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Care Packages

Photo credit: Tylar Swanson

Beecher High School is known for coming together when different organizations are raising funds or holding a drive. Some drives that have taken place in particular are clothing drives and food drives in order to help those in need. Recently, a new type of drive has been introduced to Beecher High School. The Beecher High School Student Council met and decided that they wanted to do a drive for goods for soldiers deployed overseas for the holidays. This drive was called Operation Care Package. “I received an e-mail from the lead organizer of Operation Care Package. Her brother is in the military and he is stationed overseas. The e-mail was very informative and a great cause, so Student Council decided to

Master Mr. McCord: Math teacher, Mr. McCord, during one of his math classes.

participate in this,” said Mrs. Short, Science teacher and one of the Student Council sponsors at Beecher High School. Operation Care Package is an all volunteer non-profit organization that is dedicated to making sure that all deployed troops receive something over the holiday season. During the drive, Student Council collected a total of 150 items to be sent in the care package for those overseas. Some of the items collected were cards, toothbrushes, toothpaste, protein bars, gum, canned foods, fleece blankets, boxed Mac-N-Cheese, candy canes, cookies, soap, and wash cloths. “It makes me happy to see the people of Beecher High School coming together for such a good cause. These men and women are

risking their lives for us, so they deserve to have a great holiday season,” said Patti Benedict (Sr) class president of the senior class. Student Council and other organizations will be participating in various drives throughout the school year. An example of another type of drive is The Concert For the Hungry to raise food donations for the local food pantries done by the band and chorus. Also, Tri-M Music Honor Society does an annual winter clothing drive to provide clothing for those in need. Beecher High School is great at giving back and showing people that we care about those in need.

Shaun Hughes

Entertainment Editor

Tornado Strikes in Illinois

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 9% of the U.S. population has a master’s degree. Beecher math teacher, David McCord, is on his way to earning a master’s degree in math education. Mr. McCord already has a master’s in education administration, meaning he is qualified to become a dean or a principal, and now he is on his way to earning his second master’s degree. McCord has been a teacher at Beecher for his whole teaching career of 12 years and he has been going to college for about 11 years. In those years he has earned two associates degrees, a bachelor’s in math education, a minor in biology, a master’s in education administration, and soon a master’s in math education. Some colleges he has attended are Joliet Junior College, Illinois State University, and now he is taking night classes at Governor’s State University. “You get out what you put in,” says Mr. McCord, referring to his master’s he will receive. He says that going for a masters involves more independent learning. McCord puts a lot into his degree. He says the more effort he puts in to it the

better teacher and individual he will be. Another bonus McCord gets out of his degree is that he gets to associate with other teachers from other grades and schools. This allows McCord to learn from other teachers and their experiences. This gives him new ways to teach. “I want them (his students) to think critically,” says McCord, “and to have skills to apply to as much as possible.” Mr. McCord isn’t trying to make a high school student’s life hard from Geometry’s dreaded proofs. He wants to teach the concept of Geometry and the other subjects he teaches to his students. He wants his students to understand how to think critically and be able to take a concept and apply it to what is being taught. This is one of Mr. McCord’s ultimate goals. This mind set will allow students to learn better, do better in their job fields, and to become a better individual overall.

Tylar Swanson


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Tornado in Washington: Photo was taken after a huge tornado stormed through the town of Washington, IL. The tornado traveled over 46 miles at a 190 mph wind intensity.

