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A dream for many upcoming music producers is to be able to make your own beats and sell them to amateur and upcoming hip hop artists. This is the equivalent to the photographers dream of getting their work published. In the past, only a select few elite individuals had the money and skills to sell rap beats. People like Kanye West made their name making beats and made beginners feel like it would be impossible to get started. However, thanks to our wonderful internet, it is easier than ever to start to make and sell rap beats online.

Would you be surprised to hear that you don't even need any experience in music to get started? That's right. In the past you would basically have to be a musical genius to make and sell rap and hip hop beats. Once computers became mainstream and almost everybody had one, then desktop music production software became the norm. Soon, the prices for these kinds of software became astronomical: competition made it impossible to find decent beat making software for less than $500. Even $500 is a high barrier to entry for people looking to make and sell rap beats online. This is why being able to make beats online has been a blessing to the industry. Websites like Sonic Producer now let beginners get started making rap beats online for less than $30. They give beginners everything they need to sell their first beat. They give you access to their top of the line rap beat maker, which is so easy to use it isn't funny. They stripped out the unnecessary overly technical components of desktop rap beat makers, given you access to a huge preset library filled with beats, loops, sounds, and hits, as well as access to thousands of videos teaching you everything you ever wanted to know. I have seen beginners go from absolutely no experience in this industry to selling their first beat within two months with sites like Sonic Producer. Since these people have access to such a rich community of knowledge, they know exactly what to do to start making and selling hip hop beats. While it may seem daunting so someone looking to sell rap beats online, it really is much easier than it seems. All you need to get started is some software or a membership to Sonic Producer. Once you've made some beats you like, post them to the community and get feedback, then fix them up. From there it is easy to find direction on which sites to advertise your beats and where to sell them. Are you ready to live the producer lifestyle? Check out Beat Makers Online to learn more. high quality beats

How-to Make and Sell Rap Beats Online  
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