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Febuary 2014

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As many know the school has been taking precautions to improve our safety. This school year Beecher High School has done two lock down drills. One of the drills was done on January 3rd at one in the afternoon over winter break and it was an active shooter drill. During this drill, the Beecher Police came and conducted four different scenarios. This way the police would be able to get know the school and all the hallways if something ever did happen. They used the same police officer as the active shooter who would fire off blanks every time. There were ten students, eight law enforcement officials and six adults from the school staff. This drill was arranged by Lieutenant Emerson and Dr. Roskamp. Another main reason for doing so many school lock down drills is due to the new law that was put in to act this year. This law is known as the School Safety Drill Act. In this act they

have the following drills listed: School evacuation drill which would involve fire, suspicious item or persons, Severe weather and shelter-in place drills, and the Law enforcement drills, this includes the lock down and the recently added active shooter drill. “I think it’s very good to have practice. It’s helpful to both the police and students, so they know what to do in a situation,” said Garret Short (Jr), who was one of the students that participated in the drill over winter break. This was the first trial of the active shooter drill and this drill is mainly for the police so that they will be able to act quickly and safely if a situation ever came up.

Editor: Julianne Salmen

New Laws in Illinois

Tia Anczer Section Editor

Photo Credit: Mrs. Calomino

Powell Prodigy?

Cheyanne Powell (So) poses with her medals she received at the Reed Custer Math Competion.

Beecher High School math team recently went to the Reed Custer Invitational, where they competed. Cheyenne Powell (So) did an outstanding job during the competition. She won two medals. She competed in the eight person team, binomial theorem and weighted voting categories. She was put into the binomial theorem the day of the competition, learned it that same day, and placed third in it. The weighted voting is when the student teaches the topic to themselves and then presents and works out the problem in front of two judges. Cheyenne placed second in this competition.


BeechBark Safety First

“For only being a sophomore it is huge to win two medals,” says Ms. Shoven who is one of the math team coaches. Cheyenne has been in math team since her freshman year. This is her first time placing which is very exciting since she is just a sophomore. Beecher High School is looking forward to upcoming competitions and is hoping for a positive outcome. “It was really nerve racking to see what I placed and I am proud of the people that I was working with, I hope to place next time,” said Cheyenne. Tia Anczer Section Editor

Illinois Capitol Building: This is Illinois’ state capitol building in Springfield. The legislative branch had a busy year last year. They had to discuss several important topics that split the people in half. An example of these topics was gay marriage.These types of topics are hard to debate because they are opinion based. There is no logical or right or wrong answer. This pertains to the majority of the new laws passed. One of the major new laws in 2014 is the right to conceal a firearm. Illinois is the final state to have this right. If a person fulfills the requirements, they can fill out an application on the Illinois State Police website to receive a permit that allows a citizen to conceal a firearm. Within

90 days a person may be eligible to receive this permit after the correct paperwork is completed. Due to the Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, medical marijuana is now available to people who qualify and have a prescription from a trained physician. It is used to treat pain, depression, cancer, or a long-term conditions, such as glaucoma and nerve pain. Illinois is now the 20th state to legalize cannabis for medical use. No more talking on the phone and driving. Due to the frequency of cell phone related car accidents, Illinois made it a state law that people cannot operate their phone when their vehicle is in motion. If a police officer catches a person

with their phone up to their ear, they can receive a fine up to $75. Every year the government creates or changes laws, they are set on January 1st of the New Year. Some laws make sense but others are debatable because the topics are opinion based. Only time can tell if the new laws benefit the state.

