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Anybody can make their own rap beats these days, but most beat makers need to know how to make your own rap beats that sell. If you can't sell your beats, that's no reason to give it up.. Who would want to give up making rap beats when you could make some decent cash from something you love? Before you can sell beats, you have to make sure you're using a quality beat maker. It's not easy to make rap beats when you're not using a decent beat making software. If you don't have a beat maker yet, get one that is pre loaded with good samples, and you'll be one step ahead. Next you really should start with a good bass track. You need a sweet bass line to start off on the right foot. I always work on the bass line loop first and fatten it up good before I start messing with drum tracks at all. Bass lines are crucial when you want to make a beat that artists will really grab onto. The third tip for how to make your own rap beats that sell well, is using a catchy sample. You want the artist to really love the way the beat sounds because they're using this track for their art. You wouldn't use a beat for your own art if it didn't have some nice sounding samples in it. Finally, you can use pro beats or beats that you really like, as a guide. Consider this to be your homework, you probablly have tons of good rap music to study and I don't know any other homework that's this cool. Start by playing some beats you really like, listen real close and figure out what makes the beat so good. After that take a few elements and ideas from these beats and add in your own style. The truth is artists think they want to sound original but the mostly end up sounding just like other famous rap and hip hop artists anyway. It's not a bad idea to have that knowlege! Don't think you can't learn something from duplicationg good beats, that's how most painters get good at what they do. After you've put in some dirt time, then work on your own flavor. I really hope this gave you some new ideas and thoughts to work on when you go to make your own beats, now go make fat beats!

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How To Make Your Own Rap Beats And Sell Em Quick  
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