percent of teenagers ages 18 through 20, who usually get

SOS High School Student Newsletter

alcohol from an unrelated person aged 21 or older. Which means adults have a huge affect on teenage drinking. Alcohol can be a very dangerous thing, especially for teenagers. There is a legal drinking age for a reason, to keep teens safe. Not only are teens breaking the law, but so are the adults that are giving the alcohol to the teenager. The consequences for giving alcohol to a minor is a class A misdemeanor, which is punishable by a fine up to $4,000 and jail time up to 365 days. Also, the consequences for underage drinking is a class C misdemeanor, which is generally punishable by a fine only, up to $500. Clearly, underage drinking is a serious crime. Most teenagers do not think about what can happen to them before they start drinking. Underage drinking needs to be put to an end. School based programs are being used to show teens the downfalls of drinking at such an early age. You can still have fun without the consumption of an alcoholic drink. To a teenager drinking does not seem like a very harmful thing to do, just a way to have fun with friends. Teen-

Editor: Nicole Pilbeam

agers do not think about the harmful things that can come along with drinking alcohol. Not only can the teenager who was drinking get in trouble, but so can anyone who is underage and exposed to underage drinking, even if that person was not drinking. If a teen makes the decision to drink they are not only putting themselves into danger, but also everyone around them. Before drinking, teenagers do not put thought and consideration into the possible outcomes of the situation. Is it really worth getting you and your peers around you in trouble just because you choose to drink? If school officials find out about an athlete drinking they can be kicked off the team along with other consequences. Teenagers need to make sure to think

before they consume an alcoholic drink. Too many problems

can come from that one drink.

Nicole Pilbeam Editorial and

Spotlight Editor

Monica Schurman Reporter

Spotlight - 8

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Athletes of the Month: Michael Barber (Jr), Danielle Snuckel (Jr), Orlando Brown (Jr), Jarrad Mulderink (Sr)

Athletes of Month Soccer coach, Mrs. Compton, chose Jarrad Mulderink (Sr) as athlete of the month for November. When asked why Jarrad deserves athlete of the month Mrs. Compton replied, “Jarrad is a really hard worker, a lot of the things he does for the team go unnoticed. Most of the time he is assigned to mark the other team’s toughest forwards and does a great job keeping them scoreless.” Jarrad plays defense on the soccer team. He has helped the team earn six shutouts so far this season. Cross-country coach, Mr. Depew, chose Orlando Brown (Jr) as athlete of the month for November. This is Orlando’s first year on the Beecher crosscountry team, and he is the sixth place runner on the team. So far this season Orlando’s per-

sonal best in the three-mile race was 18:45 at the Herscher Invitational on September 28th. “Orlando came onto the team having no training over summer, and has a really positive attitude about everything, even through the workouts. He always finishes the hard workouts and puts his best effort first,” Coach Depew said. Varsity volleyball coach, Miss Linn, chose Danielle Snuckel (Jr) as athlete of the month for November. Danielle is an outside hitter for her team and Danielle has had 230 digs, 114 kills, 32 aces, and 7 blocks so far this season (as of October 24th). “Danielle is a really hard worker and never gives up on the court. She has taken a big leadership role this year, and I’m looking forward to the rest

of the season,” Coach Linn said. Golf coach, Mr. Serafin, chose Michael Barber (Jr.) as athlete of the month for November. This season, Michael’s average was a 37.5 for nine holes. Michael Barber recently became the three-peat regional champion with a score of 74 for eighteen holes as of October 8th. Coach Serafin is proud of Michael’s success this season. “Michael is poised and prepared to challenge for a sectional top five finish. He is a special kind of kid and athlete and is an excellent example of class and dignity in the way he represents himself and his school,” Coach Serafin said.

Fall is here, and that means colder weather is just around the corner. Now that Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is coming up, we have to be thankful for those people who are truly enthusiastic and very kind. “Happiness is not a feeling, it is a choice. To be happy, one must choose to be happy, not respond to a circumstance that now controls your happiness,” says Joyce Meyer, and she’s correct. We all have the choice to be whatever mood we want and sometimes have to be optimistic about a problem rather than looking at the negative side of things. That’s why the Erin Feret Award for this month goes out to Michael Horner (So) and Jummy Bamgbose (Jr). Michael Horner is known by nearly everyone for his cheeriness and very curly hair. Whether he’s walking through the halls or busting a move at dances, he always has the biggest smile on his face. He and Erin both have

the ability to make anyone’s day. “I got pulled into Michael’s AOL last year to take a test, and he was just very positive about everything,” says Tiffany Paris (Jr) Michael also seems to be quite a comedian since you can always see him and his friends laughing. “In lunch, he is always hyper and telling jokes,” says Manuel Gandara (So) He really seems to enjoy making his peers happy. Everyone can agree that Michael is very generous and caring towards others. He’s been known to give out free hugs when needed. Thanks Michael for having a lighthearted influence on everyone. Jummy is also well-known at school for being super outgoing and a very smart student. Her friends describe her as an all around happy person and very helpful toward anyone who needs it. “You’ll be around her and you’ll just smile.” says Jesse Ackman (Jr). Like Erin, Jum-

my portrays a bubbly attitude. “Jummy’s life is full of happiness and joy,” says Joanna Banasiak (Jr). Jummy can brighten anyone’s day with her outlook on life. Jummy is also described as determined to make someone feel better when they are feeling distressed. Banasiak also says, “She’s a great addition to the JB³.” As you may know, this group consists of Joanna, Jummy, and Jenna Bernhard (Jr). Jummy seems to warm the hearts of those around her and treat everyone with such kindness. Jummy can take a negative situation and put a positive spin on it. The Beech Bark staff would like to congratulate Michael Horner and Jummy Bamgbose for being positive role models and for turning our frowns upside down.

Christina Vaughan Reporter

Editor:Nicole Pilbeam

Artist of the Month

When you think of someone in Beecher High School who is good at art, many names go through your head. One person who stands out the most is artist Zim Rivas (Sr). During the school year, at numerous times you can find his art hanging amongst others on the walls of BHS or in the glass cases throughout the school. Zim has been in various contests throughout the area and in some he has earned first place. “My favorite piece I have ever done was the mask I did my freshman year for the high school Regional Art Show that I won,” Zim Rivas (Sr.) said. He has been doing activities that involve art since he was in first

grade. His parents and teachers both had an impact on him at this age. Art means a lot to him since he has been doing it for so long. “It was my mom just opening me up to creativity and teachers at my school saying that I was not as good as the others.” Zim also says, “Art is the definition of my idea of my humanity.” “I want to go into 2­D drawings to 3­ D design for story board art for movies,” Zim said. Hopefully one day Zim will fulfill his dream of designing art for movies and make it to the big screen.

Shaun Hughes Entertainment Editor

Artist of the Month: Zim Rivas (Sr)

BeechBark/ Nicole Pilbeam


Rachel Caldwell Reporter

BeechBark/Nicole Pilbeam

Erin Feret Award

Erin Feret Award: Michael Horner (Fr) and Jummy Bamgbose (Jr)

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