LGBTQ is the initialism of the community that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning peoples. Since the 1990s, this acronym has been actively used in English speaking and other relative speaking countries as a self-designation, and is a mainstream term adopted by the majority of sexuality and gender based communities. LGBT pride is “the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people to promote their self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual orientation, diversity and gender identity. Pride is the predominant outlook that bolsters most LGBT rights and movements throughout the world” ( All around the nation the LGBTQ communities and their supporters are coming together and hosting rallies and protests

against states outlawing gay marriage and discriminating citizens based on their sexual orientation. Congress members everywhere are jumping on board the equality bandwagon, and slowly the LGBTQ communities are getting noticed and getting results. As of New Years Day, The Boy Scouts of America began accepting openly gay youth, a historic day marking the major change in ranks and regulations that have been virtually the same since it was founded in 1910. The ban on gay Scout leaders still remains in effect. In Illinois, same sex marriage was deemed legal on January 1st, 2014 signed by Governor Pat Quinn on November 20th, 2013. Although Illinois has protected LGBT peoples since 2006, this new law is the ultimate game changer in the push towards equality. The Advocate, the oldest and largest gay-interest magazine,

has named Pope Francis the “single most influential person in 2013 on the lives of the LGBT people.” In the interview that took place for the publishing of the article, Pope Francis states: “If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?” Still, only around 13 countries are opening up discussion and allowing gay marriage, and as close as 50 countries have either criminal charges for homosexulity or death penalties. Citizens around the world have taken a giant step in the right direction for human rights, but they still have a long, perpetual journey ahead.


Tylar Swanson


Taylor Adams Reporter


Perspectives -3

Editor:Kayl Larson

Another year is once again here! This of course leads us to those popular New Years Resolutions. Often, people decide to make these for the upcoming year to better themselves. They might plan to break bad habits, become healthier, or to just simply make a change in their life. But does anyone truly commit to their resolutions anymore? Are people able to stick to their goals for the entire year? “I have made resolutions in the past to try to stay fit and active for the new year, but I was never able to keep that resolution the entire year,” said Rachel Wille (Jr). We still, in this day and time, fall off the resolution bandwagon. According to The Journal of Clinical Psychology, by June, fewer than half of resolvers were still keeping their vows. Statistics say that most of us will make it a week, or even a month, but only 46% of us will keep our resolutions longer than six months. “People make their resolutions unrealistic which makes them highly impossible to even come close to achieving,” said Jarrad Mulderink (Sr).

The professional advice given from The American Psychological Association, is that we need to take certain steps in order to help us with those pesky vows. First, we need to start with small goals that can be made with little steps. You can’t expect to start off with a large goal and accomplish it. With small goals we will be less likely to become overwhelmed and less likely to give up. For example, if you made a resolution to workout more often then start off by simply telling yourself that you will exercise twice each week and over time you will gradually extend your workout routine. Second, change one thing at a time. Remind yourself that the undesired behavior didn’t happen overnight and neither will the cure. The third step seems the most important – tell others about your resolution. Other people can give you a sense of responsibility. Others can share in your struggles and happiness. If the resolution is a serious one, such as stopping an addiction, you can ask for outside support. Psychologists are uniquely trained to understand the connection between the mind and body. A profes-

sional can offer certain strategies you may have never utilized. Society has raised us to be impatient human beings, since we live in a world where we believe everything must happen immediately; but the best advice for accomplishing your resolution is by maintaining your patience. You need to realize you have an entire year to work on your goal. Don’t try rushing it. If you are at a loss of what to resolve, don’t worry, the website, “How Stuff Works” will help you. The website gives realistic goals that work for everyone. An example the website gives for a resolution is to stop procrastinating. This is an area where many of us could use improvement. After all, what teenager doesn’t procrastinate? It seems built in our systems. It’s not too late to make that resolution. Try it! After all, you could feel great at the end of the year knowing that you were able to achieve your goal. Bottom line, resolution or not, live your life to its fullest! Monica Schurman Reporter

New Year, New You?

How Do You Feel About the Tan Ban? “I think that tanning is extremely dangerous to a person’s health and I think that it was a good thing that it was banned for anyone under 18 because it will only benefit them in the long run,” said Kyle Krenmuller (Jr). Many people don›t look at the scary facts that come from tanning but they should. Tanning may make you feel better about your appearance but in all actuality you are just aging yourself faster and increasing your health risks. Teens are more likely to get skin cancer than adults because their cells are changing and separating faster than those of adults. With the new tanning law in Illinois, hopefully we can decrease the chances and stop teens from damaging their skin from the harmful effects of tanning beds.