By now everyone has certainly heard about the recent tornado outbreak that occurred on November 17, 2013. There were twentyfive tornadoes that formed just in the state of Illinois and forty-nine others that took place in the states of Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. Many people lost their homes and seven people lost their lives while dozens of others were injured. Kyle Krenmuller (Jr) said, “My Aunt Darcy lost her shed, trees, and many of her possessions in the tornado.” Mr. Pavesic, science teacher said, “One of my old college professor’s house was destroyed.” Although people lost their homes, hope is not lost. The com-

munities that were subject to the tornado destruction have been rebuilding and working together, in order to move on and help each other repair the damage. Tanner Amsden (Jr.) believes, “Tragedy unites a community.” Even though they are making progress, there are still many ways one could aid these people especially those in the towns of Washington, Pekin, and Peoria, which suffered the worst damage in Illinois. Individuals can donate their time and supplies in order to lessen the hardships that these people are experiencing. Many people and groups, including the American Red Cross, have already volunteered their efforts to help these people. They have aided by

providing food, shelter, and hope to these communities of people. Clearly it is impossible to avoid a disaster like this, but one could take certain precautions in order to possibly prevent injury or even death. Mr. Pavesic advises that one should, “Listen to all warnings, go into your designated safe area, and don’t be naïve and record the tornado.”

Dean Blumenfeld



Perspectives -3

Editor:Kayl Larson

Technology and Today’s Children crease in technology is for the need of having it or the want of having it. Children and Nature, which is an organization that studies child behavior, did a study that shows thirty eight percent of toddlers and infants before the age of two, have used a smartphone or tablet. Some people believe that it is easier to give a child a phone or tablet than actually watch them or entertain them. Companies such as Samsung, Apple, and other competitors are coming out with electronics geared for children of younger ages.

Today’s children are growing up in a quickly evolving society. Technology is a big part of this. Society is pushing children to use electronic devices to help teach them, and entertain them. For instance, the company “Baby Einstein” targets babies, age 12 months and older, to watch their DVDs that are supposed to help the development of the child’s brain. Children and Nature have found this to be inaccurate, and found children who watched the DVD to learn how to speak at a slower pace. Technol-

ogy is starting to target babies, as young as only a few months old. “I have two siblings, age seven and thirteen, and they both have electronics and are not set with time limits to restrain their use; however when I was their age I didn’t have electronics like they do,” says Alexis Moffitt (Jr). Our generation revolves around technology and it is only going to become a bigger problem for those of future generations. Having children and teens always on an electronic of some sort could take away from their

imagination. Many teens and children are spending more time in the house instead of outside. If we stay on this path what will become of future generations?

Tia Anczer

Features Editor

Monica Schurman Reporter

In society today we are seeing an increase in technology among all age groups. They are either playing with electronics or simply have one to have one. Many times when you go out in public you can see that a child is on an electronic device of some sort. “Today, seventy five percent of teens that range from 12 to 17 own a cell phone compared to in 2004 where only forty-five percent of teens owned a cell phone,” says Jamshid Ghazi Askan, writer for Many people wonder if the in-

Christmas has always been the Christmas atmosphere and known as the “most wonder- are not affected by it anymore. ful time of the year.” Does evAccording to Evangelical Allieryone truly feel this way as the ance, 61% of people surveyed said years progress?  Is it our society they agreed Christmas is mainly changing the Christmas spirit?  Is for children.  The society is focusit you personally that loses the ing on Christmas for the kids a lot excitement?  Is the feeling of more now instead of all people. Christmas really still here?  A “I’m still excited for Christfew people had different opin- mas just not as much as I was ions about the holiday season. when I was little.  Knowing that There seemed to be simi- Santa was coming was magilar responses from differ- cal but now you know the gifts ent people when asked you’re receiving so there’s no about the holiday feeling. surprise.  I also feel our lives “I don’t really get excited for are a lot more hectic than they Christmas anymore because were when we were little, so we it’s just another day to me.  I al- don’t have all of our focus on the ready know what I’m getting so Christmas season like we used there’s nothing to really look for- to,” says Sydney Zupan (So). ward to,” says Jarrell Smith (Sr). Everyone had some different As we experience the holi- opinions, but everyone included day feeling every year, we may that they knew what presents they become used to the feeling of would be receiving Christmas

morning. Maybe the suspense of not knowing what presents you would be getting kept you in that holiday spirit.  It could be all the different responsibilities we are all focused on that take away the focus of the holiday season.  School, work, and sports are just a few of the things we deal with as teenagers so we may not really have time to embrace the  Christmas mood as  we did when we were little.  With the Christmas season among us, we’re realizing that the feeling of Christmas is different for us than it was in years past.

