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Newsletter 2013/14 Term 1



2013/14 Term 1

Hello all and welcome back to a new academic year at the University of Bedfordshire. We have an exciting year ahead with several opportunities over the course of the year, beginning with fresher’s week and the October Volunteering fayre. We hope to see you all there!

The Volunteering Team

STUDENT VOLUNTEER Volunteering in my role helped me improve my communication to a large group of people.

Volunteering starts at home! So as well as all the fantastic opportunities we have out in the community we want to take the time to highlight all the in-house volunteering available to students as well. Sarah Hand an English and Theatre Studies student, graduated from UoB over the summer, back this year for her MA shares with us her experience of in-house volunteering and how she will continue to stay involved. As chair of the Beds SU Theatre Society and a regular seedbeds volunteer Sarah has had a variety of experiences over the year as a volunteer. When speaking about her role as chair she says: “We are an inclusive society. We tried to help people feel welcome if they struggled to fit in. A lot of people that joined our society weren’t even on the theatre course.” The societies’ activities ranged from fun carol services at St Peters church Bedford, to poignant performances depicting the horrors suffered and bravery of those involved in a holocaust; performed at Bedford’s Civic Theatre. Talking about the society’s holocaust performance Sarah becomes excited and animated as she states “It went really well, from it we were asked to do another event... the mayor of Bedford sent us a letter of thanks, which was really nice.” For all their efforts throughout the last academic year the theatre society was nominated and went on to win an outstanding volunteering award. “It was nice to be recognised. It was encouraging for members of the group with low self esteem who didn’t feel they were right for the society, it gave them validation for their efforts.” Sarah’s plans for next year include stepping down as chair to instead take the role of secretary while completing her MA and setting up a new society; Ubuntu. If you, like Sarah, want to get involved with in-house volunteering pop to your campus SU and speak to a volunteering advisor to find out how to get involved.


On Campus Events Volunteering Awards Our volunteering awards in May celebrated all of our students’ volunteering achievements. This included rewarding all our community volunteers, society committee members, PALs and learner reps. Last year the total number of hours our students spent volunteering out in the community was a grand total of 10, 365 and when combined with all the in-house volunteering hours it equates to an impressive 26, 417 - well done everyone!

2013/14 Term 1

Current Vacancies General Volunteer Beds SU

Learner Reps Beds SU

Society Committee Member

Make sure you get recognition. Finding a volunteering role on your own still entitles you to recognition/certification of the work you do, you just need to let us know! Register your volunteering over the year with a member of the volunteering team to be invited to our next volunteering awards.

Beds SU

PAL: University of Bedfordshire

RaG Success! RaG volunteers raised over ÂŁ8000 last year through a series of fun events. The events were led by Luton RaG Officer, Jordan Lewis. This year Jordan will be joined by Vic Copperthwaite on Bedford campus and they hope to raise even more money for this years charities the MS Society and Newlife.

For more vacancies please visit to register and then browse JobSavvi Grad for all our opportunities.

A big well done to all those involved in fundraising especially Jordon for all his creative efforts.

Contact us! To register as a student looking for volunteer opportunities visit or drop into Beds SU and speak to a campus representative:




Andrea Thorogood Volunteering Manager Email: Tel: 01582 489173

Danita Goodwin Community Projects Officer Email: Tel: 01234 793044

Mary Jurance Community Projects Manager Email:


Volunteering Newsletter 2013/14 Term 1  
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