Liz Rapacz Editor-in-cheif

The New Year meant new laws for the state of Illinois. One of the new laws that really stood out to teens was the new tanning rule. As of January 1st, 2014 anyone under the age of 18 is no longer able to tan in the state of Illinois. Many teens were horrified when they heard the news because for them, tanning became part of their everyday life throughout the years. “When I heard the new laws about tanning I was really upset because tanning is important to teens. Most girls go tan before dances to improve their appearance and now that is no longer an option,” said Sydney Katchske (Sr). Sydney was not the only teenager upset about the new laws being enforced. According to, out of the 28 million people who tan indoors, 2.3 million are teens. These numbers are incredibly shocking considering most people know the harmful effects that can come from tanning. Tanning in tanning beds can lead to skin cancer, skin aging, immune suppression, and eye damage. Clearly, some people would think that not allowing anyone under the age of 18 would be beneficial.


Features - 4

Editor:Tia Anczer

Loving Our Earth Go green. Reduce, reuse, recycle. We see these slogans everywhere as motivators for everyone to do their part to help our environment. But are these slogans really motivating people to do their part? Are we showing the love to our Earth like it needs? According to, the global temperature has risen 1.5 degrees Farhenheit since 1880 and the sea level raises 3.19 mm per year due to the melting of icebergs. It is obvious there are changes happening to our environment. The government is taking action to keep our planet clean. For example, according to, Hawaii grocery shoppers will not be hearing “paper or plastic?” anymore. Hawaii has recently banned plastic bags completely throughout the entire state. Is it right that the government is making these laws? “There are many people who don’t take the right actions to help our environment, so I think it’s good the government gets involved,” says Savanah Stluka (So). Beecher High School is taking part in helping the environment. Recently, Jarrad Mulderink (Sr) started the Environmental Club, which is overseen by Mrs. Short. “Environmental Club is a student-lead organization. The students decided to do this club because they not only wanted to learn about the environment, but get involved and help,” says Mrs. Short, science teacher. So what will the club be doing to take action? “We will be going to the elementary school to help the 5th graders and also we will be going to the junior high to help 6th8th graders. The high schoolers will be teaching them Environmental Education Awareness and Action,” stated Mrs. Short. With a constant changing Earth,

people are opening their eyes to the changes and lending a helping hand. We are seeing these changes happening in the government, and in our own school. Our environment is constantly changing and people are going green to keep mother Earth clean and healthy.

It’s been a little over two years since the United States has pulled out its troops from Iraq. However people are questioning whether that was a good idea. Recently, much violence has occurred due to an Al Qaeda militant group that took over the Iraqi city of Ramadi. Ben Scrementi (Sr) said, “It doesn’t really come as a surprise to me. It’s an easy target.” Along with Ramadi, the Al Qaeda militants and other terrorist groups have taken over the city of Fallujah. In response to these rebel activities, on January 12 the Iraqi government has launched a full-scale offensive campaign to retake the two cities and drive out the groups. About twenty people have died due to mines that were set up in various parts throughout the cities. Currently, Iraq is enduring its most violent year in the past five years. The Middle Eastern country is being perceived as a country that is in the midst of a civil war. Not only have terrorist groups taken over cities, but on January 13, after the Iraqi conquest to reclaim

the fallen cities, seven bombs in Baghdad killed twenty-six and injured many others. Some people suggest that if our troops were to have stayed in Iraq, this civil unrest would not have occurred. When asked about whether or not the United States should have pulled its troops, Gabi Peters (Sr) stated “Even if they wouldn’t have pulled the troops Al Qaeda still would have made attempts to take over the government.” Mary Rose Gianotti (Sr) said “I think it was a lose-lose situation. We want the troops home but if we pull them out conditions go back to the way they were before.” These events in Iraq also leave the United States wondering what to do about the Middle East as a whole. Some people would say that the United States should be more aggressive and offensive while others want to be more peaceful and attempt to work it out diplomatically. When asked about what he would do with regards to the Middle East, Mitch Darabaris (Jr) said, “I think we should protect

• A typical Bussiness office will produce about 1.5 pounds of paper waste per employee each day

Abbey Wilson

North Carolina has passed a law to ban plastic water bottles from landfills


• In the US landfills include more than 80% of solid waste • Hybrid Cars can produce about 90% less pollutants than a non Hybrid car.

