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These are the files to one of our interactive FREE Beat Making Tutorials. You can watch this Tutorial for FREE at in the "free-stuff" section and also take part using these samples. All you still need is a host- / sequencer-software (like fl studio, cubase or logic etc) and the FREE shortcircuit sampler (read below)

********************************** Making such tutorials takes lots of time. If you like our tutorials and want to see more just make a donation at (you find a donation button close to the tutorial) and give us your feedback to or on our board. Thank you! **********************************

You will also find a preset file for the FREE shortcircuit sample-player v1.1.2. So using this sample-player, all samples are ready to use and already layered, assigned to the right keys,looped, edited etc. You can download the sample-player for FREE at IMPORTANT: USE THE SHORTCIRCUIT SAMPLER 1 VERSION 1.1.2

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