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I know that a lot of you are looking to buy rap beats for sale online so I wanted to give you a simple walk trough that will answers all the most common questions that come up when looking at buying rap beats. Is the track mine once I buy it? Usually if you buy a track at on of the online beat stores you own the right to use it but not the whole thing outright. If they only sold one track per person they would need so many beats it would be ridiculous. I'm not sure what royalty free means? When a track is "royalty free" it means you have the right to use the music in your song, but you don't own it. Will the security tag be removed from the finally beat? Many online beat stores will add something to the beat that will stop people just recording it right from the site. This will often be the website address or something like that, and will be fully removed once you buy the final track. Can I get a refund? The answer is usually no because once you have downloaded it, there is no way to prove you are not going to use it. If there are rap beats for sale on a website make sure you're going to use it before you buy. What format should I look for in a beat? The rule of thumb is to go for 160k or higher. There is also the option to have the beat sent as wav or avi on CD, but this will usually cost you a bit more money. Can I really use the beat anywhere I like? The simple answer if the tracks are really royalty free is yes, but I'm not a lawyer so make sure you read the terms of service and never try to resell the beats because this is not part of the deal. Final thoughts Buying rap beats can be a great way to get your music going really quickly and if you just follow this simple guide you won't find too many problems. But...some beat companies only let you print up 500 CDs! I think this is dead wrong and you can read more here. the best instrumentals online

Rap Beats for Sale - The full FAQ  
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