Abbey Wilson


Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Features - 4

Editor:Tia Anczer

UNDER PRESSURE The Ins and Outs of What Students Go Through Junior and Senior Year

Starting as early as freshman year, students are stressed thinking about college and what they want to do with their lives. That’s a huge decision for a teenager to make. How is someone who is not even a legal adult supposed to know what they will want to do for over forty years? That is almost impossible. When junior and senior year come, it’s even more stressful deciding where to apply and how to apply. Many important factors play a part in where you decide to go such as a two year or four year college, private vs. public, and size. Money plays the biggest part in applying to college. College is very expensive but there are many ways to help cut costs. Public colleges have “sticker” prices that are

often cheaper, but private colleges will give much bigger academic scholarships because they have private funders and alumni that contribute a lot of money back to the colleges every year. Students at BHS are already feeling the effects of the college pressure. Isabella Woolslayer (Sr) said, “No, I didn’t feel stressed because I had my mind set on where I wanted to go.” On the other hand Mary Rose Gianotti (Sr) said, “Even thinking about college right now is stressful for me because I haven’t applied anywhere yet.” Even after you apply, waiting to hear back from the college is stressful, and the longer it takes for them to get back to you, the more worried you get. Choosing

a major is another main part of college, and is stressful because you have to pick one thing that you will have to do for as long as you work. When picking a major, you want to pick something you not only enjoy, but something that will also make you employable. There are seven big tips to help relieve stress when looking for a college. 1. It’s never too early to start searching and looking into colleges. This can start as early as freshman year. 2. Work with your school guidance counselor. School counselors are more than happy to help their students make the college

application process easier and less stressful. “The biggest thing is making the student aware of the college process. Awareness is key. Doing college visits, transcripts, and school visit days help students a lot. A lot of students think this is a stressful time, but it can be a lot easier with resources,” said Mr. Sarsany, guidance counselor. 3. Explore majors that match your skills and interests. You don’t want to major in something you absolutely hate. 4. Don’t rule out schools because of cost. Just because the price is high doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of financial aid and scholarship money available.

5. Make sure you prioritize what you want in a college such as size, location, public or private.

6. Visit multiple colleges. Going and seeing a college gives you the feeling and comfort of being there, and you don’t want to be somewhere for two or four years that you don’t feel comfortable at. 7. Think quality, not quantity. You want a good education, not the college with the biggest parties, sports, or student body. College isn’t the only option after high school. There are trade schools, which are schooling for a career often taking under two years. There are also many graduates that take a year off or go straight to work. Students that take a year off can take the time to figure out exactly what they want to do with their future. People that go straight to work often have a job lined up for them without college or the career path they want does not require college. No matter what the situation is, looking at your future is stressful, but with help, resources, and planning it can be made easier.

Christina Vaughan Reporter

PREPARE FOR COLLEGE “College is an investment you make for your future. The amount of time you spend preparing for college can lead to great benefits. These benefits can be more satisfaction in your career (not just a job) and higher earnings than if you only completed high school.

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Don’t waste your time or money—prepare for college and increase your ability to meet your educational goals.”

Phone: (708) 231-6267 & E-mail:

For more tips about mapping your future and preparing for college, visit:


Sports - 5

Editor:Patrick Barton

Hop on the Band Wagon Some fans are not bothered by the bandwagon fans because they just let them cheer on the team. However, for some fans, it’s their pet peeve. “They wouldn’t care for the team if they were doing bad. A real fan supports their team and watches them even if they’re having a bad season,” Bonk said. Some die hard fans hate to see people only like their favorite team because they are doing so well. True fans are there through the ups and downs of the entire season. When the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, several hundred people in the Chicagoland area was ecstatic, whether they were die hard or bandwagon fans. Even if bandwagon fans are not favored in the land of sports, the extra support and cheering won’t hurt the team. If anything, it will give them more pride

