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When you’re buying rap beats and instrumentals when should you go for an exclusive license and when should you go for a lease beat? Are lease beats even worth investing in as a serious hip hop or r&b artist? Read the rest of the article below to learn how to make the right buying decision to make the most of your money!

My name is DatPaki (aka Lyrical Militant) from PBE Music – I’m a producer/MC/Songwriter from Winnipeg, Canada. This article is part of a series called “Urban Music Business Tips” which is all about how to work at being a successful independent Urban Music Artist. I hope that I can help out some of the new up-and-coming rappers and singers start their urban music career off right. If you follow the tips in this series, you’ll be a BIG step ahead of your competition! Most music artists never think about this kind of stuff! You can get the whole series at my website. Q: When buying a rap beat or instrumental should I buy an Exclusive License or go for the Lease Beat? A: It all depends on what you plan on doing with the song you are going to make. An exclusive license gives ONLY YOU the right to produce and release a song with that instrumental. With an exclusive, no one else can make a song and release it for sale using the instrumental – your producer can’t resell it to another rapper or singer. These licenses can get expensive. On the other hand, a lease beat is kind of like a beat rental - You have the right (sometimes with conditions) to release a song on the beat but you might not be the only one. The producer can keep selling that same beat over and over to other artists. If you’re putting out a mixtape or a short EP or pretty much anything you’re going to use mostly for promotion then a lease beat might be best. They are cheap ($25-$75), half-decent and chances are you won’t find another artist who uses the same beat and has the same fans as you. (Even if you do, it’s for a mixtape – so it’s not a big deal. Different people use the same beats all the time). But if you’re putting out a commercial album or single you plan on selling in stores, touring off of and promoting to radio and other media outlets you’re going to definitely want an exclusive license. That way no one else will hear or have access to the beat before you release your song. And when it is released to the public and someone else uses it for a freestyle or mixtape, it will be known as YOUR BEAT – you own the exclusive license. This can also be great for your own promotion. You are the only person that can sell a song on that beat and the instrumental will be known in the public as YOURS (even if another rapper/singer takes it and jumps on it after). There are many advantages and disadvantages to both types of licenses. You have to think and make a decision about what the purpose of your song is in the marketplace and make your purchase based on that. Take the time to plan out your release, and it will pay off. Remember, this is your career – take it seriously! If you want to learn more about the urban music business, look out for my other articles in this series! You can also email me anytime! Hope this way helpful,

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Rapping Beats - When To Choose Exclusives; When To choose Leases  
Rapping Beats - When To Choose Exclusives; When To choose Leases