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There seems to be a lot of controversy over beats for sale. Many people are confused as to how it works. Even though most producers are sole proprietors and technically make their own rules in business, there are a few general tips that frequent buyers and sellers follow. For the beginners, everything is a blur; unfortunately they continue to go on with business not knowing exactly how to carry it out. I'll go over a few do's and don'ts when it comes to purchasing/selling beats. To start this off, let's set the ownership issue clear. Unless the producer exclusively signs (on paper or by esignature) over virtually any of his rights, he retains all of his rights no matter what was verbally agreed upon. That includes copyright ownership, as well because writer's credit/royalties. Now whether or not you both register the song that option is another thing. Technically and legally, the producer would still retain those rights, no matter how much money was transferred, or what was said. I have witnessed many scenarios where an artist has "paid for" a beat and figured that he didn't desire to pay the producer any royalties. You as an artist are paying for the "use" of the track and/or the "time" and "knowledge of production" that it took from the producer to actually producer the track. Another issue I run into is that the artist thinks that if the producer retains backend royalties then they should not pay them anything upfront for beats for sale. The approach I see it, if you WANT something, you pay for it. The producer didn't offer to write to his track. Now there may be certain cases where the producer actually likes a particular songwriter or artist and feels that he/she can help further his own career by working with them, and they offer to give them a track for free to write to and see where it takes the both of them. Even in this case, the producer still retains all rights. There are lots of other small issues, but I attempted to tackle the major issues when it comes to beats for sale. To sum it all up, the producer usually retains his rights to the track unless he specifically signs them over to the artist. The pay to the producer is for time and his ability to produce, just as you pay a mechanic to work on your car. I hope the clears the air on the technicalities of beats for sale. beebs production

The Legal Misconceptions of Beats For Sale  
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