In June of 2013, Chicagoans celebrated a Stanley Cup Champion win from their beloved Blackhawks. Fans stormed the streets seconds after the winning goal and then again during the parade. Chicago showed their pride for their city and their team. Fans bought apparel, bags, mugs, and even license plate holders to show their love and support for the Hawks. While the Blackhawks were competing for the Cup, social media such as twitter and facebook, were blowing up with updates and praise for the team. Some fans tweeted or talked about so-called Bandwagoners. Some people may say that they are just supporting the team, but others argue differently. “I’d say a supporter sticks with a team whether they are doing well or not, but a bandwagon fan only cares when the team is doing well,” Kyle Weiss (Jr) said. “It’s a fan who’s only interested in the team when they’re doing good or during playoff season. Not someone who would take the time to watch a game during the season or even understand the concept of the sport,” Kristyn Bonk (So) said.

Kayl Larson

Perspectives Editor

Stanley Cup Parade (2013): Chicago Blackhawks fans show their support for the team as they celebrate the Stanley Cup Championship wih the team at the Stanley Cup Parade.

Derrick Rose Doing What He Does Best

Girls Boys Basketball Basketball

Derrick Rose is injured again: Derrick Rose seems to like the style of crutches because it seems like he can

BHS Sports Briefs

not get away from them.

At the beginning of the NBA season fans were raving about the return of Derrick Rose. Chicago Bulls fans have been waiting for the return of Rose since he tore his ACL in April of 2012. Finally, Rose returned at the beginning of the 2013-2014 season only to be injured within a month. Derrick Rose tore his meniscus in his right knee on Saturday, November 23, against the Portland Trail Blazers. For Bulls fans it is

sad to say once again that Derrick Rose is out for the season. Rose had surgery on his injured knee on Monday, December 2. Most fans are asking many questions right now. Will Rose ever return? If he does, will he be as good as before? The answers to these questions as of right now are unknown. Fans will just have to wait until the 2014-2015 season to find out. Doctors have even said that there is a possibility that his knee

will never fully recover. Hopefully Rose has a speedy recovery and everything turns out alright for him and the Chicago Bulls.

Patrick Barton

Sports Editor

In the Ladycat Fall Classic the varsity girls record was 2-3. The girls started their regular season December 2, 2013 against Gardner-South Wilmington High School starting their record at 1-0. The girls record is now 3-0 and the junior varsity with 1-2. “It’s nice that we’re a young team and athletic. The season is going well and we play hard,” said Mr. Keen, girls varsity basketball coach.

In the Interstate Classic tournament the varsity boys record was 1-3 while the junior varsity was 1-2. The boys started their regular season on December 3, 2013 suffering a tough loss against Bishop McNamara High School setting their record 0-1. Now their record is set at 0-3. The junior varsity season record is 2-1.

Wrestling Cheerleading During the Illiana Thanksgiving Classic, Grant Park/Beecher wrestlers finished 4th place as a team. The Grant Park/Beecher wrestling team started their season off slow setting their team record 0-2 but have been working hard individually and as a team. “For the limited number of wrestlers we have this year, we are doing phenomenal so far. They are learning and getting better every day. We would love for more athletes to join our team,” said Mr. McNally, Grant Park wrestling coach.

The cheerleaders will be having their first competition of their season on December 21 at Andrew High School. “The girls have been working hard for the competition and we’re confident that they will turn in a strong performance at competition,” said Mrs. Compton, cheerleading coach.

Julianne Salmen

*All records accurate as of December 11, 2013

News Editor


Entertainment - 6

Editor:Shaun Hughes

Where Are They Now?