Recycling Facts

• $500 million a year from tax payers money go to picking up litter by a high way crew keepearthclean.html

• Paper Recyling saves up to 70% of the energy needed to create paper from new timber

• Manufacturing products from recyled paper can reduce up to 35% of water pollutiona and 73% of air pollution.

Civil War In Iraq? our oil exclusively. We shouldn’t get involved in their politics. Ben Scrementi (Sr) however believes “We should handle it with caution but not be too assertive. We should only send troops when it is necessary.

Dean Blumenfeld



Sports - 5

Sochi Winter

Olympics On February 6th, 2014 the Sochi Winter Games will begin. According to, the 2014 Olympic Winter Games will be the first time that the Russian Federation will have hosted the Winter Games; the Soviet Union hosted the 1980 Summer Games in Moscow. The host city, Sochi, has a population of 400,000 people and is situated in Krasnodar, which is the third largest region in Russia. Sochi, Russia is ten hours ahead of Chicago, so by the time you’re in your 4th hour class, athletes will be getting ready for bed to rest up for the next days events. There will be 204 countries competing in the games. There will be 15 winter games including hockey, which will be featuring many Chicago Blackhawks player, figure skating, cross country skiing, bobsledding, snowboarding and more. Also, some of our favorite olympians from the Vancouver Winter Games will

be returning, but some weren’t so lucky. Making a return will be Apolo Ohno, a speed skater, and a two time Bronze Medalist in 2010. Shaun White, Gold Medalist for snowboarding in the Vancouver Games, will also be returning. Other athletes such as Lindsey Vonn, a Gold Medalist and Bronze Medalist in the Vancouver games, will not be returning due to a knee injury from the Vancouver Games in 2010. There are high hopes for the USA team as they enter the games in Sochi. According to John Yaffa, writer for, the building for the winter olympics is $51 billion topping China’s $34 billion in 2008. Also, the Sochi games are the costliest ever. “The suicide bombings in the Russian city of Volgograd on December 29th and 30th have heightened fears of terrorism and given a renewed focus to security concerns as well as questions of

BHS Sports Briefs Boy’s Basketball

Girl’s Basketball

The boys varsity basketball team has a record of 4-13, but that does not mean that they aren’t playing their hardest. “We have a month left of this season and we’re a team that can grow from there, and we are also a team that is playing as if we were 8-8, not 4-13,” said Mr. Waznonis, boys varsity basketball coach.

The girl’s basketball team has a record of 17-5 as a whole, and 10-0 in conference. The girls have been having a strong season. “I have been very impressed with every game. Their effort and attitude make it a pleasure to come to practice every day,” said Mr. Keen, girl’s varsity basketball coach.

Wrestling Cheerleading The wrestlers have been

doing a really great job this season, individually and as a team. “It’s been really awesome because they work together very well as one unit. We were told that Kyle Krenmuller is going to be ranked in state along with two teammates from Grant Park, Brendon Colletti & Kevin McNally. I’m really expecting some big things out of Mitch Darabaris,” said Mr. McNally, Grant Park wrestling coach.

The cheerleaders have been having such a good season this year, bringing home two trophies. The girls will have their IHSA Sectional competition on February 1, 2014 at Riverside-Brookfield High School. “We are looking forward for sectionals and are confident with our new stunts that we will qualify,” said Mrs. Compton, cheerleading coach. Good luck ladies at sectionals.

