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Beds Or Sale Our online divans offer excellent support and provide you with a complete solution to an excellent night's rest. Bed Guy™ divans come in all shapes and sizes

Before you decide to buy a new divan bed then you must at the very least make yourself familiar its two most important features. One of course being that it is very cost effective and two, being that it's incredibly space efficient. Divan beds come in sizes ranging from small 2 ft. 6" sizes - which are ideal for children's room or guest room, to the 6 ft. wide super king size beds ideal for the main bedroom.The beds consist of two main components; each one as important as the other. These are the mattress and the Divan frame, head boards are generally optional.

The divan frame usually comes with drawers built into the Divan base; either on the sides or at the foot of the bed, which can be used for extra storage. The Ottoman divan base in particular gives you a great deal more space as you can lift the complete base of the bed and use the entire area under the bed for storage.A further advantage of this type of bed is that the king size and super king size beds are basically two 3 ft. single size beds that have been zip locked together. Thus if you are ever in need of two beds you can simply split the two apart to serve your needs. This is especially useful if you are buying the bed for the guest room as it's certainly a lot cheaper than purchasing two double beds.

Beds Or Sale