Was “Lizzie McGuire,” “Drake and Josh,” or “The Amanda Show” one of your favorite TV shows? Do you ever wonder where the star actors/actresses are from these shows? Celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Drake Bell, and Amanda Bynes were all childhood stars. Lately, we haven’t heard much about them. Some of them have progressed into their lives but the others have declined quickly. Where are they now? Hilary Duff starred in the show “Lizzie McGuire” as a kid, playing the title role in the show. She later worked on other movies such as “Material Girls,” “A Cinderella Story,” and “Raise

Your Voice.” Since then, where has she gone? How has her life been? Duff married Mike Comrie (NHL player) on August 14, 2010. In 2010, Duff starred in the ABC Family television film “Beauty & the Briefcase,” where she plays a fashion magazine columnist who writes about her dating struggles in the city. She has been on many TV shows in small roles. Hilary Duff guest starred in the TV shows “Raising Hope” and the finale of “Two and a Half Men.” She is also in an animated movie called “Wings“ alongside Jesse McCartney and Josh Duhamel. By July 2013, she finished filming the movie “Flock

of Dudes,” which was set to be released in 2014. Duff recently had a baby boy named Luca. She is clearly living the ideal lifestyle. Drake Bell was on the hit series “Drake and Josh” and also appeared on “The Amanda Show” quite frequently. He was the costar of Josh Peck, who now is a comedian. Bell is one of Nickelodeon’s most popular stars ever and has won nine Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. He has also won a Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Breakout Actor. Drake Bell was an icon and was considered to be eye candy for the teenage female viewers. Bell was also a singer/songwriter. In 2005

he released his album, Telegraph. His second album, It’s Only Time, was released in 2006 after signing with Universal Motown Records. Bell was injured in a car accident in 2005, but he recovered quickly. He has not done any work lately; he’s just taking it easy at home. I’m sure all of you heard the buzz about how whacky Amanda Bynes has become. What is going on with her? “She is psycho. I used to love her, and I thought she was very pretty,” said Taylor Graddy (Jr). Bynes starred on “The Amanda Show” and “All That” on Nickelodeon when she was a child. She then went on to make hit movies

like “What A Girl Wants” and “She’s The Man.” Last July, the 27-year-old former Nickelodeon star had been admitted to get psychiatric help after she was arrested for setting fire to the driveway of a home in California. She is said to be released soon because she is doing well. What has made her wild? Was it Nickelodeon? “No, don’t blame them, the fame got to her head” said Mitch Darabaris (Jr).

For young adults, sometimes reading can be a drag. And when the novel of choice is 552 pages of Holocaust melancholy, most students are unwilling. “The Book Thief,”written by Australian novelist Markus Zusak, is a compelling, intricately structured story of a young Liesel Meminger, growing up in the fictional town of Molching, Germany with her foster parents during WWII. In the beginning, the concept of personified Death is introduced to readers. Death is surprisingly human, and also gentle and sympathetic. He briefly describes his job, and mentions that though his profession is depressing, he feels the need to give it meaning. Death finds solace in stories of courageous humans. He begins to tell Liesel’s story. The story begins with 9 year-old Leisel mourning over the loss of her brother and separation from her mother. She is taken to Rosa and Hans Hubermann on 33 Himmel Street, illiterate and indignant. Hans, with his gentle demeanor and accordion playing, teaches Liesel how powerless she is without words. They spend sleepless nights in their basement reading from the book Liesel took from her brother’s burial: The Grave Digger’s Handbook. While Liesel is finding her way, the Hubermanns take in a Jewish man named Max Vandenburg, as a favor Hans owed a comrade during World War I.

The bond that Max and Liesel develop as he is hidden in her basement, is one that could warm almost any reader’s heart. The Nazi Party’s presence becomes more and more apparent in Molching. Liesel and her neighbor and best friend, Rudy, are required to join the Band of German Girls and Hitler Youth, respectively. To celebrate the Führer’s birthday, the people of Molching hold a bonfire during which they burn enemy propaganda, including books. Liesel takes one of the surviving books from the burn pile, which ignites a hunger in her only books can satisfy. Markus Zusak’s award-winning masterpiece perfectly portrays triumph and tragedy, honor and humility, love and hate, power and weakness. The history of World War II and the Nazi Party are intertwined with a lovely story of friendship, humanity, war and hardships. Many teenagers will find the story too slow to get going, which is fair. But this is a kind of book that can be life-changing, because without ever denying the essential amorality and randomness of the natural order, “The Book Thief” offers a believable, hard-won hope. “The Book Thief” is currently in theatres as of November 8th! Zusak’s book can be found in Beecher High’s library.