Julianne Slamen News Editor * accurate as of 1/31/2014

cost. How the Sochi Games grew so expensive is a tale of Putinera Russia in microcosm: a story of ambition, hubris, and greed leading to fabulous extravagance on the shores of the Black Sea. And extravagances, in Russia especially, come at a price,” wrote John Yaffa of As the games approach many Americans are excited to see the US team compete and represent their country. Hopefully all goes well and all athletes return home safely with multiple medals. For more information you can tune into NBC 5 News or log onto

Editor:Patrick Barton


Kayl Larson

Superbowl Perspectives Editor

Metlife Stadium

The United States Olympics team will be going for the gold in the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics. The Olympics will begin February 6 and go until February 20. Good luck to all the members from the U.S. that are participating. Go for Gold!



February 2, 2014

Denver Broncos Seattle Seahawks

The NFL is once again coming to a close, but that only means one thing. Superbowl time! Superbowl XLVIII is finally here and many fans are anxious to see the outcome. The two teams facing off are the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. The game will be taking place on Sunday, February 2, 2014, in MetLife Stadium, which is home to the New York Giants and the New York Jets. The Superbowl is not only watched for the football. A lot of people seem to like it for the hilarious commercials. Others may watch it for the amazing halftime show. This year Bruno Mars, accompanied by Red Hot Chili Peppers, will be performing during halftime. The Denver Broncos won the AFC Championship, beating the

Patriots, 26-16. The Broncos have had a great season finishing with a record of 13-3. Their offense is deadly and with MVP/ Offensive Player of the Year, Peyton Manning, it is going to be a tough game for the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks won the NFC championship over the San Francisco 49ers. The final score was 23-17. In the end, the 49ers had the chance to win when Kaepernick threw an interception to seal the game. The Seahawks ended their season with the same record as the Broncos, 13-3. The defense on the Seahawks is arguably the best in the league. With Richard Sherman, who is convinced he is the best cornerback in the league, the Broncos are up for a challenge. In my opinion, The Broncos are taking the Superbowl title.

Their offense is too good to be stopped. Richard Sherman may say he is the best cornerback in the league, but he is not good enough to stop Peyton Manning and the entire Broncos offense. The Seahawks are only good when it comes to them playing in Seattle, not New Jersey.

Patrick Barton Sports Editor

Entertainment - 6

Beyoncé Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, known worldwide as Beyoncé, was born on September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas. Beyoncé is not only a great singer, but she is a role model for many girls and boys throughout the world. “If I had to pick one favorite thing about Beyoncé, it would be her personality. She is actually quite shy like I am until she gets to know you or she speaks about something she is passionate about. She is such a powerful entertainer but she still maintains a humble spirit. I admire her for that. There is so much about her that people do not know- but she has a way of communicating it to those who really listen (with their souls).” Taylorann Smith (Sr) said. She is one of three daughters to parents Mathew and Tina Knowles, and a sister to Nixon and Solange Knowles. Beyoncé was very into music and performing as a child and she would enter into many dancing and singing competitions which helped her rise to fame in the late 1990s. The singer started her career as the lead singer of the group Destiny’s Child, which was managed by her father, and helped her and the other two singers of the group rise to worldwide stardom. Destiny’s Child was a female R&B group that was largely known in the late 1990s and the early 2000s. The group released songs

like “Say My Name,” “Survivor,” and “Soldier.” All of their songs would benefit Beyoncé in the future when she split from the group in the later 2000s. Beyoncé then earned a role in the comedy film hit Austin Powers in Goldmember with famous actor Mike Myers. After this movie, Beyoncé helped out with singles that were to go along with new movies and she also was starring in a few other movies. In October of 2002, she was featured on Jay-Z’s track “03 Bonnie & Clyde.” This song was big for her because it was the first track that she was featured on without any singers of Destiny’s Child. Her career streamed even more into success when she came out with her first ever solo album titled “Dangerously In Love” selling 317,000 copies in the first week. A song that everyone knows was featured on that album and was named the lead single, this song was “Crazy In Love” featuring her future husband Jay-Z. Shortly after Beyoncé released this album she released her final album with Destiny’s Child where they announced that they would split for good in 2005. It was a sad time for the music industry, but we knew that Beyoncé had something up her sleeve. Her second solo album entitled “B-Day” was released in 2006 selling 541,000 copies in the first week and hav-

