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1. Eastern Precinct Student Centre (link between buildings)

Left to right: Counter-lever & Frame roof, Timber veneer, Counter lever steel roof

Potential Construction Constraints: -­‐ Pre existing buildings This means that the level of the new floor needed to match the levels of the pre-existing buildings to either side. This also meant that the structural supports had to be carefully implemented to check that the pre-existing buildings did not receive new load that would exceed their load bearing capacity. The pre-existing buildings would have also presented constraints as to how the link was actually constructed as there would have been limited and constrained access to build and to place necessary tools and equipment. Links to other Buildings o Plate and four bolts directly onto columns o The main roof systems and flooring also matched and joined the two buildings through this new link Construction Type -­‐ Concrete and Asphalt flooring -­‐ Cladding – timber -­‐ Acoustic panels -­‐ Steel columns -­‐ Glass windows Structural Systems -­‐ Counter lever -­‐ Steel Frame o Steel beams and columns Estimated dimensions 4 storeys high, 10meters wide, 25m deep

2. MSLE Building (Link between buildings)

Left to right: Timber and laminate flooring with pre-existing brick wall, Air conditioning system, Pre existing brick wall with steel counter levers supporting new upstairs area

Potential Construction Constraints: -­‐ Dimension -­‐ Existing materials – brick Links to other Buildings -­‐ Counter-lever -­‐ Frame Construction Type -­‐ Concrete Floor and Stairs -­‐ Laminated Floor -­‐ Timber planks à floor -­‐ Rubber tactile Structural Systems -­‐ Counter-lever -­‐ Air conditioning -­‐ Frame -­‐ Roof àtimber or steel Materials -­‐ Glass -­‐ Steel -­‐ Timber -­‐ Concrete -­‐ Plasterboard and Paint -­‐ Laminate -­‐ Rubber tactile Estimated dimensions 2 storeys high, 4m wide, 10 meters deep

3. Queens College Extension

Left to right: External piping and render, Steel columns and concrete flooring, Timber framing supporting rendered veneer

Potential Construction Constraints -­‐ Proximity to the boundary line Links to other buildings -­‐ Timber Ledger Construction Type -­‐ Painting -­‐ Pipes -­‐ Joints Structural Systems -­‐ Columns -­‐ Frame -­‐ Concrete walls -­‐ Timber beams Materials -­‐ Concrete -­‐ Steel -­‐ Timber -­‐ Stone Estimated dimensions 1 storey high, 10m wide, 10m deep

4. Ormond Theology Centre Reception

Left to right: Outside Columns and mesh veneer, Exterior columns, Building joins and piping

Potential Construction Constraints -­‐ Joining to a very old building Links to other Building -­‐ Hard to see any detailing from outside of building and without building plans Construction Type -­‐ Hydration Grates -­‐ Mesh cladding -­‐ Pipes Structural Systems -­‐ Columns (Concrete) -­‐ Frame à to hold glass window walls Materials -­‐ Timber -­‐ Steel -­‐ Glass -­‐ Veneer Estimated dimensions 3 storeys high, 13m wide, 100m deep

Oval Pavilion Project

2. Shows heritage listed part of the building that is being renovated and joined to new building. Renovations still to fully commence.

1. Retaining and underground wall being constructed. Waterproofing, reinforced concrete blocks and floor joists are visible. Mid construction stage




A fourth photo on the southern side of the building could not be taken due to access constraints.

3. Construction of foundation to the south of the building appears that it will support a load wall. Yellow caps are placed in the reinforcing rods for workplace safety. This is in early construction stage.

Constructing Environments- Week 3- On Site  


Constructing Environments- Week 3- On Site