Taylor Crowley

Tidbits Desolation Taylor’s “The Book Thief ” by Markus Zurak of Smaug

The second installment of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy saw its opening release Friday, December 13. These movies are based off of the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy novel The Hobbit. The Desolation of Smaug follows the adventure of a young hobbit, Bilbo Baggins (played by Martin Freeman), a wise wizard, Gandalf (played by Ian Mckellen), and a courageous band of thirteen dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield (played by Richard Armitage) as they continue their quest towards the Lonely Mountain. The purpose of this quest is to recapture their kingdom of Erebor from the dragon Smaug (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) who ousted the dwarves many years prior. Their spirited drive is what motivates them through their journey.

The movie begins where the previous one left off. The band is still making their way towards the Lonely Mountain where the kingdom of Erebor lies. On the way, the party battles many foes including orcs, elves, wolves, men, giant spiders, and of course, a dragon. Viewers also see Gandalf depart from the group in order to find the origin of the evil that is taking place. With the group separated from their wise voice, viewers see Bilbo and the dwarves fall into many dangers. On several occasions, however, we see Bilbo save the day with his newfound courage and we also witness the aid of the elves, Legolas (played by Orlando Bloom) and Tauriel (played by Evangeline Lilly) and a merchant man from Lake Town named Bard (played by Luke Ev-

ans) . It is with their help that Bilbo and the dwarves reach Erebor and make their way into the mountain where they encounter the firebreathing Smaug. The movie ends with a “cliff-hanger” that leaves the audience anxious for the third installment that is supposed to be released next December. The Desolation of Smaug is a must see for any J.R.R. Tolkien fan and anyone that wants to see an action-packed epic. It is definitely more fast-paced than the previous movie and it keeps the viewer interested all two hours and forty minutes. It is visually compelling and the acting is fantastic to say the least. The only negative to this movie is the ending due to the fact that it leaves off at a very crucial and suspenseful point. This ending only makes the viewer wish for more especially since it is left open not only to tease the audience but also to mark the spot for the next installment. The anticipation for the next movie, There and Back Again, is already growing. Fans will just have to wait another year to experience the excitement that the Hobbit movie franchise creates.


Pat Barton and Dean Blumenfield


Taylor Adams


Editorial - 7

Editor: Nicole Pilbeam

Self Expression

. ong’.. s r t standing r s e d y y n u a a f t o w t al d ‘s a vital par Bowden is r g tol ay to not t do e n v n i io li s e s O e b r .” ull us ok ly “Self exp it to the f stant at? It;s k down. J hat it is g n in o y jo c n h t ea re life, and e “We’ u know w kay to br remember nown “Always rem “A journey of a thou e k o o m sand miles b Un e and c r r , o t h w ” but y ong. It’s n . a a d t the cro p c t u h be a u gi t k n r s o w w c t it y i h a ll appla w a single step.” -Confu t b be s st that ud your d that applau cius st ge “C e u b j d e b s your c eheadin ourage doesn l th l a f ’t o always roar. S g. Peopl r “We all die. The goal to is the quiet vo ometimes cou e like a onation is the okay ice at the end rage s s h am isn’t to live forever. ow.” -Go of the “Be yourse w ing Post e The goal is to create lf, accept y ill try again tomorrow.’” -Mary Andnaey Rsaayding. ‘I al macher ourself, va d self, forgiv n a s e something that will.” lue youre yourself, rselv nown u k o n d U n bless your e.” press your -Chuck Palahniuk o fi s us t he same tim self, exe l self, trust b a n t yourself, lo “Actually, I just woke up one day and decid“Art e rselves at self, empo u ve your- lose o wer yourse ed I didn’t want to feel like that anymore,