Taylor’s Tidbits A Most Peculiar Plo t

told as a young boy may have a stitch of truth entwined in them, and may be something to do with the death of his grandfather. The only comfort Jacob has is kept through the legacy of his grandfather: old photographs and letters that also lead him to believe that the children he once learned of are still alive. He goes exploring on the island, finding the abandoned orphanage, and he decides to look around inside. He comes face to face with a girl who can hold fire, accompanied by other strange looking children. They take him into what is called a time loop that comes into play a lot during the story. It’s stuck on a summer day in 1940, where he’s introduced to Miss Peregrine, the orphanage owner who can turn into a bird. Dangers lurk in the darkness, and outside of the loop. The children need Jacob’s help, and without him their loop could disappear forever. Each page unfolds a plot that will keep your eyes moving and fingers turning until the very last page. I won’t spill too many vast spoilers, the book has many suspenseful moments and each chapter is crawling with new mysteries and photos. I read the whole thing in one sitting because I was drawn to each page by the eery surrealness of the photographs and their connection to the storyline. The novel includes a short excerpt from the sequel that was recently published, and both of the books can be found at Barnes & Noble. YouTube also holds a neat book trailer directed by the author himself. Happy reading!

For more than 63 weeks starting in 2011, this adventurous novel was a New York Times #1 bestseller. Written by Ransom Riggs, a newly renown American author, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, with it’s creative use of vintage photographs and plot twists, is anything but ordinary. At first glance, this book might look like an adolescent version of a Stephen King story. But we all know not to judge a book by it’s cover, right? Popular among teens, this fictional novel is perfect for those who love to get in touch with their imaginative side. MPHPC takes place in a small island off of the coast of Wales, where 16 year old Jacob, following the suspicious murder of his beloved grandfather, travels with his father per recommendation of his therapist. Growing up, his grandfather filled Jake’s mind with colorful stories of his time on that island, of the children who lived in the same orphanage as him with a strange bird-human who watched over them. A turn of events leads him to believe the stories he was

Taylor Adams


Editor:Shaun Hughes

is Back!

ing many singles. At the time of her releasing this album, she was starring in the movie Dreamgirls. As her career kept prospering and growing for the better, she and Jay-Z announced something to the world. The couple announced that they were to get married on April 4, 2008. The singer released another album later on in 2008 labeled “I Am… Sasha Fierce” holding singles such as “Diva” and “Halo.” Beyoncé also starred in the movie Cadillac Records where she then donated her entire salary she received from the film to the charity “Phoenix House.” Her career kept on roaring toward higher stardom, so the singer decided to release another album entitled “4” which had the songs “Countdown” and “Best Thing I Never Had.” Shortly after releasing her album, she was performing at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and at the end of her performance she announced that she was having a child. She gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter on January 7, 2012. In 2014, Beyoncé just came out with her entitled album “Beyoncé” which is soaring up the charts. The album was completely unexpected and a surprise to her fans. The singer has much more up her sleeve, and her fans are anxiously awaiting what the future has to hold.

Shaun Hughes


Section Editor

Youtube Changes D N

A Everyone loves a good YouTube video, but who knows how many people will still go on the site after these new rules Google issued. Now not all of these rules just hurt the viewers, but they also hurt content creators. The first new policy is that you have to have a Google+ account in order to post comments. This really isn’t the biggest issue on the list, but this new comment system encourages commenters to use their real name. Usually this isn’t too big of a problem but on YouTube most people like to stay anonymous. This change has rustled enough feathers to get YouTube co-founder Jaward Karim to post about it. “Why do I need to make a Google+ Account to comment on YouTube videos! ” His post breaks his over eight years of silence on the subject of YouTube since around 2005 when he posted the sites very first video. Most YouTube commenters and video creators like to think that Google is doing this to make more people be on the Google+ site. In theory having a change to the comments is a good idea. The other new polices just deal with content creators, such as Let’s Players. The whole Let’s player community has been having issues with the sites new copyright claiming system,

