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I recently had a friend ask me if it was possible to make rap beats online. He had paid $200 for desktop beat making software and was disappointed because the program required an extensive knowledge of math and audio. He wanted a simple user interface that allowed him to save his rap beats as mp3s so he could burn them to CDs and show his buddies. This was not an unreasonable request, so I started looking for alternatives to desktop beat programs.

The lack of options surprised me.. there are not many websites out there that let you make your own rap beats. The ones that do require you to pay the site royalties for every beat you make.That means if you ever make any money off the beats you make you are required to pay the website owner a hefty chunk. For us this was a huge turn off because we were in high school at the time and barely had $100 between us. Also, the few sites that I did find did not support mp3s. I did not understand this as mp3 is practically the universal format for music these days. Mp3s are easy to burn to blank cds, which was important to us as we always had get togethers where we would get together after class and show off the rap beats we had made that week. The only website that ended up suiting our needs was called Sonic Producer. We each pitched in $15 to pay for the site membership, and could not have been happier about our decision. The membership not only included a beginner friendly beat making program, but also thousands of "how to" videos that teach you anything you'd want to know about digital music production. The thing that sealed the deal though was the fact that you could easily save your rap beats as mp3s to your computer so you can burn them onto cds. Considering most beat software costs a few hundred dollars, we were more than happy to pay the $29 for a Sonic Producer membership. That $29 got us more value than $200 did in the past. Other rap beat programs don't come with free lessons on making rap beats, and usually are not beginner friendly at all. With this program I was able to make my own rap beat in under 5 minutes. Don't think that just because I like rap music that you are limited to that genre either... I just love rap. You can make any type of music with this program. If you'd like to learn more, check out the link at the bottom of the page where you can find a detailed review of the program. I hope I was of some assistance in your beat making journey! buy rap beats

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