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Many people get to a stage where they want to put their ear for hot music beats to good use by starting to research and looking up information on how they can begin to make rap beats themselves. Because I am a huge fan of hip hop and rap music for their awesome beats, I began to wonder if producing my own rap music beats would be difficult since I really knew nothing about music production. Like most, who get a similar urge like I did, they learn that there is alot more to sampling and recording music beats then one may think not to mention the cost of equipment and recording studios. The kind of beats you hear on the top of the charts would require you to have quite a bit of musical know how, and some seriously expensive equipment. Now imagine if you will, having software that comes already pre-loaded with thousands of beats and sounds that were professionaly recorded in an actual recording studio, it would make worrying about everything you need to make quality sounding beats obsolete. If one of your long time dreams, is to make rap beats, shelling out a chunk of change for a fully functional studio is probably out of the question. Fortunately for you I found the ultimate software program so you don't go broke and I am gonna share it with you. There is a beat making software package, which was recently released, that has a first ever to date, online digital audio workstation. It is like having a complete recording studio right on your computer so you can make rap beats and hundreds of other sounds easier than you ever thought possible. Imagine having a beat maker software program that is jam packed with with all the bells and whistles that a real recording studio would have without paying anything extra for it! No Kidding! Drum kits, keyboards, samplers, sequencers and it only starts there. To make it even better, it was made and designed with the beginner in mind with easy to follow tutorials that can have you making killer beats beats in a matter of minutes! You can even have your own song or album recorded within an hour! Until now there has not been a software program, of this magnitude, to make rap beats, available anywhere. The cost of this software for all the things it includes is simply going to blow you away. You now have no excuse to start making those studio quality music beats you have been dreaming about and burn them onto a CD to blow your friends away!

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How To Make Rap beats, Like Those At the Top Of The Charts, Without Any Experience