which the site calls Content ID. Before they had problem but it was never as much as now. For instance Dan Hardcastle of popular gaming channel NerdCubed has received 10 emails claiming copyright in just the first week that Content ID was launched. “I managed to fight 8 of them successfully, two I had to go through the appeals bit and that was scary, and two of the rest just vanished,” says Hardcastle in a video he uploaded to his main channel titled Nerd3 Extra – Content ID. In the video Dan goes into great detail about how this new system works, and goes on to explain how he got a claim on a video that was false. The claim he talks about is from the game company Valve, and it’s on a video he did with his father. “This is a playthrough video, and they are claiming the opening cut scene footage, which I am talking completely over. This is totally within the rules,” Dan explains. On Valve’s website they have a section in the legal information page about their video policy. In the policy it states that they encourage their users to make video using Valve’s game content such as playthroughs, instructional videos, and SFM videos. The site also states that you are allowed to make money off the videos vie

the YouTube partner program. “So I have written permission from Valve that I can use this content so I thought ‘Alright, I’ll just go ahead and dispute that,’ but then I got an email from Valve saying they weren’t the ones who filed the complaint,” Dan says in another Content ID update video posted on the same day. This type of thing has happened to multiple other YouTubers, not just gamers. So who’s filing these false claims? They don’t know, and these videos can just sit there in dispute for up to a month. That’s a month that these YouTubers can’t make money off of the videos. Now to smaller YouTubers this isn’t such a big deal, but to YouTubers like Dan Hardcastle where YouTube is his job, they are losing money. Dan sums it up the best, “Reaction content is dead, people can completely abuse the system, and there’s copyrighted material on the front page. Good job YouTube.”

Tess Bruni



Editorial - 7

BeechBark Staff

Do you Believe in Teen Love?

When you think about love what are the first things that come to your mind? The butterflies in your stomach? Doodling his or her name in your notebook? And what age group of people do you see doing these things? Most people would say teenagers, but is teenage love real? Well, why wouldn’t it be if people are having these feelings as teenagers? According to ABC News, 14 percent of people get married to their high school sweetheart. If teenage love is not real, then how does this 14 percent of people know for a fact that they have found the person that they want to spend the rest of their life with? For these people, teenage love is a real thing. Some teenagers may say that when you are a teenager you do not know what the true meaning of love is, therefore, teenage love is not real. But on the other hand, people may say that if you can love your parents, then you can love as a teenager. There are many different views on what love actually is, or even if it exists. “When the thought of love

comes to my mind. I think of my parents and my family. You don’t need a significant other to feel love. You feel love when you walk in the door and a hot dinner is waiting for you, when your dog cuddles next to you on a cold night, and when you feel you belong somewhere. Love is the feeling of being accepted by those around you,” said Shaun Hughes (Sr). “Whenever I think about love, I feel as if it is the best feeling ever. Knowing that someone loves you and having the same feeling towards them is honestly the best feeling in the world,” said Julianne Salmen (Jr). Throughout your life the question, “What is love?” may appear more than once. But do we ever find out the true meaning? If everyone has their own opinions about love, then how are we ever going to know which one might be the correct one? Some teenagers and adults just plainly believe that love is not a real thing. It’s just something that gives you false hope and keeps you searching for a feeling that is not there. When you look up the defini-

tion of love there are a lot of different meanings. This shows that everyone’s views on the true meaning of love are all different. So how can anyone say that you cannot possibly love another person as a teenager if their meaning of love is different than everyone else’s? For many teenagers love may just mean caring about someone very much. Some teenagers may seem to fall in love very easy and be able to come out of that love easily; which may seem strange to others, but it just depends on that specific person’s meaning of love. “Love has both an emotional tie and logical tie. The feelings of love are chemical reactions released in the brain called hormones. An example of this is oxytocin otherwise know as the ‘cuddle chemical.’ Everyone’s idea of love is different emotionally, but the scientific explanation gives a simpler meaning everyone can relate to,” Tylar Swanson. Statistics from ABC News show that teenagers that have love and romance in their life are more depressed than people without it. If love is such

an amazing thing then why are teenagers with romance in their life more depressed than people without it? Most of the teenagers from the study became depressed because they used dating as a way to fix their broken relationships at home, but when they realized that the romance and love from a person outside of their family was different from loving someone inside their family they became depressed because they were unable to fill the gaps that need-

ed to be filled. The teenagers who did not have romance in their life seemed to be happier and more self-confidant. What about falling out of love? Or figuring out the person you love does not love you back. This may be a hard part of life that mostly all people have to overcome at some point. For most people, getting your heart broken for the first time happens in your teenage years. Can a heart be broken if it never loved in the first place?

