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The Timbalicious Drumz 1 Do you ever ask yourself "Where did Timbaland get that killa style?" or "Where can I get a PhD in beatmaking like he's got?" If so, then immerse yourself in the Timbalicious Drumz Collection. Have a professional arsenal of sound at your disposal, all modeled after Timbaland. This set is stuffed with 72 Timbaland-style kicks, 60 cold snares and rimshots, and 60 percussion soundz to add perfect sparkle to your rhythmz.

Each of the 6 multi-format presets included in the set contains 12 kicks, 10 snares, and 10 percussion samples resulting in a total of 192 samples!That's over 190 different Timbalicious drum samples!

Purchase the whole Timbalicious Drumz collection (Sets 1, 2 & 3) and own all 216 kicks, 180 snares, and 180 percussion soundz to start making beatz made of titanium.

Only from:! "Modern soundz 4 Modern Producerz!" Formats include HALion, EXS24, Kontakt, Battery, NN-XT, SF2, and WAV. ***NOTE***: EXS24/EXSP24 Users will have to copy and paste the Timbalicious Drumz 1 folder to Emagic's "Sampler Instruments" folder located inside your host application's Plug-in folder in order to load all instruments properly.

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