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Would you like to know how to make your rap beats sound as good as the professional stuff you hear? When your tracks sound like they don't match up to the pros, it could be very aggravating. Don't throw in the towel just yet, there is hope. The list below is designed to illustrate the primary things you'll need to correct this problem. After reading the tips, you'll be able to get rid off some of your old ideas when you make your rap beats. If you use the methods I have listed below, you will notice an instant change in your beats. 1. Sounds are more important than you think. Having the right sounds when you make your rap beats is going to be the most critical part of your track. Sample quality and selection are going to be very important. Only amateurs will pick any kick drum sound and throw it right into a track without any consideration. I would approach it like this. If you were working on a rap song, why would you use a country music kick drum sample? Exactly my point. 2. Focus on sample placement. If you really think about it, a song will have two primary ingredients. The type of sounds you're using and where you fit them in the track. If I'm working on a rap beat, I'm probably not going to place my kick drums in a 4/4 pattern. Always think about the type of track you're working on when laying your samples in place. 3. Seek to improve. By making note of my above two production tips, you're already at an advantage. If you want to fill the rest of the gaps, you'll have to focus in on education. We all have our own special way of creating our tracks. However, we must all apply certain guidelines for our productions to sound good. And that's the reason why getting tips from the older guys will put you ahead of the game. By following the advice I gave above, you can make your rap beats sound a whole lot better. Practice these principals and don't look back. So fire up your gear, and bang out that next single!

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Make Your Rap Beats Bang With 3 Secret Tricks  
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