lf.” -Lupyth

“I want fr or ever again, so I changed.” -Unknown e ant things edom, the right to d s . t; world pri Anarchism meant elf expression. Eve ligh n g o s r t o r o e of my own ns, persecution, e hat to me, and I w ybody’s right to be rm nsb e i n G ould ver au comrades in n I would li ything. Yes, even i live it in spite of tiful radiAlle our y ” . ve my bea n t ess llow Judging utiful ide spite of the conde he whole “Fo adn a m l. m ” nation -Emma G “Do others has a huge impact on the o ld e n m d a ’ n how we express ourselves. Some people do love t forg hi with et to “You are not not fully express themselves because they are afraid of fall here just to fill you what others will think of their true feelings. Everyone has their r s U e lf fir in space or to be nkn own opinion. One reason we judge others is because we would not want own st.” to see the same characteristic or behavior in ourselves. Judgment is based a background

a Hermin

t on’

“Some people will always throw stones in your path. It depends on you what you make with them. Wall or Bridge? Remember you on our self-expression; no two people are exactly alike. Therefore, there will alare the architect ways be a characteristic someone does not like about you. There is no possible way to make everyone happy. So make yourself happy. Do not pretend to be someone you aren’t. of your life.” What would this world be without self-expression?Would we have half the things we have today? -Unknown Even in history, what would have happened if people kept their thoughts to themselves and never

“Sometimes you have to forget what’s gone, appreciate what still remains and look forward to what’s coming next.” -Unknown

took a stand for what they believed in? This world would be completely different if everyone just stood back and didn’t take action because they were too scared about what other people would think of them. We, as teenagers, tend to care a lot about what others think about us, and that affects the way we live our lives. We try to be the perfect person, we try to get along with everyone and make everyone in our lives happy, even though we know that is impossible. So why change yourself for other people? People are always going to be judging you, so you might as well just be yourself. If you are going to change your life, change it for you. Be yourself. Live your life the way you want to live it. Be happy, be crazy, love yourself, and don’t care about what others think because in the end their opinion is not the one that matters. Self-expression is what everyone is made of. It defines who you are as a person. Self-expression is the way you communicate with the people around you, the way you present yourself and the thoughts inside of your head. Therefore, not all self-expression can be expressed all of the time. If you said every thought that has ever come to your mind, you might get yourself into some trouble. Self-expression comes naturally to everyone; sometimes we just do not know how to portray it. Some people cannot express themselves through speaking. So they might express their feelings through art, music, sports, or writing. Studies show that people that express themselves more are healthier people. This is because keeping feelings to yourself can cause stress. Self-expression is one of the easiest and quickest ways to relieve stress. When you do not express yourself you can become quiet and not interact with others, which can cause you to become depressed. Expressing your feelings can really help you become a happier person, and this can also help you know yourself better and help you know how to make yourself happier.

character in someone else’s movie. Consider this: nothing would be the same if you did not exist. Every place you have ever been and everyone you have ever spoken to would be different without you. We are all connected, and we are all affected by the decisions and even the existence of those around us.” -Unknown “Cr

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Spotlight - 8

Editor:Nicole Pilbeam

Athletes of the Month “I picked Kyle Krenmuller for wrestling. This is his 3rd year and starting out with a 9-4 record. He had 3 pins and finished 2nd at the Illiana Christian tournament. He is a hard worker and dedicated athlete. He is a great role model and leader,” said Mr. McNally. On Monday Kyle took a tough loss but as a team they tied 36- 3. Kyle plans to keep up the hard work and keep improving throughout the season. Keep up the good work, Kyle!

“I picked Danielle Snuckle as athlete of the month for a few reasons. Danielle has been on varsity basketball for three years and is the leader of our team. The way she acts makes her a very good leader. Danielle is a hard worker and cares about her school,” said Mr. Keen. During the nine games Danielle has averaged 15 points per game. She has had 12 assists, 18 rebounds, and 18 steals. Danielle makes 71% of her free throws. Good job, Danielle!

