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Rap beats are of the upmost importance for the rapper and with so many beats 4 sale there's no reason you should have weak production. If an artist is making hip hop music and they don't understand the importance of the beats then they need to figure it out because it's effecting their record sales and every promotion they do. If the studio engineer or the producer is good enough, the artist doesn't even need to have a decent recording. With the right effects, mixing and mastering, it's possible to make a weak flow sound dope. For instance if the beat isn't tight enough, your fans won't listen to the song. Even if your lyrics are masterfully written, you're going to lose a good amount of attention just by having a weak beat in the song. It's the beat that people can vibe to because it sets the pace for the entire track. The problem is many people don't understand the importance of the beat and so they end up wasting their time recording songs over their friends beats, knowing they're not very good. I am not heading one way or another because I am a rapper first. I can tell you, even with my bias being a rapper, that the producer is way more important than the artist. If the producer doesn't make the beat, first of all, the lyricist can't even record (obviously). The people who listen to your music are listening to the grooves before they're listening to the lyrics. That's the truth. If the beat isn't sick then somebody isn't going to bother listening to it all the way through, especially if the beat is annoying or otherwise painful to listen to. Let's just take a second and think about the best songs in history. Of course you can't really decide on a small group of songs that can be labeled the best, because everybody's opinion is different. So just think about your own opinions for a moment. What's your favorite song? Why is it your favorite song? If you break it down in your own mind you just might find that it really is about the beat. Sounds you hear, the rhythm, and the way the vocal artist rides the instrumental. Luckily on today's industry there are several resources for artists. For the most part: beats are expensive. I know some producers who aren't even famous and they charge a good $5,000 per beat. That's them saying their prices are affordable. When you look at the mainstream industry, you can see production artists such as Dr. Dre charging over one million dollars per instrumental. That's insane! So how do you get dope beats without paying mega dollars? The answer is quite simple. With the invention of the internet there have been many online businesses coming up. A new business model has been created with the online world for producers, who can now sell their beats on the internet! This means that you, as a rapper, can go straight to a company like Beats4Legends and get great service, instant delivery and even free downloads. If you'd like to know more about Beebs Production you should just visit the links in the paragraph below (or author resource box). It's the best website to go to if you're interested in buying beats because the customer service is amazing and delivery is fast. There's no need to pay huge dollars with them, either, because they beat the competition in both quality and price. It's the kind of thing that you can pay for from your weekly paycheck if you go through them, which saves you a LOT of money.

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