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The Neptunian Drumz 3

Continuing our promise to bring you tha latest in blazin' hiphop drumz comes "Neptunian Drumz"! In the style of Neptunes, Just Blaze, and the KeeMaster, each Neptunian soundset consists of 72 stompin' ambient kicks, 60 "snap-clap" layered style snares, and 60 diverse percussion soundz (shakers/claps/snaps/ethnic/chimes/etc.) - all with today'z hiphop phlavor. Each of the 6 multi-format presets included in the set contains 12 kicks, 10 snares, and 10 percussion samples resulting in a total of 192 samples!That's over 190 different Neptunian drum samples! Purchase the whole Neptunian Drumz collection (Sets 1, 2, & 3) and own all 216 kicks, 180 snares, and 180 percussion soundz and watch you beatz blow up!

Only from:! "Modern soundz 4 Modern Producerz!"

Formats include HALion, EXS24, Kontakt, Battery, NN-XT, SF2, and WAV. ***NOTE***: EXS24/EXSP24 Users will have to copy and paste the Neptunian Drumz 3 folder to Emagic's "Sampler Instruments" folder located inside your host application's Plug-in folder in order to load instruments properly.

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