“I picked Marshall Landis as athlete of the month because he has been a three year varsity starter and leader of our team. Throughout the first four games, he averaged about fourteen points per game. Marshall is 23 for 23 at the free throw line and was named all tournament team,” said Mr. Waznonis. Marshall has been a contributor to the teams 0-3 record. During the Interstate Classic Marshall helped the boy’s varsity team with winning three of the four games. Marshall has been a big help for Beecher High School’s basketball team for the past four years. Thanks for your hard work, Marshall!

Liz Rapacz Editor-in-Chief

“ I picked Jenny Voogt as athlete of the month because she is a very good leader of our team. She has been on the team for four years. Jenny always steps up and gets everyone back on track,” said Mrs. Compton. The cheerleading team has a competition coming up on December 21st at Andrew High School. The team hopes make it to sectionals, which would be an awesome way to end Jenny’s cheerleading career. The past few years have been extremely close and they hope to make it all the way this time. Good luck to the team. Thanks for all you have done for the team for the past four years, Jenny!

Artist Erin Feret Award of the

Christmas is finally here and everyone’s spirits are high and bubbly. Christmas is a time to make good memories with your family and give gifts to others. Khalil Gibran says, “Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.” This tells us generous people will go out of their way for others. Two people have really shown generosity and kindness to their peers. Congratulations to Kyle Stolzenbach (Fr) and Emily Scrementi (Fr) for receiving the Erin Feret Award. Like Erin, Kyle’s friends have described him


unselfish and caring. “I was really mad at lunch and was on the verge of crying and he came up to me and asked me if I was okay and if I needed anything,” says Sarah Goers (Jr). Kyle has also been known to educate his peers if they have questions. “When I was stuck on my math homework in 8th grade, he would always help me,” says Paul Caldwell (Fr). Kyle has been an outstanding friend to everyone he comes across. Emily has been described as smart and considerate of her friends’ problems with homework. “She actually wants to help with

student tutors for Mr. Kelly instead of just getting the extra credit,” says Josie Hurling (Fr). She is also known for being hilarious and a loving friend. “She’s always super funny and cheers you up when you’re having a bad day,” says Skyler Gibbons (Fr). Congrats again to Kyle and Emily for helping us with school problems and making our days better. Also, a special thanks to Mrs. Dousias for donating gift cards for the recipients.

Rachel Caldwell Reporter

BeechBark/Nicole Pilbeam

BeechBark/Nicole Pilbeam


Artist of the Month: Kyle Jacobson (Jr) When students hear about Kyle Jacobson (Jr). they usually think of his height or his great basketball skills. So hearing that he also does art can come as a huge surprise. “Sometimes I forget he does art, but he’s really good at it,” Says Kyle’s classmate Lucy Hitzelburger (Jr). Kyle does comic styled drawings and they are really good. Although Kyle is well known for his athletic abilities his art isn’t as well known. “Kyle does art? I didn’t know he did that, I just thought he did sports,” said Tiffanie Willamsen (Jr). It makes sense that not too many people know about his art since he doesn’t go around boasting about it. Kyle’s art may be a bit different compared to others.

It’s not big and out there, but it’s still just as important as his sports career. Kyle is more focused on the sports for now because basketball is in full swing but his art is still out there. If you were to walk down the freshman hallway you could see an award Kyle received outside of Mrs. Wittenberg’s room. Its nice to know that one of Beecher’s star athletes is well rounded. Yes sports are an important part of this school, but it’s still nice to see big, tough sports guys like Kyle have a softer, artiest side to them. Kyle is truly a good example of a model student. He is a big part of sports, artistic, and he is very studious. Congratulations to Kyle on being Artist of the Month, we all hope to see more of your art soon.

Tess Bruni Reporter

Artwork / Kyle Jacobson

Dec-Jan 2014 beechbark  
Dec-Jan 2014 beechbark