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Spotlight - 8

Athletes of the Month

of the

Christina Vaughan



Tristan Burkhardt (Sr) averages 8.3 points, four one-point rebounds, and 1.3 steals a game. In Tristan’s personal highest scoring game this season, he scored twenty-six points. Varsity boys basketball coach Mr. Waznonis says, “Tristan has greatly improved from last year to this year. The improvements he has made have him starting on varsity this year.”

Kaufman siKristina quam, ut et arciis(Jr) ea has pos helped arit qui her team win trophies this season when they placed fourth in the Andrew High School cheer competition on December 21st, 2013 and fifth in the Buffalo Grove cheer competition on January 12th, 2014. Cheerleading coach Mrs. Compton said, “Kristina is very hard working, and always comes to practice with a great attitude. She is also willing to always try new things.”

BeechBark/Nicole Pilbeam

Taylor Graddy (Jr) was chosen to be the artist of the month for the month of February. She is not only a brilliant, one of a kind girl who cheers for the boys’ basketball team, but she also has very artistic skills. Taylor says that she has been drawing ever since she was a little kid. When you walk into Taylor’s room the first thing you notice is all of her beautiful artwork hanging on the walls. “When I’m bored at home, usually Saturday’s, I look at pictures of quotes and sayings and I draw pictures around them. I mostly draw stuff around quotes,” Graddy said. Taylor has been in art class since freshman year and is inspired by the quotes that she chooses. Go check out her artwork in Ms. Blouin’s room.

Editor:Nicole Pilbeam

Artist of the Month: Taylor Graddy (Jr) Taylor Crowley Reporter

*Courtesy of Erin Feret*

Wrestling Coach McNally chose Mitch Darabaris (Jr). He is 13 and 15 so far this season, and has had four pins and twenty takedowns. Mitch is also part of the wrestling team’s academic 4.0 club. “I can tell you that he got 5th at the Argenta tournament on January 4th and went 4-1. We were very proud of the way he kept fighting throughout the entire tournament,” said Mrs. McNally.

Emily Landis (Jr) has had a very successful season scoring an average of two and a half points, two assists, four and a half rebounds and three and a half steals a game. Varsity girls basketball coach Mr. Keen said, “Emily is a team leader in the locker room, at practices, and during the games. Emily will also stay after a practice or game to improve skills she is working on.”

BeechBark/Nicole Pilbeam

Love is in the air as February draws near. With February being the month of love, most people will go out of their way for their special someone. But two seniors are willing to be friendly and helpful all year round. I would like to congratulate Lindsey Pape and Dallas Saddler for winning the Erin Feret Award. Lindsey can be described as being considerate of other’s feelings and free-spirited by her friends. Like Erin, Lindsey is always there for people and always makes them feel better with her kind words. “I’ve known her for 12 years and Lindsey has never made me feel less than her best friend,” says Danielle Nehmer (Sr). Lindsey has a way of making people feel welcome and that’s what makes her a great recipient for this award. Dallas’ friends say he is always willing to lend a hand if someone needs it. “The whole senior class can say he is a great Erin Feret Award: Dallas Saddler guy,” says Mary Rose Gianotti (Sr). (Sr) and Lindsey Pape (Sr) Dallas and Erin are similar in the ways of helping people who need it which is why he deserves this Rachel Cadwell award. Reporter Congrats again to Lindsey and Dallas for lending a helping hand to others and being a friend to anyone.

BeechBark/Nicole Pilbeam

February 2014 beechbark  
February 2014 beechbark