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A common question of many people who are just starting out in the world of music production is how to make a rap beat online. Making rap beats online can be a fun and rewarding hobby, sometimes even offering financial incentives if your skills are up to the task. I have watched many people go from no experience whatsoever to selling beats to local and national rappers for decent prices. They all started with online rap beat makers and then worked your way up. One online rap beat maker that some people like to use is the new"game" by Timbaland and the company behind Rockstar games, called "Beaterator". Rockstar is the company behind hit games like the GTA series. The beat maker started out as an elaborate flash game experiement on their website, but grew in popularity so fast that they are now coming out with an even better version for the PSP. The game is sort of like guitar hero for music producers, and it has some pretty nice features for a game. Another online rap beat maker that is a favorite of many people I know in the industry, is called Sonic Producer. The reason it's a favorite isn't the rap beat maker itself. Don't get me wrong, it's top of the line... 16 tracks, adjustable panning and volumes for each, 8 dj pads, instrument support, mp3 export capability, and thousands of preset loops and beats...But the reason they love it so much is this: most desktop rap beat makers never cost too much less than $200. Sonic Producer offers a membership to their website for $29. Twenty nine dollars. Membership includes access to the rap beat maker, which is worth twice that by itself, but membership also includes access to an enormous wealth of knowledge right at the tip of your fingers. They include at no extra cost THOUSANDS of beat making lessons on video. They give you some of the best customer service I've ever seen for such a website. Also, if you want to start selling your beats to artists, you have a whole community right in front of you that will point you in the right direction.

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